Trump: "No, No" I Did Not Ask James Comey To Back Down

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Not surprisingly, the American press basically ignored the Colombian President at today's joint press conference and jumped right into the Russia investigation.  To start, Trump said he respected Rosenstein's decision to appoint a Special Counsel but also repeated that he views it as a "witch hunt" and "divisive" for the nation.


When asked directly whether he in any way asked Comey to end his Micheal Flynn investigation, Trump responded with an emphatic "No, No, next question."

Reporter:  "Did you, at any time, urge former FBI Director James Comey, in any way, shape or form, to close or to back down the investigation into Michael Flynn?"


Trump:  "No.  No.  Next question."


And, while it would seem somewhat unlikely, Trump said that, at the time he made the decision to fire Comey, he thought it would be well received as a "bipartisan decision."


* * *

Following meetings with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Trump will face the press for the first time since Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Mueller as Special Counsel tasked with looking into allegations of collusion between Russian officials and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. 

Trump and Santos were expected to discuss, among other things, how to combat record-high cocaine production in Colombia and the renewal of $450 million of annual foreign aide from U.S. taxpayers.  Per CBS:

With looming budget cuts to foreign aide in the Trump administration's 2018 budget proposal, Mr. Santos is expected to seek a renewal of $450 million dollars in foreign aide from the U.S. Government in support of Peace Colombia, the peace accord between the Colombian Government and Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC).


Colombian Ambassador Juan Carlos Pinzon spoke of the importance of support for the peace efforts from the U.S. to reporters in a briefing on Tuesday but downplayed the importance of a public declaration of support.


Complicating U.S. support for terms of the agreement has been the worrying boom of cocaine cultivation and production in Colombia since the implementation of Peace Colombia. Colombian cocaine cultivation has increase by 18 percent from 2015 to 2016 – a record high, according to the Office of National Drug Control and Policy. 

All that said, we seriously doubt the American press will have many pressing questions about foreign relations with Colombia and/or cocaine production at today's joint press conference.  Tune in below for the fireworks:

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weburke's picture

He is hated because he blew the next 911 by not allowing laptops and warning Putin about laptops

caconhma's picture

With a selection of Liberman as a FBI Chief, the best Trump can do is to hang himself.

onewayticket2's picture

joe might still be a bit bitter about how the democrats treated him.  from VP nominee to disowned in 9 months all bc he supported Bush on Iraq

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because he's a true (((patriot)))'s picture

Fireworks?  4th of July and Halloween, two of my favorite holidays.

Squid Viscous's picture

grab 'em by the hoo ha Donny!

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milo_hoffman's picture

He walk in should issue one statement:


Get the HELL off my Lawn and don't come back.  You have all lost access to the whitehouse property for the next  7 years.

I will send you a FAX at your corporate office when I want you to know something.

Good day.


/drop mic, and leave

brushhog's picture

Only a fool makes the same mistake over and over and over. STOP HAVING PRESS CONFERENCES STUPID!

youngman's picture

I live in Colombia and I can tell you this peace deal is a scam....its a cluster frack already....and all this money they want will just go into corrupt politicians hands and pockets....the Farc will just change their shirts and keep doing what they were doing before..which is drugdealing and illegal gold mining....that is not going to stop..

bowie28's picture

Just like everything else related to the "war on drugs".  A wall will make it harder for illegal laborers to sneak in but claiming it's going to stop drugs coming in is setting himself up for a big fail unless the wall is going to be high enough to block CIA planes carrying drugs, weapons and cash...


JLee2027's picture

Rod Rosenstein should be arrested for treason

spiral galaxy's picture

No, Chuckie Cheese Schumer to Gitmo for treason never be heard from again, until he's airdropped into Syria for 'vacation' :-)

Witchy-witch's picture

Hes just another zionist stoogy that burns fankensence to cover up the stink of being a Rothschild puppet.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Where's Anthony Wiener's Laptop?

What was in Anthony Wiener's Laptop along with the 650,000 emails?

Why hasn't Criminal at large James Comey been apprehended & arrested for Perjury?

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Where's Anthony Wiener's Laptop?

Right next to Seth Rich's laptop at the FBI.

vato poco's picture

Seth Rich was ALIVE and TALKING to the DC cops who got to him first. Where's the bodycam footage from those cops???

Abaco's picture

Do you have a link to any reporting that he was alive when the cops got to him? I am not disputing but interested in further reading and had not heard this before.

SgtShaftoe's picture

In other words: "oops, we lost them" just like the FAA tower tapes during 9/11.

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post turtle saver's picture

"they" are gonna make sure both of those laptops end up in the same warehouse where they put the ark of the covenant a la Indiana Jones...

"we have top men working on it... TOP men"

Al Bondiga's picture

The ornage sack of shit is a psychopath narcissist and pathetic tool. That does does not mean that the alleged "Russian meddling in our precious elections" bullshit that is so heavily flogged by the war propaganda machine has any merit. There are so many other things they can nail this clown for that are actually legit. But I guess the "Russia is the devil" narrative fits in nicely with the imperial agenda of perpetual war.
Won't be long before the Marigold Messiah is removed from office.

Blankenstein's picture

"There are so many other things they can nail this clown for that are actually legit"

That's just vague accusations.  Got anything concrete?

vato poco's picture

y'know, it's rumored there's a video out there on the darknet, Al. It's reputed to show Hillary (and Buuba)(and Pedoesta) killing and butchering a girl scout, while Hillary fellates a donkey and takes it in the ass from an armless chimp wearing a Lecter mask. (for safety's sake, presumably)(no condom on the chimp, though)


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ChargingHandle's picture

Decriminalize blow and watch supply and demand fundamentals crush the cartels. They don't have FOMC backing.

AnimalSpirits's picture

Trump looks tired and disappointed - the weight of his office is upon him as well as the snakes that reside within it. To his merit, it doesn't seem to have affected his resolve.

Pork Rind's picture

Trump has got the entire Jewish establishment working against him, while working for him at the same time. No wonder he is weary and confused.

WillyGroper's picture

so...heroin & sour crude it is.

to protect our peoples & for the chillren.

SwaziRed's picture

This I can tell you: There will be so much whining, bleating and moaning about witch hunts and unfairness it'll make your nose bleed. Because that's what powerful alpha males do. Buh-leeve me.

aliens is here's picture

If you think you can do better then run for office if not go fk yourself.

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hey swanazi...fuck off and disassociate asshole.


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TePikoElPozo's picture

stuck at work for 8 hours... and all i get to watch is this bullshit

... i'm calling in sick tomorrow

StreetObserver's picture

I worked my ass off for Trump starting almost a year ago, spending about two hours a day posting, talking, arguing marching for him etc.

I am about to walk away from him now.

Hillary would have bombed Syria a few weeks sooner. If we are back on the treadmill of fighting wars for other people and installing the same people in government that the Dems did, then it's time to elect someone else.

President Trump, you should be jailing the Neocons, not letting them take over your foreign policy. I say we give him a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the people who elected him.

Goldman Sachs in his admistration was strike one.

Bombing Syria was strike two.

What's happening with renogotiating NAFTA?

How about building the wall? Yeah, that takes time and depends on congress.

What is he actually doing for the white working class, other than pissing off their enemies and temporarily jacking up their self esteem?

The Fourth of July is the halfway point in his first year. Let's see how many promises are complete by then.

If he appoints the Asshole Eeyore Lieberman, it's over for my support of Trump, I don't care how many SJWs he pisses off.

Blankenstein's picture

Well, not on here, you've only been signed up here 30 weeks to post.  I am standing up for him, because I am standing against the MSM, deep state and the democrats.  Anything they are for is untrustworthy.

Witchy-witch's picture

----Asshole Eeyore Lieberman


just another fuckin Zionist cock biting money worshiping jeu...


WTF is it withthis fuckin jeuconspiracy to take over the world...


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mary mary's picture

Sore Loserman.  I vaguely remember him.  He probably cost Al Gore the Presidency.  Noone's ego is bigger.

mary mary's picture

I think President Trump has his Supreme Court guy and his Attorney General, but needs to get his FBI Director.  Right now this game could go either way.  Either he establishes the police power of the Administrative Branch, or the bankster's goons will win the game of "Go". 

Now is the time for all Republicans to whisk through an FBI Director who actually supports the President.

George Washington, as President, had to exert police power.  So did Andrew Jackson.  And others.

vato poco's picture

shorter streetobserver:

"it's been almost 4 whole MONTHS!! and he STILL hasn't completely turned around the gigantic horribly bloated bureaucracy!!! He hasn't wiped out the decades-old astonishingly entrenched Deep State PizzaGate scum YET!!!! and now they're fighting BACK!!! No one TOLD ME they'd fight BAAAACK!!! I totally give UP!!!!!"

that's some mighty impressive badass ultra-macho staying power you're showing there, champ. I just thank God you weren't in charge in 1942: we'd all be speaking Jap/German

Singelguy's picture

You sir, are incredibly impatient. No one can make those big changes in 4 months especially when you have everyone working against you. Bombing that air base in Syria (which he forewarned Russia about) was to dispel the narrative that he is in cahoots with Putin. He wants to reform health care, lower taxes, and wipe out ISIS. He needs Congress to help him. If you want to be pissed, be pissed at Schumer, Pelosi and their crews. They are the people blocking everything.

johnwburns's picture

Trump's losing me by pretending that the politics as usual game is still the way to go. That id he's a good boy, the GOP will keep winning elections. He was supposed to destroy the old paradigm and replace it. Instead we have the alt right trashed, confederate statues torn down and serving as ISIS' air force. Sorry. 

YHWH is greater's picture

the jewnalists forgot to ask Trump what he thinks of Seth Rich Clintonization ...

HRClinton's picture

They didn't 'forget'. For clues, look to UT Congressman Jason Chafetz.

The day after he demanded the Comey files (Notes, Memos, Emails, etc.), Rosenstein appoints Mueller and redirects the Narrative. 

The day after that, Chafetz announces that he's quiting. 

Nobody is connecting the dots? Nobody is asking awkward FAQs? Wow.