Meanwhile... In Greece

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You know it's bad when the police are rioting against the new austerity measures assigned from Brussels...

As KeepTalkingGreece reports, tension between protesters from police, fire brigades and coast guard on one side and riot police on the other side broke out shortly after 8 o’ clock in the evening on Wednesday when the angry protesters tried to break the police cordon and enter the Greek Parliament.

Riot policemen and protesters pushed and shouted at each other, with protesters shouting “Disgrace! Disgrace!”

Members of of the Greek Police, the Fire Brigades and the Coast Guard marched to the Parliament on the general strike day protesting the new austerity package that will be voted on Thursday at the Parliament.

Three squads of riot police were deployed outside the Parliament to prevent their colleagues to enter the House.

It was due to the intervention of the coolest among the people form both sides that the situation did not get out of control.

Protesters were furious at Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, who had promised that there would be no wage cuts in the special payrolls. Kammenos had also promised them they would be paid retrospectively the wages cuts they had suffered due to the previous bailout agreements. The Supreme Court had ruled that they should be exempted from the cuts.

They chanted slogans against the Defense ?inister.

A day earlier, the Police Union had warned that the government will find them on the opposite side. According to Greek media, the government considers to add some last minutes modifications in the 4.90-billion euro omnibus bill to exempt the Armed Forces from further cuts in wages, pensions and some benefits.

On wonders, when police officers occupy a public building, what should the average unemployed, the low-pensioner and the mother in need do?

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Indeed sir, I can think of 324,987,000 people the world could do without!

If need be I know where there is another 8,690,220 people the world could be well rid of.


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Pliskin, why do you hate the Chinese and Japanese?...

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Always remember that when the good times rolled Greeks were buying more BMWs per capita than were the Germans. Not excusing the role of the parasite bankers but  the Greeks binged on borrrowed money and now it's payback time.

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Remember, loans to Greece and Greek people functioned as an export subsidy. BMW and Porsche profited from that. And when the SHTF, banks that made bad investments in Greece got an EU tax payer funded bailout. Of the first bailout of 240 billion only 5-10% reached the Greek population. The rest was used to bail out banks that made bad investments. That is bad capitalism. Also remember that the Greek need to pay back these bailouts. They will be debt slaves until 2059.

1.21 jigawatts's picture

Time for a military coup or civil war. 

Go back to Drachma, boot the Jew bankers, boot the Muslim invaders.

waspwench's picture

This is the solution.   The Greek people know that this is the solution.   They are having trouble finding a government that give them this solution.

ExcapedPOI's picture

So are Americans!  When are stupid humans going to start figuring out that "Government" is the problem.  Until then, let the blood flow!

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do they have firearms on hands ?

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How can I scoop up Greek real estate like a buzzard feeding on a carcas?

GodHelpAmerica's picture

Not a bad idea--you'll have easy access to slave laboring debt serfs as well.

dark fiber's picture

*Very bad idea*

Considering that both the IMF and the EU are Western institutions and that the Greeks will sooner or latter will tell the West to fuck off big time, what do you think things will be like for you then.  They will very likely think of you as somebody who took advantage of their dire situation and bought real estate on the cheap. How safe do you think you and your property will be in the long run, when people see you as a carrion feeder who took advantage of their misery.   Don't tell me you will call the cops because the cops will tell you just fuck off back to where you came from.  The anti EU ant anti West sentiment there is huge and still rising.  Do you want to be the American or the German there when things boil over?

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I woudl not worry about that - Greeks are pussies just like Americans

chosen's picture

The Germans will beat you to it.

GodHelpAmerica's picture

The masses of the EU are allowing the politicians and elites (ruling class) to slowly screw them over into oblivion. Yes you get to keep the euro, but at what cost to your friends and family you myopic fools. And they keep buying promises as reality becomes worse and worse...

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Those crazy Greeks, still believing politicians promises. You really can't fix stupid.

dark fiber's picture

It works until it doesn't and then heads roll.

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Cops where I grew up start at $80K and get a $15K raise after 2 years. 300+ qualified applicants pay $50 just to apply for positions not even open yet. When they do open up the 2 people they pick never pass the polygraph or psychological test and the process has to start all over again. My fear is when those 300+ Criminal Justice Major Snowflakes finally snap!

Nobody For President's picture

Austerity! Moar Austerity!

This time will fix it and we will have enough austerity to pay off the bankers!

But the little people never understand.

Publicus's picture

Donb't worry, the upcoming EU military will crush the Greek police.

HRH Feant2's picture

Frontex? Don't make me laugh.

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 The stall and bartering. Both need to happen together to do the trick. The hard part is going to be making it go global.

veritas semper vinces's picture

It's going to be an interesting summer in Europe-I see a great disturbance in the force above Greece,Italy and France

Fireman's picture

Things can get real bad on animal farm when porky pig doesn't get his swill.

About time the damn hogs started squealing!

MPJones's picture

Police and armies throughout suppressed countries need to support the people of their respective countries, not the oligarchs bleeding them dry.