Sergey Lavrov Says US Media Reminds Him of Soviet Union's "Pravda"

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had a few choice words for the U.S. media during a press conference in Cyprus a few days after the NYT and WaPo unleashed a pair of dubiously sourced accusations about what was said between President Trump and the minister during a meeting in the Oval Office.

As Russia Insider reports:

“I sometimes get the impression that many U.S. media outlets work according to a principle which was common in the Soviet Union. Back then, people used to joke that the newspaper Pravda Truth] had no truth in it, and the Izvestia [News] paper has no news in it. I get the impression that many U.S. media operate in the same way.”

U.S. media were barred from Lavrov's meeting with Trump in the Oval Office, but that didn’t stop WaPo from reporting that Trump allegedly shared classified information with Lavrov about the source of intelligence that inspired the U.S. to ban travelers from 10 airports in the Middle East and North Africa from storing laptops in carry-on luggage. The report added that the decision to share that information jeopardized the source in the process. Meanwhile, the NYT reported that Trump said he fired Comey because the FBI director was a “nut job" and that the decision had eased pressures from the FBI's investigation into collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Lavrov has denied that any classified information was shared during the meeting. Though it's important to remember that, even if Trump did share classified intelligence, doing so wouldn't be a violation of U.S. law.

But of course, WaPo has refused to provide evidence to corroborate its story, relying instead on anonymous sourcing and the public’s “trust” in the fourth estate, which unsurprisingly remains at historic lows.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Advisor H.R. MacMaster, both of whom were in the Oval Office during the meeting, have both issued statements denying that any classified information was shared. Russian President Vladimir Putin has even offered to provide a transcript of the conversation, should the White House request it. To our knowledge, no request has been made.

Lavrov also pointed out that the WaPo report contradacts an earlier U.S. media report about the source of the intelligence that led to the laptop ban. WaPo reported that the sensitive information allegedly relayed by Trump had been provided by a U.S. partner through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the U.S. government.

But months ago, the Daily Beast reported that intelligence leading to the ban was based on information about an ISIS plot gathered during the Yemeni raid that left one Navy SEAL dead just days after Trump’s inauguration.

Here's the Daily Beast:

Three intelligence sources told The Daily Beast that the ban on carry-on electronics aboard U.S.-bound flights from 10 airports in North Africa and the Middle East was the result of information seized during a U.S. raid on Al Qaeda in Yemen in January.

So which is it?

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nmewn's picture

Ya think? 

We have to go to RT now to find out what the hell the real news

Volkodav's picture

      Pravda English forum

      understand many there not Russians...

      others of Russian descent such as longtime member Cossack is main site English language

nmewn's picture


And please understand, its not people I have issues with, its governments and their agencies in what they do to people. 

HardAssets's picture

I get your point. But it's All about what people do and don't do to other people.

'Agencies', 'governments', and 'nations' are the words used to hide behind.
The psychopath puppet masters use such words to manipulate. The people use such words to try to shirk responsibility for their own actions or inaction.

nmewn's picture


Thats where the free flow of information to people is key in my opinion. Along with these "agencies here" there are other sovereign nations who also have theirs. Fortunately most of the people who come to ZH already know that or they wouldn't be here looking for answers in order to take action.  

Most old timers have already made up their minds, who wants to die at 87 hooked up to tubes & monitors anyways ;-)

Volkodav's picture

       I know   no problem

       I only mentioned some there not Russians for clarity

       as sometimes among those are not best quality

       but mods there more strick than ZH, so less troll

       actuall I had not been engl site for couple year, but

       thought might be of interest to some read here

       different perspective and all...

       found ol' cossack still post there..gut!

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Its not looking too bad over there in Russia. They are certainly not communists anymore, and they fight corruption. Ever since Yeltsin fired tank rounds into their White house parliament (when they tried to impeach him, he was for the people, they were the swamp) and had to fight with bloodshed to take over the TV station (MSM, the entrenched power structure and oligarchs, ie deep state.). Russians think Trump might be Americas Yeltsin. Who knows.

Volkodav's picture

      Yeltsin?  allowed Russia nation assets for tiny fraction of values

      over to oligarch class for his own and family close interest

      Gorby opened mess, Yeltsin continued..

      neither is liked...






Volkodav's picture

     RT is elegant

     bear poke fun:

SmittyinLA's picture

WAPO is controlled by Jamie Gorelick, Kushner's lawyer

Freddie's picture

Ha ha.  Love Putin and Lavrov.  They are like your smart, kindly and sometimes gruff older uncle or grandfathers.   They are truth tellers.

Wa Post is incredibly demonic and always has been.  Do a search on Phillip Graham.  He married Eugene (?) Meyer's daughter.  Virginia Graham?  I forget her first name.  Meyter was a a Federal Reserve chairman zio. Meyer owned Wa Post. A Fed chairman owning the biggest Wash DC newspaper. Sickening.

I think Phil Graham may have been a WASP.  Well Phil in the early 1960s and late 1950s was sick of Wa Post being a mouthpiece of the $ee Eye Aye.  He started speaking out and took a younger girlfriend.  Well Phil gave speeches denouncing the $ee Eye Aye involvement in Wa Post and was going to divorce the wife.  Well she might lose control of the newspaper.

So Phil Graham was committed to an insnae asylum.  When he was released, he "became depressed" and took a shotgun and killed himself.

Wa Post also had editor Ben Bradley who was related to Mary Pinchot Meyer.  mary was pretty nice looking for the era and was sleeping around and taking LSD with JFK.  Cord Meyer was running Operation Mockingbird at the $ee Eye Aye which was for them to control all journalism around the world as much as they could.  Cord Meyer divorced mary because he was tired of being a cuck.

JFK gets murdered.  Mary Pinchot Meyer decides she is gonna spill the beans.  just like Marilyn Monroe was gonna spill the beans.  Mary takes a walk by her apartment along a river in Bethesda, MD or somehwerwe near there in the beltway.  A "black" man then shoots her.  Well it was more like a $ee Eye Aye hit man.

Ben Bradley rushes to her apt to get her diary but james Angleton of the CIA may have gotten there faster. Angleton was a real demonic shit.

Fast forward to Nixon.  He wanted tariffs and the $ee Eye Aye/Rockefellers freaked.  My take is the CIA was a Rockefeller creation. David R was an OSS agent in WW2.   Probably hiding Standard Oil selling the nazis av gas for the Luftwaffe all thru the war. 

The CIA then leaks all the Watergate stuff to ben bradley at Wa Post and he has Woodward and Bernstein type it up.

Deep Throat later is uncovered decades later as some guy named Feit or something.  I think the real Deep throat was $ee Eye Aye bag man for starting wars and assasinations (JFK) aka George Poppy Bush.

Roger Stone worked for Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes and others.  Stone said Nixon once told him - "If George Bush ever became President, he will destroy America."  Nixon was no school boy but was a saint compared to Bsuhes, Clintons and Obama.

Big Brother's picture

This is by far your best post.

evildimensions's picture

Time and CNN could be called Nipravda.

Golden Showers's picture

That's what you call a bitch slap.

jm's picture

Pravda never had those Hillary seizure GIFs.  Watching her brand of crazy never gets old.  

espirit's picture


I also liked the odd eye out.


Made you think ‘which one is watching me’?


jm's picture

And the bobblehead routine in front of the journalists that she tried to laugh off.  

And the handlers chucking her corpse-like body into the van before driving off.

And the "Trying to fellate a horse" face while Bill held her upright, lest she face-plant.

Good times.

LetThemEatRand's picture

My understanding is that the large majority of Soviet citizens understood that Pravda was a propaganda rag.   It was common knowledge.  American and European citizens, on the other hand, mostly think MSM is real news.    Either we're a lot dumber than Soviet citizens were, or MSM is a lot better at creating the illusion of real journalism.  

WTFUD's picture


or in rating terms - Junk.

Freddie's picture

Oddly, the USA gets more like the USSR.  A smaller number of Americans know the US Govt is totally corrupt and engage in Russian/Soviet style sarcastic gallows humor.

A poster boy for that Soviet/Bloshevik/Rothschild controlled USSR humor would be someone like Jon Corzine.  Where the elites get away with murder - like the Clintons because the system is so corrupt.

A system rotten to the core eventaully implodes.

Volkodav's picture

       they have become mock worthy

francis scott falseflag's picture

They were pretty mock worthy after JFK was murdered and they

believed every word in the NYT.

beijing expat's picture

The end game of the Soviet Union was that the cunts at the top stoke everything of value in the chaos of collapse.

nmewn's picture

Well, in all fairness, it took a little while for the Soviet citizen to catch on too. 

But the state promise of bread, after standing in line for hours for bread, eventually yields exactly no bread, well, that line of state media BS can only last for so long ;-)

espirit's picture


I’m beginning to think the Russian peoples would break bread with us.


ebear's picture

That's always been true.

bigkahuna's picture

Uncle sugar keeps the hand outs up - people will "believe" whatever he says. As soon as the FSA stops getting "theirs" is when uncle sugar rolls out the guillotines. Problem solved on the front end by free shit - on the back end with termination.

Yars Revenge's picture

Boomers still by and large believe in the MSM bullshit...gen X and millenials however...not at all.



espirit's picture




Boomers elected Trump, not Burnie or Hitlary.

Once we die off, you can have any psychopath you want.


Singelguy's picture

I am a boomer and I have believed for years that the MSM is bullshit so don't paint us all with the same brush. I am sure there are other boomer posters here who feel the same way.

sinbad2's picture

I worked out they were lying cunts back in 1969, during my Asian vacation.

rejected's picture

You got it backwards dude...

Few boomers I know believe anything out of MSM.

My mother used to tell this boomer to believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. And this was in the 60s.

BarkingCat's picture

Average Soviet back in then was a lot smarter than an average American today.

Of course an average American circa 1950 was a lot smarter than average American today.

.....and it's only getting worse.


Stupidity through Diversity.

espirit's picture


You can be confusing, but I’ll give you a greenie.


Volkodav's picture

     Soviet were best educated of world

     today more Russians hold high degree than any other country

HardAssets's picture

I was in the USSR before it collapsed. (US-USSR technical exchange mission). All the Russians knew that everything out of the government propaganda organs was a lie. They had a delightful sarcastic sense of humor regarding that. The only 'true believers' were old people vets who lived and fought during the Nazi invasion in WW2.
In contrast, most Americans today are completely clueless. Perhaps the propaganda tools are longer lived (going back to the Civil War) and more sophisticated here. (Hollywood, t.v., public 'schools', illusion of 'democracy'

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Re: Pravda vs American MSM

There must have been some communist keeners who thought it was all true. America just has a lot of communits keeners.

dark fiber's picture

Nonsense.  Pravda had standards.

DEMIZEN's picture

CNN is worse than pravda.

balz's picture

I prefer the Pravda to the NYT and WAPO.

Bobportlandor's picture

I may not be tired of winning yet, but I sure am tired of my ribs hurting from laughing.


Time to link up to RT

espirit's picture


I’ve put on 10 pounds of popcorn weight.


MissCellany's picture

Dang. That's a lot of popcorn.

espirit's picture


Are you not entertained?


Green_Ivy's picture

You know things are becoming bad when you can trust Russia more than Democrats.

WTFUD's picture

The 1st part of your nom de plume fits you nicely!

Dims or Repugs same mother & father, all cunts.

BarkingCat's picture

"You know things are becoming bad when you can trust Russia more than Democrats"

or Republicans.

Reaper's picture

The Ministry of Truth was many running dogs. They bite and/or bark on command.