Nigel Farage Responds to Manchester Suicide Attack: 'This is a Direct Attack on Children'

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Nigel Farage was interviewed by Tucker Carlson this evening to discuss the suicide attack in Manchester that killed at least 19 and wounded dozens.

Farage told Carlson, “we have been lulled into a slight sense of complacency,” refraining, however, from jumping to conclusions as to who was responsible for the attack.

He noted that Britains shouldn't put their guard down, post BREXIT, saying "we've convinced ourselves that we’re in a better place than the rest of Europe on this.”

Farage pointed out that the bombing was a 'direct attack on children... marks a new low in all forms of terrorism."


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HenryHall's picture

Bombing children is an everyday occurrence in Yemen.

This may simply be retaliation - "As long as you manufacture bombs to bomb our children then we will bomb your children". Quid pro quo.

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Right.  On.  Cue.


If anyone is still buying these 'attacks' as the work of 'ISIS'...   I have a flooded Norwegian seed vault for sale - cheap...  

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Nigel Farage is a has-been no-mark and should shut the fuck up.

oncemore's picture

Those childern should not atend jewish entertainment.

All abraham religions have to be banned from EU.


Vardaman's picture

In Britain, children exist to be groomed (pimped out, if you don't know the patois), turned into "dancing boys" or blown up.  There is also the "join the military and get beheaded while home on leave track..."

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Ah, Britain is enjoying diversity. Isn't it a great thing?

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Fifty years ago an incident like this would have resulted in an official declaration of war. Not a skirmish or police action. An all out, balls to the wall 100% fight to the finish war. These incidents, responded to now with free housing and education to the perpetrators, and the blaming of racism on the indigenous taxpaying population, screams out weakness to the enemy. The attacks will continue.

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Wonder what the DEMOCRATS that had SETH RICH MURDERED think about this???

Are they just happy for the "distraction"???

Reaper's picture

Iran is the greatest sponsor of terrorism, we were instructed from the Land of Wahhabism.

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IF...If it turns out to be the IRA or Real IRA or PIRA, can we expect the RAF to deliver airstrikes on the Falls Road?

N.B. I don't think for one minute it is the IRA or proxies, but it seemed a decent enough rhetorical question, certainly one I would be asking May at a press conference.

Ahh, scrap that, it was a silly idea/question, the Israelis don't have a problem with the Irish!


Sirius Wonderblast's picture

After the shitty treatment the Paras have had over Bloody Sunday, I doubt you could find a pilot to fly the mission.

Dodgy Geezer's picture

Theoretically possible, but the MO is not one the IRA have ever practiced - it's much more similar to a typical Middle Eastern attack.


Which suggests that a 'professional' experienced ME bomb maker is working in the UK. Or that an amateur is able to produce a sophisticated fully-operational bomb which works first time.   Either of which is a worry.....

fel.temp.reparatio's picture

conjecture much? ;-) ...i bet it plays out like a movie in your head heh

Pliskin's picture

My question was daft, it was meant to be daft, I thought his answer was very sensible and well thought out....for ZH!

TheReplacement's picture

No he is not. Are you? I only ask because you blurted that out without including any kind of rationale or points of debate.

Racer's picture

How come with all this spying on the people that they said was necessary to prevent terrorist attacks that they didn't stop this person?  Yeah, ask that to the politicians and see the blank look/excuses they come up with....

el buitre's picture

Because 90% of this crap is "intelligence" agency false flag psy-ops.  Next question.

Pliskin's picture

Those aren't the droids they're looking for!

DuneCreature's picture

I have this all fingered out.

~~~~~~~~~OOOO<> Kill Switch Diplomacy <>OOOO~~~~~~~

My Theory? ---- A modified peanut butter bomb hidden in a Sponge Bob Square Pants doll. ... Hello Kitty will be blamed but it was actually a Neo-Nazi lone wolf malcontent.

I have inside sources on this. ..... An Un-Named Government Official very high up in DHS. ... Top notch inside information, I assure you.

(Full disclosure - I am a registered Conspiracy Buff (tm) with three (3) gold bars, two sliver stars and a Barney Doll (tm) that talks only to me in private.)

Live Hard, Your Full Service Go-To Source For FF, Hoax, Semi-Hoax And Psy-Ops By The ((( Deep State ))) Analysis, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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Scary coincidence, Hillary had Huma all fingered out too.

fliebinite's picture

Europe is fucked.  The price of colonialism.  UK has all these people who don't give a crap about it.  France is left with the African Franc and as a result has to act like they like muslims and give them all sorts of visting rights which allows terrorism.  

Sandmann's picture

Farage is stuck. Truth is that Manchester is a big University town with >100,000 students. It has lots of people who know how to make bombs. It is where the IRA moved 3300 lbs explosives in a truck to blow up Arndale Centre 1996 causing £1.2 billion in damage.

No doubt whoever did it "was known to the security services".

It is lame to suggest with British SAS troops fighting in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya there will be no blowback. All it takes is one kind watching video online to get hyped up and load himself up with cocaine before doing the deed.

It can be any kid living in the UK and does not need to be anyone "radicalised" outside the UK. Truth is simply that attending a concert by those with "no interest in politics" does not stop "politics being interested in them" and to think you can bomb someone else's place without expecting retaliation is frankly psychotic.

Victims are usually not directly involved because those who perpetrate crimes usually have protection and plausible deniability. Blair keeps himself well hidden


Hongcha's picture

Good summary.  This venue was chosen because it was the softest of soft targets ... a "children's" concert (albeit a typically perverse Hollywood/Jimmy Saville type concert, featuring a  star singer resembling a sexualized 12-year-old, but I digress).  Few men around. 

This to me suggests a Western-born perp, a cloistered student type, not man enough to choose a real target.

Every inch of that building is wired with CCTV but all we have is a few shaky i-phone clips and a few stills.  Still waiting for the footage...

Bring Back Free Speech's picture

Who is doing these attcks? Think Operation Gladio, Operation Northwoods.

Look at the dates: 11 and its multiples. Luciferians are into numerology. Daniel 7:7:8   11 is the number of the anti Christ.

11/11/11 at 11am end of WW1 which was organised and funded by Luciferians

9/11/ 90 Bush call for NWO

9/11/41 Pentagon ground breaking ceremony

3/11/04 Madrid bombing 911 days after 9/11

3/11/07 Fukushima (Haarp)

11/22/11 Oslo bombing

3/22/16 Brussels bombing 3/22 also on Skull and Bones logo

3/22/17 London bombing

5/22/17 Manchester bombing

11/22/63 JFK killed on 33rd parallel

Dodgy Geezer's picture

Hmm. If you assume that the average number of days in a month is 30, and just take the last 15 years (which makes the maths easier) then you can work out the probability of any one date in that period having a day, month or year divisible by 11 or 22.


I make that probability to be between 1/4 and 1/3 - 0.283 to be precise.  Which tells me that one out of every 3.5 tinfoil hat incidents will match your insane number theory.  Giving you quite a lot to choose from. 

So why have you needed to go back to 1941?

hooligan2009's picture

7/7/05 when fifty-two people were killed and over 700 more were injured?

Dodgy Geezer's picture

<i>...7/7/05 when fifty-two people were killed and over 700 more were injured?...</i>


That's EASY!


05 x 05 = 25

25 - 7 = 18

18 - 7 = 11


See how it's done?

TheReplacement's picture

He didn't say all. Your example was probably legit terrorists going off script. Something about independent thinking...

el buitre's picture

Your example was probably legit terrorists going off script.

No way Jose.  Do your research.   7/7 was as obviously an inside job as 9/11.  Followed the exact same script.  Especially the simultaneous drills.

Farqued Up's picture

It will stop only if the targets are the top Western politicians and the Imams. Then the bombings will stop whether the bombs are strapped on a human or under a sophisticated jet fighter.

Hongcha's picture

Farq, those targets are protected so they go after the unprotected ones.

IAmNumberSix's picture

Far cheaper to just ban muslim immigration and deport the rest.

Handful of Dust's picture

The 9th Circus Court of Clowns disagrees with you.

John Prewett's picture

"convert or die" ..... 

myne's picture

We do the same.

Saddam, Ghadaffi, Mubarek, Assad would all testify to that.

quadraspleen's picture

So, the 1000s of children we regularly bomb by proxy in Yemen and Syria..we can just ignore them? Collateral damage? Brown?

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

well fuck face, now we know at least one person responsible..YOU.

"we regularly bomb"

be careful you might fall off that high horse.

quadraspleen's picture

lol whatever you say big boy. Your nick is bang on, eh. Not getting enough, clearly

DontWorry's picture

I expect a strong responce from GB


quadraspleen's picture

A strong and stable response, no doubt (that will only make sense to you if you watch the drivel coming from Conservative politicians campaigning for the election)

Sandmann's picture

Amber Rudd is a dimwit sister of PR man Rudd

philipat's picture

Instead of obsessively collecting every single piece of information on every single one of us, perhaps it might be time to re-discover good old-fashioned Police work and focus on the likely suspects. And if that is not politically correct....fuck it.

Sandmann's picture

Police know who it is, or at least the MI5 office through the connecting door does

Son of Loki's picture

WaPo's anonymous source will most likely say the bomber's a "white supremacist with ties to the far right Russian neo-Nazi groups."

EddieLomax's picture

It is a fantasy that security can keep track of all the Muslims prepared to commit terrorist attacks.

There are already thousands to keep track of in Britain and around 3000 at least are in Syria, the growth rate in population dooms any effort to monitor it to failure.  Britain today spends a vast amount of money on its Intelligence network, we cannot afford to keep track of everyone.

We can expect far more barbarism in the near future.

TheReplacement's picture


You all should round them all up and ship them back to where they came from or to a small island in the ocean. Easy to track that way, especially if they are dead on arrival.

Von Berger's picture

Children a......children.
Yes I call 19 dead a " slightly complacent attitude ". Shit hot security in Manchester arena.

Sandmann's picture

22 dead in a country with more CCTV cameras than the rest of Europe combined ! So what, you walk from the station into the passage to greet those EXITING the areana and push the button.

You want to search every person walking on every street and in every passageway ?