Watch Live: President Trump And Israeli PM Netanyahu Joint Press Conference

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Having confirmed earlier in his press conference with Israeli President Rivlin that 1) he did not say the word 'Israel' to the Russians, and 2) Iran are the bad guys (confirming the narrative from the Saudis the day before), President Trump is due to join Israeli PM Benjamin Netantahu shortly for a joint press conference...

Trump meets with President Rivlin at his residence for a bilat. Trump commended Rivlin's work, and the two discussed the "opportunity" for Israel and other countries in the Middle East to come together.

"This moment in history calls for us to strengthen our cooperation, as both Israel and America face common threats – from ISIS and other terrorist groups, to countries like Iran that sponsor terrorism and fund and foment terrible violence. Together, we can work to end the scourge of violence that has taken so many lives, here in Israel and around the world." — Donald Trump.

President Trump meets with Bibi in Jerusalem, where he criticizes the Iran deal as Netanyahu nods along. "We gave them wealth and prosperity... and an ability to continue with terror," said Trump. "Iran will never have a nuclear weapon. That I can tell you."

Trump also told Bibi that he "never mentioned the word or the name Israel" during his Oval Office meeting with top Russian officials. "They're all saying I did, so you have another story wrong."


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Make Israel Great Again?

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Earlier today, Trump said, “Iran will never have a nuclear weapon”.

The Iran Nuclear Deal was announced in July of 2015. It halts the nuclear bomb development for 10 years, up until July of 2025.

If Trump serves two terms, his last day in office will be January 20, 2025 – SIX MONTHS before the Iranian Deal will have expired.

Why make promises you can neither keep nor flip-flop on?  ;-)


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As Israel is the chosen people, and God is on their side, explain to me why they need us to pay them so much in foreign aid?  

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trumpanyahoo and satanyahoo...what a pair...

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Peanutz missing the implications for peace in the middle east, and the removal of Saudi and Israeli support from Trumps enemies, and redirection of that support towards his own ends.

Better hope those ends are in your best interests, peanutz. And I say "hope" because I know that rational analysis of anything Trump related is beyond you.

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... nut & yahoo ...


>>> "Trump approached the wall, rested his hand on it in a moment of silent reflection and placed a note  inside — as is traditional practice for worshippers. The president covered his head with a kippah, a skullcap worn by observant Jews."



>>> "America is Something that You Can Easily Maneuver : Bibi Netanyahu"  >>>



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The CEO Donald's visit to Deep State Hq.

Confirmation of Operation Talpiot going according to plan.

Then, off to a Jesuit Intelligence Briefing in Rome.

Operation Talpiot (Mossad) is a 40 year plan of full spectrum domination of the information telecommunication industry..worldwide.

It's an ongoing operation since the 70's and they have kill switches everywhere. The treasonous and corrupt US .gov has transported all the technology industry to Tel Aviv.

I don't give a flying fu#k that they are possibly watching me. I know who the enemy is, that's all that counts.

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OK now I get it...


They're gonna make him bite off the foreskin of a newborn infant, which is why he ordered the extra side order of ketchup for the steak.

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Tejas is making ISISrael great...

Gov. Greg Abbott flew to Israel Saturday on a plane belonging to Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino owner and megadonor active in Republican national politics.

A spokesman for the governor confirmed that Abbott flew on Adelson’s 737 after Jewish Insider and The Dallas Morning News first reported it Monday.
Adelson is a top spender in Republican politics known for his fierce support of Israel and his friendship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Abbott met with Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Monday to discuss the Texas-Israeli relationship and reiterate Abbott’s opposition to Iran — a nation whose relationship with Israel has long been tense.

It was discussed with the prime minister, as well as other leaders in Israel,” Abbott said. “… I made very clear to the prime minister that he has no greater ally on the globe than Texas.”

Gee...Sheldon & Abbott are not liberal neoCONS...who would have known...

Btw...H_H...did you vote for Abbott...

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tmosley has a black eye for a good reason.

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Watching you and Alex Jones try and spin this is entertaining, at least.

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Sorry , I was outside painting the house....Did Mr. Trump spit or swallow?

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Beacause while God is great, he's really bad with money.

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"President Trump And Israeli PM Netanyahu"

Partners in crime, or puppet and puppet master?

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Such a sore loser too when a trade doesn't go his way.

Live Hard, It's Hard To Explain The Money Changer Thing To Kids Who Want More Allowance, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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Because God isn't sending them any more Manna.

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Bow down and kiss the hand that feeds you hehhe

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That is poisoning you. There FIFY. According to Suckeredjou zionist are a no go. Unfortunately this goy didn't took the unsocial media trap. Goy being goy. Get to work!

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God doesn't take American Express...

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"I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't and die to find out there is."

-Albert Camus

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"explain to me why they need us to pay them so much in foreign aid?"

This ain't foreign aid. The U.S. taxpayers are forced to give $3.8 billion a year to Israel, but there are strings attached. Israel must use the money to buy weapons from private U.S. defense contractors. In other words, taxpayer money is being laundered through Israel in order to profit the corporate U.S. war profiteers. Fuck them all.

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"After months of negotiating, the United States and Israel have signed a huge, $38 billion deal for military aid to the Jewish state — with some changes from previous pacts between the countries.

The 10-year agreement is the largest in U.S. history, with a significant portion of the money expected to be used to upgrade Israel's air force to Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter aircraft.
But while the actual memorandum of understanding hasn't been officially released by either country, it has a number of conditions that are different from previous U.S.-Israel aid deals.

Most importantly, it's structured so that more Israeli defense spending goes to U.S. companies. Israel's long-standing special arrangement for funds from the United States previously allowed Israel to spend 26 percent of the money in Israel — on Israeli-made defense products. But that provision is being phased out over the first five years of the deal."

Follow the money, Zero Hedgers.

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and the precious interest system we have created through the FED, the US taking it both is good

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"As Israel is the chosen people, and God is on their side, explain to me why they need us to pay them so much in foreign aid?"





Well, I tried to explain this the other day... But here is my explanation again...


"All I have is (((their own))) written history to go by, but the first recollection of "Promises" I remember reading was the "Promised Land".


Here's the short story on that:


- Hebrews were enslaved by the Egyptians for, like, 400 years... How a culture gets 'enslaved' in the first place is usually because they're on the wrong/feeble SIDE of the 'YOU DO NOT MESS WITH THE ZOHAN' ticket.

- Fast FOARward... Moses... He gets them out, because, like, he can talk to trees & turn walking staffs into cobras

- The last plague, the one that Ramuses II supposedly cast, killed the first born of Egypt, not Israel, and afterwards we got Passover festivals, which turned into easter egg rolls, because, with '666', as everyone knows, you get eggroll.

- A minor (((ignored))) point of that edict is that Ramuses II, himself, was the first born of his father Seti... So logically, he should have died himself, but instead, lived to chase Moses [& the 'pious' Hebrews who were hustling out into the desert with all the gold they could loot], on chariot.

- Then the Red Sea thing, then Mt. Sinai, where, the restless Hebrews, after 400 years of piously praying to a single God, decided to construct a golden calf to worship.

- So then Moses comes back down after the bush he was talking to carves some commandments into stone... He sees the whoring & revelry worshipping the golden calf and breaks them into pieces.

- A little is lost thereafter, but, guilt ridden, they pick up the pieces and put them into an Ark & carry it around... God is SO ON THEIR SIDE, that he makes this Ark all powerful... I mean, it can level armies, & create mammon, and do all kinds of things... So now, like, YOU DO NOT MESS WITH THE ZOHAN, is on (((their))) side (which is the point of your comment)... Naturally ~ with the possession of this thing, YOU'RE INVINCIBLE... They build a temple in Jerusalem, and stick it there, (which, the wall surrounding it, is still around, and is probably getting kissed as we speak by a steak & ketchup breathed Donald Trump)...

- Which [the temple ~ the only thing that Jesus of Nazereth ever got pissed in front of because the bankers of those days were screwing the populace out of money], proceeds to get SACKED... TWICE... and the goddamned thing ends up lost for all time until Indiana Jones finds it... & now it's being guarded by ~ TOP MEN...


So, as far as PROMISES are concerned?


Color me skeptical

peopledontwanttruth's picture

HH simple answer
Guess which god Israel is serving?

Matthew 6:24
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

24 “No one can be a slave of two masters, since either he will hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot be slaves of God and of money.

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Because we are working FOR THEM :-(

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No congressional approval or transparency probably means that the "deal" is not much more than, nothing.

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Israel halted some operations on their Nuclear Facility in 2000 siting greater threat of attack.

Coincidence? Right before 9-11 and Invade 8 Nations in 5 years.

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So, I guess the only question left at this time is whether Trump will swallow.

07564111's picture

The POS will swallow and ask for more and BIBI will be happy to oblige.

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They've done already been made REAL $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$GREEEAAATTTT, for how many decades now...?

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<  Agent of Positive Change

< Agent Orange


What will DJT be for the ME?

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"Make Israel Great Again?"


It was once GREAT?

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Depends from which perspective you look at it. Some Jews think it was, others are not so down with this. Bibi wants to make it even "greater". But those pesky Arabs, eh? Getting greedy. Palestina is one thing. Wanting to annex parts of Syria is a different ballgame. But the poor joos, eh? Stay in your guilt role goy! Ridiculous! Even a Jew can be criticized. Besides not all Jews feel this need for chosenite stuff. With Bibi we know. An enemy Jew, zionist and mind trick player. You're either with Bibi or the anti-semite. No color! Fuck him.

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Make Wealth Extraction Great Again (MWEGA).

Or a twist on MSM, Politicians, K-12

Make Ignorance Greater Again (MIGA)

Deep In Vocal Euphoria's picture

i don't think i can manage to watch this

ThE SoLuTiOn Is DeBt FrEe MoNeY cReAtIoNx's picture

PrOjEcTiLe VoMiT....................................

I aM tIrEd Of ZiOhEdGe CarRyInG wAtEr FoR tHeSe ChIlD mOlEsTeRs.

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After that akward shit of yesterday... Yeah... They looked very joyful to be there... NOT! I'll skip this one too. Doubt Muslims around the world bought that shit. And now next stop... Wacky! Out of sync what I hear from the people. But hey... Sunni good? Shia bad? Is the message. 

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"Cheeto-in-Chief" has his knee pads at the ready and will proceed to orally pleasure Bi Bi in p"public" in order to allay any fears he and the rest of the Tribe might have at his "towel headed" neighbor throwing more money at the U.S. MIC than Israel has!...

DuneCreature's picture

We're going to see some groveling here!

Did everyone bring a towel and Handiwipes?

Live Hard, Ass Kissy, Kissy, Ass Kissy, Kissy, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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It is sort of over the top to place hand on glow orb, wailing wall, and wear a yamaka.

I don't mind saying salaam alaikum or shalom to be friendly, but... couldn't he have substituted with a ceremony of US Generals or Admirals in SA or Israel?