Jim Bullard Does It Again - Stocks Spike On Hint Of Future QE

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It's deja vu all over again. Having saved the world (stocks) in October 2014, The Fed's Jim Bullard - clearly worried by the 2% drop in stocks - has stepped back in today...

Hinting at the never-ending market put, Bullard noted in a Q&A session after his speech that...


And that was all the machines needed...

Efficient markets much?

Of course, the only problem Bullard has is that The Fed needs to "shrink" its balance sheet before it can re-QE. So this is simply front-running the carnage that a lumpy Fed balance sheet unwind (due to maturing debt) is likely to cause by pacifying worried investors that "we got this" if everything turns to shit.

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tell us something we don't already know bulltard.

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These fucks have ruined everything. All downhill from here..

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It's crap like this that Bullard comes out with that is making the 'market' LESS stable, not more stable.

Fuckwit. And he has said absolutely NOTHING today.


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I hope they can't play carnival music in the future with QE, welcome to the circus sideshow.

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Bullard isn't even worth listening to. His rhetoric is bullshit. He's out of the money.

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The tax cut deal got delayed into 2018 which means the entire year of 2017 may not get any tax cuts for millions of people as expected, stocks still held up well, suprise? what about million business already spent the potential tax cut money? will they cut back later the year?

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Donnie promised tax cuts for two seperate weeks...nothing of course. 

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Why do anything real when a little hot air gets 'er done every time?

Churn dat butter, Bulltard.

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All this proves for the 500th time is that the Fed's true mandate is to not let the stock market ever decline by more than 1-2%.  We are at record highs, huge valuations, stocks drop a meaningless 1-2% and they crap their pants and start making appearances and threats of more free money.  A 1% decline off record highs and valuations is certainly not the time to be suggesting more QE.  The opposite is actually called for to reload before the next collapse.

Proves how broken everything is.  No markets anymore and capital misallocation is rampant.  The are also continuing to increase wealth concentration in the hands of a few while those without assets continue to be further priced out of the market for assets like stocks and homes.

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WTF?  Like this was not always their option?  As if someone could or has taken this away?  Man obviously knows his audience is as dumb as a rock.

Then there is this: "Of course, the only problem Bullard has is that The Fed needs to "shrink" its balance sheet before it can re-QE."

May I ask a simple question?  WHY?  Why does the Fed give a flying fuck about a balance sheet consisting of funny money they conjured out of thin air?  In the grand scheme of this world of debt shit, why does the Fed's balance sheet matter?  Please think through any stupid responses before posting.

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How do these mofos sleep at night?  They know they've set up  whole world economy for destruction.  Fuck them!

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They've bought houses on Caribbean Islands. The Virgin Airlines guy has subdivided an island for billionaires. The servants are going to live on an adjacent island in $750,000 homes.

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We (USA) are winding down politically, morally and economically.  Nothing can stop it (from going to ruin).  Obama was the catalyst, but we've been heading there for decades.

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We had about four chances to turn things around and blew it every time.

Ross Perot would have forestalled or prevented NAFTA,

We had Pat Buchanon stand up only to let him twist in the wind. Then Ron Paul tried twice. Nope, the citizenry was just too thick headed.

Trump was a nice effort but he promptly sold out. Now we will fade away.

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Dont worry. It just will be Detroit everywhere. Most will still barely survive on scrap metal we sell to China and gov aid. Oh boy!


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Why don't you ZHers acknowledge that the Fed backstops the stock market, buy all the things, and sell at the right time and escape the hoi polloi?

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The former paper asset elite can shine mine. 

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I'm shocked  a debt based system requiring more debt to operate efficiently 

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A debt based system can NEVER operate efficiently...

That's why they chose it.

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"...the only problem Bullard has is that The Fed needs to "shrink" its balance sheet before it can re-QE."


Really?   Says who...?

As long as the Treasury/ESF complex remains a captured market, they can do whatever they want.   Feign 'concern' - of course, you can't just do this stuff without a stage production, but the fact remains:  Unless and until foreign entities attract a large enough crowd with something tangible (Gee, i wonder who that could be...), ain't nothing going to change.



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The algo machines are programmed to buy or sell under certain conditions which is why the FED comes out with these and other statements over and over when their casino starts showing signs of coming apart. Any human "investors, traders" still out there have very little to zero influence.

This is also why you don't see the casinos drop over 2 to 3pct. Notice how the Dow 'drop' always flattens out around 400 down. They're programmed with their own built in stops. When a serious crash does appear it will be because it is desired by the cartel running the worlds supposed 'markets'. These parameters can be easily changed so as to fake real market swings.

The world has a virtual (AI) market. Any serious crash will either be intentional or a hack,,, we will probably never know which. Except for a few holdouts the cartel owns the planet, the People and their governments. It's a coup unlike any other. The machines are the People's Master and the internationalists are the Machines Master.

Warning to all,,, When 'they' decide the time is right to crash it' millions/billions will die and no amount of prepping on an individual basis will work. Personally,,, IMO, there is little that can be done to stop it as most humans are under the trance of their song and many unknowingly assist them.

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Well it's ok if the dollar crashes due to too much money printing we now have world currencies like crypto, real global money like gold and silver. They have their SDRs. All is well. I just don't know what will become of paper assets denominated in dollars.........Oh wait I do!

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  Bullard is such a fucking moron. There's no way the fed. has any ammo left , unless we go full on Venezuela. Even negative rates have been disasterous.

 Draghi is sharting his underoos right now, because he knows he can't scale back, or hint at scaling back ECB QE, or the Euro will go parabolic. The markets are way the fuck out over their skies right now, and reality is going to bite, when it slams into a tree.

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Is anyone still foolish enough to believe QE ever ended?

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Rate hike is the opposite of QE. Stop BS ing.

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What a fvcking joke.  The DJIA rallies ~3,000 points since November 4, 2016, and a ~2% drop begets a Central Banker jawboning about the possibility of more QE.


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'We feel better about risking gangrene, if it means we can avoid the pain of pulling-off a band-aid."  - The Fed

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relentless buying.  BTFD continues unabated.  Nothing has changed.

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But I thought unemployment was @ 44yr low, and market was at an all-time high?  I thought they were about to start raising interest rates? QE?


Is there something you're not telling people?  ;)

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These assholes are the reason we can't get 3% growth in the economy. They sabotage everything. The fed wants to reduce balance and raise rates. While another comes out with QE coming. There is no price discovery or fair value. Just Algos running this shit. 

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Plant workers keep asking why it's so slow. Last crash we were still busy when the bubble popped and then it slowed down. This time it's different.

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Elite cash is burning, GET SOME FED FUCKER DELIGHT! Hit the easy print button ole yellen! Add to the existing ponzi! why not?