Striking Video: Venezuelan Police Unleash Devastating Water Cannon On Protesters

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If the protests that have rocked Venezuela over the past few months can teach us anything, it’s that the Maduro regime is desperately clinging to power. As's Mac Slavo writes, protests are normal in any country, but when they occur every day for weeks on end, and result in dozens of deaths, it’s obvious that the government is in an unstable position. And as the government grows more desperate, their methods of controlling the population will always become more extreme.

That’s what’s happening in Venezuela, where the police have unleashed a devastating water cannon on protesters, which has been referred to as “La Ballena,” or “The Whale.”

You may be wondering how the police in Venezuela could live with themselves after inflicting this kind of carnage on their fellow citizens, week after week. How could they physically defend such an atrocious regime? It turns out that the riot cops in Venezuela are just as desperate and fed-up with the government as everyone else in that country.

The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed eight police officers in Venezuela, and discovered that the police are completely demoralized. Many of them hate the government, but they can’t find work anywhere else. They’re willing to fight the protesters for a mere $40 a month.

“One day I will step aside and just walk away, blend into the city,” she said. “No average officers support this government anymore.”


The security forces’ once fierce loyalty to Mr. Maduro’s charismatic predecessor Hugo Chávez has largely given way to demoralization, exhaustion and apathy amid an economic collapse and endless protests, said eight security officers from different forces and locations in interviews with The Wall Street Journal.


Most of them say they want only to earn a steady wage amid crippling food shortages and a decimated private sector. Others say fear of a court-martial keeps them in line.


“We’re just trying to survive,” said Caracas police officer Viviane, a single mother who says she shows up for protest duty so she can feed her 1-year-old son. “I would love to quit but there are no other jobs.”

And that, as's Mac Slavo concludes, is how a socialist government keeps its boot on the neck of the population. They keep everyone so poor, that the only way the average person can survive, is by brutalizing their fellow citizens.

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I saw this yesterday online.  That water canon IS as advertised.  Holy crap.

OH...  1st bitchez

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Each and every employed thug will fire on their own brothers and sisters if they have to. Goons do what goons do. Doesn't matter which country they're from. Kent state, anyone?

land_of_the_few's picture

Thought you meant the dudes with the metal shields.

JackT's picture

It will eventually run out of water.

Never One Roach's picture

Water cannon manufacturing bidniz up 230% with sales booming in South America and Europe! The Globalists need to keep their peeples in line.

Blythes Master's picture

In the fire department, we call this a deck gun.

Water cannon is a misnomer as there is no 'charge' setting off the water other than pressure. Lots and lots of pressure.

NoDebt's picture

After the video of the water cannon, the next video up (at least for me) was the latest episode of Roadkill.  Hah!  I just watched Roadkill on ZeroHedge.


Nice Try Lao Che's picture

If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, saturate 'em with super soakers...

SenselessPanic's picture

"we're gonna spray ya now" -- jack nicholson live aid

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Water Cannons against peaceful protests aren't new in third world countries. This is exactly what Liberal darling Congress Party government did in India in 2012 -

But guess what, Jayant Bhandari hadn't found his sense of morality under congress government. By publishing him ZH unwittingly keeps endorsing 'Liberal' mafia. Wake up!

Cynicles II's picture

In the US we know water cannon is a colloquial term.

Antifaschistische's picture

dear Venezuelans.

a. you canNOT use a shield against a water cannon.  it works for rubber bullets and golf balls only.  It is the WORST thing to have against a water cannon.  You must DIFUSE the water stream.   Diffuse, and fragment the stream...but do NOT try to stop it, or deflect it with a shield like Wonder Woman.   Even with a difusing shield, you will need four guys holding the shield.  I would recommend two layers of diffusion.  A welder could put something together with vertical, then horizontal 1/2 inch angle iron or 3/4 to 1 inch round pipe. followed by handles with shoulder braces.  We want a little more diffusion at head level.  I would start with spacing like..1 inch pipe, 2 inches of spaces, then one inch pipe, etc...on the first layer  then perhaps 1 1/2 inch on the second layer.   That's the experiment.

Remember, the strengh will come from the three guys NOT getting plastered at any specific time.  

b. have other team members paintball or something to block the cannon operator from seeing what they're doing.  I do not recommend a paintball gun since that will probably get you shot.  


Dsyno's picture

"you can NOT use a shield against a water cannon."

Pretty sure they weren't planning on there being a water cannon.

LasVegasDave's picture

Every city should have eight or nine of these bad boys.


Then when the Africans in America start acting up, they can turn em loose and blast the bling right out of da monkeys' moufs

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

I thought Sheldon had one that he turns around on you after the pools are clean. One of those things could probably push you clear out to Zzyzx.

RagaMuffin's picture

Since water can be used to cut metal, can this be viewed as a crime against humanity?

land_of_the_few's picture

They could try it on the Soros-shields first

RagaMuffin's picture

LOL there are facials...and then there are FACIALS

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

It's merely a water pik for Godzilla

Seasmoke's picture

This is exactly why police everywhere are scum.

Al Gophilia's picture

If they believe that they aren't, right now, their rosy picture of themselves will vanish as soon as their kids start starving. There isn't anyone more dangerous than a man whose kids are starving; or a mother for that matter, as seen above.

Stan522's picture

Coming to a place hear YOU!


Looks like a giant version of my power washer.....

Azannoth's picture

Oh but it's for the children!

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

The force looks the equivalent of a horse kicking you in the head.  How do you feel about this, Ivanka?

DirtySanchez's picture

That cannon will wash the shit off of you and likely out of you.

nmewn's picture

Old Soviet joke...

Socialism, capitalism and communism are sitting around  talking and Socialism gets up saying he has an errand to run.

Three hours later he returns carrying a small package. 

Capitalism asks "What took you so long?" Socialism says "I had to buy some sausage and the line was unbelievably long."

"What's a line? " asks Capitalism.

"What's sausage?" asks Communism  ;-)

_SILENCER's picture

If you give up your guns, you can have this too.

cheech_wizard's picture

Bernie Sander's paradise.

When I first saw this video, I thought someone had finally devised a method to clear the "Black Lives Matter" dindu nuffins from blocking the roadways.

Standard Disclaimer: I am Jack's thorough sense of disappointment.

gmak's picture

Silly rabbit. This is nothing new. ALL REGIMES cling desperately to power as the ship of state sinks. Their last act is to loot the treasury on the way out. Now, tell us something new.

pro ven's picture

How long did the people stay to block the illegal Dakotapipeline? What material did the national guard us, .. just asking!

THe violence and protests mainly happen in the area of the rich, they lost their easy robbing of the state of VZL.

Many youngsters yes without work yes, they did need to work, had still free education and now they have bad circumstances.

Venezuela does not produce enough food, yes, since when, did you look into that, it is not from the last 20 years.

Since Chavez the rich robbers has to share with the otheres, that is hard. Your 1 % does not share either, so soon you will find out what crisis meand for midclass people in USA, they willuse te heat cannons, they burn your skin, they will use FEMA camps and orange clothes for you and let you work for free for ^free enterprise^for  peanuts. Happiness to live in a state like USA.

Of course the government of VZL is not the best one in the world, but mind you, the USA administration, i would not vote for them.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

"They" might also build walls around the border, presumably to keep others out. It turns out, though, that the same wall can be used to keep your people from leaving. Although it's not the people leaving that will really bother the State. It's the money and tax receipts they would take with them.

alangreedspank's picture

Free water for everyone!

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

Hey ~ Your avatar looks like Chewbacca dancing on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

SubjectivObject's picture

The people have no other option than to work their way up the chain of command.

vegas's picture

And this is what Libtards want to turn the U.S. into; Sean Penn, Noam Chomsky, & Danny Glover please call your office for instructions. Liberalism is a disease.

Never One Roach's picture

"I fundamentally changed Venezuela!"


~ Maduro

Give Me Some Truth's picture

The "Law of Opposite Effects." -- We will deliver/create "utopia" for the people. No, you will deliver chaos and misery. This law always kicks in at some point. Short the central planners. Do "prep" for the ineviatable.

Six Days's picture

They must be right...they have a water cannon

Calculus99's picture

Great invention if you're not on the receiving end.

Nobody is scared of it, it's only water, but then they witness the power.  

chairman mao's picture

ZH, what do you expect him to do? quit the job in this moment of crisis and let the country descend into complete chaos?

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Can we please limit the doom porn SHTF articles to one per week?


Maybe one per month?

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

If it's a choice between that & links to Janet Yellen testimonies telling me I need to twerk harder, I'll take the doom porn.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

The "doom" in Venezuela is real. This is not "fake news." Such stories should be reported on every day.

edotabin's picture

Only if they are rotated with "missile porn"

Bill of Rights's picture

To bad no one had an RPG...make quick work of that water cannon.

Redheart's picture

Looks like utopia to me

northern vigor's picture

They prolly needed a bath anyway.

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Fuck it. Kill the cops they're traitors.