"Trump Isn't A Trainwreck" Nassim Taleb Destroys Media Narrative, Urges "Rational" Investors To Hedge

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When Nassim Nicholas Taleb looks at President Donald Trump, he doesn’t see “a trainwreck.” The real trainwreck, according to the trader turned author, is “unfettered globalization." That's the real danger that members of "the resistance" should be worried about, Taleb says during an interview with Bloomberg.

While he may not be a staunch "anti-globalist", at least Trump has promised to fix some things in system that, left unchecked, will sooner or later lead to wealth accumulating disproportionately at the top end of income earners as wave after wave of corporate consolidation lines the pockets of the transnational corporate class. When he wrote about the dangers of globalization in his book “The Black Swan, “everybody cheered," Taleb reminds his host. But now, people are defining their views on globalization based on their blanket opposition to Trump, causing them to overlook an even more sinister threat to their economic well being.

Trump could still prove to be a disappointment if he ends up abandoning his promises. But Taleb rejects the narrative of Trump that “some people” - the readers of The New York Times and Washington Post - are buying into: That Trump tried to pressure former FBI Director James Comey into dropping the bureau’s investigation into Mike Flynn, and is on the verge of being impeached.

Ignoring the ceaseless fearmongering in the media, Trump isn’t really that different from other politicians, Taleb says: The main differences are “his language and how he does things in an accelerated way.”

"Trump is not an idiot. There’s a logic to Trump that you can only get if you forget about the news and you look at Trump as Trump.”

By vowing to fix America's “metastatic” tax code, Trump is on the cusp of accomplishing something truly remarkable by solving a problem 32 years in the making. Taleb also believes that Obamacare should be replaced with something “more rational." Though he stopped short of saying whether the AHCA is the right answer, he made it very clear: It's not single-payer.

“We’re not Canadians. Canada is a small country you cannot scale things up. We need something different,” Taleb says. However, Trump has made one major mistake when it comes to message: He's tried to own the market’s performance since the election. By doing so, Trump “bought at the top,” unlike Obama, who took office at the outset of an eight year bull market.

“Claiming credit for that rise in the market makes him vulnerable to a selloff.” While Tuesday's selloff was likely just a “blip," the tail risk in the market increases with each new record high in the S&P 500.

“If you own stocks without a hedge [right now], it’s not rational.”

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Former FBI Director Says FBI a Total Joke and Fraud!


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it would seem to be that the fbi is in an unfortunate place, for them, with their about to become much higher profile investigation of "russian hacking" of the dnc emails.  they've been on the job going on ten mpnths and at no point, according to them have they examined seth rich's computer or investigated his murder less than two weeks pror to the publication of the dnc emails by wikileaks.


 really?  seth rich was a data analyst at the dnc, (newly liberated?) julian assange soon said wikileaks was concerned about his death and offered a reward, something it has not done before or since.  in addition the internet was jumping last summer with accusations that hillary clinton may have killed as many as five people last summer in her campaign for the presidency.  


seth rich could have been a russian spy.  that the fbi never probed his murder tells the world that that murder was an inside job and the fbi didn't want to know.

null's picture

5 huh, plus millions who died-inside while listening to her drone-on about what sounded less like a campaign but more like an EEOC hearing where an employee demands their deserved promotion.

Lyman54's picture

Interesting video, thanks for posting the link.

shovelhead's picture

Can't get much clearer than that.

This guy should be up for the job. He even looks and sounds like a cop.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Fly Zeropoint looks like an article.

James Kallstrom former FBI Director on Foxnews.

Watchout for Nailguns Kallstrom & that woman Maria Bartiarmo

order66's picture

He didn't "buy the top" if he gets one of those $9 trillion credit cards to fund everything like Obama did.


RagaMuffin's picture

Like this dude, found a way to be smart and intelectually consistent

Alfred's picture

His name was Seth Rich

Al Gophilia's picture

His name was Lavoy Finicum.

Xena fobe's picture

If only his family gave a damn,, maybe I would too. 

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Trump had promised to change some things - like NAFTA, GATA, WTO, NATO, etc - but he has renigged on those promises.  He is on his way to the KSA to collect a "gift" - read bribe - and sell them $300 billion worth of weapons so they can bring destruction to everyone in the ME except Israel, their secret little buddy.  Trump is a globalist, he just isn't the globalist the NWO want right now.

The NWO is in factions, and the Clinton faction plays dirty.  The other faction is going to have to learn how to play dirty too.  Why didn't Trump ever try to throw the Clintons in jail like he promised?  Why hasn't Trump looked closer into Podesta?  Play dirty Trump or get the fuck outta Dodge!

techpriest's picture

In ten years some of those weapons will find their way back here, too. To keep the War on Terror going.

tmosley's picture

>Pledge to renegotiate or repeal NAFTA

*Renegotiates NAFTA*


Same on the rest, I think. Definitely true on NATO.

>Trump is a globalist, he just isn't the globalist the NWO want right now.

Listen to yourself. Jesus Christ.

el buitre's picture

Trump doesn't have to "play dirty."  He just would have to play honest and legal hardball.  The Clintons have comitted so many felonies that a federal attorney with an IQ of 70 could put them away for life (which doesn't appear to be very long for either).  As to the Pedoesta brothers, I have heard that eating children is bad for the metabolism.

TeethVillage88s's picture

How do we play the Weapons sales,... Must be missiles?

S/ Half joking. LMT & RTN

"Why didn't Trump ever try to throw the Clintons in jail like he promised? "

- The narrative is Trump has to win over some Liberals & Progressives to better lead the country
- Past Presidents have sovereign immunity against jail time, you have to assassinate them or impeach with no jail... so Obama plays a dangerous game against Trump, but the Truth can bite Obama in the Ass pretty hard
- Outing Clintons with Truth is a good way to go, but obviously MSM can say it is 'fake news' and half the people won't believe it anyway

Stan522's picture

It doesn't matter what anyone says positive about Trump at this point....

The democrats and media are deploying a scorched earth reaction to his presidency. They will stop at nothing, including imploding our country to get their way. Death by a thousand cuts until he's out. Then.... they will keep it going with Pence. We need to stand up against this and show a little opposition. Certainly the feckless republican House and Senate representatives won't....

Xena fobe's picture

Trump won't even stsnd up for his campaign promises.  We need a real movement.  Something that could encompass the silent majority. 

RiverRoad's picture

A Third Party would do it.

RiverRoad's picture

The Deep State is in a demented state of Denial.

markovchainey's picture

Taleb is obviously a Russian stooge

vegas's picture

Oh yes, by all means hedge; at approximately 5% in premium costs per quarter to hedge, it only takes 5 years to completely lose your entire portfolio. Brilliant.



shovelhead's picture

If I had only bought insurance...

The saddest words ever spoken.

TheNuclearGenie's picture

Trump might not be an idiot, but he surely does not know how to be the POTUS. He will eventually fuck up things big time. He should never have been elected, and neither should Hillary. The entire political arena in the US is totally fucked up without any good leadership.

DavidC's picture


An eight year 'bull market' based almost exclusively on central banks slamming interest rates as low (or as negative) as they can get them, utilizing historically unprecedented and previously unheard of actions like 'Quantitaive Easing', allowing the TBTFs to get even larger and more leveraged than they were in 2008...


sudzee's picture

I'm somewhat worried that CIA/FBI might take out Trump while outside the US and blame Iran or Russia.

nevertheless's picture

how can you honestly believe trump is some "savior to the people", wake the fuck up. ITS A NARRATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is a lie, a lie meant to give trump cover to follow obama's (Israel's) policies, while idiots focus on the idiot narratives.


Unbelievable, where you asleep during Obama's presidency, there was the same "Obama is under attack" BS narrative, and all that birther shit amounted to NOTHING. 


You should have woke up the moment Trump "pardoned" Clinton, that was the moment THINKING people saw the light, what the fuck is wrong with you?!

espirit's picture


Nothing wrong with being naïve and thinking you were going to die an old man in your own bed.


There are times I’d wished I’d taken the ‘Blue Pill’.


penneyed's picture

I followed Nassam for years. I would not listen to anything he has to say.  Seems like every one has an opinion on Trump and it is going to change the markets.  I will go with the analysts who show their past calls and that they were right like shep wave. 



Marilee's picture

Where have you been?  They have been the only analysis to listen to for a long time. 

techpriest's picture

Wow, not only is SchlongWave so poor that they can't pay for ads, they can't even pay for a website. It has to be posted on Facebook!

Fake Trump's picture

No comments. Just sit back to see. 

IridiumRebel's picture

Sounds good so do it for a few years? Cool? Stfu? Good.

Debugas's picture

if markets go south then all the hedges will go bust and you will not receive protection anyway

bshirley1968's picture

"...........will sooner or later lead to wealth accumulating disproportionately at the top end of income earners as wave after wave of corporate consolidation lines the pockets of the transnational corporate class."

Sooner or later?  Really?  Where has this dumbass been?

And why, Oh why, can people not see that Trump is one of those "accumulators" that has benefitted disproportionately from the system......THE SAME SYSTEM THEY NOW EXPECT HIM TO FIX......LMAO!

What a bunch of morons.

dexter_morgan's picture

Nassim, avoid nail guns.

Ntoxic8ingWave's picture

The economy is going to collapse regardsless, it is only a matter of time...

cn13's picture

Not sure what is going on in the markets today but Optionxpress is down.  I cannot access my account.

I have never seen this before.

stant's picture

Trumps not the train wreck ,deep state is. And trump has removed all doubt that we can vote our way out of this nightmare

shovelhead's picture


But I'm enjoying myself watching him stick his dick in their eye.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Trump, lets say for the heck of it: he is watching his true enemies expose themselves..before the axe falls

just a thought. if not he will be neutered like bush jr , or nixon.

President, is the most powerful position in our nation, the opposition would like to make Trump think he is not-like they did wtih idiot bush jr..having a wall street big wig & fed reserve chairman: threaten him with" tanks in the street "and chump bush & congress fell for it. oh the benefits for doing the bailouts:bribes,  were there to soothe the pain and humiliation..

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The Same Man Who Sent President Trump Memo Recommending Firing Of James Comey ALSO Called For A Special Counsel To Investigate Trump. President Trump Set Up!


shovelhead's picture

This chick has some serious logic fail going on here.

First of all, it's not obstruction of justice unless Trump ORDERED Comey to cease the investigation, which by even Comey's admission, that did not occur even if the "Memo" exists at all.

Second, the Dims can crow all they like about a special prosecutor and cry foul if it turns up nothing but neither case means a damn thing without EVIDENCE.

The chihuahuas are going to bark regardless of whether there's something to bark about anyway, so this doesn't alter Trumps position one way or the other.

To the sane people it looks exactly like what Trump said: Have at it, no worries here.

So we see who's lying. No big deal.