Pope Francis Lashes Out At "Grave Risks" Of Libertarianism

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Submitted by Antonius Aquinas,

The purported pope of the Catholic Church recently attacked “libertarianism.”  As a number of theologians have ably shown, Jorge Bergoglio, a.k.a Pope Francis, cannot be a legitimate pope since he was neither ordained as a priest or consecrated as a bishop in the traditional Catholic rite of Holy Orders.  And, since he is not a bishop, he cannot be “bishop of Rome” – a prerequisite for being the head of the universal Church.

While “technically” he is not the pope, Bergoglio is a notorious heretic who has said a mind-boggling number of heresies, engaged in the most scandalous of actions, and has attempted to change doctrine and Church teaching.  He is not the pope since a heretic is necessarily outside the Church and, thus, cannot hold ecclesiastical office, especially that of supreme pontiff.

If Bergoglio’s “invalidity” is not damnable enough, “Pope Francis” is a neo-Marxist who has repeatedly called for the redistribution of wealth, promoted mass migration, and has denigrated capitalism, accusing it of impoverishing the poor.

Naturally, with such a dossier, Bergoglio would be hostile to the concept of libertarianism.  And, as a skillful demagogue, he has deliberately mischaracterized the subject.

In a message to a meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Bergoglio harshly stated:

“I cannot fail to speak of the grave risks associated with the invasion of the positions of libertarian individualism at high strata of culture and in school and university education.”*

If Bergoglio thinks that higher education is infected with “libertarian individualism,” he is more delusional than he has been given credit for!  Academia has long been a bastion of collectivist thought.  Libertarianism and, for that matter, conservative ideas have little voice in higher education.  Moreover, Western culture is dominated by the ideals of social democracy, a philosophy that is anathema to libertarianism and also to real Catholicism, not the kind that is preached by imposters such as “Pope Francis!”

It is probably deliberate that Bergoglio uses the word “invasion” in his description as he subtly mocks his audience.  The only invasion that has happened is not a takeover of academia by free-markets zealots, but by the millions of “asylum seekers” that have been thrust upon European soil which has been encouraged and orchestrated by the likes of multiculturalists such as Jorge Bergoglio.

“[T]he libertarian individual denies the value of the common good,” Bergoglio continues, “because on the one hand he supposes that the very idea of ‘common’ means the constriction of at least some individuals, and on the other hand that the notion of ‘good’ deprives freedom of its essence.”

Of course, to arch collectivists like “Pope Francis,” the common good always trumps individual rights.  While he does not explicitly say it, the “common good” means for the good of the state, and for those who place their own self interest or that of their family before the state’s interest, they are to be ostracized or worse.

Libertarianism to Bergoglio is an “antisocial radicalization of individualism” that “leads to the conclusion that everyone has the right to extend himself as far as his abilities allow him even at the cost of the exclusion and marginalization of the more vulnerable majority.”  By living “independently of others” a person can attain freedom.

Once again, as he had done throughout his “papacy” Bergoglio demonstrates that he is an economic ignoramus who does not grasp a basic tenet of social relationships.

Libertarians are proponents of the market economy and markets are the result of the division of labor, specialization, and exchange.  Society, in part, is the amalgamation of numerous markets and advanced societies are ones with a highly developed division of labor.  Overwhelming empirical evidence has shown that such societies are not only richer, but are more culturally advanced than self- sufficient societies (autarky) where individuals produce everything for themselves.

In such an order, an individual produces or provides services which he does best.  Since he does not produce everything himself, he, therefore, depends and needs to interact with others in exchange of goods he does not produce.  In the market economy, very few live “independently of others” as Bergoglio stupidly believes, but must rely and depend on their fellow man.  Even entrepreneurs, who Bergoglio implicitly condemns in the above passage, have to rely on consumers to patronize their products and services or they will quickly go out of business.

Bergoglio, of course, does not understand that there are many shades of libertarianism running a wide spectrum of social, political and economic thought.  If there is a common theme among libertarians, it is opposition to the modern state and the welfare/warfare system upon which it rests.  The modern state will not tolerate any competition for the minds, hearts, and souls of men.

Until the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), the Church recognized that the modern state was not only its enemy, but the enemy of mankind.  In this respect, the Church had common ground with the libertarian and conservative movements of the 20th century.

The Second Vatican Council and the “reforms” which came in its wake produced an environment that has led to the likes of cretins like Jorge Bergoglio who has not only repeatedly blasphemed the Divine Founder of the institution in which he supposedly heads, but regularly spews out all sorts of discredited neo-Marxist nonsense.

While “Pope Francis” condemns libertarianism, the solution to the financial, political, and many of the social problems which confront the Western world will only be solved by “libertarian means” – a gold/silver monetary standard, political decentralization/secession, de-militarization/non-intervention, free trade, and the application of private property rights to the migration crisis.

For the good of mankind, not only should Jorge Bergoglio be ignored as supreme Roman pontiff, but he should likewise be ignored when speaking on any and all public policy matters.

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John Ratzinger could not be reached for comment

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Jesus never got involved with politics.

Find the part in the gospels where he discussed the failings in the roman senate.

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Well shit, as someone who leans the libtertarian way, I am just so saddened that some chump of some lame religion (all religions are lame and silly) thinks this. 

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Pope Francis appears not to appreciate the distinction between capitalism and cronyism. Cronyism destroys capitalist and socialist societies alike.

gatorengineer's picture

And he is not a head crony because?

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Fuck You Jorge !!!!

ctrent33's picture

What about the grave risks of abandoning Catholicism for ecumenism?

Apeon's picture

There is much more available!

PGR88's picture

Freedom?  BAD!

Forced collectivism and theft?   SAINTLY!

Juggernaut x2's picture

Just like the US, there is a major schism between liberal and conservative in the Catholic Church now.

nmewn's picture

As there should be.

My personal favorite is the progressive who says..."Are you not your brothers keeper?"...as an entreaty to socialism. A stranger is not my brother. A government who would take from my family to give to that stranger is not either. I will take care of my own brother, thank you very much.

The best part is (or the most insidious, deceitful, satanic...however one chooses to look at it is) they have never even read the Bible, they could not have. The line they contort into "the blessing of socialism" was Cains attempt to cover up THE MURDER of his own brother. 

el buitre's picture

Actually, Jehovah asked Cain where is your (twin) brother (fraternal btw).  And Cain replied, Am I my brother's keeper? meaning sort of his nanny.  Find him yourself sucker if you're so omnipresent.  But he was deader than Seth Rich.  Cain had asked Hillary and Pedoesta to recommend their favorite hitman.

nmewn's picture

Actually God knew he was going to lie when he asked him (He already knew what Cain had done) but He still gave him his choice to come clean. Cain lied (or obfuscated, technically) which to me is the moral of it. Not the way a socialist presents it.

But each can take what they will from it, at the end of the day what a socialist does is to try and bastardize the entire moral of it, as there is no "moral equivalency" there to be had, Cain was in fact trying to conceal what he had done, which was him murdering his brother. 

Terminus C's picture

Well, killing your brother might be for the common good, so in a way the socialist might be right.  As for God, you know, he just wasn't all that knowledgable about the way things should go in the world.  

That is what the socialist is trying to tell you but you keep missing the point.

Try to keep up. 

nmewn's picture

lol...yes, I keep forgetting the socialist is superior in every way. In mind, body and spirit.

If you don't believe it just ask one ;-) 

WillyGroper's picture

"universal Church."

they'll burn you at the stake...or is that for steak?

someone tell me, how was this red meat thrown out after being censored re: popey a while back?

argentina's dirty war...

covering for benedict...

treaty of verona...

top o the pyramid.

genealogy matriarchal private.

nuff said.

stljoe's picture

Why should anyone care what this authoritarian scum bag thinks of people who just want to go about their lives in peace?

Infinite QE's picture

If they got rid of this loon and established Crusades 2.0, I might consider renewing my faith.

peddling-fiction's picture

Do you want to go fight the Saracen?


<-- I take that as a no + no. LOL

thebigunit's picture

I wasn't paying attention.  How did this guy get to be Pope?

Is it too late to do a recount?

HRClinton's picture

Globalists got him in.

They sacked the German Pope, a genuine Pope.

nmewn's picture

So this Pope, surrounded by the opulence, the grandeur, the wealth, collected over centuries along with the protection afforded by individuals to his temporary position on any time scale, condemns the...individual? 

I am not Catholic so I guess I can say this, dear God in Heaven strike this individual down.

oddjob's picture

But if you were Catholic, you could live a degenerate lifestyle while condeming others for doing so, and then in the end make good by repenting on your death bed.

nmewn's picture

Or just go into a box, in a church and confess your sins to a man behind a screen. 

As I understand it, redemption and confession is key to salvation but it must be willingly, remorsefully given in honesty. It is your second and possibly only chance, they knew it was wrong or they wouldn't be there anyways. 

Then we could get into the whole "worshiping graven images" thing but it is not for me to pick on Catholics. I confess to all I am not a pious man myself however the socialists have infested their religion...in my opinion...they should have been driven out like the snakes they are long ago. 

Ms No's picture

The confessions could have operated just like the original NSA, the Church's Nixon's lists.  You don't have to offer the information yourself, your neighbors or wife could offer it for you.  The burned an awful lot of people.  They had septic tanks full of dead little kids too.



WillyGroper's picture

"The confessions could have"

they did.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

So, who died and made this guy pope?  Yeah, that's right, no one. 

slightlyskeptical's picture

Lots of Catholics are in for a big surprise. All forgiveness gets you is another chance to get it right in human form and if you aren't really sorry, but just scared, it won't get you anything. Those who actually lead their lives according to the Jesus message probably get to move on to a higher lifeform. Those who put themselves before others will be the feedstock for future humans for many many cycles. At least thats what I believe. Hope it'strue because I am not going to screw up my next shot.

peddling-fiction's picture

Good for you.

Being conscious of this and also not wanting to come back is crucial.

WaterWings's picture

What is a good resource for this and would you tell me a little more about Sophia? 


peddling-fiction's picture

Wings, Sophia is simply the Holy Spirit for those in the know.

In Hebrew and Aramaic, ruach is feminine, and you will find mention of Her as Wisdom in the Bible. With discernment, you will know this to be true. But She is NOT the Shekinah.

Read the Sophia of Jesus Christ from the Nag Hammadi Library for inspiration.

I try to keep it simple, yet Holy, coming always from true Faith, seeking the Truth and by discernment, that is Her gift to me. Jesus, like Sophia are both Aeons, the first born beings of the Creator of all creators that is formless and timeless (and is not JHVH). Yet Jesus is not here now. Sophia is, and She is the (Holy Spirit) key to both Jesus and God, and your ticket out of this electromagnetic prison (of your spirit lodged in your heart) we call Earth.

When seeking the Truth, do not use your third eye, but rather your heart, that is a powerful and different technique many are not familiar with. Change your behavior, acts and thoughts. No lies, porn, fear, anger nor violence. Hope, truth, kindness, patience and mercy go a long way.

If you seek this truth (by yourself) you will find it. Do not go to Gnostic churches. They are in the hands of gatekeepers like other churches.

The Catholic Church has a dual purpose in duality that confuses many. Regardless of the sins of the Church, their message of Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit and writings of their Saints, were crucial for me to head towards understanding the truth. So my thanks go to the Catholic Church and the Christian Tradition it is based on.

WaterWings's picture

Okay, sounds good, my friend. Some homework for the soul. A little difficult having been raised Mormon (no longer practicing). I always enjoyed the general message of the movie Defending Your Life, and when I discovered Edgar Cayce, it seemed to further expose the lack of reincarnation in Christianity. That feels like a more benevolent path to me.


peddling-fiction's picture

Early Christianity embraced reincarnation, that I take as a fact of life, when you allow it to happen.

Follow your heart, change as a person willingly, and be patient.

No need for magic nor astrology when in contact with Sophia.

Sophia, the Holy Spirit, is the absolute power on Earth (and the hand of God so to speak) and She is full of love, yet dislikes evil. She lets things slide, allows other entities to do their thing (the principalities), and hopes for the best with your free will. Yet sometimes She does act physically in very specific occasions with some worthy men and women. The Great Flood was her doing for example.

Lots of people are messing up big time, and there is a lot persecution of innocent people, needless wars and famine. Humanity is again playing around with genes and transhumanism, similar to the days of Noah (though no Nephilim), but in some respects worse, when we consider the efforts in synthetic manipulation of free will that is going on right now.

Ms No's picture

I definitely don't want to come back.  Feeling sun on your face, sex and having a good steak are all great but I have done all of that and this place is kind of a shithole.  I would especially hate to have to come back after these Marxists have their way with the world or everybody is a cyborg.  I am content with my material experience so please don't make me come back... 7lb 8oz baby Jesus... 

peddling-fiction's picture

Neither will I.

Your strength of your free will and lack of worldly attachments are the key.

Being a good "Christian" meanwhile helps to control Karma in your last moments here.

But still we have things to do here.

As we just have done now.

Also internal, personal steps of really letting your attachments go. All of them.

They are your EM anchor.

Practice Dream Yoga, but alone, by yourself, without a guru. You are the guru of your spirit.

From Wikipedia (Focus on Sophia and Jesus as Deities, and a formless God, that is Light.)


"The author describes six stages of dream yoga. In the first stage, the dreamer is told to become lucid in the dream. In the second stage, the dreamer is instructed to overcome all fear of the contents of the dream so there is the realization that nothing in the dream can cause harm. For instance, the lucid dreamer should put out fire with his hands and realize fire cannot burn him in the dream. Next the dreamer should contemplate how all phenomena both in the dream and in waking life are similar because they change, and that life is illusory in both states because of this constant change. Both the objects in the dream and objects in the world in the Buddhist worldview are therefore empty and have no substantial nature. This is the stage of contemplating the dream as maya, and equating this sense of maya with everyday experience in the external world. Next, The dreamer should realize that he or she has control of the dream by changing big objects into small ones, heavy objects into light ones, and many objects into one object.

After gaining control over objects and their transformations, in the fifth stage, the dreamer should realize that the dreamer's dream body is as insubstantial as the other objects in the dream. The dreamer should realize that he or she is not the dream body. The dreamer who has gained complete control over dream objects could, for instance, alter the body's shape or make the dream body disappear altogether. Finally, in the sixth stage, the images of deities (Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, or Dakinis) should be visualized in the lucid dream state. These figures are frequently seen in Tibetan religious art (thangkas) and used in meditation. They are said to be linked to or resonate with the clear light of the Void. They can therefore serve as symbolic doorways to this mystical state of being (the Void or clear light). The dreamer is instructed to concentrate on these symbolic images without distraction or thinking about other things so that the revelatory side of these symbols will become manifest."

Arkadin's picture

I have no idea what you are talking about.  

Apeon's picture

May God give him in triplicate what he would give others.

peddling-fiction's picture

Lightning usually comes from another fella.

nmewn's picture

lol...so the Nordics say. I was thinkin more along the lines of an open manhole cover, same result, one step closer to where he belongs.

Hey, the Lord works in mysterious ways ;-) 

peddling-fiction's picture

Jupiter and Zeus are more Mediterranean.

BarkingCat's picture

Thor does lighting and he is Nordic.

Piorun (or Pierun) does it too, but he is Slavic so a bit further south.

nmewn's picture

True, civilizations, empires and religions rise and fall. Some really are greater than others leaving something behind of benefit.

You don't hear much out of Ra or Zoroastrians anymore, absorbed into the abyss perhaps ;-)

peddling-fiction's picture

Ra is being worshipped behind the scenes by many people.

You would be suprised of what goes on at night behind closed doors.

HRClinton's picture

Can his Boss not beam him up or down?