White Students Banned From Student Lounge At D.C. University: "Nothing More Important Than A Multicultural Campus"

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Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

As tolerance spreads across the United States, universities and their progressive student bodies are coming up with new and innovative ways to ensure a positive multi-cultural experience for everyone… unless you happen to be a Caucasian.

At the American University in Washington, D.C., which is home to about 13,000 of our best and brightest, administrators and student activists have determined that the best way to ensure a a fair and equal environment is to ban all white people from their new student lounge. The meeting area, ironically named “The Bridge,” opened a couple of months ago as a place for people to gather, study and even sing on open mic nights.

But shortly after its opening, the following sign, apparently with the blessing of school administrators, appeared around campus. It designates the new lounge as a safe space and sanctuary for people of color.

In short: No Whites Allowed.


WND reports:

American University in Washington, D.C., has reportedly banned white students from using its new “student lounge” for the spring semester, according to the College Fix.



The lounge, which is called “The Bridge,” opened just six weeks ago. It is planned to be “a community space that student organizations can use however they would like,” with open mic nights, slam poetry and “other student initiated programming,” Darcy Frailey, associate director for facilities and other event services, told the Eagle, American University’s student news site. The lounge seats 80 people and features large working tables, comfortable sofas and chairs, coffee tables, a television and a large stage for events. School officials said they plan to hire students who qualify for the federal work-study program to work at “The Bridge.”



American University Provost Scott Bass agreed to the students’ demands. Bass said the college also signed a contract with Ibram X. Kendi, author of “Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America,” to begin an anti-racism center on the school’s campus.


“There’s nothing more important, in terms of my administration, than being a multicultural campus,” Bass reportedly told the student protesters.

For over half a century Americans have enjoyed equal protection under the law, regardless of the color of their skin. These were rights that countless citizens of all colors fought for since long before the civil war.

We have made leaps and bounds in the way of creating a society that respects the religious and cultural backgrounds of all of our citizens.

We even elected a President of African American descent, something that would not have been possible without the support of voters of all colors and creeds.

Yet, it appears that all of that “progress” has led to this…


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Mr Pink's picture

At what point do we decide that (((they))) have pushed us too far?

Terminus C's picture

The United States is rapidly heading in to civil war.  I would suggest that a civil war would be too far...

Doppelganger71's picture

It'll be civil war without anything civil about it.....................

Terminus C's picture

There is nothing civil about war, ever.

Manthong's picture


American University ….

Negro safe space lounge… is that where they hold the New Black Pussy Party meetings?

AltRight Girl's picture

Just become the jew:

Go there with a GoPro camera on you. Wear MAGA/Trump apparel for bonus points.

Enjoy the facility with your white friends. Horse around, do whatever the colored are allowed to do there.

Record them kicking you out. Sue the University for millions in damage. 

Enjoy rich life

No Campus (Or Country) for White Men

Mr. Kwikky's picture

Tony Montana: "I kill Communists for fun.."

john doeberg's picture

Oy Vey, the goyim are learning our tricks.

Since kikes are kinda white... don't mind me Level Up my shekels


JamesBond's picture

What about the Caucasians who self identify as a person of color? This could get sticky.


cheka's picture

squatters.  there are entire colleges dedicated to negroes.  send them there....or liberia

Shlomo Scheckelstein's picture

It's them schwartzers and muzzies that are causing you harm..really

espirit's picture

Dr. Martin Luther King would be so proud of these progressives.


ThaBigPerm's picture

"Jim Crow did nothing wrong"

Dave Whiteman's picture








mathew913's picture

Wear this tshirt...
Facts last chance for blacks

DownWithYogaPants's picture

It'll smell like the monkey cage in there........

runswithscissors's picture

"We even elected a President of African descent"

BeanusCountus's picture

Not even a great bball team. But... they have now made a name for the grads. And future applicants. The University will be gone without .gov help.

SoDamnMad's picture

I demand an audit of the funds involved in building this center. Oh, my tax money went into it.  Stop all Federal aid to the college IMMEDIATELY until a special prosecutor is named and a full audit of all funds is completed. 2020  OR 2022 completion date target. Fine by me.

RU4Au's picture

There was a Civil war with some roots in the idea that All Men Are Created Equal. Then there was a world war against a fascist government that discriminated against a particular minority. What do these fascists expect?

runswithscissors's picture

WRONG! It wasn't a civil war...it was a war of northern agression and it had nothing to do with all men created equal.

booboo's picture

Correct and since the The Emancipation Proclamation ONLY freed slaves from the sonthern states.

The sad thing is that slavery would have ended in America under it's own weight as it did in every other industrialized nation. Lincoln sold the war as anti slavery but it was all about establishing supreme power of the Federal Government over states rights. Today the have inverted the power structure from the "person" being the supreme holder of rights to the Federal Government being the supreme giver of rights. The losers were not the souther states, the losers were ALL free men and of course ALL states.

gold rubeberg's picture

Yes ... otherwise it's puzzling why a war to end slavery broke out at a duty collection station and why the Emancipation Proclamation wasn't issued until two years after it started.

unsafe-space-time's picture

War is the only time justice can prevail. Unfortunately the evil mental fucks are always on the offensive.

True Blue's picture

There's nothing civil about where we are now either. At least a civil war would restore civility ex post.

Keyser's picture

I would say to have the ACLU file a discrimination law suit against the university, but we all know how that would turn out... 

subversion's picture

The ACLJew cares very little about whites. They are the ones driving the hate.

flaunt's picture

We need the equivalent for Americans. Sue in this case, sue in the case of the White girl in GA who just got sent to fucking prison FOR YEARS for calling someone a name, sue against all so-called "hate crimes" and get them stricken down at every turn. They will not control us because we are free people and they need to be taught a lesson. Surely we have a few good lawyers and tons of people willing to donate to the cause!  

funthea's picture

Problem is, your link goes to a site that is rebuffing a different artical than the one above that you infer is the same incident. The one in your link is in reference to an article that claimed the university was barring whites from a cafe. This article above is in regards to a specific lounge called the "bridge". Two seperate articles, places, and facts.

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WayPastCaring's picture

At the point of a gun, I would guess.

WorkingClassMan's picture

When we can't breathe anymore under their kosher bootheel.

InsaneBane's picture

We need to start to organize in our communities and getting off grid. The time of talking, writing and listening is over.

The menace to society needs to be eradicated.

VWAndy's picture

 Ever think what a day or two without the honest labor would be like? It would be rather interesting to watch from my front stoop.

jcbudmo's picture

F*ck that, kick them off the grid. We built the damn thing.

This is not the time to retreat, it's time to TAKE BACK and EXPEL.

NidStyles's picture

Exactly. I'm not going anywhere, this is my country, they have their own in the middle-east.


Dave Whiteman's picture

yes and no


"The grid" has more than one meaning.  The actual physical stuff is ours and should stay ours [we means White I presume]


The other meaning of "the grid" is the federal regulatory apparatus, created mostly during FDR.  It is statist /communist/fascist.

The NWO was in place by around 1937. . .yes, (((they))) need to be removed from both- from the country and from Earth

Dave Whiteman's picture

getting off grid = off federal control = off jewish control = freedom

NidStyles's picture

Nonsense. This is our country, if anyone should feel like they aren't free, it's them.

We built it, not the kikes.


Mr Hankey's picture

That's our grid.They're getting off the grid


hannah's picture

funny but i wouldnt want to 'mingle' with the 'people of colour' but to hell if my tax money goes to pay their bogus education games....

flaunt's picture

No self-repecting White person wants to, that's why they're always on the run moving further out of the cities into the suburbs and exurbs.  And you're paying for Jews to teach non-Whites to hate your guts.  And this passes for modern society. It's just a zoo.

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

At the point when they present their list of demands to their employer and you promptly fire their ass.

Dave Whiteman's picture

you have just made the decision