CBS Reports Suspected Manchester Attacker Is 23-Year-Old Salman Abedi

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While unclear if this is an official release - recall, earlier in the day UK PM Theresa May said authorities knew the name of the Manchester attack suspect but were not disclosing it until they were certain - moments ago CBS reported that the suspect behind the Manchester attack is 23-year-old Salman Abedi. As CBS also adds, he was known to authorities.

As a reminder, earlier on Tuesday morning, ISIS claimed responsibilty for the Manchester bombing.


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Killtruck's picture

"already Known to the authorities..."

Well, by Jove, I do say that surveillance shit is worth every fucking shilling, old boy!

What magnificent cunts. 

Stan522's picture

Political correctness and the fear of mulsim and prog ridicule forbid authorities to act.....

We are doomed with this mentality.....

BaBaBouy's picture

AND... Frau Muckel Was Just Re elected !!!

mtl4's picture

Love them calling everyone crusaders when they kill women and children.......brainwashing is more like it.

ISIS could be in the middle of a glass factory if they dropped some real bombs back.

BaBaBouy's picture

"already Known to the authorities..."

Can the cops be this stupid, or is there something else going on here??????????????

BaBaBouy's picture

This is a major public security failure...
Have the Paid Politicos and Cops lost control???
You walk out your front door and theres Zero public safety, your on your own in the jungle???

AltRight Girl's picture

Well, they have parliamentary elections in a couple of weeks. Lets see how they will play out. 

More of the same I guess, since the kikes are in EVERY fucking party.

The Crypto Jews: Deceit and Double-Think in Britain’s Hostile Elite

hedgeless_horseman's picture


This is what always happens when you give up real freedom for perceived security. 

Enjoy your police state.


PT's picture

Let's take this a little further.

You can't even get into a concert with a bottle of water ... becoz *Gasp!!!*  It might be alcohol!!!!  You might actually dare to have a drink without buying one!!!!

You can't even get into a concert with a fancy camera (yeah, the little ones are fine) but if you have a fancy one then *GASP!!!*  You might not buy official photos!!!!

But nail bombs?  Well, they're not bottles of water or fancy cameras so bring in as many as you like.  Obviously you were planning on using it later.  No-one would think you'd use it at the concert.

Or was it already there?

Personally I think it was an Ariana fan.  Why else would they wait for the concert to finish?*
Or maybe the timer was bung.

* Okay, okay, so they can escape with the rest of the crowd and not look suspicious.  Look for the ones that don't appear to enjoy the concert or seem too happy after the explosion.

AltRight Girl's picture

You can't go to a disco whitout passing a metal detector, so how come THIS was possible?

Then again, how the Police knew there was something planted on trains so they stopped some? And found the bag in record time.

I guess they found Salman's ID also, brand new and spotless, just by the ground zero with a big red arrow pointed towards it.

john doeberg's picture

Look at the bright side:

MASSIVE DISCOUNTS on future Ariana Grande concerts.

Plenty of shekels to be saved.

nightwish's picture

This heinous act will strengthen brexit and posture other sovereignties anti-quota on the refugee front.

Maybe the J's arent behind this one.

J owned isis understandibly took responsibility though, if they didnt it'd look fishy

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Fuck you. You're still a spammer who links to a shit site at least once per article.

PT's picture

While I'm here,   I'm not good with foreign names or Geography.  Does this mean we're going to bomb Syria now?  Or Iran or North Korea?

Or are we going to apologize to the Mooslims again and have a parade and bring in some moar refuges and have a commemorating wear-a-burkha day?

AltRight Girl's picture

No one said yet that this guy might be Iranian?

Waiting for it to happen 

PT's picture

He woz an Iranian North Korean on holiday in Syria, awaiting for further instructions from Russia that were hand-delivered to him by Donald Trump.

Handful of Dust's picture

The Orlando killer was also known to the FBI and yet Lowrenta Lynch and Obama ordered the FBI to stand down "because it's raycist to follow moslims."


The FBI actually interviewed the orlando murderer twice before the slaughter of all those gays. Comey should have been fired long ago. he doesn't have the balls to stand up and protect the ocuntry despite what fanatic socialists like Soweeto and Lowrenta tell him.

SoDamnMad's picture

While we are at it let's blame it on Trump.  If Trump had let this guy into the US then Salman Adedi would not have been in Manchester to murder these kids.  Trump should not have stopped Obama's flow of terrorists.  First explosion in the US there are some judges that better sleep with one eye open (and a 1911 under their pillow with have a private security agency taking their kids to and from school and concerts)

malcolmevans's picture

Early news reports said the terrorist was outside of security in the foyer. 

DaveyJones's picture

What's worse, bombing teens at a concert or droning kids playing soccer?

At first, I thought it was a riddle

Then I realized it was an equation

Ahmeexnal's picture

Was he one of the assylum seekers that took a selfie with Merkel?

mc888's picture

what is this... "safety" you speak of?

Mr Hankey's picture

Want safety?I'll make you safe! Now, bend not resist...

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Yet, they never report the name of the brave Navy, RAF or USAF pilot that bombs the hospital, school, wedding celebration, pharmaceutical factory, or village.

Propaganda...we're soaking in it.

knukles's picture

If we were more like Denmark or Sweden, then black people wouldn't be discriminated against and oppressed because white boys have cell phones.
Yes, that I was told the other week.  Blacks are oppressed because white boys have cell phones.
I looked at the 30 y/o snowflake and his mom and suggested his mom quit paying for her son's cell phone, then he wouldn't have one to oppress the blacks (because he can't afford service himself).

They didn't get it.

3rdWorldTrillionaire's picture

They never do, big guy, they never do....

HowdyDoody's picture

"already Known to the authorities..."

You can't run a false flag (just in time for the UK election) if you don't have a patsy ready primed.

"This is a major public security failure..."

This is not a National Security State failure, it is a feature.

BW I wonder if the emergency services had run a practise drill shortly before.

quadraspleen's picture

They ran one a short while back. Whole of C. Manchester.."multi-agency" event

No shit.

malcolmevans's picture

Who is doing the psyops if the NWO and all major governments are hell bent on open borders and coddling Muslims?

Shitonya Serfs's picture

This event is just going to be used to strip whatever freedoms we have left in USSA. Next stop, can't bring anything (not even your plastic sandwich bag of belongings) into concerts or football games (if anyone is still going to those), and more enhanced security at airport (if that's even possible).

duo's picture

The final solution is a TSA agent for every passenger, who watches you pack your bags at home before you leave for the airport, then drives you there. Full employment!

JethroBodien's picture

Don't forget wipes your ass in case you have something shoved up your ass.

Omen IV's picture

if you give them everything for FREE - they would ask for more


there is no long term solution given the 85% have a 70 IQ or less - they will always externalize their problems

lil dirtball's picture

> Propaganda...we're soaking in it.


We sure are, Sunshine ... we sure are.

Akzed's picture

911, Sandy Hook, San Berdoo, Boston Marathon, Allison Parker, Bataclan, Dylan Roof, Charlie Hebdo, London Tube, Gabby Giffords ("Operation Safeway"), and many others - pardon me if I reserve judgment on whether this too was another staged hoax, or if it was a real bomb with real deaths, was a patsy put up to it by the cabal, who may or may not have known he was going to die? Honest questions.

One clue among many - fake ISIS is a fake creation of the cabal, meaning it's fake, and fake ISIS takes fake credit! 

Another: girls standing around afterwards in mylar blankets was a nice touch, reminiscent of Bataclan.


The Billy Blaze's picture

Akzed -

Cloaking your fear in conspiracy theories is useless to those of us willing to rise up and wipe Islam from the face of the Earth.  People like you search for any "reason" not to fight; but fight we must.  Not to worry, we will handle it without you.  You can be in charge of locating the sound-stage where the moon landings were faked. 



Akzed's picture

Who said i had fear to cloak, dinglberry?

malcolmevans's picture

So you are saying, what, that we should not be mad at the Muslim terrorists?  If your conspiracy theory is correct, then we don't have to worry about the Muslims, right?  

Akzed's picture

Sure, we should have been pissed at NVietnam after the fake Gulf of Tonkin "incident" too.

N0TME's picture

What stan522 said was accurate.

Paul Kersey's picture

It's hard to prevent psychopaths, who are looking forward to dying for Allah-la-la, from horrific acts of violence. All a country can do is to throw them out and do everything possible to keep them from coming back in. There in no place for these people in a civilized society.

JRobby's picture

"Accomplices", if any are ever identified, go down bloody. No "enhanced interrogation" of a bullet riddled corpses.

Pure Evil's picture

Stupid question time:

Why would you need to interrogate you're own patsies?

duo's picture

Right. None of the "moderates" at this guys mosque had any idea this was coming.

malcolmevans's picture

Calling them a "psychopath" lets them off the hook. That's what the libs want us to think because that lets Islam off the hook.                           

nmewn's picture

Something is going to have to be done about these radical Amish terrorists.