Trump's First Foreign Trip: 10,000 Cops, Bomb-Proof Hotel Rooms, Robots, Steak With A Side Of Ketchup

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Over the past week a lot of digital ink has been spilled trying to preview and predict what will take place during Trump's first official mammoth visit abroad, when over the next 8 days after an overnight flight on Air Force One, Trump will hopscotch from Saudi Arabia to Israel to the Vatican. He’ll close his trip with a pair of summits in Brussels and Sicily. The stakes are great for Trump who makes his debut on the international stage: he’s the first president since Jimmy Carter to not travel abroad during his first 100 days in office. And he’ll depart under a cloud of controversy, even as his media troubles intensified with fresh news on the Russia probe and his "Comey is a nut job" remark.

There is just one problem with all of these nuanced, carefully constructed previews of Trump's trip: they will all end up wrong, as there is simply no possible way of knowing or predicting all the potential permutations that could emerge from unleashing one President Trump upon the world.

What we do know, however, is that never before has so much planning and organization gone into the diplomatic visit by a US head of state (and not only: nearly all of Trump’s senior White House officials are traveling with him. First lady Melania Trump will also be on the trip, headlining her own events on each stop). Because while readers may have heard of armored vehicles for world leaders and A-list celebs, Trump is about to get his own armored hotel suite.

According to NBC, as part of Trump trip, an unprecedented security operation has been launched that aims to envelop the president and his 1,000-person entourage during his visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem next week. Trump's accommodation during the second stop on his trip will be a bomb-proof, poison gas-proof and bulletproof hotel room built to withstand the collapse of the entire building, according to Sheldon Ritz, operations manager for Jerusalem's King David Hotel.

Speaking to NBC, Ritz said that "the presidential suites have independent air conditioning in case of a gas attack and are built to withstand a RPG [rocket-propelled grenade]," he said of the super-luxurious suites that cost around $5,700 per night. "But still the U.S. is bringing rocket-proof glass to put in front of the window."

"If the whole hotel blows up the suite will come down in one piece, so maybe a few broken bones, but they will be alive," said Ritz, adding that the King David would become a "mini White House."

That probably won't happen: in order to prevent explosives-laden cars from ramming the hotel, two buses full of heavy equipment will be placed at the entrance to the main road. Balloons carrying infrared cameras will float above the building while bomb-spotting robots will lurk in sewers beneath it.

Then there's the food: every piece of food meant for Trump certified as safe, with a tester overseen by Israeli and U.S. security officials perusing every meal destined for the President and his family. The hotel, which has been targeted before, most famously in 1946 when militant Zionists fighting for an independent state bombed the building and killed 91, is only part of the plan to safeguard the president. Israel's Operation "Blue Shield" will involve undercover police, special patrols, motorcycle officers, sniffer dogs and helicopters.

Meanwhile, Trump will be surround by a veritable army as more than 10,000 police officers will be tasked with securing his trip throughout Jerusalem, a place which is not exactly known for its peace and stability: "The level of security will be at its highest," said Micky Rosenfeld, a spokesman for the Israeli police. "It is a top priority that there is close coordination with the U.S., making sure the visit goes exactly according to plan."

Across the border in Palestine it will be more of the same: Palestinian officials also said they were working with the U.S. on logistics, such as Trump's crossing from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. "All the roads he will be passing through will be secured and emptied of vehicles," said Maj. Gen. Adnan Damiri, the spokesperson for the Palestinian security forces. "Armored cars and police dogs trained to detect explosive materials will be used in cooperation with American security." In advance of Trump's departure, NBC writes that on Thursday a full-blown U.S. airlift had begun. Laden with equipment and dozens of vehicles, around 30 C-17 military planes arrived in Israel.

To be sure, the threat level surrounding Trump's first foreign trip is unprecedented which explains the precautions. According to Israeli emergency services, some 48 Israelis have been killed and 608 wounded in attacks by individual Palestinians since August 2015 — the latest bout of violence. During the same period, around 260 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces and more than 18,000 wounded, according to Palestinian officials.

Also, it's not just Trump: the president's entourage also includes his wife Melania, daughter Ivanka and, of course, Jared Kushner. Trump, who professes to have an exceptionally warm relationship with Israel, will also be traveling to the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem. Trump has said he is hoping to broker a peace deal between the Palestinians and Israelis, a feat that has eluded world leaders for decades.

Meanwhile, back at the King David, workers are preparing for Sunday when the U.S. delegation will transform the hotel into a fortress ahead of the president's arrival the following day. The hotel's 233 rooms will be occupied not only by Trump and his family but also the U.S. Secret Service, Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, as well as Israeli security officials, according to Ritz. He added: "Nothing is taken for chance so Trump and his family will be very safe."

* * *

Having covered the Israeli and Palestinian legs of Trump's tour, here is a quick preview of what to expect in Saudi Arabia and the other countries on his itinerary, courtesy of AP, which informs us that when President Donald Trump sits down for dinner in Saudi Arabia, caterers have ensured that his favorite meal - steak with a side of ketchup - will be offered alongside the traditional local cuisine.

In Saudi Arabia, people with knowledge of the planning for Trump’s trip say the caterers are planning to offer the president steak and ketchup alongside the lamb and hefty portions of rice on the menu. All the meat will have been butchered in a Shariah-compliant halal manner as per Islamic custom. Appropriately, we learned this from even more anonymous sources: "The people with knowledge of the Saudis’ planning insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to disclose the sensitive details."

At NATO and the Group of 7 summits, foreign delegations have gotten word that the new U.S. president prefers short presentations and lots of visual aids. And at all of Trump’s five stops on his first overseas trip, his team has spent weeks trying to build daily downtime into his otherwise jam-packed schedule.

It’s all part of a worldwide effort to accommodate America’s homebody president on a voyage with increasingly raised stakes given the ballooning controversy involving his campaign’s possible ties to Russia. For a former international businessman, Trump simply doesn’t have an affinity for much international.

Even before Trump’s trip morphed from a quick jaunt to Europe into an eight-day behemoth, White House aides were on edge about how the president would take to grueling pressures of foreign travel: the time zone changes, the unfamiliar hotels, the local delicacies. Potential terrorism. Two officials said they feared that a difficult trip might even lead the president to hand off future traveling duties to Vice President Mike Pence.

“The chance of something going wrong - you insult the hosts, you get sick, your boss gets sick, you miscommunicate with your hosts, you make a scheduling error, you need to change the schedule just hours before a meeting, the motorcade get stuck in traffic, or the plane is stranded due to bad weather - is extremely high,” said Julianne Smith, who served as a foreign policy adviser to Vice President Joe Biden and is now a senior fellow at the Center for New American Security.


Personally, I think they should cut it back now before they regret it,” she said of Trump’s long jaunt.

In light of Friday afternoon's coordinated WaPo/NYT bombshells, they may not have the choice to regret it should Trump tell the pilot to just turn the plane around and resume tweeting at sea level.

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More pathetic attempts by the MSM to distance Trump's supporters from him by making him seem like an out-of-touch elitist.

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“Steak With A Side Of Ketchup”   ??


He should have asked for pork chops.


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" a bomb proof Saudi hotel room" is an oxymoron. 

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And a whole helluva lot of WH statements rebutting headlines that Dawn will rebuke via TWTR in the am

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zh with a side of cnn get the fuck out of here with this leftist bullshit.


obama spent 85,000,000 dollars in 8 years on non work related vacations so



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At least Trump's family members will behave like decent human beings.  I'm sure you all remember how Obama's hood rat in laws made niggers of themselves on a few of his trips.

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That hotel has always been prepped for super important presidents and PMs. However, I am sure they added more precautions since for some reason Amertican presidents are not cared for in the middle east and Moslim world---ever since Bush bombed/killed over a million of them and Obama killed/droned over 1.5 million muslims.


Oddly, they take their hate on on Trump Master who hasn't harmed a flea!

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Naughty knukles!

But funny!


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His preferred meal of overcooked steak with ketchum is the main reason the elitist won't accept him. Imgaine first ruining a perfectly good steak by overcooking it then putting ketchum on it. Unaceptable in proper circles. 

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First stop, secure the Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, Petro Dollar Hegemony with the Crypto Zionist Saudis,

Then, stop off at Pure Evil Criminal Deep State Hq in Israel then off to meet the Jesuit's in Rome.

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It looks like he made time to stop in Jerusalem to french kiss the wailing wall.

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The King David Hotel is the one the jewish terrorists bombed in 1946 to secure their illegal state of Israel

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They were testing the bomb worthiness goy.

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"Proper circles" a.k.a. "Psychotic Scumbags in Charge", or pretentious wannabes.

There is no wrong way to eat steak.

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I'm one of your greatest followers Croesus, but only a rube would defile a decent steak with any kind of sauce.

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As long as the ketchup is made with cane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.

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“Steak With A Side Of Ketchup”  


He should really ask for some Sriracha to flavor the ketchup.

C'mon - support America - Sriracha is the BEST flavoring agent.

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If you need Sriracha your meat is no good.

Don't tart up a fine piece of meat with Grandma's secret rub or some weird steak sauce.

Eat like a man and not like a pampered pussy.

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@ Robert

I agree with you totally.  But....

If you are going to over-cook the thing and then need sauce - Sriracha would certainly help MAGA.

The story of Sriracha is the modern rags to riches tale.  An immigrant comes to US - makes the world's best pepper sauce - overcomes all obstacles - including the crazy government of California - and employs lots and lots of folks.

We are not going to able to change Trump gastronomy overnight.  Let us take baby steps and MAGA.

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brought to you by the global criminal banking cartel...oh, and your tax dollars

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Likely safer in SA than USA given how the anti-Trump crowd is losing their collective minds...

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shut the fuck up, is the media making him go to the origins of evil, saudi and israhell?


btw genius, the same wall street zionist filth that owns the media own trump, clinton and obama, keep up moron. 

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If so, it fucking worked on me.

I was and am hoping he might pull a little something off. However, if you have the money to eat how you want, and you want your steak with a side of ketchup, then you are fucked in the head.

Sorry... But raping a good piece of meat with ketchup is crossing the boundaries for me.

Only a prick who wants to seem relatable or has no idea about how to enjoy life would do that.

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The 'anti-establishment' Donny doing business with the brutal regime of Saudi Arabia. Life goes on as usual with the US ruthless empire.

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Did you complain when Hillary took all their money?????

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is that you @TheLastTrump?

And the "Hillary was worse" excuse is getting older than the crust in your momma's panties. 

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...steak with a side of ketchup?! Eww...

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Is ketchup on cow tongue ok with you?

Let's move the U.S. capital to Sioux Falls, SD.

Swamp critters would rather quit than live there.

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Dude, with all those people, the state might tip over.

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Then...for safety reason 80% are first ya know.

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Tongue is a yummy piece of meat. I would never defile it with ketchup.

Yeah... I am not so sure how elected officials would react to a South Dakota winter.

Heck... I am not sure how I would react to a South Dakota winter.

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It was for the French Fries. 

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didnt mention French Fries...

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Donnie and the Drumpftones: The Luciferian Tour


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18 weeker, I remember Obama bowing to Folks. That was OK, right???

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Actually, that was Bush's fault...



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First trip to that bastion of freedom and democracy: Saudi Arabia. With allies like this...

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Glad they thought of security robots watching the sewers.  That should keep Hillary and the other swamp creatures out.

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I always hear about the excesses of the Saudi King when he travels but that dude ain't got shit on POTUS.

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and three scoops of ice cream

with nuts

and salad with dressing


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Building bridges with steak and ketchup. 

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I prefer peppercorn sauce with my steak (medium rare) - plus a side of chips (fries to you Americans) and salad with large grilled tomatoes. Hmmm... craving a steak now actually...

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Anything that isn't rare is sacrilege for people that revere US beef.

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Steak and ketchup?

Ok.. we all eat weird stuff but putting ketchup on a catered (decent) steak is almost sacrilege.  And no mention of onions or potatoes or sour cream or rolls or... gotta go, I smell something cooking out there.