Friday Humor: Ivy League Students "Take Turns" At Hunger Strikes

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Authored by Toni Airaksinen via The,

Don’t want to risk our health

At a time when college administrators will seemingly give in to any student protest, Ivy League activists have stumbled upon a way to protest without accomplishing anything: short-term hunger strikes.

Anti-Israel protesters at Columbia University and union organizers at Yale have both come up short in their bids to force change by fasting in the past month.

Columbia students have been taking turns fasting in support of Palestinian political prisoners for more than two weeks.

More than 1,500 Palestinian political prisoners began a hunger strike on April 17 in advocacy of better conditions inside Israeli jails.

Student members of Columbia University Apartheid Divest (CUAD) began their protest May 3, vowing that “each day, one member will undertake a 24 hour hunger strike,” until the Palestinian political prisoners stop protesting.

Every day since, the designated striker of the day has been featured on the group’s social media page. Each holds a sign that reads “In Solidarity of Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike #CUADHungerStrike.”

They cited political prisoner Marwan Barghouti for inspiration. “Our chains will be broken before we are, because it is human nature to heed the call for freedom regardless of the cost.”

“CUAD stands firmly in solidarity with the resilient Palestinian prisoners in the call for justice, freedom, and dignity,” they wrote.


Jeffrey Jacobs, a graduate student in the School of Arts and Science, was a recently featured striker.

“Palestinian prisoners are on the 31st day of their#DignityStrike, and today is Day 15 of#CUADhungerstrike in solidarity with their call for justice, freedom, and dignity,” CUAD captioned his photo.

Keeping in line with the group’s history of denigrating Israel, CUAD claimed that Israeli military forces are treating Palestinian prisoners inhumanely, contributing to mass incarceration of Palestinians, and that Israel is unlawfully occupying Palestine.

When the Danny Danon, Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, came to Columbia in February, CUAD members were there to shout him down.

They also flyered the campus with posters claiming “Palestine is Stolen Land” and that “Zionism is Racism,” and hosted an event inviting students to “learn about Israel’s racist and imperialist apartheid policies” during Israeli Apartheid Week.

The flyers were not taken lightly by members of Columbia’s pro-Israel group Aryeh. They fought back by dispatching 50 students to wear shirts that proudly proclaimed “ZIONIST” and condemning CUAD’s statements as “lies.”

So far, Columbia students who stop eating for a day – a common practice by Mormons, Muslims and other conservative religious groups – don’t appear to have changed anything.

But their strike has sought far more sweeping change than the failed hunger strike by Yale activists who are trying to get the administration to recognize their union.

Eight graduate teaching assistants started an “indefinite fast” on April 25, but the brochure they distributed to onlookers suggested they were taking turns not eating, similar to the Columbia strike.

After much confusion and derision – including a tweeted barb from CNN anchor Jake Tapper – their PR firm confirmed to The College Fix that “none of them have consumed food or anything except water” as of the ninth day of their strike.

By this week, the remaining three fasters gave up. New Haven Register reported that they threw in the towel after two weeks because those who were still fasting would start to “suffer serious physical harm,” in the judgment of medical professionals. Their places were taken by other union members.

Yale has not agreed to come to the bargaining table with the union yet. It is unclear whether fasting will help expedite that process.

The union, Local 33, is planning a more conventional protest with a better track record than fasting.

According to the Yale Daily News, the union and “peer organizations” have promised to “stage a disruptive protest” during the May 22 commencement. Graduating students are denouncing the planned disruption, with Class of 2017 Treasurer Mimi Pham calling it “insensitive” to her 1,300 peers.

Yale says it has made “contingency plans” for graduates and their loved ones if protesters try to ruin commencement.

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jmack's picture

i am holding 3 hr long hunger strikes, multiple times  per day to protest these students hunger strikes.

Al Gophilia's picture

Now that's what I call commitment.

DavidC's picture

I was going to use the term fuckwits, but flakes is good!


wombats's picture


< Ivy League, Amerika's best and brightest.

< Amerika is fucked.

Stuck on Zero's picture

At least they could strike between mouthfuls.

J S Bach's picture

They should get themselves to 2 dozen students and rotate.  Then they'd only have to "sacrifice" for an hour apiece. (Even THAT may be too much to ask of some of the more obese scholars on campus.)

luky luke's picture

Looks like the Palestinian cause is HUMOUROUS to Jewish-controlled ZH.

Unfortunately, pretending to be Hebrews and steal somebody's country is NOT funny.

stizazz's picture

"Yale says it has made “contingency plans” for graduates and their loved ones if protesters try to ruin commencement."

So, Jewish President of Yale, Peter Salovey, doesn't like what's happening on his campus and made "arrangements".

BetterRalph's picture

Boycott each of these colleges.
nullify their degrees.
Change your linux mirrors to non .edu

caconhma's picture

For once, these students do the right stuff.

AltRight Girl's picture

Just wait till they'll start to sue for discrimination when their hipster strike won't be called hunger strike anymore. 

Hope they end up in Texas courts like Obama's son:

Court Defuses Muslim “Clock-Boy” Latest Damage Claims

Art Van Delay's picture

Most of them would benefit from a hunger strike.

OMG, check that picture...that troll (ugly fat females) is bigger than my van

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Stop leaving bait links to your shitty website.

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Lurk Skywatcher's picture

I want to live long enough to see how fucked up these people are going to make the world.

Part time hunger strikes? Whats next? Virtual self immolation?

veritas semper vinces's picture

Supporting the Palestinian Cause is the first good thing these students do as far as I know

A Nanny Moose's picture

Stupid fucking Communist snowflaykze

strannick's picture

So if you're say working, and don't eat for 3 hours, then is that a fast?


chiquita's picture

Yeah--that's protesting against poverty and indebtedness

roddcarlson's picture

These kids got it all wrong the Turkish Holy People called Jews, like it when Goy doesn't eat. And we're all political and economic prisoners of Jews, still some people LOVE their oppressors.  Others are just so scared of being called an antisemite, even though the Pharasaic converted/prosletysed Holy Men from Turkey we call Jew today isn't semitic.  Jokes on us like usual Jew knows how to supress criticism as he rapes, kills, and steals following his Devil's handbook the Talmud and then lectures us on morality.  They are so good at lying that it might be possible they believe their own lies.  Missing dinner to disapprove of their actions, heck Israel doesn't mind if the Palestenians die of starvation much less some defiant liberal one that they can always threaten with the big racist Antisemite word, so I can guarantee that this movement of liberals is going nowhere.  Turkey/Khazar man wants all the real western asians called semites dead or gone and they'd be more than happy to see them starve to death to make it happen.

Bigly's picture

Do these jeans make my ass look fat?  Yes? :-0 are a hateful rayciss! I am going on a 5 hour hunger strike.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

No animals protestors were harmed during the making of this movie protest.

knukles's picture

I like fuckwits.
Kind of people who in your day to day life, cause one serious introspection as to what is God's plan, because this sure as Satan's sweaty balls, does not fit into a reasonably sane picture.  It's madness.  Simply madness.
I personally could not envision ever coming home from break and telling my parents that I'd participated in a 1 hour relay hunger strike.  My mom would have looked at my dad who would have laughed me out of the house.  Not for what I do or do not believe, but for being a fuckwit.

Turbo_diesel's picture

The fuckwit chick holding the sign needs to go on hunger strike for at least 200days (3600cal/lb, 100lbs overweight, 1800cal/day)

Croesus's picture

But but...the Chosenites can do no wrong, and if you think they can, that just means you're "antisemitic"

Al Gophilia's picture

That pic is priceless; I will hear no logic,  I won't witness no logic, I will face no logic.

Raffie's picture

Good for the hunger strike, that fat chick holding the sign needs to loose lots of weight any how. So this is a win win for her. That is she does not power feed after 24hr without her daily intake of 10,000 calories. 

ROFL. these people are so stupid...... however they have brought me mass hours of laughter.

wombats's picture

Bravo.  If only the "hunger strikers" realized just how rediculous they are.


Deplorable's picture

Perhaps they should go on breathing strikes for 1 minute intervals.  

They can hold their breath just like my kids did when they were 5 years old and wanted something that was off limits.  

Temper tantrums are also effective.

austinmilbarge's picture

Great diet gimmick!!

nmewn's picture

Like, I mean like, hunger striking is like, sooo hard...ya nooo? I mean like, totally gnarley tummy grumbly. No way! Ya!!!

knukles's picture

Well like uh can I have uh, some water?  No?  Then I like, I can't do it.  I need my water.  Like it's natural, organic, gluten free and no GMOs, you know.

nmewn's picture

In a plastic bottle!...LMMFAO!!!

Trucker Glock's picture

She does not look like what I imagine someone on a hunger strike looks like.

Al Gophilia's picture

She's on the Sea Food Diet. Sea food and eat it.

lakecity55's picture

She went on a Hunger Strike for 15 seconds! The brutality!


Gorgeous's picture

Don't be a Heckler! ;)  She just started...and it looks like it may be good for her, no?

peddling-fiction's picture

She carries two months of provisions on her.

Trucker Glock's picture

Her hips are doubling the cost of signage to cover them.

lakecity55's picture

Why is anyone giving any attention to parasites who do not count for Anything?

knukles's picture

I'm starting to wonder how badly my brain is being played these days.
There simply cannot be so many people that dense.

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well being a full time ridiculous cunt takes effort, millenials are slackers

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Oh here we go, this will piss some people off...

“Palestinian prisoners are on the 31st day of their#DignityStrike, and today is Day 15 of#CUADhungerstrike in solidarity with their call for justice, freedom, and dignity,” CUAD captioned his photo." soon as the Israelis heard about it they set up BBQ grills outside. 

As I understand it, the aroma was...intoxicating ;-)

knukles's picture

Baby back ribs; wrapped in bacon.