"Trump Doesn't Matter"? European Stocks Slump Most In 8 Months

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Again and again we were told that this rally was all about fun-durr-mentals and that anything Trump did was gravy and not priced into markets... so how do you explain the biggest plunge in European stocks since September today... on zero fundamental catalysts?


And banks were battered...

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Pointless to explain something as complicated as the market with 1 variable.

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"Trump Doesn't Matter"? European Stocks Slump Most In 8 Months



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Buy buy I mean sell. In a sea of shit certainties are found outside the ´market´ aka temple

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Wow look, another moderate and meaningless drop. Thanks though for not using hyperbole this time! 

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The turds keep floating when the next wave of shit comes in.

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I am new around here and really only want to post because you guys who talk bout shepwave are right. They called this crap even today. They have past charts on thier blog which prove it. One there now is from last week on Friday. and the markets did exactly as they said they would do. www.shepwave.com/blogs

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Stick with them.  Hope you got in in time for these moves they have been calling in the stocks and oil gold and silver.  No one else like them. 

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A whole lot of us use them but most people on here are either not traders or have taken a bath being short for too long. 

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Blah blah blah, Trump has nothing to do with the fact that the EU was already crumbling before he was even elected.

The World's FX markets are in turmoil and the Military Industrials are the only moving game in town.

Stack and wait time is here.

End Message......