Comey Admits Under Oath That Obstructions To Investigations "Never Happened"

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As we detailed earlier, next week's James Comey hearing is certainly setting up as a 'grab yr popcorn' moment with Democrats lining up for their 5 minutes of fame to ask the question that 'proves' Trump deserves impeachment. However, it appears there is no need for the hearing as Mr. Comey already confirmed - under oath - that "he has not been pressured to close an investigation for political purposes."

Testifying under oath in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3rd, Comey states that he has not been pressured to close an investigation for political purposes, "not in my experience."

COMEY: Not in my experience. Because it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something like that -- without an appropriate purpose.


I mean where oftentimes they give us opinions that we don't see a case there and so you ought to stop investing resources in it. But I'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal.


It's not happened in my experience.

Caught on tape?

Some have pointed out that Comey is responding specifically to a question whether someone at the Department of Justice or the Attorney General had ever asked him to halt an investigation.

That is true, however, his response is not specific. His response is general...

" it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something like that -- without an appropriate purpose... I'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal... It's not happened in my experience."

It seems like ANY "pressure" to stop an investigation is a "big deal" and that's "not happened."

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Can't wait to hear Comey deny the existence of that memo or confess to perjuring himself next week. Clinton Crony who subverted the law. Partisan leaking hack!

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We elected Trump to cut taxes and fix trade. Let this guy get to work.



space junk's picture

Comey needs to be chopped up into little pieces and fed to alligators.  No, just his arms and legs.  Put him ass -first very SLOWLY through a wood chipper after that. Leave him as a stump on an anthill maybe.  Something tells me he'd be like that char in Sin City....

As another commenter said, he was part of the Lockhell Martin cabal - of course all tied in with the Clintonistas.  That in itself tells a great deal about Deep State.   These fuckers wouldn't tell the truth if you put a loaded Glock .45 in their mouth and demanded it.  Absolutely NO shame whatsoever.  Pathological, really. 

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Awwwwwwwwwwwww, shit! It's fucking on!

space junk's picture

Comey = Clinton's Homey

Opinionsareus's picture

Absolutely love watching the Trumpistas get all up in arms about an investigation into "possibilities". How does it feel, boys and girls?

btw, the EPA rules that Trump want to rescind will poison your kid's air and water. This is the main reason I am optimistic about the future, because Darwin is working full time to cull out the dummies.

francis scott falseflag's picture

It will hardly poison our children's air and water more than the

full scale nuclear war your Liege Lords and Masters of the Deep

State have in store for numbskulls such as yourself.


I pity your children for the future you have sentenced them to.


Rubicon76's picture

Hopefully it kills your kids at the very least.  The world doesn't need any more people like you.

francis scott falseflag's picture


As each of these errors, mistakes, and personal embarrassments occur, Mr Trump

falls more under the thumb of the Deep State.  Soon he will be going to Hillary's

tailor for pants suits. 

Herdee's picture

Democrats want to believe in a HOAX from the Clinton wing of the party.They'll self destruct when it's all seen as utter nonsense. It's a fairy tale created by the CIA.

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eat shit zero hedge and abc media this shit post is a blatant LIE. 


At the hearing referenced:  Comey is never asked about Trump. He is asked about the U.S. attorney general or "senior officials" at the Justice Department


wow just wow what a shit rag ABC media ltd has turned outto be.  I recall when this site used to post actual truth.  now it's just another shit rag site.


so goddamned pathetic!  utter naked manipulation!


hey zero hedge: who is felix sater?   who is simion mogilevich? 


"tylers" youre literally shitting on the tylers character, operation mayhem, the tag line and the movie in one sitting, great fucking job!


anyone who belives the shit they post on this site needs to have their heads stuffed up their ass!


whata fucking insult! ABC media is betting on YOU not being able to read at a 5th grade level.



ParaZite's picture

I don't remember Tyler putting a gun to your head and forcing you to stay. 

We are all free to come and go as we please. 

So, if you don't like Zerohedge, leave. Surely there's some internet porn out there you could stumble upon. 

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There are some here so wretched and f0cked up in the head that they would post that shitty link that many times.

Their parents don't even like them.

JackMeOff's picture

The Clinton Machine is always one step ahead of the law just like a good robber baron.

AttilaTheGun's picture

Comey just perjured himself or he faked the memo. I don't know which one is worse. He's probably the worst director in FBI history.

lakecity55's picture

Comey, what a Slut.


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Those posting this obviously don't listen well or have the attention span of a gnat. She asked him if any "Justice Department Officials" ever asked him to end an investigation. It was a very specific question. Trump obviously isn't part of the Justice department... man , its incredible how dense some people are who post articles on here.

Fishthatlived's picture

Doesn't matter oh dense one.....he's required by statute to report ANYONE attempting to obstruct justice.

Secret Weapon's picture

Trump, go ahead.  I dare you.  Just put a gun to your head and appoint Maxine Watters as head of the FBI. come on. Do it.  So far most of your appointments are part of the problem and not the solution. Why break the streak?

Van Halen's picture

If you're a liberal and you've been promised - now going on six months plus - that any minute now the smoking gun will be presented to take Trump down, you would think that by now you'd demand SOME sort of evidence. It's like that guy who you loaned money to who keeps coming up with a new and better story about how you're going to get the money back literally any day now. 

any_mouse's picture

Assuming logic not in evidence.

Besides their role is to create chaos, not to determine truth and decide guilt or innocence.

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Go down a bit to the very long essay in this comments section before you say one word because this is an amazing story and it rings so true.

myth_the_fallen_lords's picture

I guess Trumpinistas don't count firing the head of the FBI as an 'obstruction to an investigation'...

Fishthatlived's picture

Because the head of the FBI doesn't conduct the investigation. Moron.

myth_the_fallen_lords's picture

Uh, but the head of the FBI can STOP an investigation. Comey didn't stop the investigation into Trump and his cronies, so he got fired. And I'm sure the new, totally-not-a-crony-hack FBI head will absolutely allow the investigation that Trump doesn't like to continue, because he won't get fired or anything by the President.

Nice ad hominem attack, but you've got to do better than that. How about telling me how the 'deep state' and the 'Rothschilds' are controlling American bureaucracy via the UN's Agenda 21, or something that requires a few tons of tin foil and the suspension of basic cognitive function?

Fishthatlived's picture

The investigation never stopped. He was never asked to stop it per  sworn testimony. You have no point. 

myth_the_fallen_lords's picture

Well I can see why Trump loves the uneducated, since you can't comprehend the fact that the head of the FBI has a HUGE influence over what investigations are being conducted. Trump may have not explicitly demanded that the investigation into him be stopped (because how would THAT look when it got leaked to the media?), but firing the guy allowing the investigation to happen and replacing him with an ally who could STOP or LIMIT the investigation results in exactly the same thing - Trump not being investigated properly.

But it's fine, Trumpinistas like you were never interested in facts or evidence or common sense. It's all about hating the 'liberals' and 'elites' and believing conspiracy theories hatched by fraudsters and psychologically unstable individuals. Hell, even if Trump was proven beyond any doubt of corruption and treason and booted out of the White House in disgrace, Trumpinistas would probably still somehow blame the 'left' or the 'establishment' for Trump's actions.

66Mustanggirl's picture

Maybe it's just me but Liberals aren't sounding quite as giddy as they did yesterday. No thundering calls for for impeachment. In fact, they sound a tad panicked! Could it be that it is dawning on them that like Nov. 8th 2016 the MSM they worship has once again taken them on a ride that ends in an epic crash??

Brace for impact America. Psychotic break 2.0 is on the horizon.

frontierland's picture


The guy wearing the Tin Foil Hat, pushing Conspiracy Theories, telling the other guys with opposing Theories that...

They're the cRaZY Ones...

Blankenstein's picture

Like when Slick Willie fired Bil Session the day before VInce Foster was found dead?

European American's picture

Every converstaion that every human makes is "under oath", it's just that the vast majority don't realize that their words are being recorded by the Cosmic Court Reporter and when the time comes, the Cosmic Court Reporter passes ALL the data to the Cosmic Account to tally up the "good" and the "bad", who passes those figures to the Cosmic Judge. Some "bads" are counted a 1000 x's, as our some "goods". Watch what you say and do. It WILL come back to you, eventually. When in doubt tell the Truth.

Westcoastliberal's picture

Somebody's gotta say it: Which is worse, Comey or Lieberman? Really? Lieberman?

Hard Assets's picture

Random statement, I am John Q. Public,


When is the vigilanty squad in USA gonna start to sort shit out ?



Hard Assets's picture

That was a horrible reply.


The United States has multiple mechanisms to self-correct.


May we please see these in action ?