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Apparently a guy who allegedly passed information to Wikileaks being shot in the back and THEN no investigation, is perfectly normal...move along morons, just keep moving...

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Yeah  -it seems quite normal. par for the course. Hardly mainstream media newsworthy - 

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THere is no investigation?

You sure about that, or just blowing smoke for upvotes?

Even Spicer has the wherewithal not to comment on an ongoing investigation before there is so much as a charge laid, let alone a trial and conviction.

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Ain't that the truth...for further evidence, check out the red digits on the back of your social security card...


We're such suckers...

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Meet the New Puppet same as the old.  What boggles my mind is how all the asleep blue pill sheep of this open air prison actually Voted which is participation.  Participation = Consent.   Not only do those amygdala hijacked, stockholm syndrome, cognitive dissonance, normalcy bias loving slaves love to participate.  They love to have  Blue or Red guy to cheer for.   My team/tribe vs.  yours.      

How can so many hundreds of millions be so in love and blind to their complete slavery and the fakeness of it all. Even after the huge lies of the following:

False Flag staged War premiss for over 100 years.


Fed Reserve


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If you vote, you validate the criminal games of government.

See George Carlin on voting.

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Cheapest ad hom' ever 22 weeks kiss ass.

You're next, so be prepared to suck. it.

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Look at it. That's the truth. Bring it, Twitch. Lemmehavit! Show me your brains!

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Doesn't that automatically mean you validate all the good public works as well?

Like friendships, gov'ts are at best a mixed blessing, and you have to accept the good with the bad; if the 'friendship' is mostly bad, you need to find a different friend... or is that sentiment too grown-up for you?

(I know, I know, to the average delusional absolutist Rothbardian neoliberal schill every government that has existed or could ever possibly exist, regardless of ideology or benevolent public representation or action or fact, are all yin, no yang, with "Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes FTMFW!" as a mantra. Good luck with that.)

George Carlin sure was a great Class CLown way back in the 70's... "The ahtifishal faht undah de arm!"

"The businessmen are kinda who got the country the way it is... both the good and the bad. They did, because there is no morality in business, just a ledger: 'keep it in the black'..." -George Carlin

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Too grown up for me?

Condescending arsehole.

Government is, by nature, coercive and violent.

Not a 'friend' I wish to have.

As for the 'good stuff' governments do, it works like this.

They give back to the public just enough of what they've stolen to keep the masses from going after them.

As for George, he was a very clever and clear thinking person with few illusions regarding how the world works.


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Totally condescending, which is just the kind of contempt your sophomoric anarcho-rubbish deserves... how long have you been here? How many times have we had this conversation? Yet, like a two-year old with his fingers stuck in his ears, you stubbornly refuse to learn from it. If pointing out your continuing, apparently wilful ignorance makes me a 'condescending arsehole' to some it's no skin off my nose because you've earned it.

Absolutely nothing you've written addresses the meat of my first question, rather you do everything you can to avoid its easily apprehended point; which is quite the 'tell'.


"Government is, by nature, coercive and violent."

By that (your) line of painfully obvious, swiss-cheesy reasoning so are morality, decency, and justice. I will count all those as my friends, if they'll have me.

By definition even a wholly voluntary agreement between two or more individuals 'governs' their behavior, and if there is a disagreement regarding that 'contract' later the whole lot of vested interests can get together and try to work out what's ~fair:ie. act as a 'government'... generally one side of that decision, maybe both, are not going to be perfectly happy, maybe even feel 'coerced' under a 'threat of violence'. If that is what you meant: welcome to the real world where folk sometimes don't see eye-to-eye. You'd think you would have figured that out by now.

Either that or you are so hell bent on being disingenuous that you can't (for whatever reas$on) admit, even to yourself, that you simply think 'governments' ought to be privately owned and operated, rather than publicly; like any other run-of-the-mill ZH neoliberal $hill posing as some sort of kumbaya, pipe-dreamy  'anarchist'.


So I am so sorry that you were born a social animal (human), but it's almost certainly a fact. Maybe if you're lucky next time around you can come back as your imaginary 'island unto yourself'? Or perhaps a snake; you know, something that pops outta it's momma and hits the ground running? I hear if you throw a few odonata nymphs into a jar at midnight by morning there will be only one left; that sounds like your kind of dream life, no? You'd have us,

"Behaving like insects." - Douglas Coupland


"They give back to the public just enough of what they've stolen to keep the masses from going after them."

"Stolen"? Maybe, though I've been robbed a few times, and never once did the thief use the funds to build a road that facilitates my private business, or provide legal recourse when someone wealthier than me breaches their contract (IMO).

'They' are my employees, I pay 'their' wages, I value 'them' like I would any other hire: according to 'their' worth to me and mine, and if I'm feeling generous, I include everyone else in that equation (Which is easy when it comes to the 'universal' mores that even pipe-dreamy commie anarchists concede exist).

"As for George, he was a very clever and clear thinking person with few illusions regarding how the world works"

which is what makes the quote of his I posted so very poignant.




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I sense your Pollyanna levels are dangerously low.

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No way shovel, it's all good! Friday! Blithe and lithe! Been shining it up all week, gonna take off and have some fun!

You know me: I just love an argument; make these goalie pullers earn it. We're more on the same page than half of them will ever know, and as for the other plutocrat worshipping half posing as 'uncompromising libertarians', well, they can just go and fuck themselves!

Have great weekend!

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I know your kind. In your mind you say " Yes, I want change, I want things to be more just, I want things to be more honest, I want to hold people accountable for their misdeeds, I want the tax system to be fixed, I want the perpetual war to be fixed, I want people to get along: BUT, if any of those fucking things messes with my fucking money and my security that I have worked so hard for, and that I have used my brain (which is better than all of that useless riff-raff who just THINK they are smart) then fuck it. Go and kill every mother fucking brown person on the planet, let the politicians lie they're asses off, let them kill whoever they need to kill, let them destroy any descent man who stands in the way(after all he is an idiot otherwise he would not be standing in the way). This is my money and any motherfucker who tries to take it I will call my congressman and offer him some money to save me"

You really are sad. Why? Because you do not believe in anything. You are like a politician or a reporter. You have just enough truth in your post to make it seem real. You will die a lonely and sad man. Why? Because, we human beings have an instinct for what is real. You are not. Your money and your possessions mean nothing when you are lying there on an ER stretcher after you have regurgitated that last little bit of blood so that now your heart is pumping nothing. You will turn ashen white and expire just like the riff-raff who you believe are beneath you.

THere might be many people at your funeral but your grandchildren will quickly forget about you as will pretty much everyone else.

At least be enough of an asshole so that people will say "Hey, you remember that asshole, oh what was his name? Yeah, GoinFawr, that was it. He was a big fucking asshole wasn't he."

As it is you are just a fartbox that no one will remember.

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lol! Well thank you for the prophetic psycho's analysis son. Quite the curse you wish to lay on me, brother(?)

So, you're saying that I need to be a bigger asshole then? Some might think that is asking a lot...

<philosophy raptor>

Heh, who wants to meet me in Marfa Texas? lol

Look for my nametag!!!!


You don't know me. I am not like thAT. Also, though I can't prove it, I have lived my life believing that everybody has farted at some point.


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Is octopus kosher? Just saying......

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If it's from the sea, it has to have fins and scales to be Kosher, I think.

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Awesome...but sadly it's true.

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What is the cost of civic duty these days and is it worth it? Those are the questions I struggle with all the time.

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"What is the cost of civic duty these days and is it worth it?"

One cost is being prepared to defend your OWN personal reputation against the mudslinging that will come your way in retaliation.

Dot gov is presumed to be "right," to be "honorable," to be "true." Anyone who disparages .gov must then be, by default, crazy and is portrayed as such.

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So I read on /pol a mascot shouldn't have suction cups. I think they missed the bigger picture here as WB captured it.

Being as suction cups are for hunting and dining it only goes to show what this big black budget government is up to hunting and dining on "We the People" and by proxy world + dog. Read about the arms and tentacles, or the teeth and cups, and distances to the mouth, it's metaphore, for freq/time, Rev. Eng. unknown modes (digestion), and quiet deception in well placed positions of B33F and firmware tampering.

But if you look _HARD_ you can see though it now, to who is enemy and who isn't now. It's their manner, they leave a trail of commie poo essence behind which can be picked up on.

It's that ol scent of "Elephant Ass Sucking Donkey Nose Puss" now packaged into a giant super-squid.

There are many people in IT (working reversing) who have the WRONG vision for America going forward. I don't like current situation on Vulnerability exploit disclosure, the PATCH ACT, or the nonsense about encryption, or any of the hair brained junk from the "same people" in .gov They CREATED This problem they CAN NOT FIX it. They can not be ALLOWED to fix it. Their fix will be operation hegelian dialectic. The media also, are just not with the reality, so they too can not be ALLOWED to dictate this dialog. These people broke their oaths. It's treason.

So basically what's going for state secrets these days is basically access to github tools to compile against your targets to exploit, thereby breaking existing law and your oath.

No wonder the security clearance bar has be lowered

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Hard? The blood trail from Nelson Rockefeller  to Al Gore was apparent while they were blowing the .net bubble. Even then the prior (((Volcker))) FR heist was confirmation. 

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Well I meant more along the front lines of tech/RE they have politics too, many still (blindly?)follow fake news dialog, and later i notice it develops (picked up by same scum .gov --term limits never passed) into horrible reality. So they must have connection to the officials at some level,
hmm, leet me think for a pico-sec

Tor | Signal | Tor

. many hint employed by .gov contracts. But then the mar largo security dialogs out there gives me the chills in light of current events, and that even if people were JOKING all these years, to continue in light of all this stuff?

I say DEAR President TRUMP, Looks like much of the TECH being used is LEAKING eh... Maybe a $5 sledge hammer is all that is needed to plug the leak.

Yes it's hard to know except by the un mistakable stink.
I can smell it.

They might OWN us, but they know when they do Wrong, they hide that wrong by you not knowing the same trick and calling it top secret/state secrets. Problem is now we know the same tricks. SO we know this will NEVER be fixed.

I am goin to keep to bark more down the primary source-ish ways/ Even if nsa cia cleanup, other governments will do it.

Soon, It's a Public Encryption Dev moment. Who's your math guy again?

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You don't have to worry about getting your message through mail filters. On the web you can be comprehensible. Try it, you'll see.

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Are you sure? I just checked the manual, As a sworn BOFH if you forgot your scipts at lunch time on the top secret github, it's okay to move spam/implants into targeted local inbox using midnight commander in a pinch. Call it the Lazy sysard, What was in your inbox, as compared to what is in your unix mbox inbox.

What is they say in soccer. GOAL

ps don't forget to clear the .bashhistorychannel thing

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So very true William.    Thanks for the solace of your art and the example of your tenacity.

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The Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, and Criminal Deep State HQ'd in Israel no longer have my


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that's what they want you to think.

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My personal answer, NO. Your power comes from our obedience, our servitude, our armed force, our money stolen by the Fed, our ignorance. May a new Spartacus cometh.

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"May a new Spartacus cometh."

That's been Humanity's problem for centuries - waiting for someone to come save them. And what happens when that rare individual does come along ? He is easily identifiable and is destroyed.

When people have the courage and intelligence to think & act for themselves in a diverse way that cannot be identified and targeted, then they will be free.

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I'll be the sniper in the pussyhat.

They'll never see me coming.

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Been a member for almost 2 years and never commented on WB's work.  You couldn't be more on target sir.  Nice work as always.

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Many of us had hope for the new president, however all indications are that the only remedy is the most distasteful, watering the Tree of Liberty.

All that comes from Vichy DC is lip service in its many forms...



Word. Get to the choppa!

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So, what I can gather is:  No war world 3  Just a slllloooowwww breakdown of financial, moral and ethical society and world entrapment of the basics -- food, shelter and clothing.  Leave us with rocks and teargas grenades to throw back at the skunkspraying armored carriers.

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As I was walking in the street I was thinking to myself that Taleb is the only commentator who really understands the big picture in terms of timing etc.

Low and behold, who do I see posted on the front page when I get home!

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Talebs the man. Brillinant thinker and oratator. Doubt he will ever be in charge but he plants a lot of seeds as some in power wake up. A tireless servant and good framing, good example how to do it. 

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A big tree can be cut down with a small axe.  We just have to keep resisting the bullshit and keep making the small cuts....

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It seems pretty clear that change will only follow the collapse.

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and it can come in many forms...

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Spot on---

History testifies that reform of entrenched ideas and institutions is a fool's errand. Every state action begets an interested party that over time becomes entrenched and creates it's own inertia.

Out of chaos, there is new life. Like the forest after the fire.

The mass-men that accept the narratives of the Deep State are like the generation that must wander and die in the wilderness. They are simply not able to think for themselves, nor disposed to want to.

Please allow a quote from Albert J. Nock regarding the 'remnant':

In every civilization, however generally prosaic, however addicted to the short-time point of view on human affairs, there are always certain alien spirits who, while outwardly conforming to the requirements of the civilization around them, still keep a disinterested regard for the plain intelligible law of things, irrespective of any practical end. They have an intellectual curiosity, sometimes touched with emotion, concerning the august order of nature; they are impressed by the contemplation of it, and like to know as much about it as they can, even in circumstances where its operation is ever so manifestly unfavorable to their best hopes and wishes.


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The factions of the Power Elite will continue to battle each other for control, and sometimes they'll unite on certain issues. We are irrelevant. Trump is irrelevant. No one, and least of all Trump, is coming to save the day.

There will be no chance of positive change until this Tyrannical Lawless empire collapses. The Power Elite are deeply embedded and will continue to run the show until they damage the population so much that a reset is put in motion. Perhaps another 20, 30 or 50 years before this happens.

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agree with everything except the timeline.........time is running out quickly.......this year sometime

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that change is A21.

trapped like rats.