Mapping The World's Population

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At the end of olast year, there were 7,418,151,841 people on our planet, and while many in America still believe the world revolves around them, this map shows the world resized by each nation's current population...


Source: BofAML TransformingWorld Atlas

The five most populous nations are China (1.4bn people), India (1.3bn), the USA (324mm), Indonesia (259mm), and Brazil(206mm). BofAML sees four key 'people'-related investment themes emerging from this - Asia, Aging, Millenials, and Urbanization.

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Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Stop sending any aids for food or medicine -and just watch them die down.

Mr. Universe's picture

Just send Bill Gates and his special vaccinations.

shimmy's picture

7.5 billion people....bloody disgusting. Nothing but a glorified virus. 

BarkingCat's picture

When that Flu-Ebola-Herpies virus mutation hits those numbers will change

BarkingCat's picture

When that Flu-Ebola-Herpies virus mutation hits those numbers will change

peter4805's picture

I didn't realize Alaska is so heavily populated.

undercover brother's picture

Too damn many people. Time for a catastrophe of biblical proportions to eradicate all the democrats, progressives, radical islamists and freeloaders.   That should, at the very least, cut the population in half.

Jethro's picture

We are long overdue for a plague.

TabakLover's picture

Why not just irradicate all assholes and dickheads?  Hope you make it.

Deep Snorkeler's picture

Within 10 years, half of the world's animal species

will be gone. Displaced by vast herds of migrating humans,

unemployed, unwashed, scrounging for water and food.


Txpl9421's picture


Yeah, lets get them all in one place.  That way nuking them will take fewer bombs.

cherry picker's picture

Canada is not part of the USA.  The idiots who drew this map don't know jack shit about geography.  And their numbers are correct?

The only thing this map represents is how screwed up the governments of these most populous countries are and the USA is #1 on that list.

natronic's picture

We could call it CanAmerica

7 of 15's picture

Canada is part of North America (the black color).


Although technically Central America doesn't exist, everything North of Columbia is North America.

Soph's picture

It should be part of the USA....or, well, Alberta should be at the very least. The rest of the country can piss off.

Abbie Normal's picture

Take a closer look at the full-size map by clicking on it.  Canada is just a sliver above the US border; even Alaska is bigger.  Just like Russia is just a sliver above China/India.

Kprime's picture

Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore are doing their part.  As good US citizens they are stepping up to the plate and increasing the black murder rate daily.

BustainMovealota's picture

Sure, but they make up for it in their prolific breeding expertise.

Kprime's picture

it's sad, but I guess Black Fuckers Matter Too

oneno's picture

The estimate of 7,418,151,841 is understated by at least 1.1 billion as per Contact Report 623. The population estimates should include those that are literally sheltered underground.

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Humans, as the strongest species,

have unlimited rights to commit evil.