"It's Absurd" - 6 Baltimore Schools Have Zero Students Proficient In State Math, English Tests

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Baltimore schools spend a staggering $16,00 per student - the fourth-highest rate in the nation - and still an investigation by Fox45's Project Baltimore revealed that at six city schools, not one student scored proficient on either the statewide tests for English and math.

At West Baltimore's Frederick Douglass High, one of five high schools and one middle school where not one student scored a four or a five on the state test, only one out of 185 students who took the test last year scored a three, while 165 students scored a one, the lowest possible score

The schools are:
Booker T. Washington Middle School
Frederick Douglass High School
Achievement Academy at Harbor City
New Era Academy
Excel Academy at Francis M. Wood High
New Hope Academy

"That's absurd to me," says Janel Nelson, the mother of one Frederick Douglass student. "That's your teacher's report card, ultimately." Janel's son Navon Warren lost his father when he was three months old, followed by two uncles and a childhood friend, all whom were gunned down in the streets of Baltimore by the time he was 18. But Warren is one of the lucky ones; a champion swimmer, he won a scholarship to Bethany College in West Virginia and is preparing to leave Baltimore in the fall, one of only a few dozen students in his class to go to college. In fact, only 50% of Frederick Douglass students ever graduate.

Baltimore is one of a handful of U.S. cities - along with Chicago and Washington D.C. - where violent crime is once again on the rise after a two-decade decline brought us to historic lows. Crime, fueled by the opioid epidemic and decades of failed liberal policies.

Now, abandoned buildings dot the landscape and drug addicts can be seen lying in the streets. Through the end of April, the city had recorded 118 murders - putting it on track to surpass 400 for the year, what would be a new all-time peak for the murder rate. But what's worse, even more people are dying of drug overdoses, thanks to synthetic opioids like Fentanyl and Carfentanyl that can be 100 times more potent than heroin. 

Returning to the money for just a moment, it's difficult to imagine how a school system can spend so much money and still be so ineffective. Warren, to his credit, has a simple answer, yet illuminating answer. “The tests are harder than what we’re learning in class.” 

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Bet those dead guys are proud to have their names on those buildings with those kids!..

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"It's a fucking joke anyway. After all, I am paying you with your money."

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Booker T. Washington Middle School
Frederick Douglass High School
Achievement Academy at Harbor City
New Era Academy
Excel Academy at Francis M. Wood High
New Hope Academy

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Everyone Gets A Trophy Elementary ;-)

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"a staggering $16,00 per student"  I'm thinking this is $16,000 per student and the author is a product of this school system, and has a "problem" with math and English.

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Maybe there is a future at the Fed or Pentagon for them.


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Only 50% graduation rate - yet none of those are proficient in language and math. LOL

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We jus' go wiff da flo, babie...

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Math , reading and writing are only 3 kinds of intelligence.

Here are 3 more: dancing, rapping and hoops.


Who's stupid now?

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Maff is hard, so, dey need to twerk harder.

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I can’t comprehend the problem here. The dindu’s will procreate and their offspring won’t have an IQ high enough to boil water, so this situation is self-limiting.


It’s a feature, not a bug.


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My wife tried the make-the-world-a-better-place routine by teaching in a really low income area of NYC.  The type of elementary school where good kids came into the classroom on a Monday morning half famished because they ate perhaps three or four times during the entire weekend.  Crushed her to see that week in, week out.

Point being:  learning and becoming a member of society starts and ends at home.  I know only two things about the schools and teachers cited in this blog's post.  Jack and shit.  But I'd wager a $100k that the schools in question have students from abysmally shitty homes, where learning is #50 in the list of priorities. 

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Once opon a time, high-income White families personally provided negroes with room, board, education, and the opportunity to improve themselves.

But the Negro had to pick cotton in exchange, so that was raycist.


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We should have neutered them. 

Like chinks did with all their male slaves, and the arabs. WTF did the slave owners had in mind? "Let's breed them like cattle.. make them bigger,stronger."


By now they should have died out if they would have race improved the females while neutering all male offsprings. And instead of rap and twerking their "herritage" would have been a lot of choir boy music. America would have been such a nice place righ now. 

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skype love to talk about failing skoolz.  in reality it's failing studentz

can you imagine trying to teach those baltimorians ANYTHING?

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Teach them to pick cotton; it's the only reason these primitive hominids are on the North American continent.

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"we dindu nuffin in dat skool"

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No shit on the 50% grad rate yet none can pass a test. I guess if you showed up you passed. The other 50% are brawling it out in the last standing malls or showing up as guest stars on Cops. If you haven't already, leave the city. It ain't getting any better before it gets worse.

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but let's keep shoving the bullshit down their throats that they can grow up and be ANYTHING they WANT to be...and that ALL they have to do is DREAM hard enough.

I am so sick of that 'live your dream', America's Got Talent, Voice, Dance Crew, wannabe astronauts and basketball player bull crap.

I'm okay with dreaming....do it on your spare time.  Forget being like "Mike" and get an A on EVERY one of your math classes.  Yes, Obama couldn't pass his math classes either and he became the president...I get it...you ARENT him!!!  DO YOU HOMEWORK and stop thinking you're going to become some great rapper or skateboarder.  YOU ARENT!!

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These "$16,000 per student" figures are very misleading.  That might be the District budget divided by the number of students, but it hardly reflects what is spent on each student.  This will include all the costs related to buildings, facilities, busses etc.  It also includes the skyrocketing number of Administrators and Assistants and Assistants to the Assistants, many of them required by politicians who love all the testing and regulations that hamstring the schools.

And the elephant in the room is Special Ed.  Every kid in America is entitled to go to public school every day, to be taught at a level appropriate to them.  In the past 15-20 years, Autism has exploded.  There are some kids with a "trendy diagnosis," and some of them would have just been considered a little weird, back in the day.  But the vast majority of these kids are profoundly disabled and you can tell the second you see them.  They look weird.  They don't make eye contact.  Many can't talk, aren't toilet trained.  Most are somewhere in the middle, of course.  But some require a one-on-one staff person with them at all times, and it's absolutely necessary.  At a decent-sized elementary school, there will be 3 or 4 full Special Ed teachers, twice or three times as many Special Ed assistants, a couple of fully equipped specialized classrooms; and this too is necessary.

Most parents can't afford this kind of care.  So they send their kids to the public schools, where the taxpayer pays for it.  

Not to mention, especially in a place like inner-city Baltimore, every kid gets breakfast and lunch, because they don't get it at home.  Often their only contact with medical care comes through the schools, because they don't get it at home.  They'll get vision screening and eyeglasses at school.  Kids can't learn, or even behave, without these things.

There's more, of course.

That's what the money is going to.  It didn't go to my 2 kids as they went through public school.  It wasn't going to their teachers, at least not in proportion to their level of education, amount of work they did, licensure requirements, etc.  Teaching pays less than just about anything that has similar requirements.

We've decided we're going to educate every kid, as best we can.  I happen to agree with that decision.  But that's a decision that costs a shit-ton of money, in areas where there aren't any jobs and the families are broke-ass-poor.

JamesBond's picture

Mission accomplished.

Make no mistake about it.

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"It's Absurd" - 6 Baltimore Schools Have Zero Students Proficient In State Math, English Tests


Whats you talkin bout Willis?

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Watts yah tawkins bowt Willis?  


Fixed that for you. I translated it into Baltimorese.

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The culture of poverty.  "We vote Democratic because we are poor".  No, you are poor because you vote democratic. 

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Lots of rich Wall Street and Hollywood types vote democratic. 

No, they're poor because they're primitive hominids who've never produced any culture of record.

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Cleopatra she black. Black peoples built the pyramids an the steam engine yo.

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Democrat voters are showing their stripes young.

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"We" may have decided we're going to educated every kid, but - as this article makes very clear - none of the kids (well, one) are being educated.  The whole thing is a sham - a humbug - a fascimile of education.

cheka's picture

skoolz OFFER an education.  it's up to tyrone/shenaiqua to take it

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Segregate, and stop putting booger eating morons in schools trying to make them "feel normal"...Jesus fucking Christ...the death of common sense is kicking us in the he teeth...and we throw fucking money at it!

As for the 70% of bastards in section 8, on EBT...we have to feed their asses at school? ITS A FUCKING SCHOOL...not meals on wheels!

We got blacks screaming they want all black lounges, graduations...yadda da...fuck them, tell them Jim Crow worked well...they can rename it...it worked...the shit we see now sure as hell proves integration doesn't work!

I'm so fucking sick of the public school unions...and their "PRODUCT"...

cheka's picture

union teachers are a minority in the US - concentrated in the commie states.  the vast majority of the country doesnt have that problem

Oldwood's picture

Commit to educating every child, and end up educating NONE.

No child left behind and the buss never leaves the parking lot....still waiting for that last child.

More collectivist crap. Why is it that when we didn't have all of this feel good shit, we had affordable schools with teachers that were accountable for their performance and we seemed to have reasonably well educated students. Now education, like healthcare is on an ever increasing cost spiral while results decline. Can it have anything to do with a guarantee?

Antifaschistische's picture

In Texas (no I'm not picking on Katy High again) Special ED means classes that "star football" players (recruited from other districts and even louisiana if we have to) are put into so they can meet the minimum requirements to play on Friday Night.   Coaches, who need classroom time, are then given then classes and provide guaranteed "pass" for their special players...I mean "kids".  particularly the big fast ones.

IndyPat's picture

..."Kids can't learn, or even behave, without these things...'

These kids won't be able to learn with those things. Throwing good money after bad. It's idiocy. Your kids came to learn and deserve that money. They also deserve aN environment free of DANGEROUS feral animals.

Not these kids. Fuck them.

Blankone's picture

I am sure it is figured the same way as it was for all the other schools in the nation and this school district came in 4th highest.

I would also point out it is the same way the cost for a private school is figured. Thus, for $16,000 per year what kind of private high school can be attended.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

I thought it was $16.00 per student -- you get what you pay for.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

They just laid off 1300 teachers and administrators 2 1/2 weeks ago. I met a Baltimore school administrator 2 1/2 weeks ago on a Bay cruise who was getting axed.
She said in 15 years she had 11 CEOs, most fired because of fraud. She said the fraud in the school system is rampant. Told me how the present CEO had 13 family members working for the city schools and none knew what they were doing. She was surprised I knew about it because they didn't talk about it in the news for months since the original announcement months earlier.

cheka's picture

they should be laying off.  the number of students is shrinking - freddy gray bitchez

Raffie's picture
Math, English is not diverse enough and it totally stereotypes the students.

ROFLMAO.. these kids are so STUPID now days.

SoDamnMad's picture

Now tell me how much the principal and assistant principal(s) of each of those schools make each year.

AllStarInvestor's picture

Maybe that $16k has gone toward making them very proud of a fictional heritage?

rbg81's picture

Why?  Because any teacher, regardless of race, trying to enforce standards will get stabbed.  Really.

azusgm's picture

Several years ago, some kid's mother went to the principal's office for a talk and physically beat that (female) principal at one of the local elementary schools.

nmewn's picture


Not sure what the premise is...losers shouldn't get trophies.