THREE Charts That Tell Us the Next Financial Crisis is Closer Than Most Think

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The election night bull market trendline is about to break. The only reason stocks have held up is hype and hope for Trump's economic agenda. With the entire MSM, establishment shills, and deep state operatives trying to derail this, the market is about to lose this prop.

More worrisom for the financial system: the long-term bull market trendline for long bonds is in danger of breaking. How will that $199 TRILLION in debt adjust to higher interest rates? Not well. 

Finally, Oil never reclaimed its long-term bull market trendline. The global growth stork since 1999 is over. Oil has called BS on all claims that we're in a long-term growth cycle.

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Graham Summers

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Bubble? What Goldman-Fed bubble? 


New records in a week

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The top isn't in yet.  Wait a few months.  Phoenix has been top calling since the 2009 bottom.  That said, a broken (analog, for you millennials) clock is right twice a day, and they will be right in a few months when top calling and will be able to say "We accurately called the top..."

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And forever, children will be told this is the post that proclaimed it, similar to "In the beginning," and "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"--TaaaaDaaah        "The global growth stork since 1999 is over."

The growth stork is over!!!

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6 years and yet still no avatar.


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Sure, sure, any day now...

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My Dearest 'Debbie Downer",


To quote Bobby McFarrin...." No worries...Be Happy...." This is WAY too easy of a market turn.  So this can't be THE top....Look for one more good time rally for ES futures to test 2428.75, ( S&P 500 mini futures). Once this level is achieved, then we'll fall out of bed when no one sees it coming. Like a thief in the night...

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Even though I am a physician, I do metaphor repairs on the my office and I'll fix ya up.

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Gold, Guns & Guts BITCHEZ!!!