As Trump Heads To MidEast, Is His Plan Finally Becoming Clear?

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Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The first stage of U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan to restore America’s former dominance as a manufacturing country will be announced this coming weekend in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and Washington DC, but its outlines are now already more than clear.

The biggest-ever foreign sale of U.S.-made weaponry will be announced at that time, and, according to a little-noticed report by Reuters on May 12th, an unidentified U.S. government official informed Reuters that «We are in the final stages of a series of deals», whose size will be of truly extraordinary historic proportions.

Trump will announce during this, his first trip abroad as the U.S. President, starting on Friday May 19th, deals for the fundamentalist-Sunni government of Saudi Arabia to purchase more than $100 billion, and perhaps more even than $300 billion, in U.S.-made weaponry. The announced intention of Saudi princes is to defeat what they declare to be the ‘existential threat' they face from Iran and from Shia Islam, and so these weapons will presumably be used for ‘defense’ against the fundamentalist-Shiite government of Iran, and against any nation whose leader is Shiite (even if not fundamentalist, and including non-sectarian and even secular Shiite, such as Syria’s leader Bashar al-Assad, and such as the Houthis in Yemen). The U.S. (especially the major investors in corporations such as Lockheed Martin) will therefore be in a position to profit from intensification of the wars in Syria and in Yemen, as well as from other national battlefields between Sunni and Shia. That’s the plan, and, on this basis, as soon as Trump won the 2016 election, he appointed to all of his national-security posts people who have solid records as being rabidly hostile, above all, towards Iran, and secondarily, toward Iran’s allies, such as Russia and Syria. (Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, was hostile, above all, toward Russia; her aim was to conquer it, which would entail unlimited spending on nuclear weapons. Trump’s plan is focused instead on unlimited spending on conventional weapons, and the deal that he has reached with the Sauds is designed specifically to supply them with that — not with nuclear.) 

The key international ally of the American government has long been the fundamentalist-Sunni Saudi royal family, the world’s wealthiest family, who own Saudi Arabia, including the world’s largest oil company, Aramco, which is 100% owned by the Saudi government, which is 100% owned by the Saud family, actually by whomever the royal family’s princes select to be the King. No one can be selected by the Saud family to become the King who is disapproved of by the nation’s fundamentalist-Sunni Wahhabist clergy, who have been committed ever since 1744 to eliminating Shia Islam. Israel also is allied with the Saud family. Consequently, on the Sunni side are the U.S. and Israel; and, on the Shiite side are Russia and Syria. Other countries are secondary. For example, Sunni Turkey is part of America’s NATO military alliance against Russia, but is obsessed against America’s Kurdish allies and therefore more on Iran’s and Russia’s side in that regard.

The Reuters news-report also quoted this unnamed U.S. government official as saying that «Israel would still maintain an edge» so as to remain the most powerful military nation in the Middle East. This suggests that part of these “deals» will be that the Sauds will continue to say no-thank-you to the repeated offers by Pakistan to sell some of their nuclear weapons to the Saudi government. And it also means that the Sauds will continue to rely upon the U.S. nuclear force as protection or ‘umbrella’ against any possible nuclear attack, from Israel or any other nation. (The full terms of the ‘deals’ won’t be made public but will also include purely spoken agreements, more in the nature of the 1945 original deal that was reached in private between Franklin Delano Roosevelt and King Saud.)

The Sauds are buying the U.S., as their ally in their centuries-old war against Shia Islam; and, the U.S. is selling the Sauds the weaponry, and the military trainers (so as to be able to use America’s weapons), against Iran and other Shiia-controlled or -allied countries.

The Trump Administration has already been applying pressure against Russia in an attempt to get them to abandon their support of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, and of Iran; but this pressure has not yet borne any fruit, and is not currently a front-burner issue in Trump’s plan; it’s on the back burner right now.

The Trump Administration has still not decided whether to continue the Obama Administration’s refusal to label as a “terrorist organization” the Syrian jihadists who are led by Al Qaeda, which is funded by the royal Saud family and has been the most effective fighting force in Syria to overthrow Assad’s government.

As regards domestic U.S. issues, they’re viewed, by the top levels in both the Republican and Democratic Parties, more as vote-getting baits, than as issues of actual primary concern. Whereas the public focuses mainly upon those issues, the political-donor class (owners of international corporations) are concerned mainly about foreign affairs; and, in domestic affairs, on lowering the taxes that they pay and the economic regulations that increase their costs of doing business — and even those domestic issues have a large foreign-affairs component. So: international alliances are the central concern of America’s wealthy. Since the general public knows and cares little about those matters and doesn’t understand them but instead misunderstands them, there is virtually no political cost to any politician who, as a public official, gives away the store to the donor-class, on what they care about the most. What the public see in the ’news’media is propaganda that’s paid for by advertisers and/or by the aristocratically controlled government itself, and therefore carefully veils key realities that would enable the public to understand what’s going on and why. Of course, individuals such as Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Chelsea Manning, are viscerally hated by the donor-class and get thrown into prison even while people such as George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, walk free and are even honored by large portions of the electorate (not to mention by their own financial sponsors) (and even win such things as the Nobel Peace Prize).

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Perimetr's picture

Make Arms-dealers Great Again

Kotzbomber747's picture

Spoiler alert and memo to all Trump fanboys here on ZH: expect more fucking in the ass without vaseline by Trump!

Drain the swamp? He is the fucking swamp! Just a different kind of swamp than Killary or Baby Bush, but a swamp nontheless.

Troll Magnet's picture

This ain't Breitbart. There's about as many Trump fanboys here as there are retarded liberal trolls.

As for ass fucking...Saudi Fuckin Arabia and then Israhell. Both run by Zionist Jews. It doesn't get any worse than that!

Kotzbomber747's picture

Really? Just watch the red fiat kudos skyrocket when you post something negative about the Bullshitter in Chief Trump:

Mr 9x19's picture

you cannot save usa while printing as fuck to mask the falling empire and in same time think you can make some business selling weaponry to those making terrorism worldwide because the 2 are based on the same principle which is OIL.

as oil is going away at a pace 0.00001% population understand it, you just realise this type of movement is earning time for...earning time, the inevitable is the total implosion of arabic peninsula,  2 years without any maintenance of infrastructure and sand take back the place. and usa won't have much oil in exchange...


betting 5 years + on oil is an absolute no go. this era of industry is TERMINATED. plans are already on table to bypass it.

allying with saoud 's house is a huge error, you will have to support loosers. and a looser-looser team never made a winning team...


AVmaster's picture

It's not like we haven't been doing this since the 60's or something...

In fact, I do not mind giving the sand monkeys the tools to kill each other rather than have us kill them...

They are gonna do it anyways.

The real question is: Is putin gonna fold and pack up n leave or stay in? Because that will determine how long this shit show will last and who will win...

new game's picture

proxy war for profit. just need someone to kill.

simple shit maynard

Itinerant's picture

The centuries old war between Sunni and Shia is BS. A short time ago the Saudi's were mostly worried about Sunni Sadam Hussein rolling up Saudi Arabia in the same way he had with Kuwait. These family-led ultra rich monarchies exist only because of the oil money and the US, otherwise they would long ago have been assimilated in other political enemies. They make no political sense in the modern world.

The true allegiance has always been between the wealthy across borders, despite any transitory national wars between parties.

Sunni and Shia lived interspersed for centuries without wars; the wars have been started by arming theocratic fundamentalist factions and CIA intrigue to overthrow secular and modern regimes. Helping the house of Saud is a losing strategy, since it will not last long. If oil becomes less important, Saudi Arabia will sink back into oblivion, with a lot of hungry refugees seeking countries where you can grow food.

new game's picture

proxy war for profit. just need someone to kill.

simple shit maynard

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she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet...

peopledontwanttruth's picture

The dollar is on its way out, Saudi Arabia is to far into the dollar to turn elsewhere and is having a loss of oil capacity. We're heading to the final push to keep these afloat. It's the end game

Again always going after Iran?

Fiscal.Enema's picture

Instead of MAGA it should be; MACGA. "Make American Corporations Great Again".

Or any youthful sweet and vomit-cute acronym that fits on a T-shirt will do.

Trump is a shill for Capatalistic and Facist Corporate America. The Democrats are just control freak "Mommy Dearest" insanity. "War" and soldiers will to come against all peoples except the very, very, Rich.


Akzed's picture

"Instead of MAGA it should be; MACGA. "Make American Corporations Great Again".

«Israel would still maintain an edge» so as to remain the most powerful military nation in the Middle East.


So it's a twofer! Sell to Saudis, must sell MOAR to Jewyville.

Kotzbomber747's picture

I wonder what he will flip-flop about this time...

X- x3's picture

DJT's gonna get buttfuck'd & bitched slapped by BB nut-and-buttfucker-Yahoo......

...Squeallin' like a pig.

Squeal Like a Pig - Deliverance (3/9) Movie CLIP (1972) HD

DELIVERANCE Squeal like a Pig

After fixin' his orange-orangutan hairdo....DJT will announce, with Jerry *666* Kushner.....mozzzad agent....

Yerusalaam is now.....Izzrahell's Kapital....(as in Das Kapital Karl Marx/paid rothschild agent)....

...and the goyim-cattle of the USofAIPAC will continue suckin' of ((( ))).




Budnacho's picture

Not even 1/2 a year on ZH eh?

Im telling you guys, these fucking paid shills are getting easier and esier to spot.


Snaffew's picture

I say he should cut the deal to Saudi Arabia and give the arms deal to Iran.  that would make Israel happy.

mog's picture

And lots of other crappy US weapons.
The Russians will undoubtedly be sending the good stuff to Iran.
I hope they do.

squid's picture



There is a film on You tube about a F22 waxing F15s.....but they don't mention whether the F15s were using updated avionics and weapons systems or just the stuff from the early nineties. If you turn the weapons systems off, the F15 can out power and out maneuver the the F22 with both hands tied behind its back.


The Su-29 is "VERY" similar to the F15 with updated avionics. The Russians sell the SU-29 for 29 million bucks, the F22s, which can't even be built any longer, in the end cost 361 million each....are you fucking kidding? You can build 3 destroyers for that...a single aircraft? So the Su29 is 1/12 the cost of the least the F22 worked.


The F35? Bhah. ha, ha, ha...


The USA will go broke losing.


You can't make this stuff up.




Nexus789's picture

An Aegis destroyer costs well over a billion dollars. Very expensive target. 

JailBanksters's picture

Buy an American made Mop for $50 or 2 for $10 from China

The only way America can compete is for Trump to give the Manufacturer $40 of your Tax Dollars for each Mop or you'd never buy it.

They are already subsidizing the Food , Oil and Gas, Power Industries

new game's picture

fascism; the merger of the cronie corporations and government elected, on the dole, offical representatives of we the people, be screwed up the ass...

any other definition, such representative gov falls short of the true scope of what and how the deep state operates.

and these representatives we "democratically elect" are pathelogical liars representing we the people,screwed up the ass, (again). 

and we the people, screwed up the ass, keep bending over for moar up this ass treatment, all while holding out hope somehow it will feel better the next tyme.

please resist the tempation to bend over...

peopledontwanttruth's picture

A lot of mouths on the USA titties sucking her dry.
Coming out of WWII the USA may have been a 46DDD, but not much left in there anymore. Two dried up sacks filled with breast cancer. It's coming to an end.

FlKeysFisherman's picture

Trump never took on the MIC. I noticed early on in his campaign he was talking about building up our military (as if we don't spend enough). That means buying from Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, etc.

If he had threatened to cut their profits he surely would have been taken out. Instead he chose to get in bed with them which is probably a wise decision.

I don't have a problem with American companies selling weapons because I guarantee you the Russians, Europeans and Chinese would jump right in if we chose not to.

I want to see middle class Americans get decent paying jobs and knock off the endless wars for Greater Israel. Unless all the Jews move there then we need to rethink this.



TeaClipper's picture

You will have a problem with American companies selling weapons when they are pointed at you. And dont kid yourself that day is far off

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Do you know what a contradiction is? That is your post. You wish to sell American made weapons in the MENA and thus provide Americans well paid jobs, yet want to end Americans entering wars for Greater Israel? Please stop the comedy, my sides are hurting. lol

andrewp111's picture

It is all about getting our hands on Saudi money. And why the hell not? They are loaded, they have massive borrowing power, and eventually the oil reserves will run down and they will fight it out with Iran in a nuclear slugfest. But we should get as much loot and oil out of them while we can.

And likewise with Putin and Iran. Obozo let Iran have their $100 billion back, and that loot will go a long way for buying weapons from Russia.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

They do have a lot of green paper.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

I understand your logic, but it causes problems further down the line, which our children and grand children have to solve, with blood, sweat, tears and sometimes death. These weapons are sent to subjugate a population and to kill citizens of neighbouring countries. Do you think the Yemeni's look favourably on the USSA & friends right now?

How many dead are directly attributable to us provide them overpriced weapons and support of the Saudi's? If I was from the Yemen and had to identify a dead body belonging to a relative, killed by the Saudis and backed to the hilt by the USSA, I know exactly who I'd be pissed at, but that doesn't matter as long as we exploit them, suck their money for our benefit, leaving mayhem behind. Now I understand why the muzzies just might hate us. Thanks for the insight. </sarc>

Laughing.Man's picture

If the Saudis get the F-35, it's to prevent China from selling their J-31 (or whatever they decide to call it) to them.  I'm sure there will be other toys as well.

beijing expat's picture

If Trump was playing the game described here, he would be lauded in the corporate media.

JailBanksters's picture

He wants some happy snaps before he sets it a blaze.


To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

The author is another cocksucker late to the wedding. Sorry dear, but you're late to the party. Who never saw this coming has no fucking right to call themselves a journalist, let alone an analyst. Triple portions of gravy for the MIC, and their wares to be sold to USSA friends and repressive regimes yoked onto the Petro-Dollar in the MENA?

Everybody on ZH, has had Sunday dinner and there is always a greedy family member who has double plus some more of their fair share of gravy, forcing mum, or granny to make some more, because its so damn good and tasty. This is the MIC, but replace gravy for profits.

Who the fuck never saw this coming is a fool of Herculean proportions. This is play 3, in the playbook, called by the unholy trinity of the MIC, Big Finance and the corporations, in their pursuit to bleed the USSA dry. Trump is just playing his part in the role, while the Trumpettes on ZH, suffer from their usual bout of selective amnesia. 

DEMIZEN's picture

saudi monkeys are doomed. 

IranContra's picture

Iranian government propaganda video shows Iran's real aggressive military campaign to conquer the Middle East in collaboration with Muslim Brotherhood

Iranian Messiah

This Iranian aggression will be defeated by the Trump-Arab alliance. All Iranian spies in America will be arrested by the New FBI.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Iran's true strength lies in it's ability to live without the dollar and apart of the SWIFT program and still thrive. National debt still relatively low and especially on what lies beneath their feet. One day they'll take the lead in showing the world how it's done.

One should ask themselves "Why all this rhetoric against Iran who hasn't invaded a country for approximately 200+ years?

Why has the USA with GB and Israel pushed to take over Iran since the early 50's, especially since other nations at the time or collectively has more energy than Iran?

If one could see behind the curtain a bit more, iran is the one who is going to bring the whole house of cards down financially. It's been foretold 2000 years ago

ConanTheContrarian1's picture

Glad to see Iran has its shills here, too. I was beginning to worry. ZH used to be a good place for intelligent analysis in the comment section. No more.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

I agree been coming here for seven years but just started to post. I use to learn a lot from the posters with additional links. I did a lot copy and paste into my search just to know what many terminology was. Now it's turned into a cursing match.

Iran gets demonized and people don't put the dots together but rather react on emotions and a pack mentality. I'm not Iranian but try to look at more than the obvious. Take a look at this I stumbled across today on Iran's response to 911 that has never been published. Interesting

There's a reason why Iran gets a bad rap, I've been studying for decades on the scriptures and another brother in the faith and I with HSPIRIT spotted the scriptures that Iran years ago is the one foretold to come out of nowhere to destroy the financial world as we know it. There's plenty of scriptures that point to this. Aka connecting the dots.

lakecity55's picture

We should team up with Russia and build weapons to export. Each country holds back only their best super double secret stuff from each other.

US innovation + Russian durability. Hard to beat.


deoldefarte's picture

The more arms we sell to Saudi Arabia, the more freebies will Iran get if those

tablecloth headgear dwellers decide to start a war with the Persians.

So keep up the good work Donald.

You are the man.

johnjkiii's picture

Good. Let them fight it out. Sell them weapons, sit back and enjoy the show.

mendigo's picture

It is hard to see a plan in this mess.

But at least the disruption has revealed our government for what it is - craven scum.

Putin described it as schitzophrenic.

This has not ended well.

mary mary's picture

Why not sell arms to all sides?  Make Great American Arms Again and sell them to Iran, Syria, Iraq, Sauds, UAE, Lebanon, Turkey, Kuwait, Egypt, Somalia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Talibanistan, ISIStan, Russia (as long as it's bombing ISIStan) and everybody else whose name I can't remember at the moment?  It's only fair.  And it's a matter of pride: the supreme accomplishment of Mankind is Weapons, and American Weapons are the cream of the supreme.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

They already have in some respect. What they didn't sell in Iraq they left there for isis in their efforts to continue destabilization of the ME. Many other countries get aid to keep the puppet government installed. As far as the cream of the crop, I think there's some advanced Russian and Chinese hardware out there that is going to give them a run for there money. If it wasn't they'd attacked by now.

Iran is the one they're after and the world knows they've got some huge allies in military members and weapontry. However with that said see my earlier post. Iran holds the key and their strength lies in their ability to live without the dollar.

shortonoil's picture


Sounds like a plan; back up US security in the Middle East with some 75 year old, tapped out oil fields, run by a pack religious fruit cakes. This must be a rerun of one of Obama's policy screw-ups. Another Washington launched lead balloon crashes in the swamp. Was the word "stupid" invented for DC?

Fahq Yuhaad's picture

Wasn't he planning to swing by the Pope on one of these foreign jaunts just like Obola did, kiss the Pope's ass and personally pick up his spanking new Vatican Bank passbook ?

East Indian's picture


Some parts of the MENA will receive more bombings.

Wild E Coyote's picture

Thanks should go to Russia.

Russia has been the best partner of US. With Russians in Syria, US can sell more weapons to Saudi Arabia. 

If Saudi Arabia managed to defeat Syria, they will not be so willing to spend on high priced US weapons.