Pat Buchanan Warns A "Debilitating & Potentially Dangerous Time Has Begun" For Trump

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Authored by Patrick Buchanan via,

“With the stroke of a pen, Rod Rosenstein redeemed his reputation,” writes Dana Milbank of The Washington Post.

What had Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein done to be welcomed home by the Post like the prodigal son?

Without consulting the White House, he sandbagged President Trump, naming a special counsel to take over the investigation of the Russia connection that could prove ruinous to this presidency.

Rod has reinvigorated a tired 10-month investigation that failed to find any collusion between Trump and Russian hacking of the DNC. Not a single indictment had come out of the FBI investigation.

Yet, now a new special counsel, Robert Mueller, former director of the FBI, will slow-walk his way through this same terrain again, searching for clues leading to potentially impeachable offenses. What seemed to be winding down for Trump is now only just beginning to gear up.

Also to be investigated is whether the president tried to curtail the FBI investigation with his phone calls and Oval Office meetings with FBI Director James Comey, before abruptly firing Comey last week.

Regarded as able and honest, Mueller will be under media pressure to come up with charges. Great and famous prosecutors are measured by whom they convict and how many scalps they take.

Moreover, a burgeoning special counsel’s office dredging up dirt on Trump and associates will find itself the beneficiary of an indulgent press.

Why did Rosenstein capitulate to a Democrat-media clamor for a special counsel that could prove disastrous for the president who elevated and honored him?

Surely in part, as Milbank writes, to salvage his damaged reputation.

After being approved 94-6 by a Senate that hailed him as a principled and independent U.S. attorney for both George Bush and Barack Obama, Rosenstein found himself being pilloried for preparing the document White House aides called crucial to Trump’s decision to fire Comey.

Rosenstein had gone over to the dark side. He had, it was said, on Trump’s orders, put the hit on Comey. Now, by siccing a special counsel on the president himself, Rosenstein is restored to the good graces of this city. Rosenstein just turned in his black hat for a white hat.

Democrats are hailing both his decision to name a special counsel and the man he chose. Yet it is difficult to exaggerate the damage he has done.

As did almost all of its predecessors, including those which led to the resignation of President Nixon and impeachment of Bill Clinton, Mueller’s investigation seems certain to drag on for years.

All that time, there will be a cloud over Trump’s presidency that will drain his political authority. Trump’s enemies will become less fearful and more vocal. Republican Congressmen and Senators in swing states and marginal districts, looking to 2018, will have less incentive to follow Trump’s lead, rather than their own instincts and interests. Party unity will fade away.

And without a united and energized Republican Party on the Hill, how do you get repeal and replacement of Obamacare, tax reform or a border wall? Trump’s agenda suddenly seems comatose. And was it a coincidence that the day Mueller was appointed, the markets tanked, with the Dow falling 372 points?

Markets had soared with Trump’s election on the expectation that his pro-business agenda would be enacted. If those expectations suddenly seem illusory, will the boom born of hope become a bust?

A White House staff, said to be in disarray, and a president reportedly enraged over endless press reports of his problems and falling polls, are not going to become one big happy family again with a growing office of prosecutors and FBI agents poking into issues in which they were involved.

Nor is the jurisdiction of the special counsel restricted to alleged Russia interference in the campaign. Allegations about Trump’s taxes, investments, and associates, and those of his family, could be drawn into the maw of the special counsel’s office by political and business enemies enthusiastic about seeing him brought down.

More folks in Trump’s entourage will soon be lawyering up.

While it’s absurd today to talk of impeachment, that will not deter Democrats and the media from speculating, given what happened to Nixon and Clinton when special prosecutors were put on their trail.

Another consequence of the naming of a special counsel, given what such investigations have produced, will be that Vice President Pence will soon find himself with new friends and admirers, and will begin to attract more press as the man of the future in the GOP.

A rising profile for Pence is unlikely to strengthen his relationship with a besieged president.

In the United Kingdom, the odds are growing that Trump may not finish his term.

So how does he regain the enthusiasm and energy he exhibited in previous crises, with such talk in the air?

A debilitating and potentially dangerous time for President Trump has now begun, courtesy of his deputy attorney general.

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1stepcloser's picture

Better call Saul!

Looney's picture


the special counsel’s office  will find itself the beneficiary of an indulgent press

It’s time to convert the White House press room into a passenger plane’s economy class section.

Before “boarding” the press room, all journos should go through a televised TSA-like molestation routine, with inappropriate touching, body-scanning, strip-searching, and interrogations.

During the briefings, random MSM-twats could be roughed up and dragged out, just like the Good Doctor on United.

Also, I’d dress a few angry Trannies as stewardesses and let them scream at the reporters and threaten them with arrests and terrorism charges.

I’d also release a few scorpions before every briefing, but it’s just me…   ;-)


toady's picture

Yeah, trump is done for all intents and purposes. The swamp is too deep, and he just ran straight in till he was over his head. Shoulda tried to pick a trail through, or stick to the high ground. Now he'll be lucky to tread water, like Clinton, or drown, like Nixon. 

cheka's picture

mueller brought in to fight the seth rich revelations

vato poco's picture

"dangerous time for Trump has begun"??

when was there ever not a dangerous time for the wily, battle-scarred, fearless enemy of the deep state?

JRobby's picture

"Mueller will be under media pressure to come up with charges. Great and famous prosecutors are measured by whom they convict and how many scalps they take."

This passage re-defines the word asinine. But we are talking about the USA, so.............

meta-trader's picture

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JRobby's picture

You can stimulate your flat and irregular brain waves by smacking yourself in the head with a ball peen hammer every 45 seconds

Savyindallas's picture

The swamp is too deep if you start out betraying those who got you elected, and putting classic swamp people (Goldman sachs, Neocons, Zionists, etc) in power. 

I thought trump would battle the swamp  -instead he surrendered from day 1 and begged for mercy. Pussy. 

Thought Processor's picture



Hey Pat, Who killed Seth Rich?

jeff montanye's picture

imo naming mueller special counsel to investigate the russian hacking of the dnc emails (and by implication the murder of seth rich) is a stroke of genius.  thank you rod rosenstein.

this case is far, far more dangerous to hillary clinton and the deep state than it ever could be to donald trump. what implicates hillary clinton in the murder of seth rich is that the fbi didn't investigate his murder as part of their search for the "truth" about how the dnc emails ended up at wikileaks, preferably (from their point of view) implicating the russians and the trump campaign.  seth rich could have been a russian spy or a trump mole for all the fbi knew.  their lack of interest really makes it look like the killing was an inside job.

not only that but the hilarious he said she said about the dnc servers needs to be drawn out in exquisite detail.  did the fbi ask to look at the ladies' (debby wasserman schultz and hillary clinton) servers as the gentlemen from the fbi say or didn't they ask at all (as the ladies claim, oh and podesta and mook too).  the fbi claims they were "rebuffed" in their advances.  how the fuck to you "rebuff" the fbi and search warrants (and if no warrants why not?).  this is pure popcorn fun and may yet get hillary out of purple and into orange where she belongs.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Why were so many people given immunity and then we heard nothing......crickets????? 

cheka's picture

fbi investigates fake hate crimes at colleges all the time.  but dnc staffer murdered in dc doesnt rank?

MalteseFalcon's picture

Trump should have pointed out the absurd immunity deals on day one and terminated Comey.

As for Seth Rich or anything else peripheral to the Trump/Russia "case", these things will not be discussed.


Consuelo's picture



"...their lack of interest really makes it look like the killing was an inside job."


There is much more at stake here than any of us know (but our speculations are likely riding on the 'under' - and not that far off the mark...)

Every hole must be plugged - right down to the most insignificant.  

And the righteous indignation must be kept at crisis pitch until the documents are sealed.

Who ever said that lying and cover ups were easy...?

caconhma's picture

You people are lacking memories. Prior to the Presidential Elections Day, the Trump and Hillary signed a contract stipulating their behavior/actions after the elections. 

I am confident that Hillary did not put her signature under any contract without stipulating that future Trump administration would never prosecute her for her pre-election activities or even pardon her if such activities would be initiated by somebody else.

barysenter's picture

Whitehouse Press Room, Judge Andy presiding. Screeners provided by Jeffrey Redding LLC. Screeners' legal defense fund courtesy of Trump International. Security provided by IDF, diplomatic immunity provided by You!, the Murkin sheople! Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.

jcaz's picture

Oooh, chaos-  Pat's Wet Dream....

Fuck off, Pat.

HRClinton's picture

Better Call DOJ, FBI, Federal Marshalls and start arresting people for...


Not gonna happen, because Trump the Chump has NO BALLS to do what is necessary. And because GS has him on a short leash.

Thought Processor's picture



They can start with the pre-election DNC servers (oh wait all of those have all been 'tampered' with haven't they...).  


And what about the Seth Rich murder?   Probably worth looking into further don't you think?


Must suck to be too far into all of this.  It's gonna suck even more soon.

doctor10's picture

the entire American Oligarchy is criminally corrupt and complicit. Their fear of Trump is that he is proxy for their fear of the American People.

Whether or not the American People deserve Trump may be one thing. However, The American Government sure as hell does.

The 21st century depends upon the swamp being drained

InTylerWeTrust's picture

With precious few exceptions, Republicans are worthless miserable cowards. They deserve nothing less than our eternal scorn and contempt.

peddling-fiction's picture

Are you insulting Dems with that comment?

kumquatsunite's picture might check yourself before you wreck yourself. It is Republicans who are holding onto the shred of national pride that we barely have left and resucitating it.

Bob Beckel was fired today from Fox News because an "African American" said that when he came to service Beckel's office, Beckel said he was leaving because the worker was black. Now unless you are MORE Stupid than a rock, you wouldn't say that. And it is Beckel's word against the "workers" word. Chances are Beckel said he was leaving the office (as most of us would since you can't work without the computer) and the worker, ahem (imho), shall we say, "saw an opportunity."

It seems pretty WEIRD that The OLD WHITE MEN of Fox are being purged.

The ONLY Answer is this: No Contact and No Conversation with non-whites; Conversations Only with others around or with a video/tape recorder going. Years of law schools letting in EVERY TWO BIT LIBERAL with B Averages, but the right color/gender, means all those attorneys have to eat.

And isn't it weird that there aren't any lawsuits against the old white liberal men...??

Tenshin Headache's picture

Bob was also being more than a bit of an asshole on "The Five" recently (the last few days), attacking Jesse Waters and others. I would have fired him for that conduct.

chiquita's picture

isn't it weird that there aren't any lawsuits against the old white liberal men

First, Bob Beckel is as liberal as they come--he's disgusting.  Second, so far there is no lawsuit mentioned in this matter, but that doesn't mean this African American IT guy is not going to sue Fox and Beckel for his pain and suffering for Beckel's "racist attitude" towards him.  Sounds like Beckel tried to apologize to him in a meeting with the head of Fox's HR and Beckel was still fired.  As much as I dislike this guy's politics and his on air attitude, I find it hard to believe he'd act bigoted towards someone in an office situation like that--very few people would of any race.  As previously said, why would he stay in his office when his computer was down and someone was working on it?  Maybe he needed to go to the bathroom--whatever.  I'm not sorry Beckel won't be on The Five anymore--he was kind of disruptive, but I'm pretty sick of this seige on Fox News by all these people claiming harassment of whatever type they can come up with to get people fired.  It's pretty offensive when individuals use this kind of sociopathy to retaliate against people they don't like or agree with politically.  

OpTwoMistic's picture

"More folks in Trump’s entourage will soon be lawyering up." 

Nope.  Trump's only worry is getting shot.

Trump can start naming the pedos of he can crash the dollar.  Neither is difficult.

A third of CONgress in prision or nail gunned will do.

jeff montanye's picture

agree.  hillary clinton is who needs the services of a good attorney to advise her as ol' bob "9-11" mueller starts poking around in what now amounts to the seth rich murder case.  though that's the only murder tied (imo) to clinton that happened that summer, there were four other "accidental" deaths that look varying shades of fishy. the one labelled "tim kaine" in the first below should have said "joe montano".

OpTwoMistic's picture

Wait until they start the illegal voting probe. 

This mess is what you get without term limits.

One of We's picture

Really?  Name me one single Republican who exception.

Got The Wrong No's picture

So far Brian Fitzpatrick from PA. He was just elected in NOV. I don't think they have had enough time to adjust his principles yet. 

jeff montanye's picture

rand paul doesn't take much israeli money.  in today's world that amounts to heroism.

Savyindallas's picture

Rand paul  -Walter Jones  -Democrat Tulsi gabbard  -there are a few others, 

goober's picture

Agree and the DEMs are even worse for many reasons , especially their brand of corruption and tax payer fraud. The good news is Trump is neither a DEM or a REP and I hope he suucceeds in just half of his intentions.

I fully realize he is not the perfect guy by far, but I do not see that perfect guy anywhere and I know he is a damn site far better than Hillary. As I see it, all we can do is support him and hope for the best ! And I do NOT think he or anybody else can resolve the massive debt that has been created and that is not even in my considerations and never has been. I am much more focused on our civil liberties and social messes that were created by BHO and crew as well as the horrid policies internationally. This country is no longer run by any form of rule of law. It is run by PC idiocy and massive corruption from the top down. Every gov agency works against the citizens to some degree and there is no doubt illegal aliens and supposed refugees have more representation than legal citizens and that was all created and put on steroids deliberately by BHO , Holder and Lynch.

Americans need to realize these facts or lose all as Trump is our last chance to correct any of it. And yes we still have to watch him as well so he is not completely swallowed up by the corporatocracy  !

SkunkyBeer's picture

Everything Pat Buchanan writes or says is a variation of "get offa my lawn". It all sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher to me. "wahh wahh wahh mfmffm mmmf".

tmosley's picture

I think that would be because, like the Peanuts (distinct from peanutz, who aren't as intelligent), you have the mind of a child, and as such are not able to comprehend things that aren't childish.

neighsayer's picture

Hey, I think Mr. Buchanan's writings are good reading.

goober's picture

He has always strayed away from the standard GOP diatribe and more or less called a spade a spade. a bit of a renegade and odd man out most of the time. I ahve always thought he was more right than wrong. But I do not agree with his thesis and conclusions in this article.

I think this last week we turned a corner on the DEM assasination of Trump and crew by lies/distortions and PRAVDA/MSM and the deep sate as well as the dems lost a lot of ground by going well past over the top with their insane accusations and assertions. They were hyper ventilating by Thursday and near collapse. I frequent some of the extreme hard core progressive sites as a reference point and I see a "seachange" occurring, as many of them realize they went too far and they know many crimes were committed by Hillary. At this juncture the only people going along with the Russia idiocy are the last of the truly mind fucked democrats. And they will become irrelevent as the lies dissapate and are proven bogus and grasping at straws. I have never seen so much shit thrown on the wall at any politician much less a president. Trump is fighting the DEMs, the deep state and the REPs, Pathetic !  I support him 100% 

wmbz's picture

"In the United Kingdom, the odds are growing that Trump may not finish his term".

WTF? Stop with this stupid shit already. He'll finish his term. The libtards in both parties will spend all of their time setting up roadblocks.

Trump may wish he had never run, but I think he is the type of guy to make it to the finish line.

BTW the way, to all of the libtards out there...How many U.S. Presidents have been fully impeached?

kumquatsunite's picture

Love it when the liberals blather about impeachment; just riles all us conservatives up more. Love the President and am grateful that he's there to steer the ship.

Odd isn't it that for all the whining about Trump's kitty statement, there doesn't seem to be a shortage of actresses willing to take off their clothes for a buck. Or you can just see Kendall Jenner (virtually nude in underwear and no bra) going through the airport in the latest pics. Really did think public nudity was against the law.

Or maybe Kendall Jenner is just so stupid that parading around virtually naked where there are children and young teens doesn't make her stop and think: "Gee, maybe I'm just too stupid, degenerated, repugnant, and disgusting to be used by any advertiser."

sister tika's picture

"In the CITY OF LONDON and TEL AVIV-YAFO, the odds are growing that Trump may not finish his term".

goober's picture

"In the United Kingdom, the odds are growing that Trump may not finish his term".

I doubt Nigel Farage would agree with that comment, but he would likely agree GB is whacked and not to trust their judgment these days for many reasons. GB is about equal to Kawleefornya with more bad teeth. Even the illegals have perfect teeth in Kawleefornya and you pay for it whether you know it or not !


LyLo's picture

I have a hard time taking Buchanon seriously in his writings, as he seems incapable of understanding the basic function of paragraphs.  It cannot just be me.

Savyindallas's picture

God, what an idiot you are. I have read all his books and columns  -he is succinct, to the point, easy to follow and understand  -and above all  -his writings reflect the Truth  - his conclusions are meticulously researched, backed up by verifiable facts  and supported by sound, logical reasoning and analysis. 


You on the other hand  - appear to be an Idiot. 

Lucretius's picture

Agreed, I also appreciate Pat's writing. One must bear in mind that Pat is an old school R and rather hawkish. All things taken into consideration...

PitBullsRule's picture

NOOO SHIT Pat Buchanin!

We need YOU to tell us that?  Trump will either be impeached or assinated.  I'm betting on the latter.  He approval rating is one of the lowest in history, he has threatened the lives of millions of Americans, he is associated with the mafia, and he has pissed off most of the government.  If he doesn't get shot in the head, why... there's just no justice in this world.

YourAverageJoe's picture

I think maybe you have been assinated