Weiner's Having A Bad Day: Huma Files For Divorce After Disgraced Dem Pleads Guilty To Sexting A Minor

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It's been a bad day for Anthony Weiner.  After pleading guilty to sexting a minor earlier this morning, a crime that will require him to register as a sex offender, the New York Post is now reporting that Huma Abedin has finally filed for a divorce.

The long suffering wife of Human Abedin has finally filed for divorce against Anthony Weiner, just as her estranged husband pleaded guilty to sexting with a minor.


She brought an anonymous versus anonymous action in Manhattan Supreme Court Friday.


She’s asking for the court to seal the case.


The filing is uncontested meaning she is not expecting a fight over custody or the couple’s assets.



* * *

Disgraced former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner reportedly wept openly in federal court Friday as he pleaded guilty to sexting a 15-year-old girl and admitted to the judge: "I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse."

Per NBC, Weiner took questions from the judge at his hearing before reading a prepared statement which included the following:

"Through approximately March 2016, I engaged in obscene communications with this teenager, including sharing explicit images and encouraging her to engage in sexually explicit conduct, just as I had done and continued to do with adult women.  I knew this was as morally wrong as it was unlawful."


He said that last fall he "came to grips for the first time with the depths of my sickness. I had hit bottom," and entered "intensive treatment." He then apologized to the girl.

Here is Weiner's full statement:

As part of his plea deal with the United States attorney’s office, Weiner will have to register as a sex offender.

* * *

From earlier:

After years of sexting scandals that cost him his marriage with Huma Abedin and potentially even cost Hillary the White House, disgraced former Democratic congressman and New York Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is set to appear in a federal courtroom in Manhattan today to enter a guilty plea for sexting with a minor.

According to the New York Times, Weiner will plead guilty to a single charge of transferring obscene material to a minor, pursuant to a plea agreement he struck with the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan. Weiner reportedly surrendered to the F.B.I. early Friday morning.

As a result of the guilty plea, Weiner will likely end up as a registered sex offender, although a final determination on that issue has yet to be made.  The charge carries a potential sentence of between 0 - 10 years in prison, meaning Weiner could avoid prison time though the ultimate sentence will be determined by a judge.

As you'll recall, the FBI only discovered those last minute Hillary emails due to their ongoing criminal investigation of Anthony Weiner.  The "tens of thousands of emails", many including exchanges between Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton, discovered on Weiner's computer ultimately prompted James Comey to make his now infamous October 29th announcement that the Hillary email investigation had been re-opened.  Hillary has since attributed her loss to Comey's decision.

Of course, as you may recall, Weiner's latest sexting scandal came to light back in September 2016, a very critical time for the Hillary campaign, when it was exposed by the Daily Mail.  Unfortunately, this time the scandal involved a girl that Weiner knew to be a 15-year old Sophomore in high school.  But, that didn't seem to stop him from telling the teenager that he would like to "bust that tight pussy so hard." 

Anthony Weiner's latest alleged scandal involves a 15-year-old high school student

The girl first reached out to Weiner in January 2016.  In that initial discussion, the girl openly admitted that she was a high school student. 



But, that didn't seem to stop Weiner from later telling the girl over a sexting app that he "would bust that tight pu**y so hard and so often that you would be limp for a week."


In an interview with the Daily Mail, the high school student said that Weiner pushed her to "dress up in school-girl outfits" and engage in "rape fantasies" over skype.  He also felt the need to inform the young girl that he and his wife, Clinton aide Huma Abedin, hadn't had sex in a year.

"When we would Skype, he would tell me that he was very lonely and that it had been a year since he and his wife [Huma] had sex, and that she really didn't pay him any attention.  We would talk, just chatting for about 30 minutes and it would lead to more sexual things…asking me to undress…he'd comment on my body. He asked me about masturbation, and that kind of thing."


"He would pretend like he was a teacher and I was a student. And he'd talk about me sitting in the front of his class, and him taking me after school."


"He had some rape fantasies. It would just be him showing up at my house when my dad was out of town.  And just start undressing me, being forceful, asking me if I want to be dominated, strange questions."


She said when she told him she was uncomfortable with this, he quickly agreed to change the subject.


The girl said she started feeling guilty about hiding the relationship, and told her father and a teacher about it in late April.

After ruining her shot at the White House, you had to know that Hillary wouldn't let Weiner escape this one.

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bowie28's picture

Now if you had a fed prosecutor who wanted to take down some big fish, Weiner would be a great candidate to turn.  Give up the goods on all your friends or take your chances in Federal prison as a world famous child sex-predator.  What the other inmates would do to him may be more frightening than the wrath of the Clinton crime family.  Unfortunately we don't have real prosecutors and this will be just one more cover-up disguised as an investigation and trial...

el buitre's picture

New York prosecutors?  This plea bargain was in federal court, against a federal crime.  Rumor has it that the laptop was first seized by the NYPD, and there was stuff in the yuuuge Life Insurance folder that made veteran NYPD detectives vomit.  Wonder what could do that?

goober's picture

Let there be no doubt this is just the tip of the iceberg for Hillary, Podesta, Ummah and many other DEMs at the top of their food chain.


Also there has been many people arrested and charges filed all across the nation in a massive child sex crime scheme. PRAVDA/MSM has completely played it down and covering up the many crimes. If anybody has slinks to such please forward them to me. I jhad two links and they have both been taken down by the deep state google monsters. 

Realize that much of the insane over reaction and obvious bogus claims being tossed around are in fact a diversion of the real crimes BHO, Holder, Hillary and crew committed. It is desperation on a grand scale performed by PRAVDA/MSM, the propaganda/indoctrination arm of the deep state and democrat party 



_RRR_'s picture

unbelievable a guy like this went up the ladder that far. and yet, not so unbelievable at all

biggest fockups mostly crowd in politics and high management. take that for a wise career choice

BustainMovealota's picture

A testament to the dumb ass populace that put him there.  Look at Boxer , Pelosi, Waters, etc.,, same shit

fleur de lis's picture

What's really amazing is that the "authorities" allowed his very young son to remain at home alone with him after the earlier sexting.

Other children have been removed from their homes and put into foster care for far less.

Huma is just as bad -- she is a negligent mother.

Her parents are in Saudi Arabia and living very well -- if she had any maternal instinct she would have entrusted her son to her parents until after the eilection.

Instead she chose to risk her son to the care of a sex pervert.

Hellish should have suggested the same to Huma but what would she know about common decency.




dogismycopilot's picture

kid is half jew. illegal for jews to travel to Saudi.

oy vey!

(Dumb fucking weiners/huma....this is some funny shit.)

Raging Debate's picture

After this shitshow collapses America 2.0 should make Congress election a lottery prcoess. Only eligibility criteria being you file and actually pay taxes. 

bloofer's picture

Actually, having proclivities along these lines works well for moving up the ladder. As an example, I had a gay male friend who took a teaching job somewhere in remote rural Kansas. He was quickly entrusted with the duty of buying lots of liquor for the principal. Because he was gay, the principal knew there was zero chance my friend would rat him out, since the principal would then expose my friend's homosexuality.

See how it works?

Many organizations work this way. Often a person is chosen for the job or the promotion because higher-up have some dirt on the person, making them unlikely to tell tales.

yomutti2's picture

What, Congressmen can't get free poon?? That's just laziness.

Never One Roach's picture

The doj has lost all credibility by not appointing a special prosecutor to look into Weener, his lap top, Huma, etc.

FoggyWorld's picture

Sessions isn't doing a very good job.

all-priced-in's picture

Most members of congress are prostitutes -

Offthebeach's picture

If a prostitute gets elected to Congress, do they get kicked out of prostitution?  Like, lined up on the parade ground like Steve McQueen in the series,  "Branded"?  Their pump heals broken,  eyelashes pulled off, then forever scorned and held in shame as a dirty, lying, filthy member of Congress.

StychoKiller's picture

Chuck Conners was the star of "Branded."

Great Deceivah's picture

They are don't use prostitutes anymore... now they use underaged children

quadraspleen's picture

If only it were just sexting he did...

onewayticket2's picture

Sexting with a cleary willing minor is a felony.

trafficking in Top Secret Classified documents intended for the eyes of the Secy of State only....is not.


go figure.


Weiner should just say he did not "intend" to do it and all would be forgiven.

BetterRalph's picture

Your on it.
Weiner belongs in Military Prison not Regular Civilian.

to his immediate queue of pals who could not be blind, and passed TS docs (by people that KNOW Better yet they have ties to Russians). Nobody did a NSA terminal search to connect the dots between all these players? Days, Weeks, Months, Years. Blagh more like Clinton Traitor Loyalists probably going through UTAH data center rigging everything!

media is going on presumption people are this stupid while the game being played has more teeth than ever. Instead they resources attack Trump with this Russian Crap backed from reverser security techs who get paid to tell sold out media stories about sloppy infosec lures or even bragging "new product-ish" ways, to say it.

Then government officials who (eat those little balls of ****) stay silent when lies are put forth as a new reality. Put a trained dog like Feinstein, and the usuals up and you can make Pigs Fly into the mouth of the Squid even though it defy physics.

These ten year segments of deeper and deeper darkness have sucked elephant ass sucking donkey nose puss.

The delay for Weiner's immediate CREW /CULT indictments are suspicious to me. It starts to make me think FBI "leadership crew" are cult members as well. IF leaders are corrupt, how can lowers behave anything but like papa, want rule of law, reverse this.

Lieberman for Fbi is a road too far.
Nobody's perfect, but seriously out on the street he's a
multi +10 on the advanced bonewits cult danger evaluation frame

It's been 6 months of attacks at least already on Trump.
Forget 100 days. I rem this nonsense in November, back when Clinton was doing purple (King/High dev spirit) cruft. , Then white (what Cleansing your stink) I am sick of them.

Every stinking one that follows like a cult, elected official and media, you can SMELL THEIR STINK.

Philo Beddoe's picture

We shouldn't generalize about any group except for politicians. 

BorisTheBlade's picture

Nope. Creatures higher in hierarchy don't have to self-implicate themselves via iphones. They have their pleasure delivered to a secure private location.

MFL5591's picture

Next up, one of the sewer rats in Hollywood will write a movie and this asshole will make millions while you and I work for a living!

QQQBall's picture



there is a second difference. weiner is heterosexual

Déjà view's picture

Weiner Sausage...placed in the can...

Shlomo Scheckelstein's picture

We don't give a rats ass about your land, we started it for the long term and your goyim need to be thankful before you end up in camps and do some real labour.

ZH Snob's picture

why does he get a deal while all the nobodies get 10 years?

HRClinton's picture

<<< Biggus Dickus

<<< Wienus Dickus

re Anthony Weiner/Wiener.

meditate_vigorously's picture

It was a sham marriage arranged by Mossad and Iran from the beginning.

Yog Soggoth's picture

Calm down, they haven't found about the Mau Mau connection in Kenya yet. You are such a yenta.

small axe's picture

execution is the best option

Soul Glow's picture

And let's get him to start talking about Pizzagate....

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

That's already been debunked as 'fake news' ~ I know, because I saw it on CNN & they said so   :-p

Philo Beddoe's picture

If that was my daughter he was fucking with he would be taking harp lessons right now. 

viahj's picture

pretty sure that Hell has banjos, not harps

Nona Yobiznes's picture

The cool demons have electric guitars and synths. There's a special ring for fucks like this, where the only music they'll be making is screams and the sound of anus shredding. 

IridiumRebel's picture

"Bust that tight pussy".....-Carlos Danger

Weiner better be ready for his "tight pussy" to get busted in jail.
Just what Carlos Danger deserves.

rubiconsolutions's picture

Trump: "I moved on her actually. You know she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and fuck her. She was married."


Yeah, Trump is morally superior to Carlos Danger for sure.

Pure Evil's picture

Yeah, texting about rape fantasies with a 15 year old minor is on the same scale as Trump having sexual fantasies about an adult married woman.

No wonder you shittards are so fucked up.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Trump was sexualizing his daughter.  Do you brag how hot your daughter is?  LOL

LyLo's picture

Weiner sent rape fantasies to a minor.  Trump said some fucked up things about his daughter during an interview. 

Do you really not see a difference?  Do you not have a deep down gut feeling that there is a line between a total weirdo saying dumb shit and a fucking criminal paedophile that should be strung from his achilles in the middle of town?  Don't get me wrong: I'm not a fan of a lot of perversion...  But it just ain't the same as this one. 

Imagine it was your niece.  Your brother said she was hot, and that's weird and you guys should probably have a talk.  Now imagine that a local politician was sending her pictures of his dick and telling her not to tell anyone.  Can you maybe see the difference now?

Scuba Steve's picture

"Haha, and then I shoved the cigar up her pussy ... after Secret Service said coast was clear of course"


"And then Reggie shoved it so far in me while the bathhouse shower was going, it was like "nigga please" ... "

-True Pres Stories