US Coalition Jets Strike Assad Convoy In Southern Syria

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With most expecting Trump to strike North Korea as part of his next foreign military adventure-cum-distraction from the chaos in D.C., the president once again surprised everyone by pulling a lighting bolt, striking twice in one month in the same place.

According to Reuters coalition jets have struck an Assad convoy in Southern Syria; near Tanf where US and British special operations forces have been training Syrian rebel fighters near the border with Iraq and Jordan. A US-led coalition spokesperson has confirmed that coalition strikes in southern Syria struck Syrian government militia "after it moved against US-backed forces in Syria." 

According to a BuzzFeed News reporter, Syrian rebels based with the US Special Forces in the area said that militia supporting the Syrian army has been nearby as well.

According to a BuzzFeed News reporter, Syrian rebels based with the US Special Forces in the area said that militia supporting the Syrian army has been nearby as well. Media reports suggested that Syrian rebels have voiced concerns over the Syrian army getting "too close" to the US Special Forces' base at Tanf.

As previously reported Tanf is the area in Syria where US Special Forces train Syrian opposition groups for "counter ISIS" missions.

On Monday, the Al-Masdr News reported that Syrian Arab Army soldiers along and militias affiliated with the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units are preparing to recapture the nearby Tanf Border crossing from Daesh. Subsequent media reports suggested that Syrian rebels had voiced concerns over the Syrian army getting "too close" to the US Special Forces' base at Tanf.

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The only people in Syria we should be backing is Assad's. The McCain Moderates are ISIS

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finally figured it took viewing ron paul's video yesterday on the 10th anniversary of his "guiliani moment"...that terrorism should more appropriately ALWAYS be called BLOWBACK


after all, terrorism is a reaction, almost always to a REAL terrorist action..

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It's good for the economy.  Ours, not theirs. 


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It's not good for any economy, ever.  I can't believe people actually buy this.

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Sarcasm... It may be the lowest form of wit, but it's certainly the most enjoyable. 

Ya smelly old witch. 


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Most Americans are purposely lied to but the truth of the world is that the USA is historically the biggest terrorist.  More specifically the Banks, Companies, Politicians and Military.  They’re the Military Industrial Complex.  We have some people waking up to the fact but more need to be “woked”.

You see, these member of the MIC only know one thing and thats force.  As much as they're forceful overseas... they'll be forceful on the US shores too.  It will be under the guise of safety.  Safe from, Muslims, Blacks, Communists etc..  If you don't like it then your mind was overridden by the MIC.  There's a domestic MIC and its the Prison System.



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Fuckin ISIS air force to the rescue again. Joo World Order at the helm

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A US-led coalition spokesperson has confirmed that coalition strikes in southern Syria struck Syrian government militia "after it moved against US-backed forces in Syria."

Oh, I'm sorry, did we accidentally intrude on you training rebel forces on our own soil that will eventually be used to attack us?

The stupidity of all this is mind-boggling. But hey, SUPPORT THE FUCKING TROOPS.

I am Chumbawamba.

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jews delighted, why are we there trump?

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They're doing EXACTLY what they have 'falsely' accused Russia of doing in Ukraine.  Even then, there's still two MAJOR difference between the two situations.

In Ukraine: Russia supports rebels being attacked by a neo-Nazi regime that illegally seized power via a US-sponsored coup.

In Syria: US supports foreign terrorists and mercenaries posing as "rebels" invading Syria in order to overthrow a legitimate government.

In Ukraine: Russia gives diplomatic support.

In Syria: US gives military support.

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I've butted this in at the start as it is a point missed in the thread below.

In a way this action doesn't have much to do with local events. Note that the border crossing the Syrian Army is aiming for is not Syria/Jordan it is Syria/Iraq and seemingly helping the Syrians get there are Iraqi PMU troops.

This is the Shiite Crescent made real. This is the linkup point for a land connection from Iran to Lebanon.

This cannot be allowed!!!

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It is odd for the US to claim such a strike without fiirst denying it took place etc, etc. The Al Masdar source states the report hasn't been confirmed by the Syrian military.

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can't give enough up votes for this simple logic that seems to be missed by so many.


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Dear Tylers... Not Everyone Was Surprised By This...

.....As I, and many other suspicious ZHedgers wrote only a few weeks ago...

The USA - North Korean bullshit MSM war porn dust up was a phony distraction... All the Action is in Syria.

The USA & Israel continues its War Crimes in Syria.

Zero Hedgers... It is NOT over in Syria until it is over and Syria can rebuild... The USA War Machine does not give up that easily on their deceptive and active War Crime actions.

North Korea BS was nothing more than HOT AIR WAR PORN... as stated in the past... Israel/USA/Saudi want Syria completely under their control and everything else is a distraction. The action in Ukraine since 2012 was fomented by the USA/Israel to punish Russia for saying NO to the possible large America attack in 2013 after the false flag gas event at that time. In 2013 Russia said NO to any large scale American invasion into Syria beyond tomahawk missles…. And the result was the pressure on Russia via the Ukraine thanks to the Israeli Kagan Doctrine brought to you by Israeli Victoria Nuland…

My God… That I have to live in a country, USA, that commits War Crimes not only for itself but also for Israel and The Saudi’s… 

Fake the BIG war with Korea and then American's go... ""Wow... We only bombed Syria... gosh i am so relieved.""

American Goy Sheep played like a fiddle.

The moral pain is disgusting… As I am forced to pay USA IRS taxes for this totally complete lying bullshit actions and USA and Israeli War Crimes.

As an American… As an embarrassed and disgusted American…   

I dissent… I dissent… I dissent..





BullyBearish's picture

i'm with you sir...deep state is in full control and shrump is part of it...

Mr. Universe's picture

Send your congress critter a letter. Then hold your breath, it will all be over soon enough. What I find interesting is that the Deep State is like the Mafia in that different crime "families" war against each other for supreme control. Then they attack each other to cover up their own crimes whilst knowing that neither side is going to send anyone to prison unless they need a fall guy. Real dissenters end up on a permanent vacation with Eric Braverman, Seth Rich, Ron Brown, Antonin Scalia and Vince Foster. 

johngaltfla's picture

There is no war with North Korea forthcoming. We only have 2 aircraft carriers in the area right now and none of our key reservists have been called up.

It's all bluff and bluster.

Sick Underbelly's picture

File your 4852s and amended tax return documents, squibble with the IRS a bit, and get your taxes back.  Withdraw your "sanction" they automatically assume is theirs.  Demand it back.  Get it back.  Fuck them.

All of my States from 2013 to 2016 have been returned.  IRS, as sometimes happens, is dicking around.  

Stop fucking whining and take the IRS by the balls, and squeeze out your "load".

Sir Edge's picture

Yo... If you 'WIN" the Fed Taxes (IRS) back you should write an article on ZHedge under the contributors section... that i would read more than once... the state i hardly pay a dime...


Thanks... Edge

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First, I doubt Assad's forces attacked US forces; second, if they did, they are completely within their rights to attack an invading army.

tmosley's picture

The US is backing ISIS in Syria while claiming to be at war with ISIS. Of course they attacked "US-backed rebels".

Something is going on behind the scenes that we can only guess at.

Lore's picture

Naw, it's been addressed at length. Example:

The Oil-Gas War Over Syria in 4 Maps (Oct 2016)

Whenever the Neo-nuts and Zio-paths start to beak off about some "rogue state" or "evil doer," check the list: 

  • Natural resource wealth,
  • Strategic energy / pipeline geography, 
  • Threat to the petro-dollar-debt trafficking franchise,
  • Narcotics trafficking

Case in point: Largest known rare earth deposit discovered in North Korea (+ the Norks are growing big competitive poppy crops)

American foreign policy is totally corrupt. 

The Ram's picture

Very suspicious.  Sounds like Gulf of Tonkin II type event.  So, where are the Russian A-400s? Pretty clear that the US military and neocons are probing for the moment to start the out and out assualt on Syria and Assad.  Let's see how the Russians react.  I think that's what the probe is all about .  Test Russian reactions.  See the limits of their tolerance.  

HowdyDoody's picture

Where were the Russian S-400s?

Defending Russian assets at Hymeim airbase in north Syria. This attack was in south Syria. I suggest you do some research on the range of the S-400s and the distance from Hymeim to al Suweyda.

aPocketofResistance's picture

They were getting too close to our ISIL allies.

TheReplacement's picture

They apparently got within 20 miles of our gentle towelheadchopperoffers. Bombs away!

earleflorida's picture

'Trump set to give a inspiring speech on the virtues of Islam to Saudis'        (pg 2)            (Ref: News & Columns on site)

Instead of tearing down walls, trump wants to compartmentalize the Arabian Peninsula with Egypt, and Jordan incl.,. thus building an invincible Maginot`'Arab [Line-N-The-Sand Demarcation 1917 style?]`Mex Wall', to keep the bad guys out?!? (ie.Iran, Iraq, Syria, and a ferral Turkey that happens to be building its own 'Cemented Iron Curtain' on the Turkish northern border to keep the Iranian and Iraqis`PKK kurds from playing footsies!?!).

and Bibi still wants the USSA Embassy in 'Jer`USA`lem'?

hmmm... why the urgency?

Ghost of Porky's picture

John McCain is garbage.


But his daughter is a voluptuous blonde goddess.


But John McCain is still garbage.

fleur de lis's picture

She's as stupid as him on Syria.


sodazed's picture

It's a fuckin' tranny! Just look at the shoulder to hip ratio and hands like a road digger...

mc225's picture

could be, man... definitely something weird going on...

HowdyDoody's picture

"his daughter is a voluptuous blonde goddess."

Put down the beer goggles, dude.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Every Empire that has ever existed has expanded through terrorism. The NWO will be or is the same. 


The funny thing is that Russia (and China) are both waging war with the USA but not in the way the MIC operates.  

All of our adversaries know that they could never compete with us in a shooting war. So instead they are trying to minimize our power economically. They WANT the USA to increase its military spending and get deeper in debt.

The national debt of Russia and (depending how you measure it) it is about a 10th of ours. So they are more than happy to see us increase our carrier fleet to 19 while they have only 2.



ebear's picture

So, basically a reversal of roles from the Cold War days.  Sounds about right.

China and Russia have had many high level meetings and exchanges related to economic and military cooperation.  I believe much more has been discussed behind closed doors than what is publicly known.  Nonetheless, the public face of China's relation to Russia is out there for anyone who cares to look.  Just search "China invests in Crimea" for one example.

Apart from the powerful combination of Russian energy, raw resources and technology and China's manufacturing capacity and vast labor force, along with the combined geographic position of the two nations, both China and Russia have something that the US significantly lacks at this point in history: a strong cultural identity.

What exactly IS America's cultural identity at this moment?  How does one reconcile all the fractious social and politcal divisions in the US body politic with a sense of national purpose?  America today is a nation divided, turning upon its own people in the name of maintaining its position of global dominance in the face of mounting resistance which is fast becoming an irresistable force.  Globally overextended, and with irreconcilable internal divisions, time is not on America's side.


HowdyDoody's picture

The Bolsheviks have moved from the USSR to the USSA. Just one of those amazing coinkydinks.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Dame Ednas - don't take my downvote on "most enjoyable" too badly.....I take humor very seriously :)

Winston Churchill's picture

When,like the US economy now, all you have left is the MIC economy, it is good for said economy.

Sadly, thats where we're at.

Teja's picture

"the president once again surprised everyone by pulling a lighting bolt, striking twice in one month in the same place."

Strange use of the word "surprised" in the article. Whoever was surprised by President Trump ordering a new attack in Syria should have their brain checked. He remembers his ratings going up at the first strike. Now he's got major issues, and ratings going down. So what follows?

And if you have been paying attention, you would know that US and UK forces are active in that area.
Good up to date summary at

The NK war will begin days after the Impeachment process is started, I would bet.

OverTheHedge's picture

I may be wrong, but it seems to me that Trump wasn't part of the decision process on this one, if it happened. They may have a previously agreed upon "actions on" arrangement which he signed off, but this looks a bit more like local gung-hoism. You could then suggest it was part of a conspiracy to inflame the situation to get a wider conflict going, but we would all be making it up at that point.

I have a nasty feeling that nothing is going to be resolved soon, with anything, and we are going to stagger on with chaos ruling for months and years to come. I do hope I am wrong.


I guess I must have missed it but who invited us into Syria and what national interest are we protecting?

tmosley's picture

>According to a BuzzFeed News reporter

So this is propaganda then (doesn't mean it isn't true). Question is, whose propaganda?

The situation in Syria is pretty close to the very definition of "the fog of war". No independent journalists there. Can't tell if video coming out of there is from real civilians or ISIS/al-Qaeda propaganda. It's a big fat mess.

Suspect that the US will have to remain the bad guys here in Syria until this Trump/Russia thing is contained. All we can do is try not to do too much evil in the meantime.

nufio's picture

have you watched this?

the situation in syria is very similar to US aggression in other countries. "the fog of war" is because you bought into msm propaganda.




FIAT CON's picture

It's good for more Rapefugees coming to Europe the US and Canada.

 Why not just send airplanes over there to fly them strsight into the west so we can fight them right in our own streets.

Then the US and coalition forces wont have to spend so much on fuel and logistics to get the weapons all the way to the Middle east. they can use them right here.

 Then for desert the rapefugees will overpopulate the whites and then tell us to leave just like they are doing to the whites in So Africa.



BullyDog's picture

Protecting ISIS no doubt.  At what point is it time to start shooting down rogue planes?

I hope very soon that ASSAD can protect his own airspace.