Biden Bashes Hillary: "She Was Never A Great Candidate, I Was A Great Candidate"

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In between the binge drinking, strip clubs and excessive gambling, not necessarily in that order of course, the financial elites of the world who decided to attend this years SALT conference in Las Vegas were treated to an epic little dose of Joe Biden.  In return for a modest $200,000 speaking fee, Biden offered up some fairly candid thoughts on Hillary and the possibility of a 2020 Presidential run.

First, on Hillary's shocking defeat last November, Biden told SALT-goers that while Hillary may have been a good president she was "never a great candidate."  Per CNN:

"I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate," he said.


But Biden stressed that he believed that "Hillary would have been a really good president."

Of course, this isn't the first time that Biden has taken a shot at Hillary as a flawed candidate.  Back in March, he told a group students at Colgate that he had planned on running for President and figured that, while it would have been a difficult primary, he could have bested Hillary.


On whether he would run for president in 2020, Biden sounded open to the idea but said that no decision had been made at this point. 

But if those things are done, and he's healthy and the best candidate, "I may very well do it," Biden said at the SALT hedge fund conference in Las Vegas.


Biden admitted he's been approached by people who want him to run for President, but he's told them he can't commit right now.


"At this point, no one in my family or I have made the judgment to run," Biden said.



And while Biden stopped short of taking any direct shots at Donald Trump, he did point out that the vast majority of us are sick of the divisiveness in Washington DC.

Biden also gave voice to frustration over the hyperpartisan divide gripping Washington.


"The public is sick of it ....This fever has to break," he said.


Biden offered advice to Republicans and Democrats in Congress. "Argue like hell ... but show some respect," he said.

Finally, despite his well-documented financial needs, Biden pledged to give up his $200,000 speaking fee for appearing at SALT to charity...With a potential future run still on his plate, we guess he doesn't yet have the "moral flexibility" to completely sell out to Wall Street like Obama

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Joe, welcome to regret.  Population: you.  Hope you stay there the rest of your life, you fucking swamp-dwelling weasel.



RiverRoad's picture

Charitable donations are great for reducing your taxes.

Biden won't be around for the next election....he'll be in rehab.

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Say It Ain't So, Joe ...

kliguy38's picture

Hey Joe.......I think I'm speaking for my fellow Amerikans when I say this ......BLOW ME

Jim Sampson's picture

He could have beat Trump but the Establishment went with Hill-dog.  Fucking Retards!

Manthong's picture

“..three letter word JOBS”

“Fire two blasts… Jill”

a great candidate… to ride in the back of the short bus.     (2 minutes)


jcaz's picture

Check out Grandpa Joe slipping it to Hillary back-door....

Does her ass feel better than Barry's?

fleur de lis's picture

Biden had better keep looking over his shoulder after dissing her like that.

Hellish is on a mission for a few scalps and she would not hesitate to add his to the collection.



knukles's picture

She's out for his scalp.
Er ... well .... OK figuratively, of course.

tinfoilhat's picture

Maybe Joe can explain how someone can be in Congress and the White House for three decades and still only have a disclosed net worth of a couple hundred $k. Where's the money, Joe?

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and another one, my favorite... "Stand up Chuck!"

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Biden is disgusting. he is one who promoted a "Reparation Tax" on white people to assuage "years of oppression by whitey" against the self-proclaimed suippressed people, suggesting either $3,000 per craker or 1% per family, whichever is greater.

Biden can eat my shorts.

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

Well, that, & he likes to 'feel up' 12 year old girls.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Joe is reported to parade around naked in front of his secret service detail.

Some things can't be unseen.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

This guy is always hilarious.

Next thing he'll say is "Umma genius!".

Seriously dumb. My god he is dumb.

And No.  He would not have beaten Trump.  He would have lost worse than Hillary.

thebigunit's picture


Biden is disgusting. he is one who promoted a "Reparation Tax" on white people to assuage "years of oppression by whitey" against the self-proclaimed suippressed people, suggesting either $3,000 per craker or 1% per family, whichever is greater.

Despite the impressions created by the MSM that most people in America are "minorities", 73% of Americans are "white".

Fish Gone Bad's picture

trump was perhaps the ONLY candidate Hillary was supposedly capable of besting.  Oops, guess not.

Antifaschistische's picture

 "sick of the divisiveness" = why doesn't everyone do what the snowflakes do! shut up and follow their masters!!

Gonzogal's picture

"he'll be in rehab"

Alongside Anthony Weiner...for the same problem!

Shlomo Scheckelstein's picture

Biden: "You don't have to be a jew to be a zionist." whahahha

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Biden will be 77 years old in 2020. If elected, he would be 78 on Inauguration Day, making him fully eight years older than the next oldest person to be inaugurated for a first term.

Shlomo Scheckelstein's picture

According to my Babylonian calendar US of A will not exist.
Plans can change of course

Secret Weapon's picture

He is still not too old to go to prison. 

esum's picture

Dr. Afredi agrees...
He is the CIA asset that Biden outed and the Pakis put in prison for 6 years so far.. uncle Joe should volunteer to take his place in a prisoner swap...

Yog Soggoth's picture

He should have his house raided just for those tapes of him fondling children on stage. Creepy Joe needs to be separated from society and registered as a sexual offender.

Ms. Erable's picture

I'd swear I've slipped into an alternate reality where evil is good, base emotions pass for reason, and stupidity is the most desired personal trait.

Shlomo Scheckelstein's picture

That CERN thing really works hehhehe

BorisTheBlade's picture

It's still Newtonean physics, shit floats and ends up on top.

tmosley's picture

Welcome to the ZH peanut gallery.

Chupacabra-322's picture


Welcome to Dystopian Times.

What's a little trash taking among Pure Evil War Criminal Psychopaths?

Ms. Erable's picture

I think the worst part of it is I've had this feeling for the last quarter century plus, with things deteriorating further every day at an accelerating pace..

DavidC's picture

I don't think you're alone!


Chupacabra-322's picture

She's not.

I've been living this Dystopian Nightmare for almost Half a Century.

And, yes. It is accelerating. At an Exponential Rate.

Alfred's picture

His name was Seth Rich

Long-John-Silver's picture

RE: Joe, welcome to regret.

It was not Joe's turn, it was Hillary's. We all know Hillary had been selected for the candidacy before the propaganda show known as the democrat primary. 

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I have it from a very reliable source, that Biden plans to have Michelle Obama as his running mate

That way, she's one heart beat or one step away to transform America: Make America Globalist Again.

And it puts the Obamas back in the WH.


pizdowitz's picture

And you thought it would be Chelsea?

thebigunit's picture

I am told that Democrats are having huge erections and wet dreams at the prospect that their next president will be . . . Kamela Harris, first term senator from California.

Harris is "photogenic", female, black, and very left-wing, and likely, a political blank slate who takes orders.

Think of her as a Democrat Frankenstein monster where they combined body parts from Hillary, Obama, and Elizabeth Warren.

Chris Matthews is going to have a thrill up both legs, and more.

oDumbo's picture

Drunk Uncle Joe in 2012 in a black church....almost his exact words..."you better vote for obama or they're going to put you back in chains!!!" a black preacher voice, of course.  What a steaming pile of pig shit is Drunk Uncle Joe.  He is a clear example of just how stupid dumocrats believe the average voter really is.  It is not so much a political party as a babysitter for the downtrodden, pathetic, gullible and needy.  Get 'em Joe!

abyssinian's picture

The difference is Biden was a great candidate with a big krusty vagina!  And Hillary has a big hairy penis.... go ask Bill, he will tell you...

Just Another Vietnam Vet's picture

  "I never thought she was a great candidate" 


 Never ever JOE, never ever  ??

divingengineer's picture

Say what you will about Joe Biden, but I have never, ever gotten an anti-American vibe from him. He doesn't strike me as someone with a strong social agenda either.

thebigunit's picture

He goes to Democrat Conventions and mingles with Democrats.  That's all you need to know,

Say what you will about Joe Biden, but I have never, ever gotten an anti-American vibe from him. He doesn't strike me as someone with a strong social agenda either.

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aliki's picture

how could u have been a "great candidate" when u werent a candidate?

dems eating dems

cycle that never breaks

RiverRoad's picture

Snake eating it's own tail.

LyLo's picture

He WAS a candidate...  In 2008...  When he didn't even make through the first round of primary voting.

Yes my goldfish friends in the media; he dropped out after getting less than 1% of the vote in the Iowa caucus, which for the record put him behind John Edwards.  Yeah: "great candidate," for sure.  Fucking lol.