Followup: Erdogan Chills Nearby While His Bodyguards Assault Embassy Protesters

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Yesterday we reported on a brawl that took place outside of the Turkish Embassy housing in Washington DC in which a bunch of pro-Erdogan goons assaulted a few dozen human rights protesters.

Nine people were injured, two seriously, and two arrests were made.


The attackers were originally reported as "Erdogan supporters," however it was fairly obvious Erdogan's security detail was involved...

And today video emerged of Erdogan chilling by his Benz while his guards go to town on the protesters. And what are the chances they did that without Erdogan's permission - or on his order?

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This author can stir it up, not excusing, but just a few short months ago the USCorp was overthrowing the Erdog and he stuck it up the Corp's ass. How dare he suggest they (Bushes and Clinton's) use somewhere besides Incirlik for the drugs way station for the Afghan heroin.

It would be nice if this author would do more to educate us dumbasses on Zero Point energy, I'm wondering who he's trolling for, none of my heroes for sure. Oh, BTW, fuck Erdogan.

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General Flynn could have stopped that

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What a wonderful world. We are ruled by narcissist statesmen like Erdogan, Putin and Trump. The question is who will loose his temper first.

44magnum's picture

If you think they are who rules over us you have a LOT of learning to do.

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Who's the harmonica player behind him?

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Anybody notice that he shipped his armored Maybach to move around in Washington DC?  Hilarious!!!

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No organization at all.  I would have showed up with stun guns and water guns filled with pig blood waiting for the terrorist attack by the Turkish Islamic Caliphate in order to defend myself. Electric shock followed by a sip of pig blood...  and moving on to the next radical Turkish Islamist.

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He looks upset to me. Probably because his guards don't have the freedom like US cops to blow people away!

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Ergos security men should have been shot, all of them.

Instead, the cops had orders to let the security men go free.

So who do the cops work for? Anyone that pays their bills.

Remember that when things get bad.

Cops are not your friends.

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Diplomatic immunity.  If that happened, no US diplomat would be safe anywhere on the planet.

HalinCA's picture

So thugs kicking protesters can hide behind diplomatic immunity?

What a world ...

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Good, it's time they were targets like they've made all of us.  MAAYBE then they'd find war wouldn't be so profitable.


Since when do "body guards" get diplomatic immunity? 

Gohigher's picture

Silly citizens, just like our glorious NSA-CIA building cyber-tools of mass execution and labeling anything obvious to reflect an Orwellian filter ......

American first amendment rights are not superior inside the diplomatic protective, extra-territorial jurisdiction of _____________________ . Insert the name of ANY of the pieces of shit that .gov seems to protect. They are MANY.

You know, "for our children".

Gruber's America says, "thank you ! May I have another kick in the balls from your elite jackboots, SIR "?

NurseRatched's picture

The snowflake protestors ran into people who were in no mood to take any shit.

Snowflakes be warned: the world is not a college safe space.

Juggernaut x2's picture

That was on a public street, fuck-o, and the protestors were excercising their right to free speech. Could you imagine the outrage if US diplomatic security did that in London or Paris? The Turks have always been slime anyways.

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We need to be responding to the violent left in the same manner.

Start breaking bones of the anti-free speech violent alt-left assholes.

Kick the shit out of them and then grind them into the ground!

To start with...

Gerrilea's picture

Maybe, but that would be American against American, it's our "thing" BUT thugs from a foreign country doing it...KILL 'EM ALL!!!



DirtySanchez's picture

Someone needs to put a shiv in that ragheads chest.

Kendle C's picture

Watch the Midnight Express to see what kind of shithole that country is.

monoloco's picture

Of course neither of the two people arrested were any of the Erdogan security guys who were the obvious aggressors.

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umm erdogan ain't just chilling. you can see him in the video DIRECTLY giving the order to attack!!!

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Our ally. . . .P

Juggernaut x2's picture

He and Trump are 2 dipshit birds of a feather.

Fisherman Blue's picture

I enjoy chillin while my thugs kick ass with .GOV impunity. Shit who am I kidding, I must do my own ass kiciking always against odds..

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The sultan is pleased

DownWithYogaPants's picture

He is the sultan of swing. ( right hook ) 

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This good press (in Turkey) for Erdogan.