UK Government Moves Aggressively To Censor & Control The Internet

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

The following dystopian excerpts come from today’s UK Independent article titled, Theresa May to Create New Internet that Would Be Controlled and Regulated by Government:

Theresa May is planning to introduce huge regulations on the way the internet works, allowing the government to decide what is said online.


Particular focus has been drawn to the end of the manifesto, which makes clear that the Tories want to introduce huge changes to the way the internet works.


“Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet,” it states. “We disagree.”

Thanks for clearing that up.

Senior Tories confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the phrasing indicates that the government intends to introduce huge restrictions on what people can post, share and publish online.


The plans will allow Britain to become “the global leader in the regulation of the use of personal data and the internet”, the manifesto claims.


It comes just soon after the Investigatory Powers Act came into law. That legislation allowed the government to force internet companies to keep records on their customers’ browsing histories, as well as giving ministers the power to break apps like WhatsApp so that messages can be read.


The government now appears to be launching a similarly radical change in the way that social networks and internet companies work. While much of the internet is currently controlled by private businesses like Google and Facebook, Theresa May intends to allow government to decide what is and isn’t published, the manifesto suggests.


The manifesto even suggests that the government might stop search engines like Google from directing people to pornographic websites. “We will put a responsibility on industry not to direct users – even unintentionally – to hate speech, pornography, or other sources of harm,” the Conservatives write.

“Other sources of harm.” Can’t wait to see the ever-expanding government definition of that.

Perhaps most unusually they would be forced to help controversial government schemes like its Prevent strategy, by promoting counter-extremist narratives.


The manifesto also proposes that internet companies will have to pay a levy, like the one currently paid by gambling firms. Just like with gambling, that money will be used to pay for advertising schemes to tell people about the dangers of the internet, in particular being used to “support awareness and preventative activity to counter internet harms”, according to the manifesto.


The Conservatives will also seek to regulate the kind of news that is posted online and how companies are paid for it. If elected, Theresa May will “take steps to protect the reliability and objectivity of information that is essential to our democracy” – and crack down on Facebook and Google to ensure that news companies get enough advertising money.


If internet companies refuse to comply with the rulings – a suggestion that some have already made about the powers in the Investigatory Powers Act – then there will be a strict and strong set of ways to punish them.

Given how willing tech companies have been to comply with government spying in the past, it’ll be interesting to see how they respond to this dangerous, authoritarian power grab.

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HRH Feant2's picture

I am not surprised that the home country of Eric Arthur Blair would implement such protocols.

Not surprised at all.

luky luke's picture

Besides the government, censoring the internet will ONLY benefit the HoloHoaxers.

moimeme's picture

Elites wag governments.

Always has been. Always will be.

Manthong's picture

Please don’t call them conservatives over there…

They are Fascists.

It’s kind of like a conservative Wahhabi muslim.

The word “conservative” does not fit in those contexts.

john doeberg's picture

UK = all your politicians are belong to us.

EU = same.

US = same.




Russia = damn it. working on it.

Le Cagotini's picture

oh, look. the douchebag spammer is talking to himself/upvoting himself yet again. or to use the technical term, autofellating.

Manthong's picture

To elaborate…

The way is looks to me, if you are for the EU, you are for a small group of unelected commissioners who, in collusion with the banks, multinational corporations and military, impose expense and collectivist lifestyle changes upon the populace.

You can’t get more Fascist than that.

It’s Nazi Germany without the nationalism and concentration camps.

Same to be said about the government in Britain except they seem to be able to fool the people in elections and are several steps closer to Orwellian Nazi world than even the EU.


MillionDollarButter's picture

The British people have been pretty dumbed down.

Blackfox's picture

You're the Hasbara troll cheating with the votes - member for 5 weeks... lol GTFO you kike cunt

meta-trader's picture

you can add an extra 1500/USD week after week in your income just working on the internet for a couple of hours each day... check this link...

ebear's picture

Russia = damn it. working on it.

Nas Ne Dagoniat!!!

BennyBoy's picture


Rothschilds don't like the truth. What banker does?

youarelost's picture

Get back on your meds, you sound nuts

11b40's picture

Especially when Royalty is involved in the mix.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Let's hope they have the same luck the Soviet Union did when copier machines came out.

Common_Law's picture

That manifesto they're talking about is the communist manifesto right?

Le Cagotini's picture

i'm absolutely certain the US will have a 2nd civil war, best guess is 2030. shit like this is a big part why. am really curious if Britain will, though. their govt shits on them harder (see above), but they've been so horribly emasculated over the last 103 years. 

time will tell

LyLo's picture

Shit; you think it's that far off?  2030?  Hell, the current plan looks like later this year...  It WAS her turn, after all.

chunga's picture

A Civil War will be brutal on spammers. They'll be killed in droves because they are universally reviled.

Arnold's picture

You mean all those Royal Ass pictures, front and rear?
Parts of the seventies I don't miss.

roddcarlson's picture

Luky Luke...great link I never thought the Bar Kokhba revolt was a fraud.  But it makes sense that Israel created the whole thing to question the legitimacy of the 70 AD temple destruction predicted by Christ.  I always found it strange that there were supposed to be more Judahites after the temple destruction in 70 AD as the history books show that is where every woman, man, and children were annihilated of the tribe of Judah.  Wow.

RealityCheque's picture

Stop linking your shitty website.

ThE SoLuTiOn Is DeBt FrEe MoNeY cReAtIoNx's picture

ZiOnIsTs Be WhOriNg FoR tHeM dEbT bAsEd ShEkElS...

zIoHeDgE wIlL bE AlLoWeD uNdEr ThIs NeW rEgImE

No FrEe SpEeCh HeRe...

Twee Surgeon's picture

At least the new Internet will have a girl with great Tit's on page 3 every morning !

The world seems to be working it's way past the grasp of a particularly demented generation.

rockstone's picture

Exactly. And one thing is certain. The porn is going nowhere. When you get them in the gutter, keep them in the gutter. How much trouble can they be then?

shining one's picture

The Sun newspaper stopped the topless ones at least a year ago.

peddling-fiction's picture

We agree to disagree.

AncientAviator's picture

Thanks Barry! You relinquished control and now this happens. DARPA invented the Internet, and Barry flushed it down the toilet.

remain calm's picture

coming to a country near you

Freddie's picture

John Lydon was right back in 1976 about the UK elites.

Sadly in his older age he has gotten all misty eyed about England.  I guess he believes the people are good but the English govt has almost always been monsters since those german or really semetic z-bankster took over.

SoDamnMad's picture

Yes, Germany deciding to introduce a bill to regulate hate speech.  Every rapugee massacre will be a "truck brake failure" or "accidental failure of the Kalashnikov safety".  "The knife slipped in my hand and I accidently cut the Christian victims throat your Honor."

Did you hear this British medical student who stabbed her male friend during a drug induced, drunken state will not get any punishment because the judge thinks she is a "gifted" rising thoracic surgeon.  If she has a bad hormonel day in the operating theater she might just plunge the scalpel into your chest and walk out in disgust.

TheEndIsNear's picture

Not to surprising since George Orwell was British.

Freddie's picture

The UK is one of the worst f**king facist states.  My worst experience was in customs there when some creepy civil servant with one fake hand asked me a bunch of BS questions.  If I had possesed a King Arthur style sword, I would have cut his other fucking hand off.  Should have asked him if the IRA had blown it off.

Or the nasty Sikh at Britsh Rail.

These evil UK shitbags have been pushing the Syrian genocide by ISIS, Soros, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, $ee Eye Aye, Jordan, Saudis and the rest.   Endless Russian hating endless Syria hating.   I guess when the Rothschilds took over the Bank oF England and owned the monarchy that is what happens.  The City of London is one of the most evil places include the Reichman's Canary Wharf.

Hundreds of years of endless European wars, slave trading and opium trading in China.  The UK is f**king police state with shitty weather and shitty food.

They let elites and refugee invaders rape and murder their children. F England and the UK.

Juggernaut x2's picture

England was also heavily implicit in toppling Gaddafi. For insight into how duplicitous the Brits are look up "Repatriation of Cossacks after WW2"

Freddie's picture

British Petroleum aka Rothschilds.  Royal Dutch Sheel that Anglo Dutch oil giant owned by the Dutch monarchy and Rothschilds.   The Dutch are more shit and more facist govt as they killed Pim Fortyun then paroled his killer and then stole the recent election from Wilders.

If there is anything that can be stolen - The City of London - Rothschilds will steal it.  Libya was a prime example.  the Bushes, clinton, NeoCons and State/CIA zio Cons were right there too.

They wanted Libya's money, gold and oil.  they also did not want Libya going off the dollar.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Very good comments ,Freddie.

The Beast has three heads-one speaking with a British accent,the other pretending to speak English with an American accent and the last,but not least ,pretending to speak Hebrew

SoDamnMad's picture

The Brits wouldn't let the Poles march in the WWII victory parade so as not to offend the Russians. The Polish 303 Squardron had the highest kill ratio of all the Hurricane squadrons in the war. That's the big thanks you get from the Brits.

jaxville's picture

  For much more along those lines ....Other Losses by James Bacque.

shovelhead's picture

Don't forget Trayvon and Hollywood.

The Brits invented both.

land_of_the_few's picture

In UK, you get asked obviously terrorism-related questions at airports, by guys who have dark skin, stubble/beard and speak broken English with heavy Asian or North African accents, who for some reason find white guys that speak good English tremendously panic-inducing and suspicious.

They say things like "where you go? where you go?"'and they don't know anything about *air travel* type things like *names of airlines like SaS* and spout gibberish like *arrobatics arrobatics" when you try to spell it out for them.


earleflorida's picture

george orwell's, '1984' was based on the Russian Revolution of 1917... and the rise of Lenin's/ Marxist Bolshevism (#1/2`'1984s').

lenin's 'secret police' or what was originally a benign org., 'MCR' (morphed into the cheka, ogpu, nkvd*, mgb, kgb* and fsb) posing as friend, but foe to the anti-revolutionaries, began in 1917/1918.

lenin dies jan/1924 --- stalin takes complete control of power in 1929 (but was actually the eminence`grise 1925).

stalin dies 1953.

george orwell's '1984' published  june 8, 1949 

eric arthur blair dies a young [46 yo] man on jan. 21, 1950

PRC/ Mao China's PRC , oct.1,1949 created (#2/2` '1984's').

just alittle background...

and all seems to have been exported to USSA via lenin's wwi & nazi wwii

earleflorida's picture

has been activly pursued for 8 years, since i first started following the stories


barysenter's picture

Isn't (((Anthony))) from Brooklyn getting off scott free dirty enough for you?

Freddie's picture

Into The Valley - The Skids

Young Stuart Admanson on guitar. Sadly he died of that terrible Scottish malady - alcoholism.

The song deals with how poor Scots in this one area of Scotland are heavily recruited for the Briitsh Army because there are no jobs and opportunities.  They also usually got the shittiest and most dangerous jobs.

Endless empire wars, endless dirty coups, and endless murder wet jobs by the Brits/Rothschilds glorified by 007 Bond type shit. And who in their right f***king mind pledges themselves to a monarchy?

You want the real deal about intel agencies watch Michael Caine in The Ipcress File.   They hire ex military for murders just like the USA.  They are run by old boy OxBridge educated bureacrats who will sell out out for a shilling.

I respect the Italians more.  They have chaos for govt and try to cheat on their taxes because they have had 2000 + years off corrupt govt and politicians and know it is all a lie.  The English love Italy because the food is good, the weather is nice and the italians have the balls to tell people to fuck off.

I once was in Austria at a ski area and the bratty English high school kids were drinking beer.  The British teachers were endless debating what to do like bureaucrats.  Clueless fucks.  I wanted to yell at them to tell the kids no more drinking.  I was slightly older than the kids.  They had no clue what to do.  These fux could not manage a one car funeral.

And part of my ancestry is English. Nice people but often clueless.

barysenter's picture

Cheers mate. What I can't say says it all.

risk.averse's picture

Nice people but often clueless.

Nice because of the long British tradition of politeness but you'll find that tradition will die with the current baby-boomer generation. As will the tradition of the "stiff upper lip"...OK, yeah, and possibly "lie back and think of England :o)  Many of that generation's kids are "nice" but only up to a point...that point is when they hear the word "NO". Then it gets ugly. Their "niceness" will evaporate like snow on a hot summer's day as they come across obstacles and adversity. God help us all if/when the SHTF...current younger generations will explode in tantrums because they've never learnt to "deal with it"