Joe Lieberman Emerges As "Frontrunner" For FBI Director Post

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With Joe Lieberman emerging as a potential candidate for the FBI Director post only over the past 48 hours, Trump delivered another surprise today when he told reporters that he is "very close" to making his choice, with multiple officials telling NBC News and CNN that the former Democratic senator is now the current "frontrunner" for the job. The president later confirmed that Lieberman has emerged as his pick to replace Comey, telling reporters in the Oval Office, “he is.”

Trump also told reporters he could pick a new FBI director as early as tomorrow.

Previously Trump promised that the process to replace former FBI director would go "very quickly," with the White House hoping to announce the decision before the president departed for his first trip abroad on Friday, with Saudi Arabia as Trump's first offshore destination.

According to NBC, on Wednesday, Trump met with Lieberman, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, and former top FBI official Richard McFeely.

According to The Hill, Lieberman would be an unusual pick for the job — past FBI chiefs have either worked at the bureau or served as a federal judge or prosecutor. He was attorney general of Connecticut before being elected to the Senate in 1988.

The former Democratic vice presidential nominee currently works at the law firm Kasowitz Benson Torres in New York – the same firm as Trump's attorney Marc Kasowitz.

Lieberman, a former career democrat who endorsed Hillary for president in 2016, declined to respond when asked by MSNBC if he would accept the job should it be offered.

Why would Trump cross the aisle for this key post? NBC notes that Trump picking Lieberman to be FBI director could get votes from senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who are close to the former Democratic politician. Lieberman backed McCain over Obama in 2008.

On "Meet the Press" this past Sunday, Graham said it was important for the FBI pick to come from "within" the FBI ranks or who has "no political background."


It was a sentiment echoed by Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Connecticut, who holds Lieberman's old Senate seat, who said on "Morning Joe" that he respects Lieberman but many people want someone for FBI Director who doesn't come from a political background.


"I hold Senator Lieberman's seat, he's no pushover, as both parties know. He's been a pain in the butt to both Republicans and Democrats during his time both in and out of the Senate," Murphy said. "I think the question is whether you want someone with a political pedigree or whether you want someone with a law enforcement pedigree. And I think there's a lot of people on both sides of the aisle that are looking for someone who doesn't come from the political realm."

Will Trump's core supporters approve the president's decision should he pick Lieberman? Probably not, but at this point Trump has flopped on so many issues, most may not even notice.

It seems the market is buying it too.

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Chupacabra-322's picture

Dystopian Times my friends.

bitcoin-bitchez's picture

Oy vey, the swamp just gained another one. Jews just never lose

Looney's picture


Joe Lieberman is John McCain’s twin-neocon. If he’s put in charge of the FBI, Trump becomes McCain’s puppet.  ;-)


AltRight Girl's picture

Another kikester. Damn it. The Swamp is plagued by them.

Something needs to be done.

Jews and Immigration: Time for Change


john doeberg's picture

All your Swamp rats are (belong to) us


Pinto Currency's picture

Lieberman was visitor to Epstein's pedophile island - another completely compromised pervert to run the FBI:

And he will make a fine investigator:

Joe Lieberman Insists Iraq Was Developing WMDs Despite No Evidence

Lieberman: The World is Better of Due to Iraq War

This is a person with mental clarity problems.

Vatican_cameo's picture

Libowitz is nothing more than the Ultimate Fence-Straddling Joo.  That Hebrew National is so crooked, he could eat a bowl of soup with a Corkscrew.  There is NOTHING good that will come from this back-stabbing Asshole in a position of power.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

"Oy vey!  Shonda for the goyim!"

MillionDollarButter's picture

He wants to continue his ISIS work here in the homeland.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Lieberman is a bright red line.

President Trump does that and I'm out.

He'll lose his base, and he'll be gone in 6 months.

For now I'll assume that the story is fake or Trump is going to "Romney" Lieberman.

Manthong's picture

WTF qualifies that oscillating fossil for directing anything?

Lieberman is the Hillary camp’s wet dream.

F the MSM for floating that red herring.

Think Trump should consider moving Sheriff David Clark from his new DHS slot over to running the FBI.

Either him or Trey Gowdy.


Giant Meteor's picture

Several of us wrote about a possible "solution" to get out of the deep state trap, yesterdays news. As far as what qualifies Liboshitz, I think you already know the answer to that question. The out, for POTUS, and backed up yesterday by John McCain's commentary regarding the latest impeachment horseshit, as mentioned, is the "Faustian" bargain, of neocons. and neolibs. Do their bidding, and all will be well. Play nice with the deep state, neocons, neoliberals, and the globalist money changers will support ..

Prepare for more saber rattling, foreign interventions, MIC, arms sales, mucking about, war, rumors of war, etc. etc. to replace the headlines of the past several days, and yes, it was all bullshit too. I'd say this was the out of the box solution, but as most of us know from previous history, it is the go to solution, when the chips are really down.

It's almost like people are expecting actual principles, morality, truth, honesty, abiding by founding princples even.

That ship had already sailed .....

MalteseFalcon's picture

Lieberman is a bridge too far.

Giving the neocons a sop in foreign policy is one thing.

Domestic policy?

I'm out.

Giant Meteor's picture

I suppose if we were to disagree it would be this ..

Neocon foreign policy, and domestic policy are two sides, same coin.

They are as one .. inextricably linked.

fleur de lis's picture

Lieberman would be the worst thing to happen to the FBI.

Why don't they just all move to Mossad headquarters in Tel Aviv and spare us the all-American act.

And please leave our flags behind.

Giant Meteor's picture

I had lost touch with the players, I was thinking possibly Rudy Giuliani would be re - floated ..

Haven't heard much from or about him. Is he still kickin ? I've lost track of the "players." , Christ there is so many of them ..

JSBach1's picture

If true, Trump is adding a fossil to the swamp...

Is there no one outside the beltway willing and able to "restore" the "faith" in the decrepit FBblackEye?

Is Clarice Starling available to go-all-the-way-to-the-F-B-I?

The putrid stench is nauseating...

Oh regional Indian's picture

For all the trumpettes.... tmos? You're going to give the most comical 9D chess justification for this.... waiting.... if this is true... ah man.... I worked in a big MIC company in CT (hint hint)....  this roach is a bad one, with only ONE loyalty, only ONE.... the take-over will be complete and completely in the open now... scary shite.

Not many believe this but even India is run by a whole lot of low-rung crypto tribesters, they've infected everywhere and everyone at th epower-weilding level....

their moment of implosion is coming...... there is such a thing as over-reach....

TheObsoleteMan's picture

Sheriff Joe Apiro for FBI Director. Then Obama is headed for Leavenworth. One can only dream..........

Chandos's picture

Arpaio....You made him sound Jewish!

sister tika's picture

An Obama-appointed Federal Judge is trying (and might possibly) send Sheriff Joe Arpaio to jail for "contempt of court" and "racial profiling". This great LE officer might go to jail for enforcing Federal law in his county jurisdiction.

NO, I'm not making this stuff up. I just mailed a donation for legal support to keep him out of a 6-month jail term. Obama is behind this.

Zorba's idea's picture

Lieberman??? I thought he was playing shuffleboard with a drool cup hanging from his chin at a posh NE retirement home. Trump does this and I'm not doggone, I'm long gone. WTF!

Oliver Klozoff's picture

MF, I'd be with you on that one but one glance at the purveyors of this report makes me call bullshit.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Smells like BS.

But it's gonna be what it's gonna be.

yomutti2's picture

Yeah, yeah, all the low-inome basement-dwellers need to blame somebody for their failure in life. Hey, why not the Jews? That's much more appealing that looking in the mirror.



Giant Meteor's picture

The truth of the matter is both position's are a bit to simplistic. Another artform of Jingoism, which as we know, is in no short supply. The nation was hijacked a long time ago, her "laws" circumvented, by various political means, to represent lawlessness throughout the land. There is perhaps plenty of "blame" to be passed along, It is however important to realize, most, much of the skullduggery and "selling out" occurred long before people now discussing it, were even born.

To argue that there is not, a protected class, a shadow government, and a double standard at work, is to deny reality.

In an honest nation, as example, the "lawmakers" themselves would have been held to the SAME health care standard, as they had shoved down the throats of the plebes. This is just ONE example ..

There are many examples ..

The people are divided, and thus, the people are a conquered people, basement dweller talk, too cute by half, aside.

To deny the money system of corruption, deep state fuckery, and the once "sovereign nation" doing the bidding of Israel or for that matter, the Saudi's, once again, is to deny reality ..

Beat the war drums, that is the future ..

yomutti2's picture

It's simple, actually. I know and work with lots of Jews. They are, by and large, fine people - highly intelligent, and loyal to the USA. Yes, once in while you run across a Madoff scumbag, but that's true of anybody.

I also know a few people who hate Jews. In my experience, they are talentless losers that hate anybody who's successful.




44magnum's picture

Being Sucessful in organized crime does not count.

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

Well whatever your position, I think you need to consult with the resident 'expert' (SMG) on ZH about things before coming to any conclusions.


I'm confident that SMG will convince you factually that Lieberman is an average run of the mill Satantic Luciferian Oligarch (not a jew).

Giant Meteor's picture

Bernie Madoff (with the money) , was a piker. Also in my opinion, a metaphor of sorts. I know that wasn't your point.

Success? Why I'd say there many definitions, what comprises "success." I cannot speak for other's, but I do not blame or scape goat any one, individual or group, for anything lacking from within me. First, because that pay's me no dividends. If looking for fault in ANY situation, the first place I look is in the mirror. In every case, without fail, that is where I find the fucking problem.

Hate? I do not hate, individuals or groups, on the whole, or for that matter hate deeply at all.

Niggers, Spic's, Kike's, Moslims, black irish, Whops, Pollocks, Micks's, Frog's, Krauts, did I mention Jews, Ruskies, Red devils, Injuns, Gypsies, trailer trash, rednecks, hillbillies, suburb dwellers, I'm sure I left some out, , makes no fucking difference to me ...

This is the great tower of babble my friend, and shit in every direction is mixed up six ways to Sunday ..

Fuck all bullshit ..

Edit; I left out beaners ..

Chandos's picture

Oh brother......There is much much more historical evidence pointing to the negative influence of Jews on Western democracies

than your anecdotal pablum suggests. They have been thrown out of countries and city-states 109 times; there is nothing anecdotal about that.

BullyBearish's picture

how the hell is it legal for a dual citizen, who owes him allegiance to another f(*&ing country can be the head of the top domestic law enforcement agency...


this PROVES that shrump is owned and fronting for the deep state and their agenda will be untouchable with this shill...

44magnum's picture

If (((they))) own the currency they own the country. Or is it just a Cohencidence that there are SO MANY in top level government jobs

flaunt's picture

And virtually all of the Fed heads here and around the world where they can blend in.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Cohencidence...CLASSIC! Well played....

fleur de lis's picture

Afroyim v. Rusk 1967 destroyed the citizenship system.

Beys Afroyim was born in 1912 Russia, emigrated to America, never served in either war, got US citizenship in 1926, then after WW2 went to Israel and voted.

When he tried to return to America he was denied passport renewal because he voted in a foreign election.

So he sued America, whining about Constitutional rights, etc.

All the NWO types jumped on it and dragged it through the Courts and regained his citizenship.

Then after a few years he went back to Israel again.

So basically a rootless nomad turned the whole system upside down.



Crush the cube's picture

Ran it through the Jew-dishiary system, be sure.

bobbbny's picture

Don't do it Donny.

He will be your undoing (us too).


SixIsNinE's picture

thursday humor, tylerz?   

Crusty Joe ?   You Must be Joking!

the Russians have another laugher today on our account.   


Omen IV's picture

this is clearer decision than bombing Assad that the agenda is changed


The clintons are safe

caconhma's picture

Clintons are not only safe but back in a driver sit.

sister tika's picture

I did a search and I only found two MSM outlets that describe Joe Lieberman as a "Frontrunner". The main outlet is (drum roll please) CNN. The other outlet that used it, I've never heard of.

The rest of the Zionist MSM basically said that Lieberman is being considered along with several others.

serotonindumptruck's picture

His whiny, strained voice always made me think of a severely constipated patient attempting to push out a bowel movement after a week without being able to take a shit.

SixIsNinE's picture

he's the East Coast version of McStain.  

the ConnectiCutters voted him out but he pulled all the strings and said F U Connecticut, I'm Crusty Joe Liebershitz!


JRobby's picture

When in reality, it is gold coins he just can't seem to pass no matter how hard he tries. He just can't "let go of them"

fishpoem's picture

LMAO!!! Perfect characterization of that totally useless, pea-brained cocksucker. What is it with Trump's ENDLESS torrent of Heebs? Tragic, really. It's become nauseatingly clear who the fuck is actually running this country.

And it ain't you or I or our kids or grandkids. We're all just goyim cannon fodder.