New Problem Emerges For Trump: Potential FBI Directors No Longer Want The Job

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The fallout from Trump's ongoing FBI scandal has revealed a new, unexpected problem for the Trump administration: potential FBI directors don't want the job.

The quandary emerged on Tuesday when two high-profile potential candidates, a moderate judge and a conservative senator, signaled they did not want the job. Speaking to Reuters, advisers to Judge Merrick Garland and U.S. Senator John Cornyn of Texas said they discouraged them from leading the FBI, cautioning that "they would be leaving important, secure jobs for one fraught with politics and controversy."

They added that the new FBI director would "have little job security and heightened scrutiny by political observers following President Donald Trump's abrupt firing of James Comey" on May 9.

Garland and Cornyn distancing themselves from the selection process just three days before Trump has said he may make a decision, points to the difficulties the White House has in filling the FBI post amid turmoil in the administration.

Garland, the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, "loves his job and is not interested in leaving the judiciary," said one source familiar with the judge's thinking.

Cornyn said in a statement that he had informed the White House that "the best way I can serve is continuing to fight for a conservative agenda in the U.S. Senate." A Republican Senate aide said Cornyn's staff also worried that the third-term Texas Senator could cut his- and their own- careers short by going to the FBI.

A third potential FBI head whose name was on the White House's short-list, former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, has also been persuaded to step out of the running according to Reuters. While Kelly has not said that he would not consider the job, he has so far not been interviewed.

As reported previously, another potential Comey replacement, Republican Representative Trey Gowdy - a former federal prosecutor whose name had been floated, and one of the favorites for the FBI chief post - said on Monday he was not interested in the director position.

It's not just the top FBI post that may remean vacant after the recent political turmoil: the difficulty in filling key administration jobs is not just limited to the FBI director post.

Trump’s habits of contradicting his top aides, demanding personal loyalty and punishing officials who contradict him in public has discouraged a number of experienced people from pursuing jobs, said three people who declined to discuss possible positions with administration officials.


"It’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract good people to work in this administration," said one senior official. "In other cases, veteran people with expertise are leaving or seeking posts overseas and away from this White House."

Meanwhile, White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters on Tuesday that an announcement on FBI director was still possible before Trump leaves on his first foreign trip on Friday. He said the U.S. Department of Justice was still interviewing candidates. In light of recent events, it is more likely that Trump will announce terminations in the coming days instead of a new hire.

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Cardinal Fang's picture

They're having difficulty filling one of the most powerful positions on the planet?

bullshit abounds in this article.

Playtime's Over's picture

Stopped reading at moderate judge. So much fucking fake newz.  Sad to see it roll on ZH.

lester1's picture

Did George Soros buy Zero Hedge?? Seriously, you Tylers are falling for the mainstream liberal media bullshit. Thank God for


Get rid of the fucking pop up ads !!!

Common_Cents22's picture

What a BULLSHIT article.   Trump is being sabotaged at every turn by establishment deep state.   The FBI has been RUINED by political hacks like comey for political hacks like fraudbama.

I'm sure there will be a good patriot that will step forward.

whatsupdoc's picture

Perhaps there is some implicit vetting going on?  I think the new FBI director should probably know what a large slice of the public would like dealt with by now.  Perhaps they know that dealing with these things is for someone with large balls.

Put an angry woman in the job!  (They can tend to have a greater appreciation for truth and justice ...)


Harry Lightning's picture

Whoever wrote this article is a horse's ass. There is no shortage of candidates both inside and outside the Bureau who would take this job in a New York minute. To think that a Federal Appelate Court Judge of a Republican Senator from Texas - both lifetime jobs in either statute or practice - would give up that security was stupid to begin with. I don't know whoever put them on anyone's wish list, but regardless there was little chance they would have taken the job.

When Trey Gowdy says take his name out of consideration, or someone of that age and position, then maybe the premise of this article may have some weight, but right now it doesn't deserve to grace the hallowed pages of this website.

Why don't you people stick to figuring out what's driving financial and commodities markets instead of delving into a lake of cold water ?

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

trey gowdy talks a good game, then quits..or did I miss his big win on anything, from IRS to bengazi??

Harry Lightning's picture

I am not endosing him for the position, only suggesting that he is in the right age group and career location that the FBI Director job would be a step up that one would logically expect him to say yes to if offered. If a guy like that says no, then the premise of the article above that might be legit.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

sorry harry I did not know you where trey's life coach..LOL

Harry Lightning's picture

Maybe you really are overmedicated. For those who have some gray matter and would like to handicap the probabilities of who will take over the FBI Director position (which was the topic of the article above), age and present position are critical in determining those odds. The article did not take that information into consideration, whereas my analysis did. If you cannot understand the concept of probabilities, don't bother me with your inadequacies.

Don't go away angry, just go away.

FoggyWorld's picture

But his next career move is important.   He wants to run against Miss Lindsay for that Senate office.   Wouldn't make sense for him really to go into the FBI.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

"Why don't you people stick to figuring out what's driving financial and commodities markets instead of delving into a lake of cold water ?"


never heard of central banking fiat from nuthin buying the markets have you smarty pants..

too dumb to know how dumb you are..

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Will the dreamers please stop with the nonsense of Trump somehow having the zeal, fortitude and ideologically driven goal to drain the swamp. Trump is part of the fucking swamp. His employment of the many CFR members is just another one, of numerous evidence available, that he is a facilitator for the swamp. I do understand the investment many people on ZH, has made in Trump. But the time has truly come to apply the axiom of "Don't trust a man by his words, but by his deeds"

Harry Lightning's picture

Please indulge my slow mind in the morning...but what is a "CFR" member ?

Stormtrooper's picture

Council on Foreign Relations- The Rothschild world planning wing.

jeff montanye's picture

we have to take, at times, what is on offer.  we were offered trump and clinton.  trump is better because of exactly what is going on now.  the zionist deep state does not trust him and they are attacking him, their third since reaching power (jfk and nixon before him).  each attack had risks and the jkf one is still opening eyes and minds.

however this one, covered in real time on the internet, facebook, etc. promises to be a potential game changer.  it doesn't hurt "our" side that the deep state has gotten so cocky and done so many poorly disguised crimes.

trump's best defense is a good, prosecutorial offense.  he must get full control of the federal law enforcement part of government and then roast their asses black.

lester1's picture

Get rid of these fucking pop-up ads Tyler's !!! They are annoying everyone!!

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

less, i never get any pop ups, but then I have the right

Land Snark's picture

download AD BLOCK PLUS to your browser and you'll never see them again.

bluez's picture

If you download AdBlock Plus, you will never see much of anything again ( it will hog all your memory). Get uBlock Origin. (It must be the "Origin" version.)

WTFUD's picture

There's an abundance of mediocrity in the US to fill this role.

Txpl9421's picture

The people bailing out were going to bail out anyway.

This is a big story about nothin'.

Totally_Disillusioned's picture

Think about all the dirt the deep state has on Washington - they KNOW who would control them and the consequences if they don't comply.  Think maybe this is part of the strategy?

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

sheriff Joe Arpaio..step on up..Trump could do worse..crossed fingers

Azannoth's picture

He should just ask around in Kushner's Synagogue

Jayda1850's picture

Trump has repeatedly hung his employees out to dry, why would anyone subject themselves to that? It started on day one with him sending Spicer out to make demonstrably false claims about crowd size and continues every week. How many people went out to say the Comey firing was all about Rosenstein's memo only for Trump to blow up that narrative a day or so later with his own words?  He even tweeted out that his comms team can't help but be inaccurate sometimes because, although he says it's that he moves so fast, we all know it's because Trump can never fully remove his own foot from his mouth.

otschelnik's picture

If Trump really said to Comey that he hopes the Flynn investigation can be terminated, Trump put himself in jeopardy for a terminated employee.  What do you call that, if not loyalty? 

Jayda1850's picture

Loyalty? What are you talking about? Trump was the one who fired Flynn! Your argument holds no water. 

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

fat bald and stupid is no way to go thru will make good garden soil soon.

DrewJackson's picture

Even if your theory was correct.  FBI director would not be his employee.  Putting in someone who is HIS guy, would not pass the Senate.

Goldennutz's picture

Why in hell would a Senator leave the cushiest job in the world where for the most part you don't do a fucking thing but suckle off the public teat as long as you are in office and make a ton of money from insider info?

Berspankme's picture

Maybe FBI director doesnt get blown by lobbyists often enough? Congress has priorities

Land Snark's picture

Send in Judge Janine! She needs a better gig anyway now that her network is falling into a foxhole.

Arrest Hillary's picture

This is what "swamp draining" looks like .... too many embedded burofarts ?

God is The Son's picture

Their all Establishment who cares about TRUMP or the EX FBI Director. It's a Cirrus

sheikurbootie's picture

Fake news.  No way in hell Garland was ever seriously considered.  Anyone remember Trump meeting dickhead loser Romney for the Sec. of State position?  No way Trump was giving anything to Romney after all the nasty things Romney said.  Trump was keeping his enemies closer.

Trump demands service to the country, not loyalty to Trump.  He expects you to work long and hard when serving the the people, no slackers.


monoloco's picture

Not so fast there Hoss. He might have wanted him off the court. What easier way is there to get rid of a judge? The DC circuit court could come into play in all the Cheeto Benito's legal issues. Appoint him FBI director, then fire him, except it sounds like Garland ain't falling for that ruse.

Stanley Lord's picture

Cornyn is a piece of shit Anti-Trumper he was never being considered.


It is the FBI not the DOJ so Garrick was not being considered.


Gowdy is all bark no bite.


This is another bullshit article from ZH.

Berspankme's picture

James Woods would be excellent

Bernardo Gui's picture

I like how the article has people allegedly removing themselves from consideration without indicating whether they are even being considered.

Harry Lightning's picture

I have been told by people who would know that Rudy is not all that well, and it limits the work that he is able to do. That is why he declined roles in the Cabinet and why he will not accept appointment to the FBI Director position. 

Hyjinx's picture

Sad that the perfect guy for the job can't do it.  Very, very sad actually.

Harry Lightning's picture

I agree. He was the number 3 guy in the Justice Department under Reagan, would have been ideal as Attorney General under Trump. Age is a nasty enemy.

hoist the bs flag's picture

fake news or not...why would you want that job? any job for that matter near this administration? If you piss off the CO on any given day, or look at him the wrong way. you get axed. buh bye...swamp creatures. this seems like a no brainer, no matter what team, blue or red, you think you are on. screw that shit.  these folks will stick to the private sector or stay put at cushy .gov jobs until the mantra of "you're fired!" is over.

bankerssuck's picture

If you have no inner strength or morals to do the job of upholding the Constitution,

then of course you would not want the job.

Snowflakes everywhere here.

Davidduke2000's picture

garland is putting a show as Trump had no intention of selecting a judge that obama offered as a supreme court nominee and the republicans did not bother with him, why would trump appoint a democrat to undermine him at the FBI. the big loss is Gowdy, he knows he will become the senator of his state , he will be challenging graham for the senate seat

Stormtrooper's picture

I'll take the job if I am permitted to prosecute both Hillary and Obama for High Treason (and pull the lever for each on the hanging platform).

Debtpool's picture

Bad news: the FBI doesn't prosecute anyone. That's the US Attorneys.