"I Wanted To Kill Them" Times Square Driver Tells Police; Was Looking For Suicide-By-Cop

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Update 3: The driver that killed 1 & injured 22, was apparently high on synthetic marijuana K-2, and according to the Post, he was out for blood, and looking for a suicide-by-cop.

The Bronx man who plowed his car into a Times Square crowd, killing a teen tourist and injuring 22 others, wanted to commit murder and then wanted cops to kill him, police sources said. “You were supposed to shoot me! I wanted to kill them,” Richard Rojas, 26, told police, according to sources cited by the Post.

The killer, who’s been arrested twice for DWI, wasn’t drunk when he went on the rampage in the heart of the Big Apple, a high-ranking police official said. Rojas is currently being tested for drugs, as he appeared to be high, according to sources.He served in the US Navy from 2011 to 2015, and was not honorably discharged, sources said.

A friend said Rojas was never the same after he returned from his military service, and took up drinking to cope with the stress.  “He finally came home, and it was hard for him to find a job,” said Harrison Ramos, 30. “He was having a lot of bad nightmares. He was talking crazy. He was acting strange.”

Ramos added he would buy alcohol “to forget about all that stuff.”

“He should’ve gotten professional help,” he said. “He would talk about demons and devils and conspiracy theories.”

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Update 2:  Speaking at a Times Square press conference, mayor Bill de Blasio says "There is no indication that this was an act of terror."

Separately, the NYPD says that the 26 yr old driver, identified as Richard Rojas from the Bronx, was traveling South on 7 Av made u-turn onto West sidewalk. Went 3 blocks on sidewalk before hitting pillar.

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Update: in a separate incideint, Breaking911 reports that 5 People were just struck by vehicle, 1 DOA, 3 likely to die / very critical on Broadway & Castleton Ave. It is unclear if the two incidents are linked.

* * *

A car jumped a curb and plowed into a busy sidewalk in Times Square during the lunchtime rush, killing one person and injuring several others on Thursday, sources said. The driver is in custody and being tested for alcohol. One person is dead, and at least 13 injured.

Reuters witnesses said that the driver's actions "appeared intentional" and that the vehicles "drove against traffic" and onto the sidewalk, striking pedestrians.

The crash happened at Broadway and West 45th Street at about 12 p.m., officials said. FDNY said 13 patients were being treated at the scene.

According to NYPD, the driver is 26 year old Richard Rojas from the Bronx.

The vehicle that struck pedestrians was a red sedan and the driver has been arrested and removed.

The arrest of driver shown below:

And yet despite the immediate arrest, in the past 30 minutes the NYPD has already figured out that the incident was not terrorism:


A video of the arrest below:

A live feed from Pix 11 below:


According to the NYPD, the car lost control on 7th Avenue between 42 and 43rd streets, and an investigation is underway.

The New York Police Department closed off the area. A Reuters witness said at least 10 people were being treated for injuries on the ground after the collision at the Midtown Manhattan tourist site.

While the NYPD is initially claiming that the incident was not an act of terrorism, in a clear bid to preserve calm, we would recommend waiting for a definitive conclusion.


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Trump's hate-filled America: best avoided, unless you want to spit on Ailes' grave.

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Trumps hate-filled America? Why did you pick him? How about the last 20 years of administrations that were responsible for shaping the America you see now? You must be one of those loving Hari Krishna people. Forgive everyone for everything. Except for certain people that YOU hate? Thanks for sharing your short circuited mind.

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  Another nicely assimilated refugee?

 I saw a bunch of them in 7/11 earlier today.  They had all the hallmarks of freshly released "supermax" inmates.

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Who were the morons that let this guy off his prior felonies so he could commit his latest aggression against innocent people????

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Someone needs to put this guy away permanently...

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I think a prison cell shared with some really horny 230 pound smelly guy with cheese dick will do the trick.

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Hmmmm,,,, 72 Virgins,,,,, But what do I do the next week???

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Synthetic marijuana, a new weapon for Psychiatry's arsenal of killer drugs!

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It's not a drug, a Chemical. Fucking users doing Elefant Tranquilizers. Fucking let em ingest.

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We need to run this f0cking POS over with a steam roller in times square.  Just squash his ass.

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Conspiracy theories huh.  I wonder if he was a ZH reader.  Maybe he snapped after he lost all his money trading with Shepwave.

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Great.  Ain't Multiracialism Grand? 

Now we have Mestizo's immitating Dune Coons.

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Nimrod is a spirit STILL shooting an arrow at God.    Are you ready to be judged people?

You all were warned and yet there you are,..... WAIT FOR IT,... HERE IT COMES.

Babylon?   BABBEL?  That is what you speak now and God will end this earth once and for all.

You are hostile toward your attorney and I can no longer defend you.


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Ban cars. We demand "car control". Now requires a special hard to get permit and I.D. to buy gas.

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If you cause terror it is terrorism! It's really that simple.

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This is what will happen if u join US military
U would want to commit suicide
becuz No Hope
life becomes hopeless
remember there are more than 3 million veterans in USA
suffering , No Hope
many homeless

This is what military does to you


U r only scapegoats for the zionist US regime now
that exports terror everywhere to make a few rich
USA CIA caused 911 twin towers,
USA created ISIS, Al-queda, Al Nusra, Al-shabab
At present US ally Israel is training ISIS how to make laptop bombs
by substituting its battery with plastic explosives

So instead of crashing ur car later on sidewalk ,
crash ur fighter plane, sink down ur ships, burn ur tanks & Humvee

Leave , remember u r answerable in the afterlife
Do good & pledge to even die for good , shun all violence

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Thank the Good Lord that New York City has strict gun control laws! 

Can you imagine what carnage would have be inflicted on the citizens of that good city if they had liberal gun laws instead, complete with shall-issue carry permits?  Then this insane manic would have had a gun!  Something with an extended magazine!  13 rounds! 

He would have pulled the thing out, started shooting, and then been nailed by half-a-dozen packing citizens.

Hell, there would have been blood everywhere.  Probably at least one innocent killed, maybe several more injured.

Oh, wait.  Sorry,  I guess that's not as bad as what happened with the car, is it.

Well, ban all vehicles from the city, then!  Make store owners stock up using mule carts!

Then the headlines will read: 

Mystery midnight slasher still on the lose!

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Ever noticed that they take a nut case like this alive, but granny and or grandpa defending her or his home is shot dead? Your dog is shot 10 times as he barks. The kid with a squirt gun gets plugged. Same cops same mentality, but we almost always capture the true idiots and take them in. But a guy can lay in the street protecting a patient of his and be shot! I am starting to wonder about our world, or at least the western world...

Maybe we should do with this guy like Breivik in Norway, give him a posh place to live. Or should this guy have killed a few more people? We could cure him and let him loose again?

Maybe if the cops would kill these types, then they would feel better about letting granny live and stop shooting dogs. They would get it out of their system so to speak... I am sure this guy has rights and we must protect those rights...

Granny is most likely white anyway...

Starting to wonder if this stuff is set up to push an agenda?

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5years and a sex change from now and he'll be right as rain and walking the streets once again.

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Everybody knows with these types of events victims loose their shoes and their pants gets shredded for some reason.

I just see a car trying to hump a bollard, how it came to rest on top on bollard is beyond me.