Is There A Coup Attempt Underway In America?

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Personally, I’m horrified by the fact that Goldman Sachs goons are in total control of the Trump administration’s economic policy. I’m also horrified that our new President’s first overseas trip will be to the terrorist state of Saudi Arabia, a autocratic, brutal monarchy with undeniable ties to 9/11. I’m likewise disgusted by Attorney General Jefferson Sessions’ oppressive and uncivilized relaunch of the misguided and disastrous “war on drugs.” Finally, I’m very troubled by the fact Mike Flynn attempted to disrupt a military operation using Syrian Kurds to rout ISIS in Raqqa because Turkey didn’t like it, given he was working as a paid agent of Turkey months earlier and never disclosed it.

There are a plethora of things to be deeply concerned about when it comes to Trump, yet the coup attempt against him being launched by elements of the deep state, corporate media and Hillary dead-ender Democrats is more concerning still. It’s obvious what’s happening right now is not a sincere attempt to hold a President accountable, or fight him on policy or personnel choices. Rather, this all seems to be a very deliberate and premeditated attempt to remove him from office.  

What’s so troubling about what I just wrote is not so much that I think it, but that it’s becoming accepted truth by a growing number of mainstream Americans. For example, can you believe CNBC actually published a post with the following title?

Here are a few excerpts from the piece:

There is, indeed, a bombshell of a story coming out of the news that President Donald Trump revealed sensitive information during his White House meeting with Russian officials last week. But it’s not that President Trump committed any crime. The really alarming news is that the duly-elected President of the United States appears to be the target of a political coup.


First, let’s be clear: President Trump has been sloppy, arrogant, and just plain misguided plenty of times during his short tenure in office — including the way he handled the firing of FBI Director James Comey and the hiring and firing of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. And if he did unnecessarily compromise the source of the sensitive information he shared with the Russians, shame on him.


But a president cannot be removed from office for arrogance and sloppiness…


Here’s the kicker: None of this is actually working where it counts. Again, we have not one piece of evidence of any impeachable act. And it’s not even truly working in the polls. President Trump’s approval ratings may be lower than any modern president this early in his tenure, but they’re still higher than they were throughout the election. If anything, these constant attacks coming from this obviously angry and potentially illegal place are only strengthening the resolve of Trump’s base of supporters. They elected a guy they believed was truly the enemy of the established political class. And right on cue, the established political class is stopping at nothing to prove them right.


For all the things President Trump has said that have dragged down the level of our American political discourse, this sustained takedown effort is worse. And it’s not clear how this is going to end. Unlike President Trump, the leakers remain anonymous and thus unaccountable. They can presumably go on forever.


And President Trump doesn’t seem like he’s going to stop fighting back or irritating and threatening his political opponents.


But don’t fool yourself into thinking this is OK or even tolerable. The bottom line is that we have some very powerful people in Washington who really don’t like how democracy played out this time around and what they do to attack it next isn’t going to be any better than what they’re doing now.


Luckily the American people remain wisely circumspect about all of this. President Trump’s polls aside, the voters are still giving him a decent shot to govern. And unaccountable people in Washington shouldn’t be trying to make that decision for us.

Once again, I want to remind you the above was published at CNBC. Sure it’s a vapid Wall Street oligarch-worshipping rag, but it’s still pretty mainstream.

Moreover, it’s not just CNBC writers and obscure bloggers such as myself who are coming to these sorts of conclusions.

For example, listen closely to what Dennis Kucinich had to say on the topic in a recent interview.

I agree with Dennis completely, and another troubling aspect of all this is that the hysteria incessantly being driven by the corporate press in its attempt to destroy Trump is distracting attention away from genuine scandals. For example, yesterday’s McClatchy story on Mike Flynn’s undisclosed work as a agent of Turkey, and how that may have influenced his foreign policy recommendations appears to be a very real and extremely concerning scandal. Yet it gets buried in the hyperbole and hysteria, and millions of people end up tuning everything out.

The road we’re headed down is unhealthy, counterproductive and extremely dangerous. As is typically the case, you can thank the corporate press.

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williambanzai7's picture

Five minutes ago Wall Street owned the Trump Administration.

quax's picture

Fortunately for them, the Tylers can count on the average ZH reader to have the attention span of a gnat (no insult to gnats implied).

Soul Glow's picture

Zero Hedge runs a lot of op-eds and let the readers decide how they want to view the news.  Just as the comments section is let to formulate their own opinions, so our the readers.

dcmbuffy's picture

we aint as dumb as we look

Yen Cross's picture

  There's NO way any of these Corp. Tax repatriation laws are EVER going to pass.  It's all 'smoke & mirrors' .

 Assuming the tax rate was dropped to 15%, after loopholes and writeoffs, corps are only paying 12-16% already.


  I know because I own corps.  Trump pays people to make decisions for him. He's NOT some financial Wizard.

NA X-15's picture

The 'coup' has been unfolding for decades:

1. 'Saint' Abraham Lincoln establishing the supremacy of the Federal Government over states' rights

2. The creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 and the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment

3. The passage of the Hart-Celler Act in 1965 (the death blow)






East Indian's picture

Yes. Those who voted Trump are trying to overthrow the government established sometime in the last century.

SnottyBubbles's picture

uhh ... has anyone else noticed that politicians pandering to the 13% of the only bloc that votes 90-some % gun-hating lib is screaming resistance against the duly elected con guv'mnt?


YourAverageJoe's picture

Of course there's a coup underway...

Just this week, Houston Congressman Al Green (D) demanded Trump's impeachment, while my Congressman, John Culberson (R) sits silent on Hillary's high crimes and misdemeanors.

What does YOUR Congressperson have to say?

Maybe you should ask them!

captain-nemo's picture

Why is cooperation and doing business with Turkey considered treason when Turkey is considered a valuable US ally and a full NATO member.  Who else then Flynn has business going on in Turkey? Isn't that something we would like to know.

AND, by the way. Why is it so accepted to do business with , cooperate militarily with and share intelligence and confidential information with Saudi Arabia. The worst and the most dangerous and most failed regime in the world (only beaten ny North Korea)?  

It seems to me that one more or less have to be a psycopath if one wants to undestand American politics. 

e_goldstein's picture

Flynn also filed the paperwork saying he was in a position working on behalf of a foreign nation (Turkey).

It's legal (although odious) if the paperwork was filed.

medium giraffe's picture

well, this is certainly the first time I've ever seen a pile of bullshit so large that it threatens to collapse under its own weight and create a singularity. A brown hole, probably.

dcmbuffy's picture

that is why you never kick a dried pile of s#!t- because once you do- it starts stinking all over again

PitBullsRule's picture

A coup?  Why, we're all just one big happy family!

Celotex's picture

Trump's campaign and debate rhetoric suggested Fed reform and an end to a ridiculous amount of money-printing and asset price inflation. However, ever since inauguration, he's done nothing but brag and take nonstop victory laps for the stock market run up, an unqualified good thing in his mind. It's the same old grift as before. Only the window dressing has changed.

dcmbuffy's picture

the problem is- when you say we SHOULD be doing business with turkey- well- shouldnt we be talking turkey with iran? its business. i remember my father in the early seventies talking about vietnam. being a korean army vet- saying "sure - all these protests and in 25 years we'll being buying cars from them." its all garbage- if it does not support the one shining light in this world- i dont know what to tell ya.

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For the last several election cycles. The Deep State or what ever these spook agencies are. Have been deciding our country's leaders. Using manipulation techniques that have been perfected to a science. They've also aquired control of nearly 100% of the media outlets used to deliver the mental manipulation. This election cycle was different because nearly everyone has access to the internet. Even the kids with their hand held computer phones. The truth bled through the propaganda exposing Hillary for what she is. The deep state failed for the first time. It's pissed, it will not let Trump stay. Because Trump beat Hillary, the chosen one. As crappy as Trump is, he's better than Hillary. And I believe the people elected him by a lot bigger margin than acknowledged.

Longus Dongus's picture

For the last several election cycles. The Deep State or what ever these spook agencies are. Have been deciding our countries leaders. Using manipulation techniques that have been perfected to a science. They've also aquired control of nearly 100% of the media outlets used to deliver the mental manipulation. This election cycle was different because nearly everyone has access to the internet. Even the kids with their hand held computer phones. The truth bled through the propaganda exposing Hillary for what she is. The deep state failed for the first time. It's pissed, it will not let Trump stay. Because Trump beat Hillary, the chosen one. As crappy as Trump is, he's better than Hillary. And I believe the people elected him by a lot bigger margin than acknowledged.

medium giraffe's picture

It makes no fucking difference who gets sworn in, the bombs still fall.

gold rubeberg's picture

Krieger nails it. Donald Trump has taken on a very powerful global establishment. Through its central banks, it literally has the power to print money. Or not print it, as it sees fit. It also controls most of the news media too, so it can shape the narrative and ensure that its opposition gets the blame when things go wrong while it operates in the shadows.

Yen Cross's picture

Are you kidding me?

 I voted for Trump, because I want[ed] to drain the swamp. I can't believe the bulshit comps on Q-1 earnings after a[ .7% GDP Q-1 earnings print].

 What a nice thing to see you all call out those "jobs" #'s earlier.  

 That's why I read Z/H! Finance NOT politics.

  Those numbers were pathetic! Trump is tainted<

uhland62's picture

If an understanding with Russia were to end or significantly reduce the Syrian war, the weapons manufacturers will lose turnover. They want a permanent war - which Trump may not be delivering. 

Repatriating some accounts from the tax havens to build infrastructure in America? Are you kidding? Why would these global compaies be more interested in American infrastructure than in their taxfree bank accounts!!! 

They meddle in the background, Russia is our enemy, we must buy more weapons, sell more weapons overseas, then deliver the enemies and fights that are neede to keep the turnover ticking over.

quax's picture

Just don't pin it on Israel.

Bibi loves him.

wisehiney's picture

It doesn't matter.

Who didn't know that Trumps election was only a short reprieve?

This smoking, creaking, rattling shitwagon is going to blow soon either way.

Keep partying and prepping.

And plan your big payback to these mutha fuckas.

BingoBoggins's picture

What're yo gonna do a bout it? Have a town hall on theories of State secession? Don't forget to leaf drop the beatniks.

Get a life, cause none a ya have the guts to get out do somethin' - colorful. While yer at it shut fuck up. Boring wind bags .

HarryKallahan's picture


Grab one of these "reporters", they are enemy combatants, waterboard them to give up their illegal sources, then go right up and down the chain.

This can be over by Sunday.



Akzed's picture

Ok! Let us know how it goes.

GracchusBrothers's picture

Would that be a coup d'etat or a coup d'oeil?

A coup de main or a coup de grace?

A coup de glotte or a coup de foudre?

A coup de repos or a coup d'archet?

In my's a mere coup de theatre.

It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

bshirley1968's picture

People on here talking about going to war if Trump is impeached are knuckle dragging retards.

What is he, your fucking king?  Your liege lord whom you have sworn to die for?  What a bunch of imbeciles.   I hope they do it and I hope you do.

The way they AND TRUMP have pissed on the Constitution, feasted at the gov trough filled with the sweat and blood of everyday people, the way Trump has fallen right in line and done NOTHING DIFFERENT from the Republican sack of shit George Bush.....or even Obama for that matter.......and you are going to go to war for that cry baby silver spoon dego snake oil salesman?

Down vote me all you want, you Trumptard bitches.  So many reasons to go to war and you sit on your asses and watch your football and eat cheese burgers while the bankers, corps, and congress sell our country to the highest bidder.......

You bunch of idiots deserve exactly what is coming.  Go to war for Trump!  Lmao!  What a bunch of punks.

GracchusBrothers's picture

Your anger and frustration is duly noted,

I have neither down-voted nor up-voted you, making me neutral. also deserve exactly what is coming, as do I and everyone else.

Do you think you're fucking special?

bshirley1968's picture

You are absolutely correct.  Never heard me say I was special.  Just saying I am not going to war over some bafoon, dufus like Trump.  He is not the "American" leader that I would rally behind.

Seychelles's picture

What do you suggest that we do?

Mr Hankey's picture

+100 best post of the thread ...who do I hate more...the white knight or their fawning lickspittle fanboi catamites


IDESofMARCH's picture

President Trump needs to get the US Army to seize all, all correspondence emails, transcripts  from FBI, CIA, Democrats and Republicans and thoroughly investigate and charge and imprison for treason ALL involved in this vicious  coup d'etat attack against taking down the US government and Trump.   Trump should quit being a pansy, be bold and have the army run the white house until the investigation is complete.  Leave Russia alone unless you are racist. There are many countries that have done and want to harm to the US. Pick on those countries as the booggy man.

bshirley1968's picture

Spoken like a true idiotic, clueless dickhead.

Truthseeker20's picture

They arent going to remove him from office. He has many globalists in his admin. He is playing the role of an outsider. All this media hype is to distract us and divide us. It will also be used as an excuse for the coming crashes. We all know the real reasons for th3 coming crashes

Seth_Rich's picture

Aw, why doesn't someone just kill me...

Apeon's picture


Luckily the American people remain wisely circumspect about all of this. President Trump’s polls aside, the voters are still giving him a decent shot to govern.


And if the 'coup' is effected---they will be marching on WA DC by the millions---we have not been buying all those weapons and ammunition to hang on the wall.

omega1960's picture
I have a source who was a member of the Intelligence Community telling me that a life-or-death struggle between different factions of the Deep State erupted publicly yesterday. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Chairman of the United
States House Committee on

Oversight and Government
Reform has
requested of
former Director of the FBI,
James Comey
all of his memos
while in office, including those

relating to the Clinton
Foundation, Benghazi, the

DNC, Anthony Weiner's
computer, etc., etc., etc.,
to whatever extent that
these exist. Chaffetz said that should
Comey fail to comply and
not submit every single memo
during his term of office, that
the Oversight Committee
would subpoena all of them,
including one that allegedly
memorializes Trump's request
of Comey to quit the investigation
of former National Security
Adviser (for 24 days), Army
Lt. General, Michael Flynn. Since yesterday, the
Mainstream Media has been
reporting as if Trump did, in
fact give this order to Comey,
which they're suggesting
constitutes Obstruction of
Justice, an "impeachable offense".
The MSM has been reporting
things as if Trump's been tried
and found guilty without any
charge. However, today at 5PM on FBN,
Alan Dershowitz asserted that
the scope of Mueller's investigation
is restricted to criminal acts - not
political acts - and that Trump
has violated no criminal statutes.
He added that even if Trump did
ask the Russian government to
help him win the election, it might
be terrible, politically but there is
no statute against it. It's not a
crime. He cites Reagan's collusion
with the Iranian government to
not release the hostages until
after he took office. There was no
statute against this, so it wasn't a
crime. Furthermore, Dershowitz
says, Trump's firing of Comey is
not a crime, therefore, "obstruction
of justice" is off the table. Other
legal experts have stated that 
if Comey didn't report criminal
activity committed by Trump to
the DoJ, then THAT would be a
crime!  My source says that if Comey did
create memos to record his
meetings, they could reveal
potentially incriminating information
about former Attorney General,
Loretta Lynch, John and Tony
Podesta, Bill and Hillary Clinton
and possibly Barack Obama, which
would lead to an implosion of the
US Government on a scale that is
unimaginable. He's suggested that
100% transparency on these alleged
memos would result in the personal
destruction of roughly 30% of all
members of the US Government
plus a significant reduction in the
funding for the Deep State. Every
memo will be seized by the special
council - all of the Weiner evidence,
everything (!) Importantly, the memos would
reveal the nature of Comey's
relationship with the Deep State.
As we know, Comey was General
Counsel and Senior VP for Lockheed
Martin. Considering all of the above, this
cannot be allowed to happen. Enter
Robert Mueller, who is one of Comey's
best friends!  Mueller was the Director of the FBI
prior to Comey and he was appointed
yesterday by Deputy Attorney General,
Rod Rosenstein to head up a council
to investigate Trump's alleged collusion
with Russia. The primary function of
this council is for it serve as vault
Comey's memos. The immediate
effect of Mueller's appointment is the
prevention of anyone except for his
investigative staff from ever viewing
these memos, including members of
Congress. Only if it deemed appropriate by
Mueller's bosses (whoever they are)
will this information ever be released. According to my source, Mueller is
not a fan of the Clintons, despite
how the Mainstream Media is trying
to spin the news of Mueller's
appointment in this probe as terrible
for Trump and the GOP agenda. Then, there's the issue of Trump's
budget, which he's scheduled to
submit to Congress early next week.
My source is telling me that it
contains budget cuts of between
$350M-$700M, some of which
includes the funding for the
provision of ammunition to both
sides of the conflict in Syria. As an aside, my source has
informed me that Trump's Syria
bombing in April targeted the
ammunition storage facilities, at
the Shahryat air base, a place
nobody talks about anymore,
because it was supplying
ammunition to both sides of
conflict, which is basically
a Deep
State war-profiteering
involving not just
the US but
Russia, the UK and
Essentially, Trump's budget cuts
would deprive the Deep State
from a significant percentage
of its funding - and they don't
like that, so they'll stop at
nothing to remove Trump from
office. I'm told that since there's
nothing criminal on Trump to
impeach him, Congress may
attempt to pursue "Article 25",
where they would have to prove
that Trump is "Not psychologically
fit for office." Assassination is not off the table. There's also an outside chance that
either Trump or the Deep State
will stand down from this standoff. Now, THAT's a Reality Show!

Video: (3 mins):

Democrat Dershowitz: No Collusion Between Trump and Russia - Not a Crime If there Was


Source: Forbiben knowlege

navy62802's picture

It is rebellion in DC. Every imaginable avenue of opposition is coming at Trump and our way of government. Make no mistake, if you thought the United States was safe from sabateurs in this modern age, think again. Many wealthy, powerful individuals across the globe wish to destroy the United States. They are not wasting any time here. They are balls to the wall right now.

Will these ass holes be successful in ending the US government? I don't know. But you better be armed and ready to fight.

alphasammae's picture

President Kennedy was murdered two weeks after he signed the Green Hilton Agreement with Soekarno. A coup in hindsight but ignored by Washington DC and the media.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

This posted way down there by MC888:

"I think Trump had no idea just how big of a monster he was coming up against. Or just how entrenched their power is."

I think you underestimate him. This kinda slipped under the radar, even though it was announced in a room full of media fucktards on March 13 2017 -


- - - - - - -


Section 1. Purpose. This order is intended to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the executive branch by directing the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (Director) to propose a plan to reorganize governmental functions and eliminate unnecessary agencies (as defined in section 551(1) of title 5, United States Code), components of agencies, and agency programs.

N.B. All the Intelligence agencies are in the Executive Branch. This EO allows him to completely dissolve and restructure any or all of them.

See the entire document here:

Land Snark's picture

interesting...doc link:  'page unavailable'

innertrader's picture

THE ABOVE LINK will take you to the main web site.



You must add:  "utive-order-comprehensive-plan-reorganizing-executive"  where the above stops at "....... presidential-exec"