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Muse minus Time's picture  .    lost . 2 computers last time I POSTED THIS  9.23.17 is the last hope in my Book for gentiles otherwise hell on earth.  Be blessed my friends,  thru Christ!

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Deep state wants a pony.and when deep state wants a pony it gets it's fukin pony.. its the pale one from the book of john

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Hey Trump,

Find a few of these Deep State shitheads and make an example of them...a nice federal offence to get them a tasty result...say death for espionage and sedition.

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This is a good place for a repost this mornin'.

Say, is that octopi taupe Uncle is sporting wearing a Yamaha or Yamaka?

```((((((((((( That Little Ball And Chain In Your Pocket ))))))))))```

OPERATION - TALPIOT - And Who 'Owns' Whom

Just in case you have any objections to being a slave;

Better watch this:

This is what mass surveillance gets the ((( Satanists ))). .. Total control and you can't even talk about it without winding up jailed, dead or marginalized wishing you were one of the other alternatives.

Or had just shut up and kept what you know to yourself.

That was the OLD me.

With what the Satanists have in place they win every round. .... Therefore they can do anything they want. .. Anything. ..... Anytime they want. ... Laws don't mean anything to them. .. Nothing.

Case in point:

Their newest (or the final phase of a very old) evil plan?

Kill everyone.

Take everything you have wealth wise and kill you.

Soooo. .... That is where we are today. .. Sitting squarely behind the Eight Ball or E-Ball as I like to call it.

What to do about it? ...... I think the only way to counter the Satanists with their machine, AI AL, effectively is pointed out near the end of that first video.

That's it. ...... That's my take on reality.

Who are these Satanists exactly? .... Only ((( they ))) know for sure.

Chop, chop, spread the word. ... AI AL is listening, if nobody else.

*R E S I S T*, don't consent, but don't be a leader either.

Live Hard, That's My Call On The Satanists And AI AL, Take It Or Leave It, But Do It As A Lone Wolf, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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The "satanists" you refer to are nothing new, been around for hundreds of years. By now it's harder to find someone who isn't one of the brethren. And your perception that they are winning is just what they want you to think.

In fact, they have lost a lot. Indeed I would say at this point they have lost nearly everything. And I don't see any way they can save themselves nor their precious Business As Usual. Raw, uncaring physics has awoken and is having none of that.

So have you, of course, lost everything but you weren't ready to plunge the entire world into WW3 on account of the loss. Though I suppose if you had been given the means, with the assurance that WW3 would keep you in bacon and grits and Ford trucks, you might have pulled the trigger. Humans being human.

I've seen it before. Humans, being human. Everyone pulls the trigger, every time. No questions asked.

So now I am going to find a mountain top. Not a bunker mind you because I have no intention of surviving, but a barren mountain top. I am going to sit there in the dry, cold wind and from there I am going to watch. I am going to watch the jets jetting by on their powerful jet engines. I am going to watch the tanks tanking around in dirty circles on their powerful steel treads. I am going to watch the mechanized battalions grinding the human meat bags into sausage under the mechanized wheels of war. I am going to watch these things -- again -- but this time I will not be horrified but rather I will be pleased by it.

Because you see I am done with you. All of you. And physics is with me on this, oh yes. The universe is waking up to what humans are really about -- being about the consumption of all things -- and the universe and physics have decided that it's the end of the road for that particular delusion. That you can eat everything in the universe and it's really alright.

Because, it is not alright at all.

Bring your final solution, but understand that just as you were willing pawns to your sociopathic masters on the way up, so now you will be willing pawns to devouring entropy on the way down. Unless you do as I, and find a mountain top to sit and watch the majestic play of justice as it reduces the entire human world to steaming ashes.

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Don't cut your LSD with strychnine in future.

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Someone needs a hug.

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Just point me to a likely alternative ending that doesn't involve steaming ashes.

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Just look away from the brainwashing machines. Sit outside at night. Watch the ground facing satellites cross overhead, every 20 minutes, +5'. Count the increasing number of drones. Observe their coordination with the rerouted helicopters.
I like water over fire. I am both.
Preserve your records. From both.

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Lead at the local level Dune where change can be made still. Be a good Boyscout and hedge as elephants dance and ants get trampled. Data collection in modern times is impressive but stilll requires an apathetic population to enforce racketeering. Wake up a remnent those with an ear. Try to have a little fun in between for God's sake :) 

 Physics in quantum  computing and teleportation experiments (with just a photon for now) using particle entanglement are proving Many Worlds Theory. We are at the end of our human evolution, these are the birth pains of a new baby, our new selves as energy. Painful and messy and inglorius in some ways as this reality occurs as the world becomes a slum.

We do not enter in glorious, united fasion. That would be nice but I dont think so. 

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Good post until you decided to push the garbage and nonsensical many-worlds theory.

How often are these worlds (really universes) created? Once per unit of time? Are there any "units" of time? Are there infinite universes created... infinitely quickly? Are there two universes created every time "something" "happens?" Four? Seven and a half? What constitutes an event?

Look up the "consistent histories" theory; fits the standard quantum formalism perfectly and actually makes sense on an ontological level. Solves the Copenhagen problem of the collapse of the wave-function. Not to sound dickish, but many-worlds and many-minds theory are just silly stories they tell QM students that are a little too obsessed with the YA science fiction section at their local library.

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'AI AL is listening, if nobody else'

I rarely laugh out loud--I'm more of an internal chuckler 

Except when I read Dune Creature. Every time.

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listen to 208.1.

yea, it's a steaming pile of shit.  sent it to GW too.

see my last post.

you're still missing the apex.

who owns your soul...unam sanctam?

who owns your property?

who else wears a beanie?

who died @ 33?

who is your creator?  hint: when that tadpole breaches the ovum.

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Oh, yeah pirates have no problem throwing each other overboard when it suits their purpose(s).

I'm not sure which video recently it was on (the Hagmann vid maybe?) but it was an Email from John Podesta and basically it said, "We have a leak, I want someone made an example of whether we have evidence that they are the leaker or not." .. Paraphrased some, but that's pretty darn close to word for word. (I'm lazy and in a hurry).

That tells you volumes about who these cut throat people (evil pirates) are.

I want to see John Molester fry just for that statement alone. ... (He didn't say 'kill' or 'murder', but he might as well have.)

Live Hard, Just Pick A Member Of The Crew And Keel Haul Him Because I Think We Have A Snitch,.........Evil, Evil, Evil, Shit Thinking, Right There, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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there is no murder of seth rich, if i understand your post.

it's a red herring like blaming it on 1 geoloc when it's a collective cabal of criminal "pirates"...imo same suspects.

let's go back to day 1.1...where is EB?

dually.  wonder where?

kinda funny he's just vanished, eh?

or is he a ghost like seth?


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@ Dune,

Operation Talpiot (Mossad) is a 40 year plan of full spectrum domination of the information telecommunication industry..worldwide.

It's an ongoing operation since the 70's and they have kill switches everywhere. The treasonous and corrupt US .gov has transported all the technology industry to Tel Aviv.

I don't give a flying fu#k that they are possibly watching me. I know who the enemy is, that's all that counts.

I say, we take'm outside & blow the Fuck'n heads off.

Live, on closed circuit TV, in public for all the World to see.

This will deter future Pure Evil Criminal Psychopaths from repeating or conducting themselves in the same behavior.

DuneCreature's picture

Right, correct, thanks for helping me flesh out the details for folks.

99.9% of the people I talk to have NO CLUE what I'm talking about if I say, "key stroke logger, Stingray device (cell phone tap AND auto-recorder), long range directional shotgun microphone or QUANTIUM software that lets 'them' show you a custom web page that no one else sees." . .. They don't understand and they don't get what is happening until we draw them a mental picture. ... A detailed mental picture. .. Then the light bulb goes on. ... When they finally catch on that someone IS eavesdropping on their teenage daughter while she and her friends are planning a secret drinking party down at the old river railroad bridge, it all becomes A LOT clearer. .... Sure, you don't want her doing that, but YOU want to be the one that polices her behavior not some eavesdropping State Cop sitting down the road bored and scanning every cell phone call within Stingray range.

You do real yeoman's work here, Chupacabra-322. .. *ht* for your great efforts.

We have a bunch of sleeple passing through to wake up, bro.

Keep posting the gory details.

Oh, and don't shoot any bad guys quite yet. ...... Let's see if we can fix this, at least a little, and not take casualties. ... The day may come that we need to defend ourselves and lets put as many on our side to make sure the enemy has its hands full to overflowing of pissed off SOBs when and if that day arrives.

Live Hard, Stay Prepared, Vigilant And Mean But Peaceful, Unless They Come In Blazing And Crazy, Then Gloves Go On And Safeties Come Off, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Chupacabra-322's picture

A yeoman /?jo?m?n/ was a member of a social class in late medieval to early modern England. In early recorded uses, a yeoman was an attendant in a noble household; hence titles such as "Yeoman of the Chamber", "Yeoman of the Crown", "Yeoman Usher", "King's Yeoman", Yeomen Warders, Yeomen of the Guard. The later sense of yeoman as "a commoner who cultivates his own land" is recorded from the 15th century; in military context, yeoman was the rank of the third order of "fighting men", below knights and squires, but above knaves. A specialized meaning in naval terminology, "petty officer in charge of supplies", arose in the 1660s.

Guess that explains why I'd have absolutely NO problem whatsoever going "Medieval" on Pure Evil Criminal Psychopath Elite Individuals.

There's also absolutely NO fixing "this." It's evidently clear the Elite have absolutely NO desire to have it fixed.

There's absolutely NO fixing

Tyrannical Lawlessness.

A Civil War pits brother against brother.

What is direly needed is full blown out Revolution which will cleanse the enite World from

The Global Criminal Oligarch Cabal Bankster Intelligence Crime Syndicate.

Nothing Less.



runnymede's picture

Excellent point.

Revolutions are very rare. Coup d'etats are common. Which are just changing the seatholders of the state's apparatus. 

DuneCreature's picture

I completely understand your frustration.

I didn't mean the yeoman comment as a slight. .. I meant a relentless hard worker and sharp. ... When I call someone a yeoman in my shop it means he or she is pulling way more than their own share and weight on the business floor where the rubber meets the road.

And fearless are you? .. Well, yeah, no fear, no quarter from me for the evil pirates either. .. You'll get none from them.

Can't be fixed, huh? .. Yep, that I agree with too. ... Not through the system, that's for sure.

But what if a vast majority of sleeple woke up and had the attitude you and I have?

They would have one bonzo clusterfuck mess on their hands trying to herd cats. ... (See my first post above) I think we could peel them apart quite handily.

Anyway, duty calls for now. ........ Nice stomping around in the King's blackbird pie with you for a while, Chupacabra-322.

Live Hard, If Pouring Boiling Oil Down Their Pants Is Your Preferred Way To Deal With Pirates, Far Be It From Me To Turn Down The Flame On Your Turkey Deep Fryer, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Chupacabra-322's picture

"And fearless are you? .. Well, yeah, no fear, no quarter from me for the evil pirates either. .. You'll get none from them."

Very fearless. Your pretty spot on with my Psychological Profile / Assessment.

I see we share the same sentiments & attributes.

Thank you for your posts & links.

Your brother in Arms,


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The increased dexterity of Uncle Sammy the Robber!

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Uncle Sam has cloven hooves.

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I'm not one of those 2A/prepper guys with an arsenal in their home for when TSHTF, but I'm starting to think my old 45 needs some friends...what the hell is happening to MY COUNTRY!

wildbad's picture

yes. normalcy was once different.

the .45 should serve you well but something that reaches out with a little more distance could not hurt.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

It's fucked mate.

Like a rusted-out Kingswood.

Needs a ground up rebuild. The fucking lot.

Ex-Oligarch's picture

mr. anagram says

the human "uncle sam" <=> name means "cthulhu"

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Uncle Dem... oh wait, does that mean demon or democrat?