Russian Embassy Implicates Hillary In Tweet Asking: "Who Killed Seth Rich?"

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Earlier this week, Fox News dropped a bombshell report officially confirming, via anonymous FBI sources, what many had suspected for quite some time, that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was the WikiLeaks source for leaks which proved that the DNC was intentially undermining the campaign of Bernie Sanders. In addition to exposing the utter corruption of the DNC, the leaks cost Debbie Wasserman Shcultz her job as Chairwoman.

At the time, we mockingly wondered why the mainstream media seemingly overlooked a huge new development in a highly suspicious unsolved murder case.

Finally, we find it 'shocking' that while the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc are all too eager to regurgitate each others anonymously sourced stories that are critical of Trump, not a single one of them had a single reference of this Fox News bombshell on their website at the time this article was published.

Turns out we weren't alone, as the Russian Embassy in the U.K. just sent out the following tweet:

"#WikiLeaks informer Seth Rich murdered in US but MSM was so busy accusing Russian hackers to take notice."


We're currently waiting for Wapo to confirm that Trump actually insisted the Russians send this tweet.

* * *

For those who missed it, here is our note from earlier this week.

For the past several months, Democrats have based their "Resist 45" movement on unsubstantiated assertions that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian intelligence officials to undermine the 2016 Presidential Election thereby 'stealing' the White House from Hillary Clinton.  Day after day we've all suffered through one anonymously sourced, "shock" story after another from the New York Times and/or The Washington Post with new allegations of the 'wrongdoing'.

But, new evidence surfacing in the Seth Rich murder investigation may just quash the "Russian hacking" conspiracy theory.  According to a new report from Fox News, it was former DNC staffer Seth Rich who supplied 44,000 DNC emails to WikiLeaks and not some random Russian cyber terrorist, as we've all been led to believe. 

According to Fox News, though admittedly via yet another anonymous FBI source, Rich made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, an American investigative reporter and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time.  According to Fox News sources, federal law enforcement investigators found 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments sent between DNC leaders from January 2015 to May 2016 that Rich shared with WikiLeaks before he was gunned down on July 10, 2016. 

The Democratic National Committee staffer who was gunned down on July 10 on a Washington, D.C., street just steps from his home had leaked thousands of internal emails to WikiLeaks, law enforcement sources told Fox News.


A federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of DNC staffer Seth Rich’s computer generated within 96 hours after his murder, said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time.


“I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks,” the federal investigator told Fox News, confirming the MacFadyen connection. He said the emails are in possession of the FBI, while the stalled case is in the hands of the Washington Police Department.

Then, on July 22, just 12 days after Rich was killed, WikiLeaks published internal DNC emails that appeared to show top party officials conspiring to stop Bernie Sanders  from becoming the party’s presidential nominee. As we've noted before, the DNC's efforts to block Sanders resulted in Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigning as DNC chairperson.



These new revelations seem to be consistent with the findings of Rod Wheeler, a former DC homicide detective and Fox News contributor, whose private investigation firm was hired by Rich’s family to probe the case.

"My investigation up to this point shows there was some degree of email exchange between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks," Wheeler told Fox News. "I do believe that the answers to who murdered Seth Rich sits on his computer on a shelf at the DC police or FBI headquarters."


“My investigation shows someone within the D.C. government, Democratic National Committee or Clinton team is blocking the murder investigation from going forward,” Wheeler told Fox News. “That is unfortunate. Seth Rich’s murder is unsolved as a result of that.”


The botched robbery theory, which police have pursued for nearly a year, isn’t panning out, Wheeler said. Two assailants caught on a grainy video tape from a camera posted outside a grocery mart, shot Rich twice in his back, but did not take his wallet, cell phone, keys, watch or necklace worth about $2,000.

As you'll recall, Rich's death has been shrouded in mystery from the start as he was reportedly shot from behind in the wee hours of the morning but was not robbed of the nearly $2,000 worth of cash and jewelry on his body at the time. 

Rich had been at Lou’s City Bar a couple of miles from his home until about 1:15 a.m. He walked home, calling several people along the way. He called his father, Joel Rich, who he missed because he had gone to
sleep. He talked with a fraternity brother and his girlfriend, Kelsey Mulka.


Around 4:17 a.m., Rich was about a block from his home when Mulka, still on the phone with him, heard voices in the background. Rich reassured her that he was steps away from being at his front door and hung up.


Two minutes later, Rich was shot twice. Police were on the scene within three minutes. Rich sustained bruising on his hands and face. He remained conscious, but died at a nearby hospital less than two hours later.

Shortly thereafter, Julian Assange implied that Seth Rich was, in fact, a source for WikiLeaks and offered a $130,000 reward for information leading to his killer.


Per the Washington Examiner, Rich's family issued the following statement, via a 'spokesman', regarding the recent Fox News reports saying they have seen no evidence of the alleged emails between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks:

"As we've seen through the past year of unsubstantiated claims, we see no facts, we have seen no evidence, we have been approached with no emails and only learned about this when contacted by the press," the statement said. "Even if tomorrow, an email was found, it is not a high enough bar of evidence to prove any interactions as emails can be altered and we've seen that those interest in pushing conspiracies will stop at nothing to do so."


"We are a family who is committed to facts, not fake evidence that surfaces every few months to fill the void and distract law enforcement and the general public from finding Seth's murderers. The services of the private investigator who spoke to the press was offered to the Rich family and paid for by a third party, and contractually was barred from speaking to press or anyone outside of law enforcement or the family unless explicitly authorized by the family."

But, as WikiLeaks noted, the family's "spokesman" is none other than Democrat crisis PR consultant Brad Bauman.


Seems that not everyone within the FBI is on board with the "Russian hacking" narrative and are finally starting to come forward.

Finally, we find it 'shocking' that while the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc are all too eager to regurgitate each others anonymously sourced stories that are critical of Trump, not a single one of them had a single reference of this Fox News bombshell on their website at the time this article was published.

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Pitbull is an autobot troll, no thinking brain.  ZH is loaded with them these days. ZH should require disgronificationizers in order to comment.  Solve equation:  521 - 3 x naught plusse 82 amounts to (?) < or >  than 107. 

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See how that works?  When you can't argue with the logic, you make up a name, and ignore the opponent!  And THATS how Trump suckered you guys into voting for him.

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Instead of adding to racism, I'll say ANY criminal would have snatched the Au and "significant cash" (per Fox News) from Seth. And if it was botched, meaning someone was watching, why not question them? Robbery is complete bull shit and you know it.

How many cameras caught Seth and his killer coming/going? More than zero in DC, I've worked IT for some of the slimy control freaks and I know what they can see - a lot. They know who killed him and they will be forced to nail a scapegoat, probably some crack head under a bridge. 

What's more likely, this being a botched robbery, or you being a paid shill? No answer expected.

PitBullsRule's picture

Have you ever shot somebody 3 times?  I didn't think so.  When you do, it make a noise asshole.  You can hear the noise for about 1/2 mile in all directions, especially at 3 am, asshole.  Your first instinct is to get the hell out of there, since everybody in a 1 mile circle heard 3 loud bangs, and you're standing there next to a dead man with a pistol, ASSHOLE!  You don't have time to go through his wallet and find 2K in cash, ASSHOLE!

Chaos_Theory's picture

Ever shot .22 subsonic rounds?  One of the few calibers you can shoot without hearing protection and not cause damage to you eardrums, as well as being more covert.  Oh, and also allegedly a favorite assasination round (assume for the same reason).  Sorry, while your racism may be accurate for East D.C. and especially for Anacostia, gentrification has made much of N.E. and N.Central D.C. pretty nice, and economically upper-crust.  Search WPost for how great the Blommingdale neighborhood is...

Absent the list of weird "coincidences" about the case (DNC connection, timing, WL offering big reward for evidence of who killed, 4Chan research, no public release of what caliber bullets removed, or shell casings founds, qui bono logic, nothing stolen, etc), a late night robbery gone wrong or even hate crime would make sense.  But I'll never believe an offical story of a D.C. robbery with no cell phone stolen.  Those D.C. thugs would never pass on an iPhone. 

All that said, do you really care?  I get the sense even if Jesus Buddha Muhammad Zues appeared at your doorstep with overhead video and a hidden mike tape saying who ordered the hit, you'd reject it. 

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Exit wounds go bang?

Put the pit bull on the computer. It would far less embarrassing for you.

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Must be professional courtesy for those boys not to take any gold necklaces when they shoot you in the back.

rbianco3's picture

The robbers were probably too pissed that Au has been consolidating in price.

Not worth stealing it in the controlled precious metals market. 


PitBullsRule's picture

Well you dumb fuck, if they WERE professional hit men, working for a billionare that doesn't want to be identified, don't you think they would have thought about taking his 2K in cash and his GOLD necklace?  To make it look like a robbery?  Don't you think they would have thought of that?  YOU DUMB FUCK!

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The problem with what you are pointing out is that Hillary is unable apparently to deal with reality and in her mind yes, she will run again.  Wake up and watch her out there now with her "Onward Together" movement.   

TwelveOhOne's picture

I liked that picture from one of Obama's campaigns (2012 I think?) in which his slogan was "FORWARD" -- but, someone was standing in front of the "D", so it looked like "FOR WAR" which is in hindsight much more fitting.


His name was seth rich. I hope you get mauled by pit bulls.

rbianco3's picture

The establishment has you on payroll doing damage control?

Sorry, Seth lived in an upscale DC neighborhood as reported by Fox News and the video from the 'hood' sure didn't look like any 'hood' I'd be afraid to walk in at night. 

What is a nigger? Why do they crawl? Nevermind.

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Yeah asshole, I'm getting RICH beyond my wildest dreams typing this shit for "The Establishment".  I get checks from "THE DEEP STATE" too!  Those are best checks because "THE DEEEP STATE" can print its own money!  I never have to work!  I just write stuff for these people who are never identified, and nobody knows who they are!  I have to go now, I have to run between phone booths and answer some very secretive calls from them, to get my next chat room comments!


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rbianco3's picture

I used to get checks from the DEEP STATE myself over ten years ago, and they were exceptionally generous.

I''ll give you the benefit of the doubt, or I'll try...

How many cold blooded murders have there been within one block of where Seth Rich was murdered in the year leading up to Seths assassination? 

PitBullsRule's picture

He was killed right across the street from a liquor store, in a black neighborhood.  Go to Google Maps and type in the intersection of Flagler and West, then go to that park about a block away, you'll see a group of 5 blacks standing on the street, bullshitting.  Look at almost every single person on the street, you'll see they are black.  Only an asshole would walk around there at 3 am with 2K in his pocket.  Only a complete asshole would be in a black neighborhood, at 3 am, in front of a liquor store, with 2K in cash in his pocket carrying a laptop computer.  So thats what he was, an asshole!  And assholes usually wind up dead, or broke, or as Trump voters.  But this one wound up dead, and thats all there is to it.  Take off your tinfoil hat and come out of the basement!

rbianco3's picture


So you want to talk facts?

Read and weep...

  • ZERO Homicides within 1500 feet of where Seth Rich was murdered 5-2015 to 5-2016.
  • ONE Homicide within 1500 feet for 5-2016 to 5-2017 ( The one was Seth Rich's )

Think I'm a paid shill, verify yourself since you are the smart one around here:

Metropolitan Police Department Crimes that reported within 1500 feet of 2100 FLAGLER PLACE NW, located in the FIFTHTHIRD Police District(s) between 05/19/2016 and 05/19/2017.

5/19/2015 to 5/19/2016

 Homicide: 0

5/19/2016 to 5/19/2017

 Homicide: 1 [view map]  Change:   1 


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Great reply.  Thanks for posting.

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I definitely know what anigger is..,been many places.,.lived a lot of life...


Fireman's picture

"Hey ASSHOLES, a niger killed Seth Rich."


A message from the not so "deep" state ... to be on the lookout for "nigerians".

Blanco Diablo's picture

We now know damn well Seth survived the intitial attack and was killed at the hospital. We know the police report is a lie.

We know damn well  that the second in status responding police officer was the husband of a woman deeply rooted in the DNC and worked directly for Clinton's campaign. What more do we need to know? That says it ALL.

bardot63's picture

How the fuck did DC area cops manage to get to the scene in 3 minutes?  I've worked around DC cops.  You've got to bribe those corrupt fucks just to go to Dunkin Donuts.

south40_dreams's picture

Seth Rich was executed, quit describing it as simply murder.  Shot in the back....back of the head

FoggyWorld's picture

Shot in the back two times and could have survived if given proper care.   He was not shot in the back of his head which likely would have been fatal.

Why didn't he get that proper care?

And his name was Seth Rich.

FoggyWorld's picture

Shot in the back two times and could have survived if given proper care.   He was not shot in the back of his head which likely would have been fatal.

Why didn't he get that proper care?

And his name was Seth Rich.

saldulilem's picture

Cause of death: Hillary's queef

Boris Gudonov's picture

So, Hillary is blaming Wikileaks on "Russian hacking", but the real source of the DNC emails that prove how corrupt she and the DNC are is actually a DNC staffer who mysteriously ended up dead, as with so many other inconvenient people associated with the Clintons.  Supposedly Seth Rich was murdered by a mugger who wasn't interested in thousands of dollars worth of cash and jewelry.  Did the Clintons have something to do with this?  One might easily believe so.


The Clintons may be perhaps the most corrupt cabal of criminals ever to infest the American political scene.


FoggyWorld's picture

And his name was Seth Rich.   And he died because he wanted us to know the truth.

We owe Seth Rich big time.


rbianco3's picture

Whether fake or not, I donated some green to the Rich family via go fund me.

It is apparently to fund a parallel investigation and keep focus on the issue - maybe the funding is having a positive effect... for Justice that is.

rusty_nail's picture

The Examiner makes a few points. Wheeler the PI has changed some of his statements. The FBI does not OR never saw the Seth Rich computer. What appears to NOT have been offered is a DNC reward for information leading to the murderers of Mr Rich.

Furthermore, the contents of the emails are far more important than who leaked/hacked them. How do Bernie supportors feel about being considered trash by their DNC?

DC Crime map does show Columbia Heights to be in the red zone for 2016. Lou's City Bar is where Mr. Rich was reportedly drinking before his murder and appears to be located in Columbia Heights.

Why shoot a drunk in the back? It should be easy to rob a drunk. Since when do muggings involve two criminals? There simply isn't enough booty to share. Where is Mr. Rich's computer? What evidence does it contain? What evidence can Assange provide proving Rich was his source?

rbianco3's picture

The establishment has an army doing damage control.

Sorry but we're all cynics at this point.

PitBullsRule's picture

"since when do muggings involve two criminals?"

Since every nigger ever born in the ghetto decided to make some money robbing a white boy, you dumb fuck.

Jolt's picture

Justice Dept: WHEN in the hell is it going to be HER turn to face some serious accusations? Espionage and possible complicity in murder is not enough? What are you waiting for?

Why are the delicate flowers of the DNC allowed to get away with what many of us know are crimes against the country as well as individuals?

And if the FBI is truly in possession of evidence, has it become an anti-American body of criminals that is subverting the will of the People, as well as our right to know the truth?

What is it going to take to pry our country from the unelected bodies of anti-American "intelligence" organizations?

Lots of questions...and not one answer! THIS is what our tax-dollars buy.

Stormtrooper's picture

"What is it going to take to pry our country from the unelected bodies of anti-American "intelligence" organizations?"

Guns.  Lots and lots of guns.  And patriots with the balls and training to use them.  There are a lot of those people out there.  Just needs a spark.

barysenter's picture

Thank you Mr. Putin.

bardot63's picture

FBI are bent coppers.  See Hillary server, see IRS, see Holter, see Fast n Furious, see Clinton slush fund, see J. Epstein, see top bent copper Comey, see Seth Rich.   FBI are pussies says Vlad the Impaler.