Another Insurer Quits Obamacare Leaving 25 Counties In Missouri With No Healthcare Options

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) has just joined the growing ranks of insurers across the country that have decided they've lost just about enough money on Obamacare.  According to a press release issued earlier today, Blue KC's CEO said the company has lost $100 million on the Obamacare exchanges since 2014, a fact that prompted their decision to exit their 32-county service area.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) today announced the company’s decision to not offer or renew individual Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans in the company’s 32-county service area in Kansas and Missouri for 2018. This decision will affect Blue KC members with both on- and off- exchange individual plans but does not affect individual plans that were purchased on or prior to October 1, 2013.


“Since 2014, we’ve expended significant resources to offer individual ACA plans to increase access to quality healthcare coverage for the Kansas City community,” said Danette Wilson, President and CEO of Blue KC. “Like many other health insurers across the country, we have been faced with challenges in this market. Through 2016, we have lost more than $100 million. This is unsustainable for our company. We have a responsibility to our members and the greater community to remain stable and secure, and the uncertain direction of this market is a barrier to our continued participation.”


“This decision is necessary at this time, but we’ll continue to work with federal and state legislators to identify solutions that will stabilize the individual market and bring costs down for our members, the community and Blue KC,” said Wilson.

The move will leave residents in 25 Missouri counties, or roughly 19,000 Obamacare enrollees, with no healthcare options in 2018. 



Of course, this follows similar developments in both Iowa (see "Obamacare Implosion: Last Major Healthcare Provider Pulls Out Of Iowa Leaving No Options In 2018") and Tennessee (see "Knoxville, TN Could Be Ground Zero For The Obamacare Explosion") in the past several weeks.  To be fair, after Humana’s exit from Obamacare left 16 counties surrounding Knoxville with no health plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee stepped in to cover that area, though it's unknown whether someone would step up to do the same in Missouri.

But sure, Republicans are ruining healthcare in America.

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As designed but have no fear the GOP will lick Obozo balls and fully implement universal communist healthcare and we can all be Venezuela

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Indeed, because unfortunatelly it is not in your character to be Canada.

auricle's picture

Good, let all these insurers go bankrupt. They are a cancer on the medical 'industry'. 

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quax's picture

Nope, the other way around.

Trump's not the problem. The fact the he was able to get into the WH is.

quax's picture

Funny how it especially fails in red states. 

auricle's picture

If people had to pay their own medical bills you can bet they would improve their lifestyles really fast. 

quax's picture

Yep, that must be why you see so fewer fat people in NYC and Silicon Valley as opposed to fly over country. 

richatstructure's picture

It's not called Misery for nuttin..

Duc888's picture



Just let it DIE.  Then the moron Democrats will be begging for Trump to "do something".


Democrats, you OWN this fucking mess.

Kprime's picture

obamacare, what a shit stain.

Shit, you have to pass it to find out what's in it. 

jenniewadeguy's picture

Some undigested corn and what looks to be pieces of pimentos, I think.  I cannot look any further as I cannot stand the smell.  Nasty.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Obama, the lying POS, never considered the residual effect of his braindead tax, just like Roberts, both dumb as a fence post when it comes to economics and society! 

LN's picture

They had NO health care options before this with Obummer Care.  So, what's the news?


Bank_sters's picture

No problem.  Just force insurance companies take care of the fattest, unhealthiest people in the US.  cough.  Then raise premiums and deductibles on everyone else to make a profit.  

rejected's picture

There's so much wrong with American healthcare it's impossible to fix it. 

It will have to crash then work itself out and the government needs to stay the hell out of the way unless they go the single payer route like Medicare which I have confidence they would screw that up as well...

FedFunnyMoney's picture

Good. A red area. Let them die.

TheFQ's picture


ebworthen's picture

"Coverage" isn't coverage.

"Insurance" isn't insurance.

It's a flipping tax with co-pays and deductibles to ream your ass.

The problem isn't "coverage" or "insurance", it is the cost! 

CONgress knows this but doesn't give a shit.

Who do you think lines their pockets?

Greases their palms?

Cman5000's picture

Just let it implode one by one it goes. 

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Serious question. If you live in an area where you have no options what does that mean? What I mean by that is do you automatically get approved for Medicaide and that's just what you roll with?

Herodotus's picture

You would not qualify for Medicaid unless your income was below their poverty level limits.  If you wanted to federally-subsidized health insurance you would have to move to a county where coverage was still available.

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 Move to Kali, and buy the single pay 10x ETF

shimmy's picture

Can't wait to see the libtards there blame trump and the republitards for this. 

Brody's picture

Nothing of new news; it was designed to fail so the populace would demand single payer.

Goatboy's picture

Dont introduce "communist" healthcare like THE REST of the developed world. For-profit one is ethical and obviously works the best, only for you. It turns profit to the last patient.

Liberty2012's picture

Let's see

Do insurance companies provide healthcare? No

Do doctors provide healthcare? Yes

Perhaps the doctors and patients will get together and figure it out for themselves.

DendroReality's picture

Insurance and other for-profit elements of health-care have used anti-trust court decisions to effectively prohibit clinicians and clinical organizatin from forming their own health-care financing ooperations.  Just another example of how the U.S. system has been twisted, and laws corrupted to be used in ways that have had no basis in legislativive intent.

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VA quality health care will soon be the status quo.

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" we have to pass Obamacare  to see what is in it" Nancy "batshit crazy" Pelosi. How's that working for ya?

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Am I the only one amused that obanascare is dying before it's would-be users?


DendroReality's picture


Aside from the immorality issue of privatised for profit health care, the response to the ACA is just another example of disinvestment, capital flight, investment strike, the significant matter is how investment strike, whichever the three forms, is differentially treated than labor strikes.

Many people would like to see investment stikes treated the same as labor strikes.


But yes we need single-payer public health system.

chosen's picture

Funny how they still cover Kansas City.  We need Medicare for all.  Note Medicare is not free.  I pay $3000 a year for full coverage, and the price goes up each year and as one ages.  I also pay in a shitload to Medicare when working.  Curiously, I get Medicare and Soc Sec, but Medicare and Soc Sec taxes are still taken out of my salary.

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They should do what the Republican Plan wants them to do.  Go and negotiate and get your own policy yourself and then go fuck yourself. 

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"But sure, Republicans are ruining healthcare in America."

They're about to make their own contribution to ruining healthcare, and damaging the economy further, to boot. I see massive, permanent subsidies going to these insurance companies to keep them in the exchanges. Republicans are about to rescue this thing beyond what was expected would have to be done.

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Can someone please tell me how you can lose money selling insurance that costs over $1300 a month and covers nothing until after a $5-6,000 deductible?

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Here's a little statistic that tells you a lot about what's wrong with healthcare in the U.S.  If one divides the money spent on healthcare in the U.S. ($3.8 trillion) by the number of actively-practicing medical doctors (about 810,000), one can see that we pay the equivalent of over $4.69 million for each doctor.  Since the average salary of a doctor is well under $200,000, we're paying less than 4% of our "healthcare dollars" for doctors.