Rosenstein Resists The Resistance: It Was "Appropriate" For Trump To Fire Comey

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While careful to hedge himself, it appears Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has broken the back of The Democrats' desperate narrative by confirming that he stands by his memo that was initially used as the reason for former FBI Director James Comey's firing.

As The Hill reports, Rosenstein told lawmakers, according to a released copy of his opening statement...

"It is a candid memorandum about the FBI Director's public statements concerning a high-profile criminal investigation, I wrote it. I believe it. I stand by it."

As a reminder, the memo came under criticism after the White House initially pointed to the document as the justification for Comey's firing last week. President Trump later said last week he would have fired Comey regardless, although on Thursday he again cited the memo as his main reasoning.

With Senators desperate to leak whatever they could to further their narrative from the "closed-door" meeting, Rosenstein's testimony crushes one side's arguments... (via The Hill)

Rosenstein added during the closed-door meetings that the document "is not a statement of reasons to justify a for-cause termination."
"My memorandum is not a finding of official misconduct; the inspector general will render his judgement about the issue in due course," the No. 2 Justice Department official said.
The document criticizes Comey's handling of the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server, but did not directly call for the former FBI director's firing.

But Rosenstein appears to signal in it that he thought the FBI needed a new director, and notes that he and Sessions discussed the issue during their first meeting.

"Notwithstanding my personal affection for Director Comey, I thought it was appropriate to seek a new leader," he told lawmakers, according to his remarks.

We wonder how long until links between Russian hookers and Mr. Rosenstein is discovered? Or the fact that he watched and dared to enjoy the Sochi Winter Olympics once?

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Squid Viscous's picture

this fucking mealy mouthed insect jew needs a bullet in the head

Killtruck's picture

let me voted for Trump, right?


FrozenGoodz's picture

Of course he responds this way ... he already confirmed he knew Dawn was going to fire him ... he wasn't to go against the Czar thus produced the letter, and will nod his head yes when needed ... and then Tramp sold him out 


The body bags are beginning to mount 

ACP's picture

So this no talent ass clown says this AFTER hiring an unneeded independent counsel?

carlnpa's picture

Crazy to say, I believe the independent council is far worse for Hillary than Trump.

Think Seth Rich and uranium deals, and the tarmac meeting with Lynch.  Hillary owns those.

Think endless high level leaks, where are they coming from?

Maybe Kushner too.

aeneas01's picture

I agree Carlnpa.  The independent counsel will find nothig on Trump because there is nothing to find.  However, the investigation will uncover all of Hillary's mis-deeds and may also uncover just who the White House leakers are.  Trump gets vindicated and exonerated; Hillary feels some real heat and maybe som jail time; Hillary's cronies are outed and maybe indicted (along with her...) and Trump can then clean out the White House of the disloyal.  Democrats are incredibly stupid to leave this opening - they will regret it I think.  Maybe Trump should call for an independent counsel into the Flynn affair?  Read on a website of sometime accurate information that the Independent Counsel's previous law firm has strong and deep ties with Trump and Kushner.  I think this is going to go well for Trump! 

johand inmywallet's picture

We should test the gun on you first to insure reliablity.

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Hillary(!) wanted Comey fired so he should have been fired.

Oh, wait... now that he's fired the official DNC/libtard position is against firing him.

spastic_colon's picture

his "personal affection"? isnt that code for something that rhymes /s

IridiumRebel's picture

So where is this fuckin memo I keep hearing about or is it another item to throw on the fucking pile of bullshit put forth by the NYT and Wapo?

Thought so.....

nmewn's picture


I've got tons of em! Here's one to get milk on the way home. Here's another one about an oil change. 

He'll I got a million of em!

Gohigher's picture

I used to drive a yugo, now I own a jet. I went LONG on 3M sticky notes for all those memos. Thanks.

(well it IS an ink-jet)

roadhazard's picture

barely OT.


Washington Post


Believe it or don't


Paul Ryan spooked by leaked tape of him and others in a June 2016 leadership meeting. He was raising concerns that Trump and Dana Rohabacher (R-Ca) accepted payment from President Pootin.

TheLastTrump's picture

That's a lie. The original article shows someone else saying that as a FUCKING JOKE and a number of Senators laughing, with Paul Ryan shushing everyone & telling them to keep it quiet. Paul Ryan was not the one to raise 'concerns'.




roadhazard's picture

I'll put your in  the don't believe category. Thank you for your participation.

hxc's picture

No need to believe anyone, libtard, just read the original article like everyone else here already did.

roadhazard's picture

If a "joke" it's a really really bad one. Why do people say shit like that because it does not sound like a joke.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Just like everything else in your Demonic World, everything is upside down or opposite and all Total Bullshit. 

roadhazard's picture

That sounds like the alt right to me.

Mikeyyy's picture

Did anybody think he would say, "my memo was bullshit.  I wrote it knowing that Trump was already gonna fire Comey and just did what the President asked me to do" ?


Gawd, sometimes I think Tyler's just trolling the Trumpsters on this site and they're too stupid to understand.


swmnguy's picture

Yeah, no kidding.  Rosenstein is nominated 1/13/17, confirmed 4/25/17, and produces this memo in about a week.  Then Comey is fired, the freakout begins, and Rosenstein hires Mueller to be a Special Counsel investigating...something.  In the meantime, Trump's associates say fired Comey based on the Rosenstein memo, but then Trump says "Nah, I was going to fire Comey anyway," hanging pretty much his whole team out to dry and making his firing of Comey look politically and personally motivated when just about everybody agrees Comey should have been fired on the merits.

So when Rosenstein goes before the Senate, less than a month into his tenure, what's he going to say?  "I was hired to provide a pretext for a personal vendetta?"  Fuck no.  He's going to say, "I used my professional best-judgment and did what I thought was right.  What others above me choose to do with that is their business, and they're acting on other information and priorities I may not have."

I'm getting really sick of hearing about how Jewish we all are or are not.  The Tylers used to be a lot more concerned about the credibility of the site; enough so to stop the Stormfront/Richard Spencer types is they couldn't control their manias.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Comey certainly deserved firing. He didn't do his job and let hundreds and possibly thousands of obvious felonies go.

Fuck him and the entire FBI. Rule of law is dead in America.

Kayman's picture

But, but, but.... Comey didn't INTEND to get fired, so he shouldn't be fired.

BetterRalph's picture

Yep he let Democrats go off the rails. And many people who actually believed in the rule of law, left the treasonous democrat party because of Comey's actions. I mean everything should have come to a grinding stop to get to the bottom of these national security problems with the Clintons, CGI/Russians, DNC/leak vs hack dialog, Podesta's and Open border LGBT GreenTard Cult to fill in all the free space left over.

Look at all the NPP's (no political party) that are registered now, that was millions of democrats who dump the D party, which fattened the NPP scales. The only people left in the Democrat party now are either "perfectly uninformed", or "straight up corrupt and in it to win it."

swmnguy's picture

Oh, shit yeah Comey deserved firing.  Obama should have fired him in July and November.  Trump should have fired him 1/21/17.  The guy just got himself into perfect political situations such that it was too dangerous to fire him. It just finally got to the point Trump preferred to opt for this ordeal rather than keeping Comey.

We can all argue when the Rule of Law in America was dead.  JFK. We could talk about any point in J. Edgar Hoover's tenure.  Janet Reno's killings.  On and on.

 I didn't think I had any illusions left, but when I saw Lanny Breuer say right out that the Justice Department wouldn't prosecute financial crimes on Wall Street because the firms in question employed a lot of people and holding them accountable would harm those people right at a time when things were bad; well, I had a bit of a pang.  Must have still believed in some of it on some level.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Mikeyyy is a 1 week poster?????  Who are you trolling?

wisefool's picture

This knowledge (the rosenstien memo) was the best limited hangout trump has done so far. The MSM was so proud they got access to it before the rest of us. In the end it was exactly what it was. Like him or hate him: trump rolls on the (sometimes ugly) truth side of things instead of the permanent deception side of things.

KweeBohNoh's picture

Why are we hearing so much about the DEPUTY Attorney General Rod Rosenstein?
Tell me any name you can remember of a former DEPUTY Attorney General.
Is it possible dual citizen Rosenstein is Jeff Sessions' watcher and handler?
Nah. Sorry. I'll take off my tinfoil hat now.

wisefool's picture

The deep state has always been run by "the deputies." Cheney to gwBush. Huma to Hillary. McMaster to Mattis. Commonly understood D.C. Paradigm/language.

It only gets weird when you try to figure out the relationship between McCaine and Princess Lindsay.

Hal n back's picture

how about the two of them are just nuts.

swmnguy's picture

Because Sessions has done such a horseshit job managing his various conflicts of interest, he has to delegate anything that has anything to do with a variety of topics.  When you're as politicized and compromised as Sessions, you need somebody else to carry out the essentials of your job.  At least Sessions has had the sense to do that, or at least the sense to listen to advice urging him to do that.  

Too bad a few others don't seem to pay any attention to these things.  If they did, we'd have to be discussing actual issues.

A. Boaty's picture

Attorney General Sessions recused himself, remember?

MountainMan108's picture

Julian Assange would be a good head of the FBI.


johnnycanuck's picture

The day after Trump says Geriatric Joe is the front runner to replace Comey, Rosie baby says he thinks the firing was appropriate.

Must be a coincidence...


matinee55's picture

Lots of soreass farm animal offspring here today!

Got The Wrong No's picture

and a few less than 12 week posters, 1 less than 2 weeks all performing up to spec as they were procured to do. 

Nona Yobiznes's picture

I called this. The NYT (I believe) published a story with anonymous sources alleging that Rosenstein was outraged over Trump using his recommendation to fire Comey. I said he would come out later and debunk it. Well, here we have it.

These so-called papers of record aught to be ashamed of themselves. They can print anything with no negative consequences whatsoever. They likely make up the sources themselves. Pathetic rags, their only legitimate use is lining a litter box. Actually scratch that, they'd give even the cats a headache.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

These so-called papers of record aught to be ashamed of themselves.

Indeed ... they aren't even worthy to be used as birdcage liner anymore.

BetterRalph's picture

Man it's past time to distribute a "fake news blacklist" for squid.

Zorba's idea's picture

Who the hell in Corporate Legacy Media is going to criticize a friend?

barysenter's picture

And congress slithers through another session just enriching themselves and their criminal friends. And Rome burns.

Harry Lightning's picture

Considering how much of a headache this has become for Trump, in hindsight he would have been better off getting rid of Comey by hiring the democrats to give Comey the Seth Rich treatment.

barysenter's picture

On Washington time Comey was fired ASAP

Cordeezy's picture

Comey was doing a terrible job, who was the FBI director before Comey? I don't think the FBI director should be so involved in the political spotlight. Democrats agreed with this until Comey got fired

silverer's picture

Good for you Rosenstein! Somebody with some backbone for a change!

Mike Rotsch's picture

Ha ha.  I watched the snowflakes put so much faith in this guy.  They were begging for him.

rosiescenario's picture

If this guy publicly admits to having a "personal affection" for Comey you know he must be a prick and a member of the Swamp Team.


Just a quick tour of Comey's past beginning with his first favor to the Clintons during White Water and his being on the board of HSBC (the largest criminal money laundering bank) tells you Comey is a crook.