Close Friend of Comey, Ben Wittes, Makes Up Absurd Story About Comey Being 'Disgusted' by Trump Hug

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If Comey admits to being 'disgusted' by 'hugging' Trump, I fucking promise to eat a shoe on my inactive periscope account. When I clicked on this stupid story from The Shill, I figured I'd just watch it and move on. So I got to watching it and as it went on, it became more absurd, almost perverse, in the blatancy of the lies being purported by this former Washpo editor and Brookings Institue faggot.

If you're a democrat and believe this is a person of repute, feel free to fuck yourself. Look at this submental, literally making the story up as he went along the faggot rode paved for him by the PBS eunuch.

'He really wanted to blend in and not be singled out. He's wearing, if you watch the video, he's wearing a blue blazer. And he stands in the room that is as far from Trump that is physically possible to be and also against blue drapes that are the same color as his --'

'He chose that spot?'

'He chose that spot because it was almost like a chameleon or camouflaged against the wall.'

Fuck yourself Ben Wittes.

It's worth noting, Wittes has a black belt in Taekwondo. I still like my chances in beating him senseless, if afforded the chance, however.

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Black belt? A full mag of 9mm Para is like 15 black belts,

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This is COMPLETELY obvious Comey felt being used. You don't know what the F you are railing about, why you are on ZH is beyond me.

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Hugs are better than drugs.  And Donald Trump doesn't do drugs, and he got to be President, so....  watch and learn.

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One way to get on the A-list for the all-important D.C. parties.  You're nobody if you aren't invited to the parties.

Raging Debate's picture

I saw this at the gym on an eliptical making sure I am not the next dude on My 600 lbs Life. It was onscreen CNN. Why the hell is this news? 

East Indian's picture

The right question is: why the hell are you forced to watch this?

mary mary's picture

Because the people who own the gym want to make sure they don't get on the bad side of the Deep State.

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How is this surprising?   I don't like guy hugs either.


Now chic hugs are different, depending on the chic.

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TeaKwonDo is good exercise... completely useless in a street fight, but good exercise

Brazilian JiuJitsu, baby

Brazilian JiuJitsu

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comey has no problem with torture. I dont get it. Oh I see, not if it's done to him.

Handful of Dust's picture

The sad part is there seems to be no accountability or repurcussions form these montrous lies and evil actions and statements. I wish there WERE a hell for these people to burn in forever.

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+1 for the appropriate usage of the word faggot

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Im not a physics major...but don't hollowpoints beat black-belt?...

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If you really want to get into it... it depends on how close he is to you when it goes down. If it's within 10 feet you will definitely have to fight him, and more than 20, he will have to fight on your terms. In between, it depends on reaction time.

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I still like my chances in beating him senseless, if afforded the chance, however.

...yeah...good luck with that.


Also, you say faggot too much. Just sayin.


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FWIW - there's a local guy around where I live - black belt in karate. Regularly in the gym punching and kicking the shit out of a bag, some sparring. A guy had a beef with him. About the same age, neither one a bruiser but both fit. The black belt got his ass kicked straight out in an old fashioned no weapons brawl.

vladiki's picture

What a ridiculous item. Washington woffle. "Disgusted! ... " "Disgusted?!" .... "Disgusted!!" .....

"A tearful triggered Jim fled home, and spent a sleepless night ......". Or

"A suddenly aroused James responded eagerly to Unero Numo's powerful embrace and in a trice they were as one ... oblivious to the 50 others in the room, TV cameras, millions at home, a worried Putin watching via the bug-video, and tenderly-concerned aides - a blended 400lbs of sweating, needy, thrusting flesh ...........".

"Chameleon?"! He stood out against those drapes like OJ in a party frock. Some f***ing chameleon.

That was as close to a "hug" as dancing a waltz is to vertical penetrative sex, or is that how they do it in Washington? Now if Donnie had grabbed him by the nuts (you know, his usual thing) or security had to separate them with a bucket of iced water,that would have been a story to tell. But no tonguee, and a 1/2 sec hardly-touchee. Have the media lost their minds?

LyLo's picture

I watched CNN turn a serving of ice cream into hours of programming recently.

So, yes... yes I believe the media has lost their minds.

Paper Mache's picture

It's the truth! He wrote a memo to himself that proves it. 

flea's picture

Nice, but on the video, I'll take your word for it Fly.

Von Berger's picture

That vid. What a load of unadulterated bollocks.

aliens is here's picture

I bet Trump felt even more disgusted for hugging that POS SOB.

FoggyWorld's picture

If you look back, Trump really was trying to make friends with everyone and in Comey's case he may have had serious questions but either he felt he needed more information or he was willing to give Comey a chance.

Either way, Trump did the right thing.

aliens is here's picture

Very true. I hope Trump now sees he has no friends in DC other than the people that voted for him.

max_leering's picture

Ben Dim-Wittes... someone earlier wrote that they have a black belt in Glock... nice... I have Super Black Belt in Ruger Ranch Rifle, and I'd give ol' Ben a 30 sec. start, then hunt that fuck on my terms... he'd hear the whizz of .223 rounds over his head for fun, then an arm shot, then the other arm, and then the coup de grace, a center head shot from about 250 yds... bye bye Felicia

Knob Creek's picture

Head shot at 250 with a Ruger Ranch Rifle???..... That'd be more luck than not. ( Not doubting your skill as a marksman, just your choice of tool to get the job done.  The Mini 14 has never been known as a tack driver, more as a reliable 'minute of man' bullet hose.)  Now a Ruger precision rifle on the other hand, you could easily double or triple that distance. 

                                                                               Peace Brother

max_leering's picture

which side molars do you want me to take out Doc?

max_leering's picture

and btw, what's a few yards among friends

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Ben Wittes is a Zionist Jew. Enough said.

DuneCreature's picture

Comey will get more than a hug from Bubba his cellmate in a Fed Max. .... He better get used to the idea of Mano Luv.

Maybe Ben can come visit if he can get on the approved list (I hear you sometimes have to do the guards a few 'special favors' to get added) and they don't give Slippery Jim too much Diesel Therapy so he's hard to find in BOP locator.

The Seth Rich story isn't going well for Mr. Bankster turned cover-up artist.

As I figured, the MSM comes up with some new "Squirrel!" story and the McCade winged monkeys are running around to DC area hospitals having 'meetings' with the staffs. ........ Probably handing out NSL (National Security Letters = aka Gag Orders on 'national security grounds) ........ George on the matter =

Alex and Roger =

Doug and Joe =

What a scam and typical FBI cover-up. ........ It would not surprise me to see CCTV footage of the winged monkeys climbing out of an unmarked taking out Seth Rich for Killary.

If there was ever a cop that needed to be behind bars James Comey is the one.

Live Hard, The Seth Rich Hit Was NO ROBBERY! .. Metro DC PD Is In On The Cover-Up, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

FoggyWorld's picture

And yet Seth Rich's computer apparently is in the hands of the FBI!

Budnacho's picture

Amen Brother...

His name was Seth Rich...

Iron head's picture

I heard it from a friend whooo heard it from a friend whooo heard it from another trump been messin arouuuund.

Squid Viscous's picture

another tribesman trying to derail the train

veeger's picture

the 2% have saturated the u.s. gov.  to the vanishing point

Iron head's picture

Comey is really pumpkin head in disguise

Obadiah's picture

Haha  Yeah he was compromised by that hug.  You lil faggot.  

"Fill your hands you son of a B%^&%$^$%CH"

-Rooster Cogburn

DuneCreature's picture

Who? ... Ben Fuckwit?

Live hard, Never Heard Of The Criminal Asshole Slippery Jim's Butt Buddy, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

gmak's picture

Wearing a blue blazer stnading next to the blue drapes, like a chameleon?  Doesn't this only work in Ace Ventura movies and cartoons (old ones at that)? Seriously, this is the thought process of a grown man? No wonder Western Civiliztion, the greatet one we have ever seen on this planet, is falling to violent ideologues who believe God crossed the entire universe (look at the Milky Way sometime and realize that there are more galaxies out there than the stars you see) to speak to an illiterate warlord and tell him that even though HE create homosexuals, it was just for believers to have something to toss off of a high roof.


Sure sounds like a "Simpsons" plot - like the one where God kills Homer.

esum's picture

Trump hug to Comey the CLown

Hug and kiss

Il bacio della morte

SoDamnMad's picture

So Wittes has a black belt in taekwondo. I have a black belt in Glock.

MisterMousePotato's picture

I still smile whenever I think of that scene from one of the Indiana Jones movies when Harrison Ford casually dispatches Scimitar Guy with a revolver.

Lone_Star's picture

What's with these leftist pricks, and psychotic bitches, and their purple tinted grey hair? Brock, Brazzle, this tool, A Cooper.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Well now we know who Comey's Howdy Doody is when he can;t go to Pedo Island.