Media Silent As Christian Extremists Slaughter Muslims In Central Africa

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Authored by Darius Shahtahmasebi via,

Hundreds of civilians are seeking refuge inside a mosque in the Central African Republic (CAR)’s border town of Bangassou, Reuters reports.

What may be surprising to the American public is that these civilians are trying to escape ongoing attacks committed by Christian militias that killed at least 30 civilians over the weekend, according to U.N. officials and aid workers.

According to Reuters, the weekend attacks in Bangassou, located on the Congolese border, have involved hundreds of fighters with heavy weaponry. The fighting is aimed at the Muslim populations and signals that the conflict currently besieging the country is worsening.

“The situation is extremely deplorable and we are doing everything to rapidly retake control of Bangassou,” MINUSCA (the U.N. mission) chief Parfait Onanga-Anyanga told Reuters in an interview.

According to Onanga-Anyanga, many of the fighters are child soldiers who appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

The head of the Red Cross in CAR, Antoine Mbao-Bogo, said his staff has counted 115 bodies in Bangassou following the latest fighting.

While these developments may be unheard of in the eyes and ears of much of the American public, the truth is that this conflict has been raging for some time now. According to the Guardian, thousands of Muslims have been killed or displaced in the conflict. For example, the city of Bangui previously had approximately 130,000 Muslim residents; the number of Muslims is now likely less than 1,000.

According to Reuters, the U.N. base in Bangassou has also been targeted.

CAR has been besieged by this violence since 2013, when mostly Muslim Seleka fighters ousted then-President Francois Bozize. Amnesty International has referred to the developments in the country as “ethnic cleansing” since the fighting erupted.

As this conflict rages on, however, don’t expect the corporate media to pay too much attention to it anytime soon — it doesn’t fit the mainstream narrative that only majority Muslim countries deploy groups of extremists that terrorize civilians.

In 2015, the U.N. Development Index rated CAR as having the lowest level of human development. It was ranked dead last. The country is the world’s 12th largest producer of diamonds and is home to a secretive, bloody gold trade and also harbors mineral, uranium, and oil reserves.

Liberation might be just around the corner, though the country’s majority Christian population might exclude it from the U.S. military’s ‘War on Terror’ narrative.

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Gen. Ripper's picture

Send in advisors to get those numbers up

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

The simple reason why the media is ignoring this is because the media hasn't been told which side to take yet.


tmosley's picture

Nogs vs Muds. Very confusing for them. Better just to fabricate another anti-Trump story.

TuPhat's picture

This article has some fabrication of its own.  'Armed with Heavy Weaponry', the author probably doesn't know what heavy weaponry is and the picture showed a rag tag outfit without any weapons at all.  Something about this doesnt add up at all but I do hope someone is kicking the Muzzies butt.

TheReplacement's picture

Troops with folding stock AKs = light weaponry

Troops with solid stock AKs = heavy weaponry


espirit's picture

Small arms = Short dicks...

How much pushing do you think they've seen?

New_Meat's picture

"short arm inspections"

shovelhead's picture

The picture could be in another country 10 years ago.

Looks like some local headhunters are showing their displeasure of Muslims ousting their former president.

This is what this push to oust Trump could look like.

Well, maybe a bit paler.

HRH Feant2's picture

Onward Christain soldier marching off to war . . .

Bay of Pigs's picture

Yeah, right. I just talked to a guy who went to a world conference in Wash DC last night and he told me its the exact opposite. Christians in places like Iraq and Syria are being tortured and killed on a regular basis and nothing is being reported in the MSM.

This story is most likely complete bullshit.

froze25's picture

It's been happening in Africa far longer than the middle east (recent history) perhaps they figured out the only chance for survival is to fight .

tmosley's picture

When are different groups in Africa ever NOT slaughtering each other?

Edit: Other than when they are ruled over by whites, I mean.

mc888's picture

You forgot the bit about enslaving each other too.

Same thing goes for the ME. Killing and enslaving each other for thousands of years.

I'd be perfectly happy to let them continue.

But wait, there's shiny stuff or goopy stuff we can dig out of the ground.


. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

Not bullshit.

Your friend in Washington is misinformed. A quick web search would set him straight.

This has been going on in the Central African Republic (CAR) for many years. How can you deny this?

Christians have been photographed beheading Muslims. Look it up, lots of horrendous photos are available.

There is quite a bit of reporting on Christians in Syria, but what has that got to do with this article?

Bay of Pigs's picture

Well, they are not Christians in any way, shape or form then.

Throwing terms around doesn't impress me at all.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

My terms do not make them Christians, their acts and their beliefs and their books do.

Why is beheading people exclusively an Islamic act? Do you not remember the French revolution?

Religious zealots are sick extremists now matter how they pray.

Paul Kersey's picture

These so-called "Christian militias" have as much to do with Christianity or the teachings of Christ as do the members of the Christian Identity movement. The Rev. Jim Jones was Ordained as a Disciples of Christ pastor. Was he a disciple of Christ? Anyone can call himself a Christian, but that does not necessarily make it so.

froze25's picture

Not necessarily, that's correct.  However being Christian doesn't mean turn the other cheek till you get killed. 

unsafe-space-time's picture

Hey fucktard. Don't write your opinions about Christianity. All the peaceful shit in Christianity was for the ones Christ was speaking to. They used miracles to spread the gospel. Once Christianity spread it was supposed to eradicate everyone else.

shovelhead's picture

^^^ This is why you don't let your children run around loose on you tube.

Victor von Doom's picture

Christian myself, and strongly disagree. The question of a Just War aside, such actions would simply make them poor Christians.

The idea that a member of a religion can't do any wrong, because said wrong is not endorsed in scripture is ridiculous. In fact the very basis of Christianity is that we are fallen and cannot save ourselves. 

I wonder how many Western Christians would fight back, if placed under similar circumstances. I know I would. Repent of my sins and beg forgiveness after the war was over perhaps, but I'd still wage the war.

 - and no, I never claimed to be a good Christian either. Anyone that does is full of pride at least and breaking the First Commandment.

Dorado's picture

The media is as silent as they are about the prolific and continuous persecution of Christians in many of these backward countries.

BruntFCA's picture

Nothing to do with Islam or Christianity, but this will be used by both sides. USA bombed "Christians" in Serbia to rescue "Muslim" Kosovo - in reality its just to do with foreign policy interest. It will become an "atrocity" if anything interferes with someone's interests.

Dilluminati's picture

Right on Queue the hate America first chimes in on African black violence and just starts the incessant whining about hate America first.

I think we could be reading a discussion about another planet humans have never visited and somebody would have to chime in with their hate America 1st BS.


shovelhead's picture

It's fashionable.

Like those iPhone covers.

gmak's picture

Live by the word. Die by the sword.

Cordeezy's picture

Well in 2013 the media didn't cover the Muslims ousting the leader of the country either, so maybe the media doesn't care about Bangassou. I guess there is no resources worth anything there that the CFR can profit from

bigkahuna's picture

I guess we started to stand up for ourselves?

Hyjinx's picture

What goes around comes around.

Kefeer's picture

No such person as a "Christian Extremist" comrade.  Have you ever wondered why Jesus is called the Christ and the Prince of Peace"?  Ignorant fool.  Not many talking about Jesus will be in heaven - His kingdom.

cherry picker's picture

Jesus is also revered in Islam, but they consider him a prophet or so I am told by a few practitioners of Islam.

In any case, using the name of Jesus while slaughtering innocents is not something I would have thought he would condone from what little is written about him.

Murder in most, if not all, religions is a big no - no, regardless what faith it is.  In most countries murder is not acceptable in law either.

When a country or a group resorts to murdering innocents, they are guilty of breaking a universal law.  Those affected by the murder or maiming of loved ones feel the pain, that is the first indication of a spiritual disturbance affecting many.

unsafe-space-time's picture

Damn. Im so sick of you ass licking "Christians". He came here to bring the sword.  Like Father like Son. Only the apostles and early Christians spread the faith by miracles and martyrdom. After them Christianity was supposed to convert or eradicate every pagan fagot and have a global Kingdom. But you just want to spread your cheeks until Christ returns.

The_Juggernaut's picture

What the priest did to you is not the fault of all Christians.

Terminus C's picture

*belly snort*

Well played sir.

Dun_Dulind's picture

Someone's gotta do it - Deus Vult I suppose.

SquadronVBF94's picture

What, Christians fighting back against Muslims? The only reason the media isn't covering the story would be because they don't want the Christians of Europe to get the idea that it can successfully be done.

JerseyJoe's picture

And the media never covers what the cult has done to them for decades.   And not just them - anywhere the cul;t abutts any other religion (and in some cases there own scets abutt other sects (ie Sunnin/Shiites).


But of course these Marxists would highlight a single case of pay back while ignoring decades of abuse by the cult against Christians, Hindus Jainists, Buddhists, Confucian etc

Infinite QE's picture

Is it just me or is it that Africa has been fucked since time began?

Capn Mike's picture

I've been everywhere, man, EXCEPT Africa. And I'll be Goddamned if I ever WILL go there.

Infinite QE's picture

Same here. Why torment myself with going to a third world shit hole when I can gain the same experience by travelling to any inner city.

shovelhead's picture

Why do you think the white folks left 500,000 years ago.


Smegley Wanxalot's picture

 . .  "CAR has been besieged by this violence since 2013, when mostly Muslim Seleka fighters ousted then-President Francois Bozize."


Yeah, and as we all know, once muslims take over everyone is allowed to worship freely.

Either that or maybe these Christians are just getting tired of being beheaded and seeing their wives and kids raped by muslim trash while the "moderate" muslims basically say "that's actually what you deserve" and so they are finally doing what needs to be done.

JerseyJoe's picture

Yes.  plain and simply - yes.  We have no idea what the African Christians have been going through for decades.    So yeah, it is about time that they take action.

EHM's picture

What really pisses me off is those Buddhist extremists...said no one ever.

PodissNM's picture

I guess you forgot about the Buddhists killing all those Muslims in Burma?

Ban KKiller's picture

My religion is the real true religion. I'll kill you if you don't agree.