Senate Demands White House Tapes, Comey Memos On Just About Everyone

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Following Jason Chaffetz' lead from last night, the Senate Judiciary Committee has demanded that The FBI hand over all Comey's memos "memorializing interactions" with Trump, Obama, Sessions, Lynch, Rosenstein, Boente, and Yates...

Charles Grassley, Dianne Feinstein, Lindsey Graham, and Shedon Whitehouse wrote to Acting FBI Director McCabe...

Dear Mr. McCabe


Yesterday, the New York Times reported that former Director Comey created memos regarding his interactions with President Trump, "a paper trail Mr. Comey created documenting what he perceived as the president's improper efforts to influence an ongoing investigation."' 'The article stated that "Mr. Comey created similar memos - including some that are classified about every phone call and meeting he had with the president." More generally, the article stated "Mr. Comey was known among his closet advisers to document conversations that he believed would later he called into question." Presumably, this means that Mr. Comey created similar memoranda relating to other controversial conversations, whether with officials in the current administration or the prior one.


We are writing to request that the FBI provide the Committee with all such memos, if they exist, that Mr. Comey created memorializing interactions he had with Presidents Trump and Obama, Attorneys General Sessions and Lynch, and Deputy Attorneys General Rosenstein, Boente, and Yates regarding the investigations of Trump associates' alleged connections with Russia or the Clinton email investigation. Please provide these documents by no later than May 24, 2017.


We anticipate that some of these documents may be classified, some may not, and others may contain both classified and unclassified information. Please deliver any documents containing classified information to the Office of Senate Security and provide all unclassified documents directly to the Committee. If you have any specific requests with regard to the Committee's handling of to the Committee. If you have any specific requests with regard to the Committee's handling of unclassified material, please raise those with us in advance.

Interesting that they also demand all the "Hillary" related memos too... If Comey "memorialized" all his interactions - like he said he did for the Trump memo - then he must have the ones discussed with Obama, Lynch, Yates etc... regarding the Clinton case?

We also note that unlike Chaffetz...

So the Committee can consider that question, and others, provide, no later than May 24, 2017, all memoranda, notes, summaries, and recordings referring or relating to any communications between Comey and the President.

The Judiciary Committee did not demand "recordings" from The FBI. However, in a separate letter to The White House Counsel Donald McGabe, they demanded "tapes"...

In order for the Committee to fully assess these allegations, we are also asking that the White House please provide the Committee all White House records memorializing interactions with White House please provide the Committee all White House records memorializing interactions with Mr. Comey relating to the FBI's investigation of alleged ties between President Trump's associates and Russia, or the Clinton email investigation, including all recordings, transcripts, notes, summaries, and memoranda.


To the extent the prior administration's records of interactions with Mr. Comey about these topics may now be housed at the National Archives or elsewhere, we ask that you make the relevant personnel there aware of the request and authorize them to release the records to the Committee.

Both Comey and Trump are getting boxed in here as the "liar" card is getting ready to be played. And then the "he said, he said" games begin...

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Vlad the Inhaler's picture

When Comey makes his statement that the NYT article is fake news and there is no memo, the FANG stocks are gonna rip your face off.

ChanceIs's picture

I still think the Trump should grab Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel by their pussies and throw them off the 14th Street Bridge and into the Potomac.  When you are in the majority, you control the agenda.  Who is letting the Comey memo take the headlines?

Instead of these weanines sking for Coemey's used tampons, er ah napkins, they should be asking for the laptop's belonging to Seth Rich and Carlos Danger.  I mean like.....demand them IMMEDIATELY.  The is a little jail cell inside the US Capital.  Why not throw the mayor of DC in there until the laptop is produced or the chief of the DC FBI office.  Or Jim Comey....because for sure he knows where it is.  

What is worse, obstructing justice in the investigation of the non-crime of Flynn talking to the Russians, or that of Hillary ordering the murder of Seth Rich?

Comey did put Martha Stewart in jail not so much for insider trading, but lying to the FBI.

youngman's picture

and here we go...the politics of microphones....I looks so important when I am behind one....give em to me.....cameras too...

how_this_stuff_works's picture

"and here we go...the politics of microphones....I looks so important when I am behind one....give em to me.. ."

It doesn't matter what they say, on the record or off. No one is going to do anything to uphold the law. If the FBI is incompetent to discover racketeering described in publicly recorded and sold presentations describing collusion with a state licensing board, how are they supposed to ferret out terrorists hiding in the dark? The FBI is a freakin' joke.

In a 2012 veterinary conference Attorney John Fiocca related how he works with the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board, how he has "a deal with the folks downtown," allowing him to represent a veterinarian against whom a lawsuit and complaint have been filed, using "lawyer's tricks" to get a veterinarian "off the hook," giving the veterinary board--and the judge---"cover" to avoid finding against the veterinarian. These were his words:

". . .. . . I can guarantee you I've already got a deal with those folks downtown here in Columbus and the deal is this: if they become aware that there is a lawsuit against a veterinarian and a there's a concomitant complaint against the veterinarian, they will wait to see how that lawsuit turns out because it gives them cover 'cause they know probably I'm gonna win it."

And how would the veterinary board "become aware" a lawsuit against a veterinarian may be filed? The board requests the information on its complaint form. Hand, meet glove.

But the board members are appointed by the state's governor. You see how this works?

AngryNinja's picture

This is going to end up just like that time - Vince Foster suiceded himself and Hillary collected all the White Water documents from his office before the police could get there. Then they just happened to be stolen out of the back of Mills car. Opps... we seem to have lost all those notes

Burticus's picture

Another Kabuki theatre diversion/distraction from the central banking robbery scam.

All of these elephantjackass sock puppets need to ride the Mare of Steel.

SRV's picture

Seth Rich murder distraction... looks like there may be an investigation, after 10 mths

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

When McCabe fails to deliver 100.0%, can his ass.

UdderContempt's picture

Comey, the career Clinton whore...

It's always inappropriate to bring charges against his masters.

Ignorance is bliss's picture

I demand To see Chaffetz's control file.

meditate_vigorously's picture

The Senate should be dissolved, because it is no longer a functioning member of the US government. It answers only to its Oligarch masters, not to the People or the interest of the USA.

barysenter's picture

They have Gramps home movies too. All the way back to Keating 5.

mary mary's picture

Watergate: "Silent Coup".

I would love for someone, maybe at Fox, to bring Watergate up again.

mary mary's picture

John McCain: MIC RINO.  "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran."

Georgiabelle's picture

Thanks Arizona. What the hell is wrong with you people that you keep electing this traitor?

Francis Uwood's picture

Crazy as it sounds, Trump is the most popular official in Washington has the highest approval ratings and right now going to get re-elected.

Francis Uwood's picture

Crazy as it sounds, Trump is the most popular official in Washington has the highest approval ratings and right now going to get re-elected.

Insatiant's picture

Shit's about to get real and I suspect not solely (or even mostly) for Trump.

BustainMovealota's picture

Ain't nothing about this real or gonna be real.  This is theater.  What we really need to know is whats going on behind the scene while we are being distracted by this bullshit show.

rosiescenario's picture

As a small step toward balancing the budget, might I suggest that the government hold an auction (as they do with offshore oil leases, for example) and the winning TV network gets to broadcast the proceedings? Right now the networks are getting free material from what we tax payers fott the bill for and then th networks get to sell ad time on it.


While impeachment proceedings might not equal the draw of the super bowl, it still must be pretty big and should be monetized by the government for the benfit of us tax payers.

whatisthat's picture

I would observe the US Senate should look inward and work to eliminate the existing ongoing corruption and elitism that occurs within Congress on a daily basis. To begin with "What about those scary term limits that are never reconciled??"

mary mary's picture

I have lived where the State legislature adopted term limits, and it didn't seem to slow down corruption at all.

Wahooo's picture

Probably accelerated the corruption: fewer years to haul in the cash and feather the nest for a wealthy future.

barysenter's picture

Wait til they see their fellow "members"starring in these, Comey's tapes. Eeuuw yuk! OMFG! Dat me toooo!

mary mary's picture

:-)   People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, James Comey.

Vageling's picture

This has turned into a witch hunt. Look at these fools running next to their shoes getting ahead of themselves! It's pathetic! Besides Chaffetzs is a fake too. Even I see that. Don't bite on more than you can chew, mascara wearing muppet. 

barysenter's picture

I admire the way President Trump moves mountains. He makes it look so easy.

Ross123's picture

Will Comey hand over the memos he wrote after talking to Lynch about the Clinton email issues and particularly about dear Bill's conversation with Lynch on the airport tarmac ?  If he is not asked for those then it is all a sherade.


3Wishes's picture

I dont get it, Why did Hillary have Seth murdered again, fun ?!

Wexx's picture

Under the law, Comey is required to immediately inform the Department of Justice of any attempt to obstruct justice by any person, even the President of the United States. Failure to do so would result in criminal charges against Comey. (18 USC 4 and 28 USC 1361) He would also, upon sufficient proof, lose his license to practice law.

Wilcox1's picture

Yeah, so why would he hold stuff like a grass politician? Its ineptitude. Unelected ineptitude. That is the common thread from hilberry down. There is NOTHING that President Donald Trump could do on a bad day that would be worse than what hilberry and her hillbitches do every day at the top of their world.

GaryInTexas's picture

Comey opened up a can of worms. Bet he didn't think his memos and emails to Lynch, Obama, Yates etc would be included.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Ruh roh.   Bipartisan lol.


Trump didn't learn to shut up soon enough lol, and he certainly learned too late you never "fire" anyone at that level,  but ask for the resignation instead.


Can Teflon Don  survive this one?

Mzhen's picture

Yadda, yadda.  Comey would have been another Bharata and refused to quit.  Mr. Showboat, remember?

Cordeezy's picture

I am sure all other memos will be "lost" after he got fired

Mzhen's picture

All of Comey's notes should have been the property of the FBI anyway.

rwmctrofholz's picture

The handwritten memos will be wiped clean; like with a cloth.