The Real 'Monster' Eating The Nation

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Authored by Howard Kunstler via,

Is there any question now that the Deep State is preparing to expel President Donald Trump from the body politic like a necrotic organ? The Golden Golem of Greatness has floundered pretty badly on the job, it’s true, but his mighty adversaries in the highly politicized federal agencies want him to fail spectacularly, and fast, they have a lot of help from the NY Times / WashPo / CNN axis of hysteria, as well as such slippery swamp creatures as Lindsey Graham.

There are more problematic layers in this matter than in a Moldavian wedding cake. America has been functionally ungovernable for quite a while, well before Trump arrived on the scene. His predecessor managed to misdirect the nation’s attention from the cumulative dysfunction with sheer charm and supernatural placidity — NoDrama Obama. But there were a few important things he could have accomplished as chief exec, such as directing his attorney general to prosecute Wall Street crime (or fire the attorney general and replace him with someone willing to do the job). He could have broken up the giant TBTF banks. He could have aggressively sponsored legislation to overcome the Citizens United SOTUS decision (unlimited corporate money in politics) by redefining corporate “citizenship.” Stuff like that. But he let it slide, and the nation slid with him down a greasy chute of political collapse.

Which we find embodied in Trump, a sort of tragicomic figure who manages to compound all of his weaknesses of character with a childish impulsiveness that scares folks. It is debatable whether he has simply been rendered incompetent by the afflictions heaped on by his adversaries, or if he is just plain incompetent in, say, the 25th Amendment way. I think we’ll find out soon enough, because impeachment is a very long and arduous path out of this dark place.

The most curious feature of the current crisis, of course, is the idiotic Russia story that has been the fulcrum for levering Trump out of the White House. This was especially funny the past week with the episode involving Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Ambassador Kislyak conferring with Trump in the White House about aviation security around the Middle East. The media and the Lindsey Graham wing of the Deep State acted as if Trump had entertained Focalor and Vepar, the Dukes of Hell, in the oval office.

Why do you suppose nations employ foreign ministers and ambassadors, if not to conduct conversations at the highest level with other national leaders? And might these conversations include matters of great sensitivity, that is, classified information? If you doubt that then you have no understanding of geopolitics or history.

The General Mike Flynn story is especially a crack-up. Did he accept a twenty thousand dollar speaking fee from the Russian news outlet RT in his interlude as a private citizen? How does that compare to the millions sucked in by the Clinton Foundation in pay-to-play deal when Madame was secretary of state? Or her six-figure speeches to Goldman Sachs and their ilk. Are private citizens forbidden to accept speaking fees or consulting fees from countries that we are not at war with? I’d like to know how many other alumni of the Bill Clinton, Bush-II and Obama admins have hired themselves out on this basis. Scores and scores, I would bet.

Trump’s adversaries might not get any traction on the Russia story, but they may enrage the rogue elephant Trump enough in the process that he will appear sufficiently incompetent to run him over with the 25th Amendment, and I think that is the plan for now.

Of course, there are some jokers in the deck. A really striking one is the story of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich last July. He was shot in the back on the street outside his apartment one night by persons as yet unknown, and twelve days later over 40,000 DNC emails landed at Wikileaks. His laptop is reportedly in the possession of the DC cops — if it hasn’t been dumped in the Potomac. I’m generally allergic to conspiracy theories, but this looks like an especially ugly story, which might ultimately be clarified if-or-when Julian Assange of Wikileaks ever divulges the source of that data dump. Anyway, the new Special Counsel at the DOJ, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, may have to venture down that dark trail.

One way or another, though, the Deep State is determined to drive Trump from office. In the final rounds of this struggle, Trump might conceivably undertake a sudden swamp-draining operation: the firing of a great many politicized Intelligence Community officers, especially the ones legally culpable for leaking classified information to media — another area that Mr. Mueller could also shine a light on. The colossal security apparatus of this country — especially the fairly new giant NSA — has become a monster eating America. Somebody needs to literally cut it down to size. Perhaps that’s the Deep State’s main motive in moving heaven and earth to dump Trump.

When they do, of course, they are libel to foment an insurrection every bit as ugly as the dust-up that followed the shelling of Fort Sumter. Trump, whatever you think of him — and I’ve never been a fan, to put it mildly — was elected for a reason: the ongoing economic collapse of the nation, and the suffering of a public without incomes or purposeful employment. That part of the common weal is liable to completely whirl down the drain later this year in something like a currency crisis or a depressionary market meltdown engineered by yet another Deep State player, the Federal Reserve. That and the ejection of Trump could coincide with disastrous results.

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Stan522's picture

I'm uncertain if we can overcome this bullshit....

knukles's picture

This is all according to plan.  That the Donald won, merely accelerates and masks it.

                                From Chaos, Order

nmewn's picture

But but but...memos! Didn't you see the memos?! And and peeing prostitutes & hacked power grids!...LMMFAO!!! 

BullyBearish's picture

fooled you...shrump IS the deep state's wet dream...


what they do best is to keep you loving the shrump by giving you just enough to stay with him...but not enough to hurt their interests


it's what they do...for a couple thousand years...lies and deceit are what's wanted...not the truth

Urban Roman's picture

"they are libel ..."

Hey Kunstler -- are you sure you meant to say that? Maybe they are labile.

MalteseFalcon's picture

"His predecessor managed to misdirect the nation’s attention from the cumulative dysfunction with sheer charm and supernatural placidity — NoDrama Obama. "

And his predecessor managed to misdirect the nation's attention with wars and security theatre.


JRobby's picture

So are you proclaiming that a total police state curtails productivity and innovation Professor Craftking !?!?!?

Canary Paint's picture

I am worried about Trump surviving it all yet doing absolutely nothing. What happens when approximately half the nation is completely despondent?

caconhma's picture

Two questions are of paramount importance:

  • Who is "Deep State" working for?
  • Why do they want to get rid of Trump?

To assume that the "Deep State" has unlimited power over the Government, the Congress, the Supreme Court is just stupid.

America has 17 Intelligence Agencies. Why so many? Their primary responsibility is to spy on American people. Why? Because the Ruling Elite  (RE) is anticipating that the American debt-financed dream is about to collapse. Consequently, RE wants to be informed of the REAL situation in the USA and the world, be prepared, and to act appropriately. The Deep State is not their master or a partner but rather it is the RE's loyal and trusted servant.

The Deep State has played a very important role in putting Trump into the Oval Office but Trump's greed and stupidity took over him. Consequently, instead of doing his job (serving exclusively to RE), Trump is too busy trying to enrich himself and his family. Trump is destabilizing the US political, economic, zionist mass media control, and international environment. He became outright dangerous to the Ruling Elite. Finally, Trump is mentally unstable and unpredictable. These people outright dangerous. What if Trump and his shitty bureaucrat-generals miscalculate and start a "small" nuclear war in N. Korea? Nobody knows where Trump and his shit stop!

Trump reminds me JFK. JFK was elected with great help from Mafia and the Zio-Banking Elite. And what did JFK and his brother do after elections, they went against Mafia, FED, and Zionist control over the US political life. JFK was also against Israel desire to acquire nuclear weapons. So, the Ruling Elit with the Deep State took care of JFK and his brother.

The Bottom Line: Trump must go!

chindit13's picture

The peeing prostitutes are real, but the story has been butchered.

Here's the reality (and there is a video):

Trump asked for the same room Obama and Michelle had slept in. He hired at least five prostitutes to visit, but not to do anything on him. He paid them to do #1 and #2 on the bed Obama had used. He is a childish and vindictive bastard, after all.

He did pay them, so he has that going for him.

All of the women are dead now.

Now you know.

This is not a leak, because the info was put together by a non-US person, and the video was obtained by the same man through his own contacts. It was never classified by any USG entity.

JRobby's picture

How do you come up with this shit?

SgtShaftoe's picture

I think someone with stars on his shoulderboards told him so probably directly from the deep state. My question is why would you believe such an off-the-wall accusation without seeing the proof yourself? That or maybe he's a deep-state guy?

I stopped trying to understand Chindit a long time ago.

wildbad's picture

good article. still holding out hope for the Donald though.

FreeShitter's picture

Hope is never a wise strategy dude.

JethroBodien's picture

Mueller was put in charge of FBI shortly before 9/11.   That piece of shit was part of the post 9/11 coverup.

It's patently obvious "Heinrich Himmler" Mueler is part of the Deep State apartatus.

Shlomo Scheckelstein's picture

It's them muzzies I tell ya...hehehe

Winston Churchill's picture

How could he not be, ex head of the FBI, the secret police that protects the one party, the deep state,

and its minions.Rosenstein is now exposed as a deep state operative as well for appointing him.

We are fucked, six ways to Sunday.

Much blood is going to flow, either ours in a ditch after the Pol Pot shot, or their in civil war 2.0.

Pick your choice.

espirit's picture


I vote for Martial Law, after all it does end Congessional protection – dontchaknow?


Open Season.


Greenes and Waters are 1 point; Rubios are 5 points; McCains, Grahams, Warrens, Pelosis are 10 points; Shumers and Ryans are 15 points…

20 pointers are …






Miskondukt's picture

Couldn't agree more. All this, "He'll go where the facts lead him" are rubbish. He's in the back seat being driven by the Deep State's hologram of himself in the driver's seat. 

Stan522's picture

I won't accept defeat either. Show me a good loser, I will show you a loser.......

FreeShitter's picture

Its always there to read in The Protocols. Yep, all according to plan.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Stan,

There's absolutely NO overcoming

Tyrannical Lawlessness.

jimmy12345's picture

Zero Hedge is just a part of the Republican propoganda machine, which manipulates people with emotional appeals.

doctor10's picture

the American Oligarchy is criminally compromised. Their fear of Trump is a proxy for their fear of the American People

their criminality extends at least as far back as 11/22/63
which means someone or something is blackmailing most of them

The 21st century awaits the draining of the swamp

landauer's picture

Wish you were right but the criminals are in charge, they make the rules to suit their own. Oligarchs and all tyrants fear independent citizens, critical thinking, cooperation by free association, violence only in defence.  It could be argued that all those values are present to some extent in Trump (that was the sell anyway) but only in the most individualistic way. The oligarchs will use him, they will never fear him. There is a purpose to what is happening now. It has been in the planning since before Obama helped establish Trump as a political figure.

Dugald's picture


"libel to foment".....It's LIABLE, is it just spelling or a sloppy writer.....?

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

I think there are a few million Americans ready to fight for their freedom.  A good enough reason will come along . . .

chunga's picture

That's something I grapple with all the time. Although I don't like the phrase, we've "gone galt" and while we have everything we need, we are still part of society and want to make a positive contribution. I'd like to be able to turn off that desire but I can't seem to do it.

It seems to me this situation with Trump, no matter how one feels about him, has shown us the grim reality there are no peaceful solutions.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Chunga,

"It seems to me this situation with Trump, no matter how one feels about him, has shown us the grim reality there are no peaceful solutions."

You're right.

They're aren't. All the avenues for a peaceful resolution have been exhausted.

The CEO / "Presidents" office will never be respected or looked at in the same light ever again.

It's Tainted. Always has been. Filled with ZioLibNeoConFascist.

The "Office", not the person in it, has finally shown itself to be nothing more to be than an Israeli Deep State outpost.

chunga's picture

It's not my nature but I'm getting very angry.

BrownCoat's picture

There *IS* a peaceful solution... several. 
Those profiting from the status quo want none of them.

As the Middle Class (aka the cattle that pay the nation's bills) shrinks, there is less to fight over. This will make the fighting more vicious. In the end, most people will cut through their patriotism, propaganda tainted ideologies, and childhood conditioning. They will see how "the system" really works. For a glimpse, notice the Democratic Party (Blue Team) ran a fixed primary which cheated the voters it claims to support. Prior to that, the Republican Party (Red Team) cut many of their own Tea Party faction off at the knees (cheating their voter base in the process).

Sure the country is ideologically polarized. Both sides may discover that they want many of the same things. Unfortunately, their knee-jerk distain for their perceived opponents is keeping them from even considering common ground.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Who killed Seth Rich...?

loveyajimbo's picture

The Clinton Cabal... of course.

CompleteAphasia's picture

And what was Cankles attitude: "What difference at this point does it make?"

Honest Sam's picture

Unless the majority of us have an 'Angel' like Soros to finance an overthrow a coup, with thuggery, violence, and physical threats to the extent the left has, there will be only a whimper if he is driven from office.

The left has had decades to consolidate, solidify, lie, cheat and steal with the immense help, complicity and now unabashed advocacy of a media that is owned by a few, mostly jews. 

I can't see us organizing for a march, a takedown of leftist speakers at Berkeley, a stifling of the free speech of anyone. And our media is paltry compared to the monopoly of the left.    

The only disaster will be that 65,000,000 people are signing a new Constitution to govern 400,000,000 written by global one worlders, and in the process their own death warrants ignorant of their own exploitation. 


devilsporkchop's picture

yeah, the global media empire owned by the Catholic Rupert Murdoch -- yeah, blame Jews. Now we know what youre really getting at.  

Chupacabra-322's picture

Personally, we, & the entire World / Human Race for that matter is at or very fast approaching a pinnacle or explosive situation of some sort.

The more I see, the less I think that things will correct themselves. At this point I think that some form of upheaval is more likely than not. My goal through this is to keep the family safe and see where things come down.

Because what I think we are seeing is a Tyrannical Lawless Criminal corrupt Corp. UNITED STATES / state in it's death throws. The overwhelming debt, the debased currency, the political corruption, the loss of a free press, and the stupidification of the general populace is just too much for the system to bear.
Eventually reality needs to prevail... doesn't it?

Outside of a Sampson Option moment, mankind will continue.
Wherther God or Mankind for those Atheists out there are willing to defeat the out right Pure Evil Global Criminal Oligarch Cabal Bankster Intelligence Crime Syndicate still begs to question.

wildbad's picture

I too see serious upheaval and unrest ahead.

TPTB always have the nuclear option of serious economic chaos as their Trump card and so can throw that down when the pitchfork hoards are rallying.

this card will be played, I imagine under the guise of an electronic bank run or hack or possibly EMT but it will happen.

when it does it will be road warrior time for many. many will perish. avoid the cities.

tripletail's picture

Undoubtedly revolution 2.0 is coming. It only requires a trigger event. And a Trump impeachment would readily suffice. This isn't rocket science.

Idiocracy's picture

Deep State and secret societies (Freemasons, Jesuits, Rosecrucians, Skull & Bones, may they all go FUCK themselves) are one and the same thing. Cannot kill of the former without uprooting the latter

Chupacabra-322's picture

Operation Talpiot (Mossad) is a 40 year plan of full spectrum domination of the information telecommunication industry..worldwide.

It's an ongoing operation since the 70's and they have kill switches everywhere. The treasonous and corrupt US .gov has transported all the technology industry to Tel Aviv.

I don't give a flying fu#k that they are possibly watching me. I know who the enemy is, that's all that counts.

devilsporkchop's picture

Geez, get outta your mom's basement and join the rest of the world.  And stop trying to mask racism with economic arguments. So many white people whining and complaining about living a great life, but somehow it's been mitigated bc they have to abide with people of color. Boo-hoo. #snowflakes

pods's picture

This shit doesn't matter in the big scheme of things. Healthcare costs are going to swampt the Federal budget, and once again you are starting to see cracks in our newest and greatest debt pyramid.  That is going to collapse pretty soon.  

We are never going to get out of this depression using the ways we have been.  You just cannot cure too much debt by more debt.

So if Amerika is lucky we can bottom bounce for a couple decades like Japan, but more likely there is going to be a serious crisis involving debt and the dollar.

This inside baseball stuff might be fun to watch, but the ship has not changed course.  We are still on a direct line to the bottom of the Atlantic.


Give Me Some Truth's picture

10-4, Good Buddy on the health care costs that are going to "swamp the federal budget." But they might not if the federal government can continue to print as much "money" as it needs to cover said expenses. JOB ONE of the federal government - and the "Deep State" - is to protect that magic, vital printing press. That's why gold and silver are attacked and suppressed on a daily or weekly basis. That's why the stock market must always be going up. People can't lose confidence in the fiat. WikiLeaks needs to start fishing where all the Deep State action really is. While it still can. Because the Deep State is coming after them.

PitBullsRule's picture

Another nut-job talking about the "Deep State".  Who are they asshole?  Give us a name.  You paranoid conspiracy assholes always have a boogey man, someone hiding in the walls or creeping around in some ivory tower.  

I guess its good that you guys are such lunatics and suckers.  I mean, if you weren't so looney you would have gotten someone a little more sophisiticated than a reality TV con man who bankrupted casinos.  Then we wouldn't be able to just impeach the asshole, then we would really be fucked.

Chupacabra-322's picture

"Give us a name."

He's a name for the Pseudo Intellectual you are.

See if you're "Intellectual" enough to figure it out.


Conspiracies are really just a Bias term for the truth we do not want to believe in.

chindit13's picture

It's the 33rd Degree Freemasons! No, wait, it's Skull&Bones and 322. Okay, maybe it's the Rothschilds. Or Rockefellers? Bohemian Grove? Bilderbergers?

No, it's the Lizard People! Those shape-shifting bastards!

Maybe it's Obama? Wild Bill Donavan?

James Jesus Angleton! That's it!

Actually, it's me. I admit it. I am Deep State.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

You ask a fair and good question.  I've asked it myself. Who is actually the quarterback calling the plays for the "Deep State?" I happen to think that the Deep State's most important job is suppressing precious metal prices. If these prices were not supressed and "soared" this would send a "canary in the coal mine" message that the rosy story told about the economy is a colossal lie. There's years of common-sense evidence that these markets are manipulated to kill investor sentiment in monetary metals.

But the question is: Who is orchestrating the price knock downs? One person has to be calling the shots. Someone has to say: "Okay, attack at this price." "Buy shorts at this level," etc. The same with the stock market, which is almost certainly rigged too. Who tells the Plunge Protection Team to start buying? Buy what stocks? Or tells other funds/nations to start buying? A real live person who wakes up, goes to work, goes home, drinks coffee, does this. Or maybe its a tiny politburo, but one person has to be the ultimate boss of the operation.

Now, you will note that I DO believe in the powerful and secretive forces known as "The Deep State" or "The Powers that Be." Real names and faces COULD be identified. But this would require: the bravest whistle-blower in history and/or the bravest and best investigative reporter in history.


As far as I can tell, the MSM has no interest in "Investigating" rigged markets. Do you have any evidence they have seriously investigated? The CFTC allegedly did an investigation but provided no proof of the nature of this "investigation." When/if the regulators and the press are part of the gamed-system, who is going to provide real names and real info? The people perpetuating this scandal aren't likely to confess. In short, it's hard to get real names. For what it's worth, the Fed chairs have to be in on the act and GATA has named a few names in secret cables they were able to publicize. These documents show that suppressing precious metal prices is a major priority for the government.

The reporter (or lawyer) who finally does name names and connects all the dots will go down in history as breaking the "story of the century." No one will talk so it's going to take a detective of Harry Bosch grit and committment. A few credible "whistle blowers" will have to come forward. But the names are there. A few people do know who is really calling the shots.

Maybe WikiLeaks will one day expose these names. Maybe this possibility is why there is such a full-court-press effort to silence WikiLeaks going on as i write. Anyway, call up the New York Times and ask them if they have ever assigned five of their best reporters to look into allegations that the gold and silver markets are brazenly rigged. It is a puzzler and amazing, but as far as I can tell no one is actively trying to break the "story of the century." Actually, this is scary. 

(Remember the last scene in "Three Days of the Condor?" Robert Redford is standing in front of the NYT with a huge story that would stun the world and harm the spook agencies. "I just gave it to them," he says to the chief spook. The spook counters with "How do you know they'll run it?" Redford: "They'll run it."   But he doesn't seem so certain. I think about that scene a lot these days.)

BrownCoat's picture

@ PitBullsRule,

Names, LOL ! Just like spies, when their cover is blown, so is their ability to function.

OK, explain why the national government bureaucracy DOES NOT do as it is directed. The bureaucracy has a will of its own AND it is not "the will of the people" or, in the case of President Trump, its leaders.