UK Government Moves Aggressively To Censor & Control The Internet

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

The following dystopian excerpts come from today’s UK Independent article titled, Theresa May to Create New Internet that Would Be Controlled and Regulated by Government:

Theresa May is planning to introduce huge regulations on the way the internet works, allowing the government to decide what is said online.


Particular focus has been drawn to the end of the manifesto, which makes clear that the Tories want to introduce huge changes to the way the internet works.


“Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet,” it states. “We disagree.”

Thanks for clearing that up.

Senior Tories confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the phrasing indicates that the government intends to introduce huge restrictions on what people can post, share and publish online.


The plans will allow Britain to become “the global leader in the regulation of the use of personal data and the internet”, the manifesto claims.


It comes just soon after the Investigatory Powers Act came into law. That legislation allowed the government to force internet companies to keep records on their customers’ browsing histories, as well as giving ministers the power to break apps like WhatsApp so that messages can be read.


The government now appears to be launching a similarly radical change in the way that social networks and internet companies work. While much of the internet is currently controlled by private businesses like Google and Facebook, Theresa May intends to allow government to decide what is and isn’t published, the manifesto suggests.


The manifesto even suggests that the government might stop search engines like Google from directing people to pornographic websites. “We will put a responsibility on industry not to direct users – even unintentionally – to hate speech, pornography, or other sources of harm,” the Conservatives write.

“Other sources of harm.” Can’t wait to see the ever-expanding government definition of that.

Perhaps most unusually they would be forced to help controversial government schemes like its Prevent strategy, by promoting counter-extremist narratives.


The manifesto also proposes that internet companies will have to pay a levy, like the one currently paid by gambling firms. Just like with gambling, that money will be used to pay for advertising schemes to tell people about the dangers of the internet, in particular being used to “support awareness and preventative activity to counter internet harms”, according to the manifesto.


The Conservatives will also seek to regulate the kind of news that is posted online and how companies are paid for it. If elected, Theresa May will “take steps to protect the reliability and objectivity of information that is essential to our democracy” – and crack down on Facebook and Google to ensure that news companies get enough advertising money.


If internet companies refuse to comply with the rulings – a suggestion that some have already made about the powers in the Investigatory Powers Act – then there will be a strict and strong set of ways to punish them.

Given how willing tech companies have been to comply with government spying in the past, it’ll be interesting to see how they respond to this dangerous, authoritarian power grab.

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SoDamnMad's picture

Not sure but Sir Jimmy Savile sure beats Weiner, Podestra and a bunch of other US government put together. Not sure if he was a procurer to the Crown in order to get so far.

land_of_the_few's picture

Well most people thought Savile was innocent almost right to the end until it all started coming out.... perhaps other nations have a similar process to go through?

He was mostly protected by entertainment circles and the 60s/70s pop culture have a lot to answer for, particularly TV and music.

Bread and circuses to stop the proles noticing what else was going on.

If they were getting drunk or drugged up then all the better, and just fantastic if they would waste all their cash on pricey meaningless things like temporarily fashionable music, instead of learning something, using their brain, getting skills, or using it to get themselves some kind of real small-scale control over their own lives.

barysenter's picture

Cox Xommunications China

xrxs's picture

Exactly.  This is basically the Great Firewall of China, coming to a UK and USA near you.  They'll do whatever they can to prevent circumvention via TOR, VPN, etc.

peddling-fiction's picture



It is here but only enabled selectively.

barysenter's picture

You can see the censoring from TOR.

nmewn's picture

See, the thing to do is have the government provide your "healthcare", your education, your homes, food, energy, security and your internet.

Only in this way can you truly be, Faaarrreee! ;-) 

land_of_the_few's picture

How noble that they want to control all news output and determine what is truth. Nothing could possibly go wrong trying to do that, eh?

veritas semper vinces's picture

You mean like here in Jewmerica?

Pork Rind's picture

Orwell wrote the novel "1984" in a cold, damp Scotish castle. Orwell (Eric Blair) caught a chill and died soon after he wrote "1984". I would urge anyone to read Eric Blair's novel, "1984", it will scare the holy hell out of you.

HRH Feant2's picture

Yes.. The idea of a "boot stamping on the face of humanity" forever is terrifying.

Who thinks that way unles they are a psychopath seeking power?

Mr. Universe's picture

I guess Animal Farm should have been the first clue.

HRH Feant2's picture

Chin up! Remember, "some animals are more equal than others."

Freddie's picture

Rent this and watch this.  The Lives of Others about the old DDR aka East Germany.  The old Stasi aka Merkel's Stasi. As Germany morphs more back to the old DDR- EU Style.

One of the best movies I have ever seen.  When I first watched it, it was incredible and depressing how evil humans can be to other humans.

Over the years - I realized the rest of the world is pretty much close to the DDR.  It was too much to try to watch it again because I felt it was hopeless.  The Internet had opened my eyes that the Bushes/Clinton/Obama/NeoCons are all the same as the old DDR.  The NSA/$ee Eye Aye and the rest spy on us just as much as the old DDR.  The only saving grace is Americans still have guns but that may be pretty meaningless anyway.

HRH Feant2's picture

I watched that movie a few years ago. I served during the Cold War while the Berlin Wall was extant.

I agree, it was an excellent movie. Glad to see I am not the only one that watched it!

It is one of the reasons I would plead the 5th. Never gonna be a snitch. Ever.

jaxville's picture

I bought a copy myself.  Great film.  I really like the character who was the the Stasi agent. SPOILER ALERT  He decided to be human in the end.  Scary though that most government employees would never consider decency or humanity part of their job description. 

  Just giving any of them more power guarantees an East German style outcome. 

Pork Rind's picture

What I remember about 1984 is that before the government began to torture it's own citizens, the government made sure that the citicizens were complicit with the crimes of the government. Because the citizens approved of the crimes of the government, that gave the government an excuse to torture it's own citizens. Winston Smith, would you approve of the torture and murder  of woman and children for the purpose of defending you own government ? Winston Smith answered yes I approve of the torture and murder of women and children to defend England. So then the government replied, since you are an admitted war criminal, how could you object when you are tortured and murdered.

shovelhead's picture

The whole idea of Scotland scares the hell out of me.


Pork Rind's picture

It doesn't scare me at all. I was born and raised in the cold northlands. Since I moved to the south in Tennessee I am getting a fever in my lungs. The south is the death of me, I'm old, I watched my USA fall apart, I watched the fucking Jews destroy my country in my lifetime. Gone With the Wind, I will do as much damage to the Jews  till the day I die of lung disease.

land_of_the_few's picture

Agree totally, very warm and damp summer climates aren't necessarily healthy. Bacteria love that.

jaxville's picture

   You made me laugh ....guaranteed upvote!

mary mary's picture

The Scottish get a bad rap because the Jews weren't able to lend them money.  No borrowing, no slavery.

TradingTroll's picture

Maybe Oppenheimer shouldn't have designed the nuclear weapon

Maybe Eric shouldn't have written 1984.

Either of these inventions are the potential catalysts to the downfall of society.

land_of_the_few's picture

As they say, 1984 wasn't written as an *instruction manual*. He meant it as a warning. Other way around , Sir !

He said the following, some excerpts:-

"Many thanks for your letter. You ask whether totalitarianism, leader-worship etc. are really on the up-grade and instance the fact that they are not apparently growing in this country and the USA.

I must say I believe, or fear, that taking the world as a whole these things are on the increase. Hitler, no doubt, will soon disappear, but only at the expense of strengthening (a) Stalin, (b) the Anglo-American millionaires and (c) all sorts of petty fuhrers° of the type of de Gaulle. All the national movements everywhere, even those that originate in resistance to German domination, seem to take non-democratic forms, to group themselves round some superhuman fuhrer (Hitler, Stalin, Salazar, Franco, Gandhi, De Valera are all varying examples) and to adopt the theory that the end justifies the means.

"Hitler can say that the Jews started the war, and if he survives that will become official history."

"He can’t say that two and two are five, because for the purposes of, say, ballistics they have to make four. But if the sort of world that I am afraid of arrives, a world of two or three great superstates which are unable to conquer one another, two and two could become five if the fuhrer wished it.1 That, so far as I can see, is the direction in which we are actually moving, though, of course, the process is reversible."


mary mary's picture

Maybe primates shouldn't have developed opposable thumbs.

You are alive.  The world is what it is.  Do what you can.

Hongcha's picture

Obligatory reading for us in High School (circa 1978); as well as Brave New World. 

_triplesix_'s picture

Let the battle of the VPNs begin...

silverer's picture

After all, look how successfully they've controlled the financial markets! lol. Building on success! (Or, how to make the hole you're going to fall into much deeper).

roodeetoodee's picture

Hmm can't seem to access, can TOR it though.


FIAT CON's picture

When the rapefugees can no longer watch porn and wank, the rapes will skyrocket in the UK.

Maybe this is there plan to increase the population, heck most kids are from broken homes anyways, what does it matter if the new generation of children are from rapes. /s

East Indian's picture

Fascism! Talk of fascism! Censoring!


Right now, the Indian Supreme Court is struggling to remove a judge of a High Court. It has put a gag order that no media should report his statements! Not a single newspaper or tv has protested this!


Under the Indian Constitution, a judge of the High Court can only be removed through an impeachment in the Parliament. Yet the Supreme Court has ordered his removal and arrest! 

Indian Constitution, or whatever that was left of it, is dead. 

Freddie's picture

Well if you want to hear the perfect King's English spoken - go to a few places in India. 

The BRitish fascism is just another hold over.  British people great - the British govt and elites - pure evil.

land_of_the_few's picture

Agree, Indians often have very good English, none of this horrid RP / Cockney-parody accent.

Shakespeare and his contemporaries didn't speak RP, that kind of thing was considered juvenile or crass.

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

hehe,  *have* very good English? Well better than yours apparently.

Bryan's picture

Actually, I believe the internet will be the catalyst for the downfall of society.  I would not doubt that this may be what is referred to as "the beast" in The Revelation; or something along that line.  The internet has had several decades of 'good' use... but its potential for 'bad' is now coming to fruition.

Hammer of Light's picture


The fatted cattle of the UK and world have no clue that 1776 is still on.


Who is behind Israel = UK? Who controls the UK = Queen who then in turn controls all the banking.

Would it surprise all of you to know that the Queen of England OWNS 1/6th of the earths entire land mass? Verify this on your own and what a eye popper that one is. Who is really in control?

We're all in something that has been raging for literally millennia's. Always has been - always will be until we all rise up and kill them all - flatly roundly remove these diseased creatures from this living world and exterminate them all like cock roaches.

UK is the central planners of the world which is the Queen of England and they are who have infiltrated the US apparatus via their proxy State Israel.The war with the red coats never ended... they just got smarter. My US government no longer exists, it's totally compromised and there is no way in hell we're getting control of our nation away from Israel and the UK unless we literally start killing them all off to the HIGHEST order leaving not a single one of them alive.

1984... Orwell didn't even come close to what is about to hit humanity and is fully underway... a complete reversal of all living progress.

My estimation is that humanity will self terminate, AGAIN, as it has for millions of years. We as a specie rise, we gain technological superiority and then we regress back into psychopathy through the power mad insane utter freaks of this world who rise to power in there insane quests of control that has never and never will exist. Incredibly, we are all on a bullet train ride to heel again and full on dystopia is the last stop before disembarking into mass global death.

The dumbing down of the masses of ignorant humans is so complete, mostly all in the UK will go along with it to their own demise... as they always do! Rinse - repeat -

People are finding out who and what their leadership truly is - pure, raw evil bent on madness and control that simply does not nor will ever exist.

I got news for you there Theresa and all you diseased so called leaders... your hunger can never be satiated. Your thirst for power that lives in your madness can never be quenched. You will lead billions to their deaths in your futile quest to control us who will literally be forced to rise up and slice your throats or die trying. Your madness is complete and there is no cure for you Theresa along with world leadership other than your demise.

In human history, it is ALWAYS the same ending... and it's a sad one! Orwell would shrink and wince if he saw what is happening today.

Humanity rises, gains technological superiority, regresses back into the feudal primitive and digresses into savagery and death for all for their power mad leaderships quest of madness.

Thank you for teaching me Mr. Orwell.

What did I learn... Rinse ~ repeat.

P.S. Hey Mr. Orwell... Say hello to Mr. Huxley and Mr. Bradbury for me! Tell them they too were dead on target!

(Brave New World - Fahrenheit 451)

FIAT CON's picture

I have said many times that the internet is a tremendous tool that can expose the corrupt elite. The people can use it to share knowledge,and to organize to overthrow the corrupt elite. The elite know this, yet most sheeple have not figured this out. They still think the MSM tells the truth, and have not learned about internet unbiased news. Fackebook, youtube, twitter, instagram, and google are all censored. There is not much time left. Once the internet is censored, it's over, just bendover and take it.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em for tomorrow we get censored.

Iconoclast421's picture

this is the template for every country

Kenny Drebson's picture

theresa may can't (doesn't want to) implement brexit, so now she's throwing the election so labour can win and hold another referendum which will most likely keep UK in EU.

Hammer of Light's picture

Theresa May is another bleeding sloppy cunt for her NWO her MAJESTY Bitch whore of England. Fuck you Red Coats and your bitch Proxy State Israel. Too bad you stupid Brits willingly disarmed yourselves. BAD MOVE and it was your last one! You'll never regain control of your own nation away from these insidious creatures who rule you. Your rulers are just as evil as ours and they should all be put up against the wall and terminated. I have no sympathy for evil.

Death to tyranny. Make no mistake about it, this is open faced tyranny of which will be used all over the world to put all of us under this feudal UK rule. DEATH TO ENGLAND and her Proxy WHORE Israel.

I mean this literally that they should be eradicated. Freedom is NOT FREE!

Too bad my nation is so infiltrated with these sickening creatures in every part of our apparatus, the US is DEAD as a concept. Only the whore of consumerism is all that's left of it and that whore is about to die a very hard death from lack of true price discovery in every aspect of all markets.

If there ever was a time in my life where the term "the end is near"... man it's NOW. Yeesh, this is all getting to a surreal nightmarish time. It's difficult to comprehend this is all truly happening.

man of Wool's picture

Its the logic of sovereignty. The government does have the right to control the internet used in their country. They can decide which services work , which sites you can access and which you can't. In the same way government decides who enters a country and who doesn't. Or what goods are imported and what aren't. 

A sovereign government does have the right to control what information enters and leaves its territory. Just because the internet was conceived in California doesn't mean that the culture of a free for all internet should apply to the whole world. China does the same. It controls what its citizens see and can do on the net. China has the right to do that.

I don't personally agree with this idea but its difficult to argue against. 

cheech_wizard's picture

>Just because the internet was conceived in California

Historical documents say otherwise.

Standard Disclaimer: That's what the Internet is good for - researching before putting words into print.

silverer's picture

But the government is supposed to represent the people. Is this what the people want? If not, it may still be a sovereign government but it is operating as a oligarchy. A dictatorship. In a democracy, the authority comes from the people, not the government.

Flybyknight's picture

You personally disagree but yot you profer it as a valid proposition? That makes you a n idiot or a sheep. Why should a government control Information? Does information really enter or leave a partiocular juresdiction? Get a life man of wool. Your name says you are a sheep.

mary mary's picture

I bet he is an English bureaucrat in an English spy agency.  English bureacrats do puff themselves up.

quartshort's picture

Logic of sovereignty. pttthp. That's exactly why guns are legal.

case closed