A Trillion Dollar Down Day

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After reaching a record market cap of $74.1 trillion this week, global equities saw almost $1 trillion evaporate in a single day...


As Bloomberg notes, concern over Donald Trump’s administration and a political crisis in Brazil pushed the MSCI All-Country World Index down 1.5 percent in the past two days, the most since September.  

The last time that happened, it took about three months for shares to recover the value lost.

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Recovery this week.


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Hope you are right, Raffie.

"A trillion here, a trillion there, at some point you're talking real money."

(DCRB robbery of Sen Dirken's famous quotation)

Raffie's picture

Its all bullsh*t money any how.

Next QE will be for a quadrillion to make the sheeple feel safe. None of it is real, its all smoke an mirrors. 

Its about the haves and the have nots to pit us against each other is all. In reality, it tears most of us away from what is real which is LIFE and EACH OTHER, cares and concerns. I seen more happy people in Panama who had hardly anything then I do in America.

Gotta figure out a way to unwrap what we think is important and wrap it around what is important.

*now I am getting all misty over here so will stop*    8-)

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His name was Seth Rich

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DJIA up 141 so far today.

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They say you gotta buy this stuff when it's on sale, and sounds like there's lots of cash ready to go shopping.

No Time for Fishing's picture

When the number of sellers is small it doesn't take a whole lot of cash for the buyers to push it back up. 

Osmium's picture

As if Central Banks won't create a trillion out of thin air and push it back up.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Abbra Cadabbra, Poof, there you. Easy come easy go.

rwmctrofholz's picture

If only there were some geopolitical tension somewhere in the world that would justify it (to themselves)

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Funny if you haven't learned to "read" this market yet then you are screwed. I dropped out a week ago before heading to Mexico City for business.....didn't want to miss the train while outside the country.

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Pass the popcorn, please............



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WTF? The markets have already recovered 60% of that loss.

adr's picture

Who gives a shit, the world stock markets are up $10 trillion since Trump was elected. THEY HAVE A LONG WAY TO FALL JUST TO GET BACK TO WHERE THEY WERE, AND WILL STILL BE OVERVALUED BY 75%!

peopledontwanttruth's picture

But the debt that bought all that overvalued stocks won't be. Time to pay the pulper.

38BWD22's picture



"Time to pay the pulper."

To shred all that paper debt?

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Priced in Gold or Oil the market is actually down. 

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They will fall right up to the point some dude called Hank rolls out a thing called TARP by QE (not Queen Elizabeth but maybe).

Anyway, the best time to buy in is right before Hank announces TARP by QE.

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Hey adr.  From another one of your posts I got the impression that you were one of us Ohio rejects.  Any truth to that.  And if you have heard of Swensons, I know you're a neighbor.

Stormtrooper's picture

$74 trillion in funny money.  Dollars?  Yen?  Euro?  SDR?  What collateral backing?  Might as well value the market in seashells. 

Countrybunkererd's picture

Sand.  I don't know if there are enough seashells.

No Time for Fishing's picture

Global Equities = $74.1 trillion That's Global total value of all stocks globally.  US Dept $20 Trillion. US Unfunded Government Liabilites $100-$200 Trillion. If taking 100% of Global Equities would not pay the bill who the hell can you Tax to pay the bill. We have grown our debt way past the point of taxing the rich to pay it off. We owe more than everyone has combined. 100% confiscation wouldn't pay off our debt. Anybody want to loan the US government some money, they keep saying their good for it.

rockstone's picture

Yeah but....I'm in it for the long haul. My broker said so.

Silver Savior's picture

Don't worry that money went to crypto instead. lol.

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no big deal the market was up almost a percent today...and doubled while obama tanked the private sector / middle class, this is what happens when markets are "fixed"

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Did you buy the dip? What? You didnt buy the littlle dip? Why didnt you buy the fucking dip!------------------------------------------

Market went flying up you dip shits! All safe in ponzi land