Weiner's Having A Bad Day: Huma Files For Divorce After Disgraced Dem Pleads Guilty To Sexting A Minor

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It's been a bad day for Anthony Weiner.  After pleading guilty to sexting a minor earlier this morning, a crime that will require him to register as a sex offender, the New York Post is now reporting that Huma Abedin has finally filed for a divorce.

The long suffering wife of Human Abedin has finally filed for divorce against Anthony Weiner, just as her estranged husband pleaded guilty to sexting with a minor.


She brought an anonymous versus anonymous action in Manhattan Supreme Court Friday.


She’s asking for the court to seal the case.


The filing is uncontested meaning she is not expecting a fight over custody or the couple’s assets.



* * *

Disgraced former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner reportedly wept openly in federal court Friday as he pleaded guilty to sexting a 15-year-old girl and admitted to the judge: "I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse."

Per NBC, Weiner took questions from the judge at his hearing before reading a prepared statement which included the following:

"Through approximately March 2016, I engaged in obscene communications with this teenager, including sharing explicit images and encouraging her to engage in sexually explicit conduct, just as I had done and continued to do with adult women.  I knew this was as morally wrong as it was unlawful."


He said that last fall he "came to grips for the first time with the depths of my sickness. I had hit bottom," and entered "intensive treatment." He then apologized to the girl.

Here is Weiner's full statement:

As part of his plea deal with the United States attorney’s office, Weiner will have to register as a sex offender.

* * *

From earlier:

After years of sexting scandals that cost him his marriage with Huma Abedin and potentially even cost Hillary the White House, disgraced former Democratic congressman and New York Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is set to appear in a federal courtroom in Manhattan today to enter a guilty plea for sexting with a minor.

According to the New York Times, Weiner will plead guilty to a single charge of transferring obscene material to a minor, pursuant to a plea agreement he struck with the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan. Weiner reportedly surrendered to the F.B.I. early Friday morning.

As a result of the guilty plea, Weiner will likely end up as a registered sex offender, although a final determination on that issue has yet to be made.  The charge carries a potential sentence of between 0 - 10 years in prison, meaning Weiner could avoid prison time though the ultimate sentence will be determined by a judge.

As you'll recall, the FBI only discovered those last minute Hillary emails due to their ongoing criminal investigation of Anthony Weiner.  The "tens of thousands of emails", many including exchanges between Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton, discovered on Weiner's computer ultimately prompted James Comey to make his now infamous October 29th announcement that the Hillary email investigation had been re-opened.  Hillary has since attributed her loss to Comey's decision.

Of course, as you may recall, Weiner's latest sexting scandal came to light back in September 2016, a very critical time for the Hillary campaign, when it was exposed by the Daily Mail.  Unfortunately, this time the scandal involved a girl that Weiner knew to be a 15-year old Sophomore in high school.  But, that didn't seem to stop him from telling the teenager that he would like to "bust that tight pussy so hard." 

Anthony Weiner's latest alleged scandal involves a 15-year-old high school student

The girl first reached out to Weiner in January 2016.  In that initial discussion, the girl openly admitted that she was a high school student. 



But, that didn't seem to stop Weiner from later telling the girl over a sexting app that he "would bust that tight pu**y so hard and so often that you would be limp for a week."


In an interview with the Daily Mail, the high school student said that Weiner pushed her to "dress up in school-girl outfits" and engage in "rape fantasies" over skype.  He also felt the need to inform the young girl that he and his wife, Clinton aide Huma Abedin, hadn't had sex in a year.

"When we would Skype, he would tell me that he was very lonely and that it had been a year since he and his wife [Huma] had sex, and that she really didn't pay him any attention.  We would talk, just chatting for about 30 minutes and it would lead to more sexual things…asking me to undress…he'd comment on my body. He asked me about masturbation, and that kind of thing."


"He would pretend like he was a teacher and I was a student. And he'd talk about me sitting in the front of his class, and him taking me after school."


"He had some rape fantasies. It would just be him showing up at my house when my dad was out of town.  And just start undressing me, being forceful, asking me if I want to be dominated, strange questions."


She said when she told him she was uncomfortable with this, he quickly agreed to change the subject.


The girl said she started feeling guilty about hiding the relationship, and told her father and a teacher about it in late April.

After ruining her shot at the White House, you had to know that Hillary wouldn't let Weiner escape this one.

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mary mary's picture

He'll be sentenced to staying with 100 feet of Hillary Clinton, 24/7.  Cruel and unusual.

mary mary's picture

Weiner's defense: "Your honor, I am emotionally still a minor.  As proof, I offer my record as a card-carrying member and even elected representative of the Big Welfare Party, whose members are all emotionally minors."

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"Plead guilty so we can wrap this up quick." said every sweating pedophile in DC.

Don't forget these two...


Let's see if people can manage not to take the wind out of their own sails by naming a DC pedophile ring, "Pizzagate". Goddamn morons. Way to make the DC pedo-ring story hit the back page fast.

BadDog's picture

Poor guy.  What's for dinner?

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Better keep that pervert on a short leash.  While your at it, waterboard him to spill his guts on the lesbian lovers, Hill and Huma.

SmittyinLA's picture

No public trail, no jail , no proson, no analysis exam, a coverup - deal

Give him what Scott Ritter got

Charges included "unlawful contact with a minor, criminal use of a communications facility, corruption of minors, indecent exposure, possessing instruments of crime, criminal attempt and criminal solicitation"

Ritter got 1-5 years

WillyGroper's picture

he'll weep the whole way on the flight to is ra hell.

the marriage was a sham with slick performing the ceremony.

so when was an ex-prez endowed with such powers?

did he issue the license too?

and msnbc too...a bastion of truthiness just like cnn.

who owns the press?

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That beak on Weiner is something else.

Longus Dongus's picture

It'll damn sure get in the way of his salad tossing duties if he goes to the corn hole factory.

bwdiii's picture

Tyler is imagining that hill dawg's power extends beyond her depends?
That was last year, buddy...

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Creepy killer clown spy sucks at acting too. No uniform can ever give these kangaroos any credibility. We are the law. We must enforce the law ourselves.


Goldennutz's picture

He potentially even cost Hillary the White House?


Must have been working for Vlad!

Duc888's picture



The big pizza cover-up

4 wheel drift's picture

"i have a sickness"


of course you do, you are a politician miserable pig

Miss Informed's picture

He would have been a good man if there had been somebody there to shoot him every minute of his life

Blackhawks's picture

Fuck! I was praying that this pervert would roll over on all his pedophile colleagues. Weiner chose to live instead.

Mercuryquicksilver's picture

Jew worked for Schumer and then married into Muslim Brotherhood. Wiener is fucked "6 ways to Sunday."

YourAverageJoe's picture

If I were the judge, I'd have given him a choice between hard time in prison or being mauled to death by that girl's father with a Louisville Slugger.

Fed-up with being Sick and Tired's picture

..."hard time in prison..."


I think this would be what he wants.

Goldennutz's picture



That innocent little 15 y/o is an Internet slut. 


Her father should be wailing on her. 

Hikikomori's picture

I find it interesting that Hillary, and her closest companion Huma, both chose (and they did choose) men who publicly humiliated them by the men's sexual choices, leading to career disasters for both women.  Women pick some interesting men for partners.

rejected's picture

So what does the female get for 'sharing' sexual images?  A gig with Playboy?

Oh, so sorry,,, she was 15 and had no clue what she was doing,,, poor innocent abused little thing....

rejected's picture

Takes two (2) to Tango. There was a time when females were raising children rather than killing them at 15. We don't even know if the 'girl' was a FBI agent posing as a 15 year old. Weiner was a definite target and disliked by many. 

Yes,,, absolutely  Weiner was an asshole and got what he deserved. Yes, he should have broke off communication immediately. But someone knew Weiners disposition and knew he wasn't mature enough to do the correct thing. We know the 'girl' initiated the contact, we don't know who initiated the sexting,,, which by the way,,, our loving innocent teens do this all day long. Even ZeroHedge has had several posts confirming this.

Anderson Coopers Gerbil's picture

His Muzzie wife should be in jail

Harry Lightning's picture

He was truthful about one thing, that is that he has a sickness. Its called liberalism.

For as everyone knows, liberalism is not a political philosophy, its a mental disorder.

Longus Dongus's picture

How do you explain Dennis Hastert, or Mark Foley? Are they liberals too?

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Ugly hook-nosed Jew.

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Can you beleive we're even discussing this sick fuck? That's just how low the Democratic party has fallen. They're not even competition anymore.

whatisthat's picture

I would observe Anthony Weiner is the definition of a moron who was part of the corrupt establishment and government -- there are thousands more.....

chosen's picture

Another joo monster.

Mike Rotsch's picture

They're just leaving their "pizza-related handkerchiefs" all over the place these days. , , 

Gallumhrasha's picture

Well his last name is Weiner, so it should have been a given that this guy is a perv

hangemhigh77's picture

Oh no they made him cry!!!??? That's enough punishment. The poor perverted lying thieving treasonous piece of shit. Let him go so he can get elected and be an arrogant tyrant again. Actually, FUCK HIM. HANG HIM.

hangemhigh77's picture

Where's his damn computer. Get rid of the criminal FBI.

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but the talmud says this behavior is okay. what is he guilty of?

Miss Informed's picture

Marrying outside the faith

Cordeezy's picture

lol it's only a sickness when you get caught.


Able Ape's picture

Isn't that the god-honest truth!...

hangemhigh77's picture

Look the real question is did he spit on the sidewalk. If he did he'll go to prison like the rest of us. Otherwise he did nothing wrong.

torabora's picture

I thought the Russians hacked his computer and ruined Hillary? 

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

Right now there are thousands of hardcore prisoners awaiting the arrival of "Carlos Danger". His ass has become the new prison prize.

cageysea's picture

"I make no excuses for my behavior... Now let me tell you about my horrible sickness that is out of my control and which made me behave in the manner I did."


Classic Liberal.

Vageling's picture

What an moron. 

Sanity Bear's picture

That she would voluntarily give up spousal legal immunity is way out of character for a Clintonite. He must have ratted on her for better treatment.

FoggyWorld's picture

I don't understand how he wasn't charged with having classified information on his computer?  Looks like another Jeffrey Epstein deal where not much will happen to Weiner.

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Gold Star. Critical thoughts so needed here in Gruber's USSA.

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When is the paedophie Anthony Weiner due to be sentenced?