US Deploys Second Aircraft Carrier Toward Korean Peninsula

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One month ago, when we first discussed that in addition to the CVN-70 Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group, the US was deploying two more carriers toward the Korean peninsula, some took the Yonhap-sourced report skeptically: after all, what's the incremental symbolic impact of having two aircraft carriers next to North Korea when just one would more than suffice. One month later, and the report has been proven half right: according to CNN, in addition to the first US carrier already on location, the US Navy is moving the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier to the Korean Peninsula where it will conduct dual-carrier training exercises with the USS Carl Vinson.

After completing its maintenance period in Yokosuka, Japan, the USS Ronald Reagan, just as we first reported a month ago, departed for the Korean Peninsula on Tuesday, according to the Navy.

"Coming out of a long in-port maintenance period we have to ensure that Ronald Reagan and the remainder of the strike group are integrated properly as we move forward," Rear Adm. Charles Williams said in a press release.  Once it arrives in the region, the carrier will conduct a variety of training exercises but primarily focus on certifying its ability to safely launch and recover aircraft, the service said. In other words, traing for combat missions involved the North Korean capital.

The formal deployment comes several days after North Korea demonstrated a surprising leap forward in its missile program after launching a projectile that achieved "successful" controlled reentry into the earth's lower atmosphere rather than falling back to the surface, according to a preliminary US intelligence analysis.

The 1,092-foot CVN-76 Ronald Reagan carries a crew of 4,539 and is equipped with roughly 60 aircraft, according to the Navy. It was commissioned in 2003 and cost about $8.5 billion.

The USS Carl Vinson arrived at the Korean Peninsula late last month "as a show of force in advance of a long-anticipated sixth nuclear test from the North Korean government. While Pyongyang has yet to carry out that nuclear test, it did launch a KN-17 missile that achieved an altitude of more than 1,000 miles on Sunday" by far the longest reach yet in nation's missile test program.

According to CNN, defense officials would not comment on how long the US plans to operate two carriers near North Korea, but ultimately the Reagan is expected to replace the Vinson in the region once its deployment ends. Unless it isn't, in which case the US may further the CVN-68 Nimitz, which was the third carrier reported to be eventually making its way toward Korea.

And while we wait, here is the latest weekly US Naval map courtesy of Stratfor.

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Implied Violins's picture

I guess if you are planning on an 'aircraft carrier down!' false flag, you may as well use one that was Fukushima'd.

Idaho potato head's picture

Exactly what I was thinking, they get rid of a irradiated liability, plus kick off the needed war, win win....

Déjà view's picture

Marianas 'Turkey Shoot'...wonder if Chicom/DPRK realize History Rhymes...

espirit's picture


Is this another one of those games in which you guess what hand contains the squirrel?


JamesBond's picture

Love that pic of the Osprey landing on deck.

Mycroft Holmes IV's picture

Got to see one land along the highway at Camp Pendleton on way down to Legoland - those things are pretty cool.

We also saw one of those amphibious aircraft carriers performing landing drills off the coast (drive down to the zoo) - those things are huge (and they are the small ones!).

10mm's picture

Did you see it being shot at. Now were cooking with gas.

meta-trader's picture

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OpTwoMistic's picture

Trump, you are CIC.  Order the troops home.  The traitors will be exposed.

10mm's picture

And Bingo was it's name Oh.

Anteater's picture

The Pentagon has to burn more oil than the entire USA commute, every day, or else gas prices would drop to $1.25 at the pump, and the Mil.Gov.Fed New Royals would be deprived of their fat gas tax lifetime salaries and pensions. It's a 'scheme'.

Terminus C's picture

Carriers seem to be a moot point.  I would suspect that most NK targets would be strikeable from airbases in Japan and Korea.

*swing dick*

Mine is bigger!

Anteater's picture

There is zero opsec at Kadina and the other JP KR base. They employ 100,000s of foreign nationals on Uncle Donald's payroll,t they even fuel and load arms into the fighters and bombers, and are allowed to carry cell phones right on the airfield. Then KJU would know even before the pilots get their target briefing, which begs the question, what the hell are JP and KR air bases for, if there's zero opsec? They're there to bleed Mom and Pop's SS and MC, for MIC and the Blue Team.  

One BILLION a day, winging away, and $8,000 BILLION apparently MIA. Panetta promised the audit that Rumsfeld never performed. Another Donald. The best he could get was an internal audit that found 'no anomolies'. Of course, when your crime model is looting every taxpayers' SS and MC, there are no 'anomolies', ... it's all green-over-green, and go for powerup.

Yen Cross's picture

  Even if Trump gets his $50 something billion in defence spending, the increased deployments will chew through it in less than one year.

 How will the ' ways and means committee' deal with that? Trump spends money like a drunken sailor.

 Don't get me wrong... TOTUS spent our futures in epic fashion.

ebworthen's picture

Ronald Reagan's Revenge!

Kind of like Montezuma's Revenge, but different.

If they took out Kim Jong Un they could end the religion.

China just loves that little guy, proxy puppet pinata extraordinaire.

wisehiney's picture

This is for you kim jong un..........

FSU Tomahawk Chop

07564111's picture

that's a lot of pindotards in 1 spot ;)

how do they get that stupid, breeding or training ¯\_(?)_/¯

cherry picker's picture

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick of reading about all of this.

I can't understand the why of it, unless the "Intelligence" agencies finally figured out that there are too many people on this planet to allow to live a "middle class" lifestyle as McMansions and Beemers require plenty of resources to maintain and build and the only way out is by taking out vast swaths of humanity that the people who operate the war toys do not like.

The USA has been looking for a fight for awhile now and it may get it.  When it does, North America will get a taste of what it has been dishing out for awhile.  Tears after the fact doesn't do any good, does it?

If I had a super magnet I would aim it at the US Navy and pull them all back into ports in the USA and let them rust in peace.

Kendle C's picture

Take a huge boat, put a nuclear reactor in it, fill it with bombs, missles, bullets, aircraft, fill those with fuel, and more missles, bombs, rockets, and large caliber machine guns, load tons of spare fuel, wire the whole thing with high voltage electric wiring. Toss some nuclear bombs along with more spare missles, bombs, rockets. Don't mention some off the books stuff that you're not supposed to have because of weapons treaties, and other such quaint vestiges, say, aerisolized ebola.

Now send it to the Sea of Japan or the East China Sea. Ignore the possiblilty that nations, besides North Korea, would like to get a shot in on the USA for their attempt at Empire, "The Big Dog", a shot they can take during the "fog of war" a punch in the nose, if you will, say a low altitude hypersonic cruise missle. Or, low tech, fill a submarine with old fashion dynamite and some true believers kamikazi style. How about a society who has been actively planning a depopulation event for a century, an inside job, if you will?

Nothing bad can come of this. Let's get out there and show how big our balls are.

globalintelhub's picture

Open the floodgates for starved US investors ..

WTFUD's picture

How many wake the fuck up calls do the US sheeples need?

Boomberg's picture

Special prosecutor was the worst news possible for North Korea.

CosmicSauce's picture

Order or events:

Move all obsolete naval vessels to Sea of O

False flag attack

Destroy obsolete military vessels along with our sons and daughters


Bigger military budget

People to work

Shared vision of survival

1% wins, 99% loses

History repeats itself.

Dumb humans

headdishwasher's picture

I don't know who is writing these articfes but if you take it literally....

" Pyongyang has yet to carry out that nuclear test, it did launch a KN-17 missile that achieved an altitude of more than 1,000 miles on Sunday"

noun noun: altitude; plural noun: altitudes; noun: alt. the height of an object or point in relation to sea level or ground level.

Well then,  since the Space Shuttle is only 1/3 of that above earth... " The exact speed depends on the Space Shuttle's orbital altitude, which normally ranges from 190 miles to 330 miles (304 kilometers to 528 kilometers) above sea level, depending on its mission."

We are in awe of the Korean space agency's stupendus achievement. We should turn over all the future NASA space launches to their obviousl superior technology....

LN's picture

" did launch a KN-17 missile that achieved an altitude of more than 1,000 miles on Sunday""

I'm not sure why the downer.  Words do mean things, or used to. 1,000 miles is way up there.


headdishwasher's picture

It just made me laugh. Different levels of appreciation of Sarc on this website.....I get more laughs here than anywhere else....

dlweld's picture

Altitude is easy - it's the lateral (sideways) velocity that's harder, and that is necessary to achieve orbit.

schrodingers-cat's picture

How long will it take this carrier to complete the leg to Australia?

medium giraffe's picture

Are we sure this one is pointing in the right direction this time?

silverer's picture

More targets for Kim.

Rebel yell's picture

From Russia with love:
RT reports:
The Russian Emergencies Ministry has sent two Il-76 planes with food supplies to Yemen, following a request by the country’s government. Over 46 tons of humanitarian aid, mostly food, has been delivered.
Conflict, Russia, Politics, Human rights, War witness, War, Security, Transport, Violence, Yemen
The planes have landed in the capital, Sanaa, and were met by representatives of the local caretaker authorities.

“The delivered cargo is something the population urgently needs due to the armed conflict in our country – food supplies,” Mohammed Harmal, from the Executive Unit for Internally Displaced People, has said.

Live and let die:
Global Research reports:
Approximately 7.6 million people in this most impoverished country in the region are residing in areas designated as high risk for cholera infection. The targeting of civilian areas, electricity sources, healthcare facilities, water supplies and food storage centers indicates that the U.S.-backed military intervention is aimed at forcing the people of Yemen into submission to Riyadh, Washington and London who supply intelligence coordinates, refueling technology and military hardware for the carrying out of the war.

rejected's picture

Yep,,, another notch in Americas belt for killing thousands/millions.We just can't get enough.

Selling weapons to Saudi should be the impeachment talk,,, not the Russian crap.

Rebel yell's picture

I know! It's unbearable! I can't imagine what those people must be going through!!! And donating weapons and money to Israel is just as offensive and evil and impeachable!!!!

quax's picture

Actually, if you can walk and chew gum at the time, it's not too hard to find both things rather offensive

sinbad2's picture

Bombing water supplies and sewerage plants is standard US practice.

Wannabe_Oracle's picture

Why wouldn't it be.... Identify the enemy, strategically plan to undermine it, if not first diplomatically, then all other measures are acceptable. What in the beeguz is wrong with people... ./

sinbad2's picture

Well maybe because deliberately targeting civilians is considered a war crime.

Also biological warfare, which is what it is, is also a war crime.

But as you seem to know and condone, the US has a long history of war crimes.

Will you be so blaze, when it's American kids dying of cholera?

ZeroLounger's picture

Suuuuure, 'training exercises', because 'positioning assets for a military first-strike' might tip off the opposition, no?

mc888's picture

It would be funny if our missile defenses didn't work over sanctuary cities.

sinbad2's picture

What missile defenses?

Vageling's picture

Wut? CNN actually came up with an named source? Ohw shiiieeet! That's rare. Same modus operandi. Training. LoL! An entire world out there but it has to be on the DPRK their doorstep. Meanwile Trump is off to meet shady figures. Like guys in dresses wearing a fucking dish towel on their heads. Not to mention these pickpockets over in "stolen" land. 

Xi wanted no moar cake? 

Laughing.Man's picture

They want a war and it could be that the South Korean government is moving away from US policy and towards their own (i.e. Sunshine policy).  I see it as killing two birds with one stone.  Korea is completely taken out and Japan will move in to fill the void.  I wouldn't be surprised if Japan was the driving force behind this.

whatamaroon's picture

Used to have those V-22's flying around my house, They are bad ass motherfuckers.

robertocarlos's picture

I don't understand the NK missile reaching a height of 1000 miles. That's into outer-space. If they can control it in outer-space then it would be easy to hit the USA with it.

At 1000 miles it is still rotating with the Earth but a small thrust of power could position it over DC. They are going to take out NK.