Talking Of 'Obstruction Of Justice'...

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"probably nothing..."



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Arkancide is the ultimate obstruction of justice.

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The Clintons are the definition of "Obstruction of Justice".

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You're all wrong.  Practically all the Democrats DO care about is "Just Us," and they tolerate no obstructions thereof.

mofreedom's picture

Al Frankenfeinstein is the ultimate obstruction of garage logic.

doctor10's picture

The American Oligarchy is completely corrupt. Their fear of Trump is their fear of the American People.

The last time they overthrew the will of the American People was 11/22/63

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Sheeet Son, I've been making that per HOUR using my NeutroOrganic Cash Method. Mere mortals aren't even ready for this system yet.

Don't even need the Internet.

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Had to close 34 security certificate warning popups just now to view this article.

Sorry, 35 then restart after a complete lock-up

It seems I only encounter these issues when trying to access news that counters the MSM narrative.

Anyone else have these problems?

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funny how that werks isn't it?

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Hey you Repubics, grow a spine, Commies, shut the F up, I'm gonna call for #TERMLIMITS one way or another....sayeth Trump.


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Geez with the down votes...just trying to reinforce this good thought in Trump's head.

Help me, where did I go wrong.

Open to criticism.

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Geez again...Joe the actual plumber is better than some actual pedophile plumber.

Some folks here are bleepin #PIZZAGATE

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 There is just one party. Money.

  Its a hard thing to grok really. We have been well trained to pick teams and stick with them. It would be nice to believe the Rs were going to man up and do the right things. The thing is they have not and will not be doing the right thing any time soon.

  We need a better plan if we want to set things to right.

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ONE HOST (taxpayer)
The law is used to keep the host immobile.
The FBI is the coverup cleanup crew
The PRESS is pravda megaphone
The DEEP STATE are the nose picking bugger eating entrenched partisan bureaucrat puppets groveling for a pat on the head and a promotion... IRS. EPA. INTERIOR BLM. DOE. EDUCAITON DOJ and all the rest of the oppressive scumbags... if you are honest... you will fail in the government.. only the scumbag political players thrive...

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Agreed, Dimz are as absolutely and repeatedly proving their obsolescence and irrelevance. Repugnacans, with all majorities, can/will not create any meaningful change. Ya, "there is only one party and you and I are NOT invited"!

Ever notice how precisely the D mascot fits... a braying jackass? An idiot neighbor owns one near me, and I get to listen to the damn thing go off like clockwork, morning and evening. Like clockwork, I say to myself... sounds like someone is filming a mexican porno!

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That the Rs dont jump all over them is most telling. Imagine if they went after the Ds as hard as possible. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The fact they are not speaks volumes.

knukles's picture

Visions of Dem and Rep leadership gleefully dancing about the pyres of burning books circling the glowing ashes of the Capitol building, praising Mammon for the riches bestowed by a New World Order

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I hope that guy from Soul Train is gonna show up.

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The R & D mean nothing, they're all in the same camp, it's the screw the tax payer camp tbh.

It's one reason we never see any R's go after the D's in any way.

They can dance around a fire on Capitol hill as much as they want, at some point it'll be their sorry ass tied to the pole in the center of the bonfire.

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How does that saying go Cog - 'They're all in on the gang-bang'...?

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"It's a Big Club, and you ain't in it. You and I are not in the Big Club."

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Man, I sure wish George Carlin was still around. He could get 3 or 4 shows out of this silliness.

Countrybunkererd's picture

It makes me absolutely sick.  Try any one of those (or anything really) in 1/100000 of the scale and you would get at least 10 years.  BURN IT DOWN!!!!

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up to you to be on the other side.

mofreedom's picture

Imagine if they went as hard on Ds as hard as they have been on Cruz and Trump. Wimpy Rs.

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 They would have a field day with Maxine Waters every time she opened her mouth. She is three time winner of the most corrupt person in DC award. Dumb as a post too.

  How many times could the Rs called out the Ds for race baiting. 8 years running it was the Ds goto answer for every real question they faced. lol Take that line of BS away and the Ds got nothing.

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Was recently described as a "poverty pimp"

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The plantation is better than the real world for some...i personally would rather have nothing than be a slave. SAD!

vegas's picture

He's black & she [I think] is a woman, and they both are  "D's", and so shutup cuz you're racist & sexist and have no right to live.

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  There is just one party. The Rs were asleep too.

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Makes more sense if you consider the donkey to be a stand-in for the corporate media.

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I could add another forty panels to this easy.

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The leftists would rather tear the nation apart, irreparably, than have anyone other than a leftist as POTUS.

Trump will never have the support of the media elites and the establishment politicians.

He should immediately go to war with this enemy and embrace those who believe in him.

When all is said and done, the corruption in DC has made it FUBAR.

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That is their actual goal, to destroy the country permanently..

Nobodys Home's picture

If you're a true Russian sniper you should hate communism and get the heck over here to the US and get to work!

Muppet's picture

What about Obama caught on a live mic saying to the Russian ambassador "Wait until after the election is over.  I will have more flexibility".

mofreedom's picture

The Left working with the Russians is status quo...if Flynn has Ted Kennedy for a lawyer he'll be alllllllllllllll....right.

Nobodys Home's picture

Meh. That was just Gay Obumboy cooing to ripped shirtless Horse riding ManVlad...I'll be more flexible big boy..wink wink.

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The media never had an unnamed source for those I guess even though there were congressional hearings... not credible .

Gohigher's picture

His name was Seth.
We will take down 7 nations in 5 years.
Saudis took down WTC with plenty of inside help and fancy dancing.

None are so chained than those who believe they are free ......

Good night, and good luck.

Nobodys Home's picture

The Fed and the IRS are legal.
The checks in the mail.
I won't _ _ _ _th.
I love you.

jmack's picture

forgot about outing pakistani doctor that fingers osama bin laden's location...

 among about a million other things.

knukles's picture

And what about Slick's sales of military secrets to China?

mofreedom's picture

But that was ultimately for the children of North Korea...what about the children?

Man, spent too many brain cells on this political shit for the past 25 years.

Some day, some day, I may see freedom for my kids.

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Moronic statement of the day - some talking head idiot said on Fox News that Trump fired Comey because he was intimidated by his height.

Not kidding, no shit.  The end is neigh.