Weiner's Having A Bad Day: Huma Files For Divorce After Disgraced Dem Pleads Guilty To Sexting A Minor

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It's been a bad day for Anthony Weiner.  After pleading guilty to sexting a minor earlier this morning, a crime that will require him to register as a sex offender, the New York Post is now reporting that Huma Abedin has finally filed for a divorce.

The long suffering wife of Human Abedin has finally filed for divorce against Anthony Weiner, just as her estranged husband pleaded guilty to sexting with a minor.


She brought an anonymous versus anonymous action in Manhattan Supreme Court Friday.


She’s asking for the court to seal the case.


The filing is uncontested meaning she is not expecting a fight over custody or the couple’s assets.



* * *

Disgraced former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner reportedly wept openly in federal court Friday as he pleaded guilty to sexting a 15-year-old girl and admitted to the judge: "I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse."

Per NBC, Weiner took questions from the judge at his hearing before reading a prepared statement which included the following:

"Through approximately March 2016, I engaged in obscene communications with this teenager, including sharing explicit images and encouraging her to engage in sexually explicit conduct, just as I had done and continued to do with adult women.  I knew this was as morally wrong as it was unlawful."


He said that last fall he "came to grips for the first time with the depths of my sickness. I had hit bottom," and entered "intensive treatment." He then apologized to the girl.

Here is Weiner's full statement:

As part of his plea deal with the United States attorney’s office, Weiner will have to register as a sex offender.

* * *

From earlier:

After years of sexting scandals that cost him his marriage with Huma Abedin and potentially even cost Hillary the White House, disgraced former Democratic congressman and New York Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is set to appear in a federal courtroom in Manhattan today to enter a guilty plea for sexting with a minor.

According to the New York Times, Weiner will plead guilty to a single charge of transferring obscene material to a minor, pursuant to a plea agreement he struck with the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan. Weiner reportedly surrendered to the F.B.I. early Friday morning.

As a result of the guilty plea, Weiner will likely end up as a registered sex offender, although a final determination on that issue has yet to be made.  The charge carries a potential sentence of between 0 - 10 years in prison, meaning Weiner could avoid prison time though the ultimate sentence will be determined by a judge.

As you'll recall, the FBI only discovered those last minute Hillary emails due to their ongoing criminal investigation of Anthony Weiner.  The "tens of thousands of emails", many including exchanges between Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton, discovered on Weiner's computer ultimately prompted James Comey to make his now infamous October 29th announcement that the Hillary email investigation had been re-opened.  Hillary has since attributed her loss to Comey's decision.

Of course, as you may recall, Weiner's latest sexting scandal came to light back in September 2016, a very critical time for the Hillary campaign, when it was exposed by the Daily Mail.  Unfortunately, this time the scandal involved a girl that Weiner knew to be a 15-year old Sophomore in high school.  But, that didn't seem to stop him from telling the teenager that he would like to "bust that tight pussy so hard." 

Anthony Weiner's latest alleged scandal involves a 15-year-old high school student

The girl first reached out to Weiner in January 2016.  In that initial discussion, the girl openly admitted that she was a high school student. 



But, that didn't seem to stop Weiner from later telling the girl over a sexting app that he "would bust that tight pu**y so hard and so often that you would be limp for a week."


In an interview with the Daily Mail, the high school student said that Weiner pushed her to "dress up in school-girl outfits" and engage in "rape fantasies" over skype.  He also felt the need to inform the young girl that he and his wife, Clinton aide Huma Abedin, hadn't had sex in a year.

"When we would Skype, he would tell me that he was very lonely and that it had been a year since he and his wife [Huma] had sex, and that she really didn't pay him any attention.  We would talk, just chatting for about 30 minutes and it would lead to more sexual things…asking me to undress…he'd comment on my body. He asked me about masturbation, and that kind of thing."


"He would pretend like he was a teacher and I was a student. And he'd talk about me sitting in the front of his class, and him taking me after school."


"He had some rape fantasies. It would just be him showing up at my house when my dad was out of town.  And just start undressing me, being forceful, asking me if I want to be dominated, strange questions."


She said when she told him she was uncomfortable with this, he quickly agreed to change the subject.


The girl said she started feeling guilty about hiding the relationship, and told her father and a teacher about it in late April.

After ruining her shot at the White House, you had to know that Hillary wouldn't let Weiner escape this one.

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HomelessPatriot's picture

what a fitting name.

Stan522's picture

What is it with democrat's and their cell phones.....?

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Despite Weiner being a creepy asshole, a credible study found that men are far less likely to act out their kiddie-related fantasies in real life if they have online access to kiddie content.

natronic's picture

Abuse a few kids for the "greater good"?

Mr.BlingBling's picture

Credible studies also show that first-person shooter video games don't desensitize users to initiating similar violence.

I call "Bullshit!" on them too.

LyLo's picture

How is texting an actual minor your rape fantasies NOT acting in real life?  I get what you're saying, but he isn't accused of looking at some loli mags or using a particularly kinky chat service; he's accused of saying these things and sending pictures to a child, engaging in video chats where he encouraged sexually explicit behavior.  An actual, flesh and blood child.

Who wrote a very heartbreaking letter about the lack of action on the issue, by the way.  And just for that little bit of extra authenticity, even fucking Buzzfeed was guilted into running ithttps://www.buzzfeed.com/davidmack/heres-an-open-letter-to-james-comey?u...

Oh, I recommend every American read that as Weiner gets a gentle slap on the wrist and Comey is presented by the media as the white knight.

Incorporated by inference's picture

He doesn't strike me as the type who can take a pinch.

Herdee's picture

Weinergate continues.

Rich Monk's picture

My bet, he gets probation and walks.

GunnyG's picture

Weiner is going to find everything out about Weiner's where he's going. Pedos are bottom rung in prison. His asshole will be the size of the Lincoln Tunnel after a few months.

KweeBohNoh's picture

0 - 10 years.
I'm betting on 0 for Weiner Man. Maybe just a slap on the pee pee.
Fellow pedophile Jeffrey Epstein should have been castrated and hung. Florida state attorney Barry Krischer reduced final charges to almost nothing.
NY state attorney Eric Schneiderman and Sen. Chuck Schumer (Weiner's onetime mentor) will protect him.
Weiner, Epstein, Krishcer, Schumer, Schneiderman. Oy vey. The Tribe will always protect the Tribe.

Dickweed Wang's picture

The Tribe will always protect the Tribe.


2% (or less) of the population of the USA and how many seats in CONgress are held by Tribe members?  Better yet, how many top level executives in finance and banking are Tribe members?  How many people calling the shots in Hollywood and the MSM are Tribe members?  How about the people running Colleges and Universities - think just 2% of those are Tribe members?

What all these positions have in common is they all represent methods of control, or exerting power, over the rest of the population - particularly control over those that are NOT Tribe members.  If ANY other religious or ethnic group wielded vast power like this, particularly when vastly exceeding their normal representation within society, people would be screaming bloody murder that some type of takeover or conspiracy was taking place.  Until people wake up and realize that is exactly what has been, and is, going on . . . . we're screwed.  

Bam_Man's picture

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

  - Voltaire

Umh's picture

Black women? Something about that doesn't sound right.

KweeBohNoh's picture

How many "historical events" in all of recorded history?
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Switzerland.
Fourteen countries in which you will be prosecuted for the crime of questioning the details of just ONE PARTICULAR historical event / narrative. Out of millions! Maybe billions.

Dickweed Wang's picture

The sooner people realize that the Jewish Cabala and Talmud essentially approve of pedophilia the sooner people will realize where the core of this type of problem lies with guys like Wiener.  The caveat of course is the victim(s) cannot be Jewish themselves. 

The more I read the facts about Judaism (not the propaganda we are all indoctrinated with from cradle to grave by the Jewish gatekeepers that control most media and education in western countries) the more I realize what a piece of shit religion it really is.

TalkToLind's picture

The caveat of course is the victim(s) cannot be Jewish themselves. 

It depends on how you define victim.  After a Moyl circumcises a male infant, you know what happens next, right?

Dickweed Wang's picture

After a Moyl circumcises a male infant, you know what happens next, right?


Circumciser puts infant's bleeding penis in mouth and sucks . . . in the rest of the world this is called giving oral sex to a minor. What a religion, eh?

Oh, and NO, I don't have to be "understanding" about another religion - that practice is simply fucked up

markar's picture

And the irony of it is the kid is too young to enjoy his first blowjob

barysenter's picture

No plea deal! Make this go to trial so it can be thoroughly investigated and publicly exposed. Wake the dead!

Plea deals were never intended to conceal State crimes and racketeering. Doing it in this case is tantamount to treason. If these creeps claim they did it to "protect" us or the State, that's ipso facto proof of misprision of treason. They are betraying their sworn duty. Their motive? Personal gain.

Sir John Bagot Glubb's picture

I don't blame Huma for not having sex with him for a year.  Creep.

Emergency Ward's picture

Now he has the street creds to run for mayor of NYC.

ClowardPiven2016's picture

I use to love "busting up" 15 year old pussy.........but I was 16 at the time. 

Weiner won't spend a minute in jail, laws are for little people. 

shovelhead's picture


I remember the awkward silence that hung in the air when my girlfriend went out to tell her Dad that the wood cleat that held the slats up on her bed "just broke" and that I needed some tools to fix it.

The bright red blotches on her pale Irish skin probably didn't help much.

That nympho was like hitting the Powerball lottery for a 16 year old kid.

Ban KKiller's picture

Huma? No wonder he was looking. He knew Huma was stinky, stinky and stinky. 

Hongcha's picture

He should have been able to get all the trim he wanted.  Why troll underage girls ?  18 is young enough.  What a weasel.

tlnzz's picture

Just one question. Is he pleading guilty to a felony count? If he plea bargained to anything less, the 2 justice system is proven again. They have more than enough to find him guilty of a felony without any plea bargain.  

shovelhead's picture

This is a "Make the World Go Away" plea.

Nobody wants testimony about that laptop seeing the inside of a courtroom.

Nobody wants to see a former Arkansas State Trooper walking into their bedroom some night.

Von Berger's picture

O Huma.......... where did it all go wrong ?

TePikoElPozo's picture

did anyone say INTENT ????

wow thats crazy's picture

Another Great American!

JailBanksters's picture

0 Years, but what's the Fine for Texting, more than iPhoning while driving I hope.

He is German Jew, so he is special.


shovelhead's picture

How about a Civil Trial for damages by the parents?

That would entail putting people under oath during deposition which opens those people to perjury charges if it can be proven they lied.

This can be argued in subsequent trials to connected events that the jurors are listening to testimony by witnesses with no credibility.

Could be lots of fun.

Gohigher's picture

Civil litigation would be a Seth sentence for the rest of the family.

J Mahoney's picture

I guess the murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich helped convince him to plead guilty instead of making a deal to bring down Hillbilly.

OldPost's picture

The danger in this comedy is.. I've been eating so much pop corn ,that eventually I'll get up to take a shit and I'll miss the grand ending...

ArgentDawn's picture

Too bad he settled on a plea, if this went to trial we could discover a lot more.

Also, notice a secret service officer got 20 years for the same crime, but Carlos Danger gets 2?

Play ball!

Goldennutz's picture

Chuckles dumped The Weiner a long time ago.


Here is Chuckles' new Ass- Kisser..



veeger's picture

disgusting parazite

Scuba Steve's picture

The BOTTOM LINE and Real question is this:

What were Anthony Weiner and Jon Stewart really doing in college when they were roommates?

What kind of twisted schemes were the Joo Bros into?

AncientAviator's picture



informal a foolish or contemptible person.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Cost him his marriage?!

Abedin is still with the perv.  

At last report, they were 'working hard' on their marriage. 

fangulos's picture

Dont know if Weiner got his 'Life Insurance' folder backuped, he is thrown under the bus by Hillarious and Pedosta.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Weiner may get a year or two.

Lowly WH secret service man was also sexting minors, he just got 20 years.

barysenter's picture

Oh non no, Anthony Weiner is not a spy and a traitor and a racketeer and a child pimping rapist and thief. He'll just plea to being a little too kinky in exchange you cease and desist any and all investigations pertaining to this hatchet man, including the CGI, Saudi Abedin and Bibi Epstein.

THE_WATCHER's picture

No way he'll spend a minute in jail. He'll walk in, cop his plea, get an ankle bracket for a year and walk out. He gets this deal for giving up for the Huma/ clinton email investigation.