Trump Explodes: "This Is The Single Greatest Witch Hunt In American History"

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Last night, after the White House dropped a highly-scripted statement 'welcoming' the appointment of former FBI director Mueller as Special Counsel on the "Russia Probe", we questioned whether Trump would offer any other, less-scripted thoughts via Twitter.  We now have our answer:

"With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special counsel appointed!"


"This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!"


Guess we now also know for sure that Trump was unaware of Rosenstein's efforts to appoint a Special Counsel until after the order to do so had already been signed, as the DOJ intimated last night.

Of course, he does seem to have a point that after all the revelations of intentional evidence destruction (remember BleachBit), despite the known existence of a Congressional subpoena, intentional violations of the Federal Records Retention Act, secret Bill Clinton meetings with the Attorney General on Phoenix tarmacs and the passing out of immunity deals "like they were candy" by former FBI Director Comey, it does seem curious that no special counsel was ever appointed to look into Hillary's case.  Will Trump now insist that one be appointed? 

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Speaking of Witch Hunts…

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Congress to Rename Street in Front of Russian Embassy After Murdered Anti-Putin Dissident

Congress is moving forward with an effort to rename the Washington, D.C., street in front of the Russian embassy after an anti-regime dissident who was mysteriously murdered due to what many believe was his outspoken criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Senate's legislation, led by Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), would rename the street in front of the Russian embassy Boris Nemtsov Plaza. The embassy's address would then become 1 Boris Nemtsov Plaza. All correspondence and other official communication would bear this address.

Just wondering… How long would it take the Russians to rename the city block in front of the US embassy in Moscow Seth Rich Boulevard?  ;-)


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Trump is right.  Hopefully he goes nuclear and starts dropping truth bombs on the population before he gets removed. 

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"You can't review 650,000 emails in 8 days."

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Says the guy that spearheaded the birther movement for two years lol ... 


Poor widdle manbaby with a GOP controlled congress can't get anything done ... 


Being investigated for treason ... sing like a canary Comey - thank Dawn for letting you free 

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Burn it down, Donald-  you have the tools to do so now.....

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President Trump,

If you need "special help" draining the swamp, ask for it and we will come, ready to "help" you drain the swamp.  In an immediate and direct manner.

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He Insulted the Mass MSM...

They is getting payback.

Now we see who really runs the country, by the Backdoor...

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Trump is not a politician and that is why there is a witch hunt. 

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I was really impressed with the commencement address that Trump gave to this year’s graduating class at the Coast Guard Academy.  I mean, he could have given some uplifting talk that would have meshed with the cheerful tenor of the occasion.

Instead, he had the fortitude to reach down deep and make the event about himself and the problems he faces in his day-to-day life.  Everybody, even young coast guard students, loves to hear people complain about their problems, especially at a foundational event like a graduation ceremony.  I mean, only a complete narcissist would want the event to focus on them.

I remember at my wedding, my father got up and gave a lengthy address about how tough his job is and how he has been passed-over by opportunities that went to others.  My wife and I still talk about it, and we always get a little teary.  


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If they try to remove Trump from office a hot civil war will start. We know they are making up BS, not one shred of evidence and some new BS story starts once one fizzles out. It's an Obvious coup attempt.

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"Memo" to Mueller:  THE WITCH IS HILLARY.

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why don't any of these a$$holes ever take responsibility for what happens to them?  It's ALWAYS someone else's fault...can you imagine how far you'd get with that?  Probably pretty far...

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 ... a closer look on how the tail (((Rosenstein))) is trying to wag the dog (POTUS) ... by executing the (((Revenge))) ...

... on Lester, the molester, Holt's NBC (((MSM-owned))) program, Rosenstein was not too happy that perhaps Trump neglected to say he was going to base Comey's firing on Rosenstein's and Session's recommendations, instead, Trump claimed he had always planned to fire Comey ...


    ...  the (((Rosenstein Revenge))) ...

... "...Guess we now also know for sure that Trump was unaware of Rosenstein's efforts to appoint a Special Counsel(*) until after the order to do so had already been signed, as the DOJ intimated last night. ..."

... (*) a 9-11 cover-up chief enabler >>> >>> Robert Swan "Bob" Mueller III


        ... the ball is back to Casa Blanca's court ...

   ... Trump responds and executes the "let's-play-along" move ...

... "... after the White House dropped a highly-scripted statement 'welcoming' the appointment of former FBI director Mueller as Special Counsel on the "Russia Probe", ..." ...


... the moral of the story for President Trump:  ... never let the (((MSM))) control the narrative as they will twist it to your disadvantage with the help of (((insiders))) if they hate you with a libtard's passion ...


... remember this lesson straight from the Bibi's mouth >>>  "America is Something that You Can Easily Maneuver : Bibi Netanyahu"  >>>


... so, Mr. Trump, how about appointing a special prosecutor to go after the Klinton Krime Kartel, Comey Chameleon and the rest of the Deep Septic Tank parasites ... and watch their heads explode ...  ;)


... more Kabuki, coming up ...


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... and btw, Mr. Trump, here's a litany of "evidence" for your special prosecutor (SP) to go after the Klinton Krime Kartel and their septic tank parasites ...


... I'm sure this list alone would keep your SP very busy until the end of your second term ...



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WOA! Papa bush mentored Billy Bob but Hillary Rotten became his best student. Time for the flyover's to million man march in DC chanting..."We came to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and we're all out of chewing gum!"

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Memo to D. Trump:  Every time you're asked about Russians, bring up the fact that the DNC emails were leaked by Seth Rich -- not hacked by Russians --  who was promptly murdered.   And then ask why NOBODY IS INVESTIGATING THAT MURDER, which has "Arkancide" written all over it.  Kick the "Russians" nonsense through the Clintons' teeth.

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In a country that locks up addicts, I'm suprised more of these "power junkies" are not in jail?

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Laws  are for little people.

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Beginning to think the agenda is civil breakdown

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Beginning to think the agenda is civil breakdown

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What has Trump done to help you so far?

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Kept First Lady serial rapist pedo Clinton and his shield out of the whitehouse.
Lit a candle under the deep state's fat ass.
Made Obama flee.
Made all the supporters of government criminals shit kittens.
Upset every leech in the world.
Reduced illegal immigration by 67% and related crime so much that the leftards have to twist the numbers because they can't hide it, and it mostly impacts minority communities.

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let's review a bit.  robert mueller, the head of the fbi on 9-11 and for over a decade after, has been appointed head of a special prosecutorial investigation to check into the theft of dnc emails and their gift to julian assange of wikileaks.  seth rich, a dnc data analyst, was found murdered twelve days prior to their publication.  assange broadly implied, by noting wikileaks was concerned about rich's death and offering a reward, that rich was the source of the emails.  assange may be lying but consider that if he is, his real source could always be revealed by subsequent events.  assange's only hold on his world perch and exile in the ecuadorian embassy is the good name, such as it is, of wiki leaks.  if he is seen to have lied to falsely tie rich's murder to the dnc emails he is toast.  i for one don't think he would dare do it.

so likely seth rich was the source of the email leak; certainly it is a suspicion that would strike any avid reader of nancy drew or the hardy boys.  however, in the entire near year that the fbi, the elite investigatory arm of the land of the free and the home of the brave, has been doggedly examining this crime, at no point did they look at seth rich's computer or really investigate his murder for a possible connection to the email theft.  is this believable?  does it pass the sniff test?  does it pass the laugh test?  or, on the other hand, are you reminded of the warren commission report and those two on 9-11?

while there is no direct connection between this case and that of jfk or 9-11, as yet, putting robert mueller at the head of the investigation will evoke any number of parallels between them on a subliminal or metaphorical or artistic level.  donald trump may not be that bright, but i'm beginning to think he may be, but certainly the appointment of rod rosenstein is starting to look like a work of genius.

p.s. exactly why didn't the dnc let the fbi examine the servers that were allegedly "hacked"?  they say the fbi never asked; the fbi says they asked and were "rebuffed".  imagine the fbi asking to look into your backyard shed with a search warrant and you "rebuff" them.  would you prefer burial or cremation?  let's get the boys and girls from crowdstrike under the hot lights after their attorneys have explained to them what a perjury conviction actually means


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The stakes for the Un-elected Deep State are MASSIVE!

It means the end of their 60 year reign which has greatly increased in power and influence over that time frame.

Assassinations, division of the Military,  National Guards & Law Enforcement by "sides", and widespread regional insurrection are all "on the table"


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Sheep are waking up faster than I thought:  "Deep State" is a household word now on Hannity.  Accordingly, the shelf-life of the Deep State grows shorter and shorter. 

Toothpaste is out of the tube now.  End times for the Deep State.

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That's why you are so fucked up.

If you had real balls you would have told your Dad to stay home since you despise him.

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I did tell him to stay away from the wedding, but came away.  I understand you've had similar issues with your father (i.e. you told him not to cum, but he came anyway...)

You do realize that the whole wedding thing was just a story I created in order to support the point I was making?  It was simply a rhetorical device, which means it didn't really happen.  

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - holy fuck people here are dumb!

JRobby's picture

It's great that you can entertain yourself in these troubling times. Don't involve the rest of us.

I don't recollect speaking about my Father at all?

People with delusions of adequacy like yourself, with the "superior intelligence over all" line of shit, really sicken me.

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Poor Trump complaining again how unfair live is! This guy can't unite the country around him... thats why he is failing!

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Good point and great sarc. And, btw, Im sorry you had to deal with that, and missed out on having a selfless dad. Im thinking that you will be a great dad for your own.

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Thanks MS - and I was just making that up about my father.  My dad is awesome.  

You're the second person who has mistaken that for a real story.  I assumed everyone would know it is a rhetorical device.  I think the issue may be that a father doing such a thing is conceivable in the States, and inconceivable in Canada, where I am.  

It reminds me of something I heard on a TV show.  One character described another character as "having that Canadian thing going on".  When asked to explain what they meant they said, "You know, happy for no reason".  

I think Canadians have a lot more peace than Americans.  Must be the free healthcare.  

Read "Empire of Illusion" by Chris Hedges.  Great book, and very Zero hedge (although from a true liberal perspective).  Here's a quote  - "The tyranny empire imposes on others it finally imposes on itself".

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You are an idiotic troll, and your 'rhetorical device' boils down to just another lie. No wonder nothing good ever seems to come from Canada -even your timber is knotted, twisted garbage. 


barndoor's picture

Maple syrup?

Hockey players?

What comes out of the US, besides death and destruction on a global/international scale?

At least our exports don't explode and kill people, you war-mongering fucktard....

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The Clinton's and Obama got away with it becasue they are career criminals and know how to cover their tracks.  Trump doesn't think the way they do becasue he's not a creer criminal.

barndoor's picture

I don't disagree with this at all, except to say that he is less of a career criminal, for the time being....

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you bring out seth rich, they bring out mueller

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the entire Trump/Russia conspiracy is a distraction for the masses in order to hide the Clinton and her gang's crimes which include murder (podesta emails indicate at least 2 murders - Seth Rich and judge Antonin Scalia) - and let us not forget the clear evidence provided by Project Veritas of the democrats and DNC rigging elections going back 30-40 years (video admissions on video tape)


Why no investigations into these matters and crimes?? ZERO interest, really????

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Elsewhere posters were commenting on how several sites have been inundated with shills and that it seems like election week 2.0, especially in the Seth Rich threads.


"Astroturfing is the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization (e.g., political, advertising, religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by a grassroots participant(s)"

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so you were raised by an idiot ? nothing new

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perhaps now he will realize that the deep state is not his friend?

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Remember his Day One visit to the CIA? Remember that he said (as if remarking on the architecture) that he wanted to get rid of the columns?

He has known for a long time.

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Louie Gohmert does not agree with having a special counsel and he does not like Mueller.

Thank God I have Louie for my rep now instead of the one for my old congressional district Al Green. Big difference. Big relief.

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man, I hope he remembers it...

If so - it is time to bring the pizzagate circle down - all of them (pretty much half or more of dc)

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Worse than insulting the MSM, he fired one of the IC community.  I'm sure the other "16" heads of all our intelligence agencies were sitting up straight in their chairs that morning and thinking "wholy shit, we gotta get in front of this!" 

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It is to be hoped that Special Counsel Mueller will be able to ID the perps who unmasked, shared and leaked personal information about thousands of American citizens gathered through classified surveillance.

Spying on citizens for political purposes is about as sinister as it gets.

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Trump knows that there were once actual witch hunts in the US, right?