CIA Incompetence Allowed China To Murder A Dozen CIA Assets While Hillary Clinton Was Secretary Of State

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You know what they say about biting the hand that feeds. The NYT just dropped its latest deep-state scoop, and boy is it a doozy.

But instead of using the information as more leverage to attack President Trump, the leaks reveal allegedly extreme incompetence at the highest levels of the CIA, what NYT’s "current and former government sources" characterized as the worst intelligence breach in decades.

These officials revealed that "the Chinese government systematically dismantled CIA spying operations in the country starting in 2010, killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources over two years and crippling intelligence gathering there for years afterward."

The sheer number of U.S. assets lost rivaled those lost to the Soviet Union and Russia during the betrayals of both Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen during the 1980s and 1990s, the NYT noted.

The timing of the scoop is also curious: Instead of dropping it during the market day, standard practice for  anti-Trump revelations from WaPo, NYT and CNN, this story appeared at noon on a Saturday, when global markets were shuttered – almost guaranteeing it won’t dominate the cable-news cycle, which will likely be laser-focused on Trump’s first trip abroad.

One possible reason: the head of the CIA from 2010 to 2013 was Mike Morell, an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton, who in August of 2016 penned "I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton." That is explainable: after all Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time when, as we now learn, China was killing CIA spies.

Beginning in 2010, CIA operatives meant to collect information on the innerworkings of the Communist Party started disappearing. The NYT reports that between the final weeks of 2010 through the end of 2012, the Chinese killed at least a dozen of the CIA’s sources.

According to three sources, one was shot in front of his colleagues in the courtyard of a government building – a grisly killing meant to send a message to any others who might have been working for U.S. intelligence. Still others were imprisoned. All told, the Communist Party killed or imprisoned 18 to 20 of the CIA’s sources.
But perhaps even more disturbing than the killings themselves is the fact that, nearly seven years after they started, the agency still isn’t 100% about the source of the leaks, though the NYT mentioned a few theories.

As the NYT reports:

“Some were convinced that a mole within the CIA had betrayed the United States.


Others believed that the Chinese had hacked the covert system the CIA used to communicate with foreign sources.


Years later, that debate remains unresolved."

Some of the NYT’s sources believe the leak came from a former asset who turned on the U.S., but the FBI and CIA were never able to gather sufficient evidence to make an arrest. The asset eventually left the agency to pursue “a business opportunity” in another Asian country that some of NYT's sources believe was arranged by the Communist Party.

The FBI also has a theory.

“Some FBI agents became convinced that CIA handlers in Beijing too often traveled the same routes to the same meeting points, which would have helped China’s vast surveillance network identify the spies in its midst.”

The details of this alleged incompetence are staggering. Most alarmingly:

“Some officers met their sources at the restaurants where Chinese agents had platned listening devices, former officials said, and even the waiters worked for Chinese intelligence.”

Though the killings had largely subsided by 2013, the FBI and CIA affirmed that the damage had already been done.

Meanwhile, China’s espionage efforts have been particularly aggressive in recent years, up to and beyond the 2015 breach of the Office of Management and Budget’s systems.

The U.S. agencies have finally started hitting back – but it might be too little, too late. The NYT report that in March, the Feds arrested a longtime U.S. State Department employee who is accused of lying to investigators about her contacts with Chinese officials, the NYT notes.

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Blue Balls's picture

The chicoms are not down with the NWO?  Don't they know the choosen people are special?

Croesus's picture

Yes, what would we possibly do without the precious Chosenites?

Darktarra's picture

Now this is a bigger story than fake news Russia influenced Nov 8, 2016 election! 

Harlequin001's picture

“Some were convinced that a mole within the CIA had betrayed the United States.

Others believed that the Chinese had hacked the covert system the CIA used to communicate with foreign sources.

Years later, that debate remains unresolved.

So it wasn't Hillary's private server then?

Surely not, she was nearly President for fucks sake.

DeadFred's picture

Moles are always the excuse of choice. During the VietNam war the military was convinced that the South VN military leaders were selling info to the North. How else could one explain the fact that the North and the Viet Cong were prepared for every operation. Plan to cut the Ho Chi Minh trail? The paratroopers dropped onto prepared defensive postions. Want to free the American prisoners in the North (including McCain)? The op ran just fine but the prisoners had been moved a week before the raid. Oh, and there sure were a lot of defenders and armor in a remote section of the North. It turns out the South Vietnamese generals weren't the problem, it was that an old neighbor of mine, John Walker, had sold the machine for encoding the data to the Russians. Fast forward to the general time in question for this post and you have our favorite neocon Victoria Nuland being outed by the Russians for her infamous "F--- the EU" phone call which was made over a secure phone connection. How did they have that recording? Did someone else sell out or did the Russians break in on their own? Who knows, but there's no need to hypothesize moles selling out the Chinese agents when we know the com connections were compromised.

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I give a flukfuster what others think, but I am glad Vietnam WON !!!!

Mr Hankey's picture

You dare question'murcan supremacy?Blasphemy!!!


Fish Gone Bad's picture

You should be concerned about this doozy: "current and former government sources"

How is one to corroborate this? For all anyone knows, it could very well have been made up, like little kids do on the playground when they want to act important. 

fleur de lis's picture

Vietnam did not win.

We were always in default and they collected.

As per the usual our military was squandered by the DC Swamp and the "intelligence" psychos who bargained and sold American lives.

We could have taken Vietnam in 6 months if the Swamp really wanted that.

Vietnam was nothing but a turf war over Burmese heroin.

Same like Afghanistan now.

The stupid media blabbers on and on about liberty, democracy, human rights, blah, blah, blah.

Caca del toro.

We are there to preseve the opium fields.



Reverend.Pajama.Pants's picture

I'm fascinated by your theory that Vietnam did not win.  You must have some remarkable insights.

Next time you're in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) I hope we can go for a stroll and discuss.  We can walk down Cach Mang Thang Tam (August Revolution) Street, strolling beneath the cheerful red hammer & sickle banners.  We'll turn left at September 23 (birthdate of the Southern Resistance) Park and head in the direction of Dong Khoi (Total Revolution) Street.  There are always a lot of gorgeous Communist propaganda posters for us to enjoy along the way!  

When we reach the People's Committee building (city hall), we can rest on the benches beside the huge statue of Uncle Ho.  Then you can explain to me again your fascinating theory about how Vietnam didn't actually win the American war.  

Stuck on Zero's picture

My guess is that there are 250,000 Chinese agents in the U.S. and that number is growing quickly.

Kayman's picture

Trailer Trash Clintons sold out the U.S. to China. The anonymous Canadian Clinton Guistra charity was the conduit and since the political bosses at the CIA and FBI are/were on the take, no one has investigated.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Yes, this. The Chinese have owned the Clintons since the 1990s. I'm sure they cashed in a lot of chips when Hillary was in charge at Foggy Bottom, and merging the State Dept with the CIA.

That stupid cunt sure has gotten a lot of Americans killed

strannick's picture

 The U.S. agencies have finally started hitting back

Welli t's about time. I'm sure they practiced great restraint, but by golly enough is enough

Never One Roach's picture

But they had no intent, right?

HardAssets's picture

I remember when the news broke on the weekend about US nuke weapons labs being compromised by likely Chinese agents. They even were issued color coded badges to enter highly sensitive areas. This was during the Bill Clinton presidency. - - I thought "Just wait till Monday morning. By then, the significance of this will truly sink in. This story is Huge and will on all the networks and in the newspapers."

Naive me.

Crickets chirping. Not a mention of it at all. I don't know what 'news' they covered instead, but it was nothing that mattered. It really sunk in how bought off the media is. Nothing but a propaganda machine.

Just research US weapons security breaches & China. The level of betrayal by people in the U.S. government is incredible.

38BWD22's picture



Our "intelligence agencies" are dying a grisly death, yet apparently (but, take note, we do not KNOW anything) not producing much of value and letting operatives die.  This is about the worst thing that can happen to spy agencies.

Heads have to roll.  I understand that the CIA (et al) are Deep State, and that Trump has many enemies in powerful places.  But the time has come, President Trump:


Even if you must use drastic measures.


Pure Evil's picture

He's got all the power of the NDAA at his disposal.

InternetToughGuy's picture

How is college basketball going to help drain the swamp?

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

The 'intelligence agencies' are the only thing keeping Hollywood alive anymore with shit content action/terror/comedy movies to try and dumb down the minds of a public that has already pretty much hit rock bottom.


So, if they die a grisly death, so does Hollywood (unless you actually think folks shell out $50 bucks for tickets, soda, & popcorn to see fat ass pig faced Amy Schumer in a spy role)...


Anyway ~ that's a 'GOOD' thing.

38BWD22's picture



"... to see fat ass pig faced Amy Schumer in a spy role)"

Amy Schumer in a spy role?  Surely you jest, sir!  Fabulous, bwa ha ha!


OverTheHedge's picture

Am I right in saying that no "operatives" were harmed in the making of this movie, just "assets"? This is the norm for the "Intelegence" community - they take no risks, but convince nationals of other countries to commit treason, risk death or life imprisonment, all for the benefit of US corporate gains. The lies and deceit required to pull this off must be impressive, and you would have to be a particular sort of person to cultivate a relationship with some foreigner, encourage, cajole or blackmail them into committing the most evil of crimes according to every state there is, knowing that the foreigners risk death, and you risk at worst a sideways promotion and a black mark in your personnel file. Devious scum, the lot of them.

espirit's picture

Do you suppose an indiscrete donation was made to the Clinton Foundation in return for a few names?


After all, what difference does it make?


monk27's picture

Homeland is a work of fiction, but it does a darn good job showing to each American moron, hooked on TV while laying on its couch eating potato chips, how much your life is worth as an "asset" working for any of our beloved 3 letters agencies...

Koba the Dread's picture

The "chicoms"? Where are you writing from, 1950?

Urahara's picture

Hillary is down with Lucifer and human sacrifice. What we are calling murder is probably Hillary giving these people up to China so China can make human sacrifices and give Hillary brownie points in return.

Wannabee's picture

"Slam dunk, Iraq has WMD's"

tmosley's picture

Ok, what do we have to do to get them to take out the rest of the CIA?

Mr Hankey's picture

Doh! Why didn't I write this? (Smacked self in forehead)


hsun85's picture

Murder? I wonder how many foreign spies have been murdered in US

peddling-fiction's picture

How many Russians have been murdered?

How many Russian planes have been knocked out?

38BWD22's picture



Funny, I did not hear this news on CNN Int'l here in Lima.  Hmm, wonder why.

The Clinton News Network is more disgusting every day.  Well chosen avatar and moniker!

(All OK here, you should visit!)

Billy the Poet's picture

The sheer number of U.S. assets lost rivaled those lost to the Soviet Union and Russia during the betrayals of both Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen during the 1980s and 1990s, the NYT noted.


Didn't the NYT note the thousands of operatives who were compromised when Israel gave the Soviet Union the American defense plans stolen by Pollard?



peddling-fiction's picture

Did you hear all about Comey's flip and memory loss in CNN Intl?

38BWD22's picture



Only heard that Comey is remembering something about, about, about, ah, Trump.

"It's all Donald Trump's fault."  <--- The new refrain from The Left.

NumberNone's picture

This came and went without much of a peep against the Obama admin.  You literally have to dig deep on Google to find more than one or two MSM articles on Candice Claiborne.

Also, I'm sure Obama knew all about Chinese theft but didn't want to accuse anyone lest they themselves be accused of racial bias or discrimination.  

shovelhead's picture

Claiborne: 10's of thousands = 25 years

Clinton: 100's of millions= 0 years.

Life ain't fair.

For now.

MaxThrust's picture

I would love to. But not yet. Still stacking.

tmosley's picture

Probably not as many as the number of locals killed by the MIC. Or even just the Clintons.

Green2Delta's picture

"We're gonna need some more FBI guys, I guess." Dwayne T. Robinson in Die Hard

XqWretch's picture

"Welcome to the party pal!"

Pigeon's picture

What's this nonsense about when the NYT release this news? It's NOT about Trump - it's about Barry's watch. Therefore, Saturday makes perfect sense. Remind me again how many govt / militarypersonnel files and databases were hacked by the Chicomms during Barry's reign?

robertocarlos's picture

We're in WWIII so, you know, spies should be shot.

Gallumhrasha's picture

Theres an endless supply of cia spies when you have a big of a budget as the CIA and can print money out of thin air

WTFUD's picture

The size of al-CIAd'uh is dependent on forward Poppy & Cocaine Contracts.

Benito_Camela's picture

Don't forget IS-CIA-CIS...they run the biggest factory direct Toyota truck purchasing program in the entire deep state. 

phaedrus1952's picture

GHW Bush was not called Poppy because he was a grandfather.

amor terra's picture

Or steal it.  Or make it selling drugs.  America--Ain't she wonderful?