Chinese Media Warns US Social Division Shows "Western Democracy Is Crumbling"

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Well known government mouthpiece, The China Global Times, published an op-ed overnight that was shockingly frank about the state of America (in their eyes) and did little to confirm President Trump's opinion that he and Premier Xi are best-buddies...

President Trump's Troubles Are Not Going Away

US President Donald Trump appears to be in big trouble. A memo by former FBI director James Comey exposed by The New York Times shows Trump had asked Comey to end an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn in a meeting on February 14. US mainstream media and the Democratic Party accused Trump of obstruction of justice.


Earlier, US media had reported that Trump leaked highly classified intelligence on the Islamic State to visiting Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, yet Washington failed to share the same information with its allies to protect the source.


As the attacks on Trump ramp up, many are now calling for him to be impeached. According to one poll, 48 percent supported impeachment, while 41 percent opposed. The numbers don't bode well for Trump.


The American elite still refuse to accept Trump after his 100 days in the Oval Office. He is at odds with the mainstream media; insiders have constantly leaked information to the media. Now some commentators have compared the exposure of the Comey memo to the Watergate scandal. As Congress is under Republican control, few believe there will be a move to impeach the president, but these latest revelations will certainly further erode Trump's presidential authority.


At the beginning of the corruption scandal, few believed that South Korean president Park Geun-hye would be impeached either. Could this be a reference for Trump's case? But evidence of Park's illegal activities was solid, while it will be more complicated to make determinations over whether Trump obstructed justice and leaked classified intelligence. 


To impeach Trump will need more evidence from further investigation. To completely discredit Trump among voters, the present scandal is not enough as it does not add to the negative image of Trump. Many just think Trump often speaks off the cuff, which ends up in silly blunders. 


If there is a major substantive scandal over and above him speaking out of turn then that will be another thing. But this is not the case at the moment.


Every country has its own troubles. The US model represents Western democracy, but it is crumbling, and the resulting social division has become more and more serious. The US Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein appointed a special counsel to oversee the investigation into link between Russia and the 2016 US presidential election and related matters on Wednesday. More juicy details will continue to appear and the rifts may become wider. Trump will become one of the most frequently accused Americans.


The US won't be engulfed by chaos if its president is caught in a lawsuit. Someone has pointed out that no matter how chaotic the White House and Capitol Hill are, the overall operation of the US will not be a major problem as long as the enterprises and social organizations in the country are stable. This is seen as an advantage of the American system.


Although American society is relatively stable, the political tumult can't be taken as an advantage of the US system. The fact is that US politics is in trouble, and the benefits brought by its system are being squandered.

With friends like that, who needs North Korean enemies?

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I think they will try to force Trump out quick, once they make their move. The top guys have too much equity, and the Nixon thing took too long and tanked the market too much.


Also, Trump is not likely to quietly wait for the end as much as Nixon did. If they take 2 years to get rid of Trump, he'll be airing the Deep State's dirty laundry on Twitter daily.

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Only a self-deluded nincompoop would not recognize the US Multikulti "Hoaxocracy" is well into it's final chapter.

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"Someone has pointed out that no matter how chaotic the White House and Capitol Hill are, the overall operation of the US will not be a major problem as long as the enterprises and social organizations in the country are stable. This is seen as an advantage of the American system."

WHO IS THIS "SOMEONE"?  WHAT THE FUCK?  BULLSHIT....  This WILL be a major problem asswhipes.  We're talking civil war 2.0....

red1chief's picture

You are probably correct, but not in the short term. These things take longer than most suspect. I'm not sure that baby wipes will have much to do with it.

uhland62's picture

It's a little like what Biden said in Australia. "Don't worry about the elections; the same angels will be in charge in Washington'.  Yes, he said angels. 

shovelhead's picture

Well he didn't say they were the light 'walking kids across the street' kind of angels.

Xena fobe's picture

Yes, the US is not stable.  Better not come here or you risk losing your investment properties.

aPocketofResistance's picture

Chinese sure like buying real estate here in the midst of our hijacked system, in spite of what their MSM is pushing.

uhland62's picture

Goes to show that there, too, there's a difference between what the common folk think and what the rulers think. 

Obama's 'hope' for 'change we can believe in' not being delivered led to Trump, and the Bush initiated wars are still costing blood and treasure. False promises, sowing trouble have consequences - now that's a surprise. Russia is the enemy, quick spend more money for the military. 



Teknopagan's picture

Democracy has degenerated into the rule of Jewish money

Bill of Rights's picture

A blessing in disguise...

YourAverageJoe's picture

So sez the country that purged 30 million of its own citizens in the mid 1960's.

A "Cultural Revolution" I believe was the term....

beijing expat's picture

You need to understand, the Chinese have been there and done that. They are experienced in the matters of Cultural Revolution and any Chinese can tell you that what is brewing on Campuses across the west is what they saw back in the 60s.

The parallels are astounding, and the danger is much bigger than you can imagine.

Like Aquarius says above, evil is the result of the collective and the collective is being organised and given direction by an old political order that is on the brink of being swept away.

PitBullsRule's picture

That is Spot On True.  The Chinks nailed it!

jcbudmo's picture

Western political evolution: Autocracy-Democracy-Idiocracy.

silverer's picture

It's worse than the Chinese say. But not because of Trump. Does anyone with a sane mind believe replacing Trump with Hillary would "fix" America? Unrest and violence on the way, no matter which path the US goes down now. Thanks Bush, Clinton, and Obama for setting it up.

FlKeysFisherman's picture

On top of all our financial problems we have a political class that has gone full retard with their toxic identity politics.

That alone is enough to tear this country apart. I just don't see how we can keep our society together if they continue on the way they are.

beijing expat's picture

The identity politics are really a Post Modern attack on the individual, and the primacy of the individual is the basis of western civilisation. The schism this has created in our society is immense and has the potential to cause a civil war on the scale of the 30 year war back in 1618-48.

We see what we might describe as populists rebelling against the Globalist order that has been imposed on us against our will.

Trump, the leader of the populism is being attacked and could be overthrown by the Globalists but that doesn't matter. His supporters form the backbone of the army and the police and they are not happy.

In any case, the outcome will probably be totalitarian as predicted by Nietzsche and described by Orwell and Huxley.

What we are witnessing is truly epochal.

Aquarius's picture

The Deep State: A rabble of frightened wealthy and wannabee ignoramses, arrogantly stroking their ego and vanities while playing with each other dicks and believing that they are important. A Generational culture of John Wayne, I Love Lucy and guardians of the empire where in realty, a hive of cowards, liars and incompetent proto-humans suffering from pre-consciousness and emotional contagion.

Language, Thought, and Reality (1956), Benjamin Whorf states:

"We cut nature up, organize it into concepts, and ascribe significances as we do, largely because we are parties to an agreement to organize it in this way -- an agreement that holds throughout our speech community and is codefied in the patterns of our language. The agreement is, of course, an implicit and unstated one, but its terms are absolutely obligatory; we cannot talk at all except by subscribing to the organization and classification of data which the agreement decrees."

It is pretty clear to me that "The Deep State" is not a group of powerful individuals that Objectively plans to run the USA and the World as they particular feel is the objective of their Intellectual abilities; This idea is IMO far from the truth. I question firstly that there are any "Intellectual Abilities" behind what is going on, and I doubt that anybody has any plan for the World and the USA. Closer to the truth is the result of Culture and too many of Hollywood's Cowboy movies.

More likely the wealthy just want more money while sating their ego and vanity with booze, cigars, women and children (Paedophilia).

The Big Influential Bankers; the same as above.

Most Generals and officers from bird colonels up want skirmishes and little wars so they can scam medals and money while stroking their ego and vanities.

The Finance guys want money and run on adrenaline; booze and women, fast cars are added necessities.

The Big Bureaucrats want Power but only for the purposes of getting into real wealth; lie, cheat, steal, screw, it doesn't matter

So, it is the brainless Collective that aimlessly runs the Deep State; Language, Class, School Fraternity. Dad's friends, etc., but the Collective has its own agenda which is, to survive at all costs, and no matter who is called the Big Chief, President or General. The Collective is numeric; it demands numbers and its enemies are all other Collectives; the more the assets and resources, the greater the chances for survival. Hannah Arendt gets  it right.

Only the Collective uses Evil against Humanity; only the Individual can achieve Virtue.

The USA ruling Collective has become focused on Tribal Nationalism (the Collective) by the decades long  rule / influence by the Trotsky neocons, Zionist Israeli who appear to control all sides of all committees throughout the administration of the USA Government both Federal and State.and the pre-conscious bureaucrats, MSM journalists and all that hangs off them in a state of Emotional Contagion.

This is the default mental state brought about by being of the Collective known as "adaptive Unconsciousness' or as Eric Hoffer identified, The True Believer. A Thoughtless Automaton and citizen of the devolving Empire brought about by Induced Fear into the populace via the Media.
Please note that  "the adaptive Unconsciousness" is the same as Freud and Jung's Collective Unconscious.

And they all suffer this disease in Government and all attached thereto, and here is: The Deep State.

Fact: ~95% of the World's population is essentially pre-conscious (without consciousness - Indeed) where 5% are emergent Conscious' all of which are Demographically expressed.

States of Consciousness:
1. The proto-Human is pre-conscious
2. The next state is emergent conscious or Subjective Consciousness
3. The optimum state for the Human Being or Accomplished Man is Objective Consciousness or of Intellect.

This is evolution: Modern Man and the Birth of Consciousness began about 4000 BCE so we are, today, an extremely Primitive Mammal by all counts. while we probably have millions of years to evolve.
The next Epoch appears to be right in front of us, with the emergence of the Internet and our Technological advances. Once we conquer "Energy", Man will colonise the Universe.

But first, we must approach the Affairs of all Peoples, Objectively for the benefit of all Humanity and its Infinite Future.

IOW, we need to dump the Garbage, and create an Objective, non-Collective form of Government across all Cultures, as diversity is our greatest resource.


Feel Free to Circulate under Creative Commons Free Useage.


Ho hum

beijing expat's picture

"Only the Collective uses Evil against Humanity; only the Individual can achieve Virtue."

I guess that's about right. I've been wondering about the source of the evil that is driving the wars and whatnot. I've met many of those at the top and they are generally good people. But they are gripped with a sort of mania and collectively do evil things.

Anyhow, interesting stuff. Thanks for taking the time to post.

brushhog's picture

I went to a very wealthy persons house, they were on about how good globalism is and how the "racists" shouldnt be allowed to keep refugees out. She lived in a palace, and had several refugees and questionable immigrants working as gardeners, house keepers and etc. I thought "sure, its working out great for you. What about the Americans that dont have those jobs?"

Completely different perspective. They see only the benefits and the good while being totally insulated from the negative consequences.

Aquarius's picture

Julian Jaynes supports my thesis that today , Humanity's mode of thought is mostly (~95%) schizophrenia,


or at least IMO. No Subjective Consciousness means that you have not evolved and your opinions, again, IMO, are essentially worthless to science. Annick de Souzenelle has also stated similar thoughts.


We can also ask, What have we lost by giving up the bicameral paradigm? Jaynes addresses this in the third section of his book, "Vestiges of the Bicameral Mind in the Modern World," specifically under the topic of schizophrenia with the subtopic "The Advantages of Schizophrenia" (page 426).

What is interesting here is that Jaynes very convincingly equates schizophrenia with a complete loss of subjective consciousness: the loss of the inner space of the imagination, the loss of the self reflective 'I', the loss of the ability to narratize. It is a reversion to the pre-conscious bicameral paradygm.

"Another advantage of schizophrenia, perhaps evolutionary, is tirelessness. While a few schizophrenics complain of generalized fatigue, particularly in the early stages of the illness, most patients do not. In fact, they show less fatigue than normal persons and are capable of tremendous feats of endurance. They are not fatigued by examinations lasting many hours. They may move about day and night, or work endlessly without any sign of being tired. Catatonics may hold an awkward position for days that the reader could not hold for more than a few minutes. This suggests that much fatigue is a product of the subjective conscious mind, and that bicameral man, building the pyramids of Egypt, the ziggurats of Sumer, or the gigantic temples at Teotihuacan with only hand labor, could do so far more easily than could conscious self-reflective men."

chosen's picture

If the US was all white, we would not be having near as many problems.  Political correctness is killing us.  BTW, nobody gives a shit what chinks think, except other chinks.

roddy6667's picture

Say hello to your new overlords.

roddy6667's picture

Democracy always destroys itself. Every election, more and more citizens vote for their own short term gratification instead of what would benefit the country and themselves in the long run.

That's what happens when you make the idiotic assumption that all men are equal. They are not.

The Shodge's picture

Democracy leads to Socialism and Socialism leads to Genocide

shovelhead's picture


Always with the "genocide".

casapi's picture

envious, commie corrupt broke chinese

quax's picture

Hard to argue with that. If China ever wants to experiment with democracy I'd recommend they start by only letting people vote who managed to get an advanced degree.



risk.averse's picture

I'd recommend they start by only letting people vote who managed to get an advanced degree.

hmmm...considering the heavy doses of left-wing ideology that are now being pumped into students at many Western universities I seriously doubt possessing a degree will guarantee better, wiser outcomes at the voting booth.

In th early days of parliamentary democracy in Britain only people (OK, it was exclusively men...shame on the Brits!) with property were accorded the right to vote. In these days of majority, or near-majority, of non-taxpaying voters turning out to vote for whomever promises them MOAR FREE STUFF I reckon its time to re-jig the voting system: all citizens of age still retain the right to vote but those with property and who pay more than a certain amount in taxes should be accorded a bonus vote.

brushhog's picture

An advanced degree in what? Grievance studies at Lib U?

shovelhead's picture

I like Chinese people.

Why would you want to wish a Hillary on them? For every Hillery voter with an advanced degree, you got 500 dropouts and barista useful idiots that they have infected with their toxic identity politics.

Why you hate Chinese people so much?

joego1's picture

It's not democracy crumbling it's  the republic crumbling as the electoral college  decays into a metro-dictatorship.

Aristofani's picture

Well you know those Chinese Commies know how to call a spade a spade without making silly blunders. They dont twitter about!

Codwell's picture

Democracy has always been dead in the US. We're a constitutional republic, always have been. 

dogismycopilot's picture

The Democrats and their bullshit have made America the laughing stock of the world.

Trump needs to thump them hard.

Gallumhrasha's picture

america is regressing and the rest of the world is progressing

Gallumhrasha's picture

Politics might be fucked, but the shadow government will always be here

aldol11's picture

In a democracy only salesmen get elected

brushhog's picture

Democracy is the worst way to choose a leader....accept for all the other ways.

San Pedro's picture

The DNC has gone Marxist and is now a National Security Risk and Threat.

risk.averse's picture

If I had to choose ONE thing that distinguishes Chinese society from American (and probably most of West) society is the Chinese still have retained a sense of familial loyalty, respect and piety. A cliche perhaps but FAMILY is the bedrock of any successful and durable civilization. Chinese husbands might cheat just as much as Western guys *but* they lose respect and social standing if they don't meet their family obligations. Not the case in the sense of shame if you walk out on your family. "Shame" is considered an old-fashioned word here now.

The philosophical basis of Chinese family strength is Confucianism. Mao and his revolutionaries --seeing it as a competing ideology -- tried to eradicate Confucianism after thousands of years of adherance. The current regime -- realizing its value -- revived it a decade or two back.

A few of the Chinese families I know are dysfunctional to some degree *but* the parents do their duty regarding their kids, and try to keep their disputes hidden from them. Kids need stability to grow confident and psychologically stable. They are the next generation.

brushhog's picture

You got it right. The radical left has destroyed the family unit here in America through radicalized feminism, and legislated misandry.

BritBob's picture

But they're inclined to support myths -


In tune with Macri's words, Xi Jinping thanked Argentina "the support they have given us for our claim of a single China as we support theirs for the Falkland Islands."  (Telam 17 May 2017)

How can Argentina claim the Falklands when she has never legally owned them?

Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina:



Greendawg's picture

Hahaha commies attacking democracy in a shallow attempt to take the higher ground and promote thier shit ideology.  First off America is a democratic REPUBLIC, not a demoracy.  Second, its working quite well. Ask the cultural marxists crying in every campus safespace who voted for Hitlery and learned a very important lesson this election.    #ElectoralVotesMatter

moorewasthebestbond's picture

A republic?


Never spoil a good democracy story with the facts.

Greendawg's picture

I love the irony of the libtards are preaching communism, but wanting socialism,  while at the same time shitting on facism, aaaand just happen to be demonstrating true democracy, ie mob rule............ all while demonstrating they know nothing about ideologies.