Inside The US Government's Plan To Survive Nuclear War (While The Rest Of Us Die)

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Authored by Sadie Dingfelder, originally posted at The Washington Post,

In 2011, a staffer at Washingtonian found a government ID in a Metro parking garage and gave it to Garrett M. Graff (the magazine’s editor-in-chief at the time) to track down its owner. “Since I reported about that world, he figured I’d know what to do with it,” Graff says.

Graff immediately noticed something strange.

“The back of the ID had these evacuation instructions on it. And so I got on Google Maps and followed the instructions and they led to a road that very clearly went into the side of a mountain, and you can see on the Google satellite view big concrete bunker doors.”

Raven Rock, a hollowed out mountain near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border, is reportedly one of the undisclosed locations Dick Cheney worked from after 9/11.

That discovery inspired Graff to comb through newly declassified documents to learn more about the U.S. government’s plans in the event of a nuclear war or other catastrophe. His research culminated in the new book “Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself — While the Rest of Us Die.”

At first, the government didn’t plan to let “the rest of us die.”

“In the early 1950s, the government really hoped and believed it would be able to save most Americans,” Graff says.


As bombs became more destructive, “plans and ambitions gradually shrunk until, realistically, the best they could hope to do is save the senior leadership.”

Drills and disasters have shown that the federal government is too complex and unwieldy to pluck out of D.C. by helicopter and set up in an underground bunker — though that was, and still is, the basic plan, Graff says.

One such shelter is the mountain fortress Graff tracked down: Raven Rock. Here’s more on it, plus other tidbits from doomsday scenarios past and present.

Raven Rock

This compound, carved out of a mountain near the Pennsylvania-Maryland border, contains several freestanding, multistory buildings (on giant, shock-absorbing springs) for a total of 900,000 square feet of office space. It has its own subterranean water supply, too. Raven Rock is where top government and military officials would hide out in the event of a major attack on Washington, D.C.; it was reportedly one of the “undisclosed locations” former Vice President Dick Cheney worked from in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Mount Weather

Another major underground government complex, Mount Weather has been in use since the 1950s. Located at the border of Loudoun and Clarke counties in Virginia, the 600,000-square-foot bunker inside the mountain was once (and still may be) the official evacuation site for Supreme Court justices, documents such as the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and the National Gallery of Art’s most valuable paintings.

E-4B ‘doomsday planes’

These custom-built 747s, also known as “Air Force One When It Counts,” are flying war rooms that follow the president when he travels internationally.

When POTUS is stateside, one plane sits ready on a runway at a Nebraska military base, “fully staffed with battle planners and war planners and meteorologists and anything else you might need to run a nuclear war,” Graff says. The planes are protected from electromagnetic pulse attacks with a fine wire mesh, and they can unfurl a 5-mile-long wire that allows communication with nuclear submarines.

Survival crackers

In the 1960s, the U.S. government distributed 150 million pounds of wheat crackers and biscuits to fallout shelters across America. Packages are still routinely found unopened in civic building basements, and apparently they don’t taste great. “I did actually find on eBay a box of them, but I haven’t been brave enough to try them in part because I have watched enough YouTube videos of other people trying them to know how disgusting they actually are,” Graff says.

Button #13

In the late 1970s, the D.C. mayor’s emergency control center at 300 Indiana Ave. NW had a Plexiglas-shielded button that, when pressed, triggered “Emer-zak,” the broadcast of emergency messages to lobbies, elevators and anywhere else served by the Muzak system.

*  *  *

While much of this is known, given the recent "Gotham Shield" nuclear attack drill and Washington D.C.'s recent "terror attack drill", one can't help but wonder if these old bunkers and emergency systems are getting dusted off... just as Hawaiian officials have already demanded.

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Aussiekiwi's picture

LOL, they are kidding themselves if they think out of the the thousand odd ICBM's Russia has that those mountains do not have a number of ICBM's targeted on them, the more mountain above them the more to fall down on them, all the re-enforced concrete and steel in the world is not going to save them. Do you really think the Russians are going to let the bastards they believe are responsible hide out while the rest of the two countries are obliterated?

Being in those mountain fortresses will be one of the most dangerous places to be, on the bright side no bodies to stink the place up, will make an awesome tomb.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

One thing you don't want to be is a 10 year old boy in the bunker with those guys locked down for a couple of years or so.

DonGenaro's picture

and where they enter, we'll soon bury

Von Berger's picture

Dr. Strangelove was a masterpiece
On the Beach was a chilling masterpiece.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.........

mary mary's picture

"Mr. President, we must not allow a mine shaft gap!"

Von Berger's picture

Dr. Strangelove was a masterpiece
On the Beach was a chilling masterpiece.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.........

esum's picture

And some patriot will lead a parade of cement trucks to seal off the entrances and exits and air supply.....


hangemhigh77's picture

I hope so. Then we can tell all those roaches inside, WELCOME TO OUR WORLD MOTHERFUCKERS.

hangemhigh77's picture

Yes it is IMPERATIVE to save the senior leadership. Right, let's SAVE the retarded lying thieving MURDEROUS COCKSUCKERS that actually BLEW THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD UP. Good plan. Then maybe they can rebuild it so the same ASSHOLES can blow it up again. Hopefully the sheeple will be smart enough to FUCKING HANG THESE TRAITORS BEFORE THEY BLOW EVERYTHING UP. But as long as we have STUPID FUCKING COPS that think it's their job to protect this scum it's not going to be easy.

OCnStiggs's picture

The steering group for the Trilateral Commission has no desire to see the population survive.

Their long-term wish is for a huge die-off and if it takes a war, that will only make if faster. After all, this small group that pulls the strings in Washington and around the globe through their association with the Bilderbergers decides when wars start and where and for how long they last. 

The Elites are the source of the problems we face each day. Take out a few thousand in this country and that may stop.

hangemhigh77's picture

I've got rope. Anytime you want to help start the hangings count me in. I don't give a shit WHAT these maggots call themselves if they bleed they can be hanged.

0hedgehog's picture

It IS their job to protect the scum! "To protect and to serve" used to mean the citizens but that has changed.

mary mary's picture

Surely none of us believe the Senior Leadership includes anyone elected to office.  Lieberman, out.  Kissinger, in.  Mostly, Bankers in.

honestann's picture

Unless EVERYONE is dead... those who survive will converge on these places with explosives, bulldozers and other huge construction equipment to dig out the predators, skin them alive, then slow roast them over an open fire for the free buffet.

These imbiciles sure are stupid.

hangemhigh77's picture

Being an imbecile is a prerequisite to be one of them. I'm bringing marsh mellows.

numapepi's picture

Being a psychopath is the requirement.

presterjohn1198's picture

After all the slaves have been nuked, the old farts will finally learn what an honest day's work is in order to survive.  And, I am quite certain they won't survive.

numapepi's picture

Boy... it is nice of US to pay to save THEM.

Peter41's picture

The Deep State thanks all of us for our generosity.

mary mary's picture

It's good to be the Banker.

Lostinfortwalton's picture

Two portals at Raven Rock. N 39 degrees, 44 minutes, 14.28 seconds, W 077 degrees, 25 minutes, 35.10 seconds. Enjoy.

David Wooten's picture

A cobalt-salted nuke would keep them inside long enough for their food to rot - assuming they would have time to get to the facility.

mary mary's picture

That is actually a Temple.  In fact, it is THE Temple.  The Ark of the Covenant is in there, and the body of St. Peter.  Not at the lowest levels, though.  The lowest levels connect to the Reptilian Tunnels, which connect to the Transmitter Room, from which the Psychopath Signals are beamed 24/7 to D.C. and Langley.  DO NOT get close to D.C. or Langley.  The psychic reprogramming is irreversible.  There is no escape.

me or you's picture

Who told you that US Govt give damn about 'We The People'?...this is not Russia where the government does protect the citizens. 

Mike Masr's picture


These war mongering neocons won't stop poking Russia until we have literally minutes to live. Listen to the anti-Russia sabre rattling of these two jagoffs, Lindsay Graham and John McCain. These old warmongering jerks have lived long useless lives and don't give a fuck about our young people!

These asshole neocons are going to prove Russia meddled in our election. Truth is we have meddled in each others elections for decades. What about our regime change policy? Where we overthrow democratically elected governments amidst violent protests and install a puppet junta government subserviant to the US. Where is the investigation of these? What about calling neocons, Victoria Nuland, Geoffrey Pyatt and John McCain to testify?    

Back to nuclear war. Russia has underground facilitities for most urban dwellers in the Russian Federation. In the US only the deep state jack offs and political elites have some underground facillity to run to and hide in. We peons and serfs will simply be vaporized into non-existance. They know this and they don’t give a fuck about us!!!

Of course today's deep state goons and US political elites think that a nuclear war is winnable. The truth is that the world will not be fit for human life after a full scale nuclear, chemical and biological exchange. Who thinks it stops at nuclear? Russia inherited the WMD arsenal of the Soviet Union. There are enough nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in the Russian Federation to kill everyone on earth twenty times.

While 30,000 US veterans sleep on the streets tonight, while our Congress is stalled, paralyzed by obsession with Russia, while our infrastructure crumbles, while our social security fund depletes and whats left of our jobs go to China and Mexico, sleep well. Our asshole neocon jackoffs will keep stockpiling their rooms in the underground bunker and they will keep poking and antagonizing the bear. Our nuclear arsenal is being upgraded so the warmongering neocons can get their show on the road for nuclear war costing us taxpayers countless billions to keep us all safe from all the fairytale Russian boogeymen. 

That is, until we peons and serfs are vaporized into non-existance!!!  

friendly manitoba's picture

4 747s on standby to protect the clown that is 50%  responsible for the war  - lol 


the president seems to have very little power these days - we have allowed average intelligence humans with large egos and seriously flawed charactors to aassume the political and bureaucratic rolls 


obama and bill made a deal 8 years ago to regain the white house -thru bill supporting obama and hilary getting state - and guaranteed run last year 

no better than silly george and crazy cheney ...


many world leaders are as powerful as the us president but you dont hear a word from thyem for months - and then its something sane 

cnn and fox have to go -- jam the airwaves and rid the world o0f the news media - controled by a dfozen pscho billionaires

last night on cnn an obnoxious black woman with a small brain interupted and yelled over one person and the little brown gay host did sfa 


maybe then we can get statesmen with some class  to run  - not one of which would be the 16 candidates for the republican nomination - and  apparently there should be iq requirements for senators and congressmen - 

and less women involvement would a step in the right direction 


in Canada we have a similar problem but with 10% of the population of the USA the damage done is less apparent

veeger's picture

just park an 18-wheeler across the diveway , flatten the tires ,  and fill the trench with concrete

Lostinfortwalton's picture

Two MOAR portals a quarter away around the mountain. N 39 degrees, 44 minutes, 18.67 seconds; W 077 degrees, 24 minutes, 48.18 seconds. No helicopter pad the size of a football field near these two unlike the first two, although, in fairness, they seem to be under construction.

TheWrench's picture

Not enough parking = FAIL

whatisthat's picture

I would observe you are better served by your own resources and intelligence to survive....

Lostinfortwalton's picture

Aaaaand we have another one. This one is northeast of Charlottesville, VA, on top of Peter's Mountain. Supposedly an ATT facility it has an underground entrance for vehicles at the very top of the mountain. It is at the end of a "private-no tresspassing" road with a barrier half way up and a serious fence around the buildings at the top. This one has a big ATT logo on the helipad. N 38 degrees, 07 minutes, 32.89 seconds; W 078 degrees, 17 minutes, 09.67 seconds. This is separate from the Mt. Weather boondoggle.