"ShadowBrokers" Hacking Group Launches Subscription Service Selling Nuclear Secrets

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The hacking group known as 'The Shadow Brokers' is pushing a monthly subscription service offering members top secret information including "compromised network data" from the nuclear and ballistic missile programs of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

As a reminder, we have noted in the past, many security experts believe the Equation Group is the National Security Agency, and that the Shadow Brokers may be part of a psychological operations campaign run by Russian intelligence.

Shadow Brokers first emerged last August, offering to auction hacking exploits it said were used by the NSA’s elite hacking team known as Equation Group (officially named Tailored Access Operations). NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and others confirmed the leak was authentic.


In December, Shadow Brokers cancelled its auction and offered to sell the exploits.


In April, the group released passwords to the rest of the hacking exploits in a move described as a protest against President Donald Trump for abandoning his base.


The release included a Windows SMB [Server Message Block] exploit, EternalBlue, which was leveraged in the recent WannaCry global ransomware attack.


In its Tuesday blog post, the group expressed its surprise that governments or tech companies didn’t bid in its past auctions.

It said is has always been about “the shadowbrokers vs theequation group,” and implied the NSA is a cohort of tech companies like Microsoft.

And now, as RT reports, the group’s monthly data dump could also include hacking exploits for web browsers, routers, and operating systems including Windows 10.

"TheShadowBrokers Data Dump of the Month" is a new monthly subscription model, the group said.


Payment will likely be made in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin given the group’s ransom demands in previous cyber attacks.


The group also promised to include compromised financial data from the SWIFT international payment order system, used by banks to transfer trillions of dollars each day, as well as confidential data from several central banks.

In a blog post published Tuesday, titled, ‘Oh Lordy! Comey Wanna Cry Edition’ the group accused the NSA of paying Microsoft to keep vulnerabilities in its software (and did not hold back in its accusations)

If theshadowbrokers is telling the peoples theequationgroup is paying U.S technology companies NOT TO PATCH vulnerabilities until public discovery, is this being Fake News or Conspiracy Theory?


Why Microsoft patching SMB vulnerabilities in secret? Microsoft is being embarrassed because theequationgroup is lying to Microsoft. TheEquationGroup is not telling Microsoft about SMB vulnerabilities, so Microsoft not preparing with quick fix patch. More important theequationgroup not paying Microsoft for holding vulnerability. Microsoft is thinking it knowing all the vulnerabilities theEquationGroup is using and paying for holding patch.


Douche bag, dumbass, libtard, rich prick Head Microsoft Lawyer is running his cock holster because he is having ruff weekend doing real work. Head Microsoft Lawyer being angry because he is missing leisurely weekend playing the skin flute behind the country club.


Real work is not being for executives. Real work is being for dirty foreign H1B workforce, happily working for less than stupid lazy American workers.

Shadow Brokers finished its post saying if a responsible party were to buy “all lost data before it is being sold to the peoples” then the group would have no more financial incentives and would “go dark permanently.”

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luky luke's picture

Russia, China, North Korea and Iran all told Israel that it must make peace. Israel refuses.


Somebody check and make sure Shadow Brokers are from IsraHELL since the US and Britain and Israel are not on the list.

armada's picture

"if a responsible party were to buy 'all lost data before it is being sold to the peoples' then the group would have no more financial incentives and would 'go dark permanently.' ”

What a joke!

AltRight Girl's picture

Bet they work for the Mossad/Deep State

If they don't sell some banking info on Soros means they are just setting up a honey pot.

Soros Keeps Betting Against Trump Market Rally and Loses

meta-trader's picture

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espirit's picture


Chit! Russia selling Russian Nuclear Secrets?


How much double dog dare you could that be?


I’ll take two please, with extra butter.


runningman18's picture

All of these groups are NSA/bankster front groups.  They are proxies, just like half of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.  They are sowing the seeds of future crisis and diverting blame away from the elitists. 

espirit's picture




They don’t get away, because there are points to be had for putting their heads on Pikes.


I’ve got a dollar bet riding on it…


logicalman's picture

This is a two birds for one stone deal.

Hit piece on BitCoin and a set-up excuse for banking system takedown.

Smells funny to me.


AllBentOutOfShape's picture

"The hacking group known as 'The Shadow Brokers' is pushing a monthly subscription service offering members top secret information including "compromised network data" from the nuclear and ballistic missile programs of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran."

The simple fact that the US and Israel are conveniently left off this list should make it clear to everyone who is behind this.

CIA/NSA false-flag op.

shovelhead's picture

We're not on the list because Clinton already sold everything we got and gave away everything else.

earleflorida's picture

Israel's, 'Samson option'.  Period!!!

Great post TD/ZH --- BRAVO:)

nc551's picture

There is a legitimate chance, since these exploits were cultivated by the US and Israel, that they protected themselves from them.

SmittyinLA's picture

Somebody forgot Venezuela and Syria, pretty sure both were working with Iran, and I think Syria got their secret whatevers bombed by Israel more than once, and Venezuela is I think working with the Norks on their solid missile fuel, I think they got a factory Ted Cruz financed (sarc maybe)

earleflorida's picture


absolutely ...

and its name was, Bingo!

peddling-fiction's picture

Now isn't that wonderful. Cheers to more knowledge being passed around.

Azazel IS so proud of his boys, if it works as advertised.

Minack's picture

It's too bad the security empire built up since 9/11 was created to control US citizens rather than defend us. Otherwise, these pricks would be located in their third-world shitholes and executed on site.


Everyone at the NSA, CIA, and various other alphabet soup agencies meant (supposedly) to defend America should be hanged.

silverer's picture

Every kid growing up should have a shot at this. LMAO! Humanity is doomed!

peddling-fiction's picture

Yeah, you get that warm fuzzy feeling all over.

Ignatius's picture

"Selling nuclear secrets..."

What's next? 

Discount body parts dead ahead...

espirit's picture


In this eCONomy, it’ll be two for the price of one.


Ignatius's picture

Good time to keep one's genetic profile and blood type to himself.

Kassandra's picture

For God's sake, why don't they post some useful info, like bank account numbers with passwords in the Turks etc.

GooseShtepping Moron's picture

I’ve noticed something occurring among the older Boomer cohort, those that would be in their 60s or early 70s today. The Whites who are in a White-Hispanic mixed marriage are all excessively and cloyingly proud of the fact and will mention it, apropos of nothing, every single chance they get, even though their Hispanic spouse has been living in America all of their life and is culturally no different from anyone else in their age group. It seems the human propensity to virtue-signal knows no bounds. Once it became “cool” for Whites to LARP as non-Whites or to be married to non-Whites, they latched onto that feeling and effectively turned their back on 60 years of their life and heritage.

Now the offspring of such marriages will be half Hispanic according to the current social categories, even though they are now culturally and phenotypically indistinguishable from a crowd of ordinary White folks. They’ve spent their entire lives never being the least bit socially separated from mainstream American culture or even needing to be self-conscious about their ethnicity at all, yet how do you think they identify themselves? As “Hispanic,” of course! And these ones, the 40-something half-breeds, are thoroughly obnoxious about it, too. They affect an attitude of extreme derision towards White America while at the same time ruthlessly pursuing the baubles of consumer culture that they take as characteristic of White America. To crown all, they even have a propensity to give their own (now thoroughly Anglicized) children Spanish names, with the suburbs around these parts sporting chestnut-haired Diegos and Tomases getting shiped off to soccer practice in mom’s Landrover.

I feel morally tainted every time I try to project myself into the psychology of somebody like this. This despicable creature of pride and avarice, this arrogant obnoxious skank, this petty social climbing mountebank, this traitorous self-absorbed nitwit—this is what half a century of race-mixing, virtue-signalling, affirmative action, and political correctness has produced.

This is why the Hispanic category needs to be dropped. It is the very definition of injustice and moral hazard to take a certain group of people who are in all meaningful respects identical to their fellows, deliberately imbue them with an artificial race-consciousness, and then lavish them with unearned social privileges and preferential treatment. Delusional, mostly White, spoiled brats LARPing as oppressed Hispanics has got to be the epitome of social insanity and racial cuckoldry.

No doubt this dynamic figures largely into self-reported marriage statistics. What would the real percentage of interracial marriage be once you weeded out all the Rachel Dolezals and Elizabeth Warrens of the world? All this game playing has got to stop. Let people identify themselves and choose their mates in a market undistorted by governmental gibsmedats and political pokemon points and we’ll see how it really is.

espirit's picture


Dood, you didn’t just write this off the cuff as is obvious.


Grudge to bear is what I hear, and Latinas  have a right to respect their heritage as do all others that legally emigrated to this county.


We all came from somewhere else – live with it.


shovelhead's picture

Little bitch is gonna complain if I want to celebrate my heritage and sacrifice someone and stuff em in a bog somewhere?


Cabreado's picture

My computer's broken.

The commentary has become completely disconnected from the article.

espirit's picture

Ding Ding, its Friday night!

Lore's picture

I relate to some extent with GSM in some contexts regarding excessive transferability and overuse of PC labels like "First Nations" and long-overstretched, increasingly-pretentious victim and collective-guilt narratives, but that said, CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE CALL THE RELEVANCE POLICE?  Muchas gracias.

Abbie Normal's picture

Is the USA the only country that defines Hispanic as a separate race?  Everywhere else, having a Latino heritage means you're descended from Europeans, which makes you white. Maybe those people should just check the multiracial box if they believe they aren't white.

HRH Feant2's picture

Based on the words, syntax, and grammar used indicate someone that has grown up in the US and does not indicate someone that was born in Eastern Europe or Russia. The language used is purely that of the left, especially of blacks in the US or the Caribbean.

I have spent plenty of time gaming with non-native US English speakers, especially Russians, and the excerpt posted is not how native-born Russians speak, at all. Not even close.

If the Equataion Group is being controlled by the NSA give me a break! Who the fuck did they hire to write this bullshit? Someone that spent some time in the Caribbean.

I would love to hear another analysis from a linguist!

espirit's picture

ShadowBrokers says it all...

Zoomorph's picture

It sounds like a person in India with really bad English, or more likely someone writing it intentionally in this style as a joke.

HRH Feant2's picture

Made up as a joke. Probably.

Arnold's picture

Wikileaks tried this model.
It didn't work, thankfully.

Arnold's picture

Now, NSA modeled Ransom ware with addons....
That's the way to go.

Lore's picture

It is being time to agree with you.

directaction's picture

Someone trying and failing to sound like they're from Russia.
Russia has millions of fluent English speakers any one of whom could correct the many obvious grammar errors in about two minutes

shovelhead's picture

Noam Chomsky called and said you were a fascist.

East Indian's picture

Why should a ShadowBroker sell nuclear secrets, when he can just wave his hand and some bank somewhere will give him unlimited money?


As pointed out above, where are the secrets of America, Britain, France and Israel?

The "intelligence" agencies are the SkyNet conspiring to enslave us. 

PS: When these intelligence agencies are selling data without worrying about buyers why should a small country run a secret service at all? It can always buy whatever data it wants. 

peddling-fiction's picture

First, these nuclear secrets need to work. Any demos?

Second, this seems more like a way for preparing public "consent" (zombie awareness) for a "dirty bomb" nuclear false flag.

Social engineering in the 21st century, and fear mongering as usual.

No fear.

espirit's picture

I double dog dare these azz'es to light one off.

Let's see what they got, or STFU.