Catalonia Threatens Immediate Declaration Of Independence If Spain Doesn't Approve Referendum

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The constitutional crisis in Spain may be coming to a head quickly according to a leaked document on a “Secret Law for Catalonia Independence” as reported by El Pais.

Spain’s Attorney General José Manuel Maza is set to examine the legality of a plan outlined by the regional government of Catalonia to activate immediate secession from Spain if the central government in Madrid stops it from holding a vote on independence – something it is planning on doing in September or October of this year.


The independence mechanism is detailed in a secret draft version of legislation being prepared by the Generalitat, the Catalan regional government, and to which EL PAÍS has had access.


The document aims to work as a provisional Catalan Constitution that, according to the text, would be in place during the two-month period that the parliament would have to begin a process that would culminate in the “parliamentary republic” of Catalonia.


“If the Spanish state effectively impedes the holding of a referendum, this law will enter into effect in a complete and immediate manner when the [regional] parliament has verified such an impediment,” the draft legislation reads.


The document has a section that covers the referendum itself and features the question that would be asked of voters: “Do you want Catalonia to be a state that is independent from Spain?” The intention in the text is that this part of the legislation would come into effect first in order to be able to hold the referendum, and indicates that a majority of votes in favor, no matter how slim, and with no minimum participation level, would ratify the decision and mean that it was binding.


The text makes a number of references to itself as being a “founding law,” and goes into exhaustive details – albeit with many legal loopholes and unknowns – about the breakaway: i.e. who would be a Catalan citizen, how it would be possible to obtain nationality, which Spanish laws would remain in force and which would not, what would happen to government workers currently employed by the state, among other details.


The authors of the text ignore legal and material elements that have enormous importance and complexity, such as the whether this new republic would continue to form part of Europe, or whether social benefits or pensions would be guaranteed, or whether all taxation – and fines for non-payment – would be the responsibility of the regional government.


Under the reasoning of the authors of the text, none of these issues would infringe the law because, as the second article reads, “national sovereignty resides with the people of Catalonia, from whom all powers of the State emanate.”

Expect Fireworks

The Catalonia independence threat is smack on top of a Spanish government crisis in which Mariano Rajoy has threatened to dissolve parliament and call snap elections if his budget does not pass.

The surprise results of Socialist Party (PSOE) leadership election on Sunday, in which Pedro Sánchez returned to power, makes it very likely Rajoy will not get his budget passed. For details, please see Voters Smack Spain’s Political Leadership: Snap Spanish Presidential Elections Coming Up?

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As a reminder, Catalonia is not alone...

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This is it's picture

It's just a peanut city. Bullish. U can't go wrong. 

wildbad's picture

i would say "it's starting!"....

but I've said that often..

and been often disappointed

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

-do they want to join the EU?

-do they want to join the BIG central bank club?

-do they have nukes just in case the do not want that skullfücking central bank?

JSBach1's picture

Being semi-autonomous and wanting independence from their castellano overlords, both highly-industrial and highly-profitable, the northeast catalonia and the north 'pais vasco' (basque country) regions will continue to seek independence, as they always have prior to and after the Franco-rule. Of course Madrid will never let that happen, to the extent that they can.

Ahmeexnal's picture

Tis the land of the fiesta and siesta!!

giovanni_f's picture

independent bavaria. now. Put an end to the destruction of germany by that protestant pig grown up in the DDR and educated to become a left-fascist-globalist-cia-asset-russia-hater. exit nato immediately. live in peace with all neighbours and you will be safe from manchester-events whatsoever (except those instigated by the US and the German secret service).

benny_dr's picture

The Sápmi (Sami) people in the north of Scandinavia is nowhere near the ambition of independence from their respective countries. They are an indigenous people with their own traditions, but they are a minority in all but a few places, and the map misrepresent this to an almost ridiculous degree. I believe this explains the rest of the map as well. The point is the same, however and I am rooting for Catalonia.

Jubal Early's picture

Granularity is also an issue.  There are hundreds of muslim enclaves sprinkled across Europe that would love to secede and make their own little ISIS micro caliphates too.  

CRM114's picture

Yes, but they have no money or industry, so it is not secession that they really seek, just your cash and their own laws.

benny_dr's picture

Yes, but if one granted independence only to the historic/rightful descendants of the land it would work, and the Sami people could have their own state. It would however not be a half of Norway and Sweden. Small enclaves of micro caliphates would thus not be "granted", at least not where there have been nothing of the sort before.

shovelhead's picture

Free the Raindeer People!

Dilluminati's picture

That is not a matter of if but when, they will first setup their own courts, own police, and then they will trade European women like baseball cards.


TheGardener's picture

I`m generally symphatetic to independence movements and even outright secession all over the place if this

means not only rolling back in full the NWO centralization efforts but a complete u-turn on globalization and a return to rule by local tribes

over their own.


But be careful what you wish for : with all that media cover those movements receive in an otherwise fully pervasive propaganda

layer keeping everything undesirable completely out of the loop there could be evil NWO/Soros players behind it.

Could it be , that forces hell bent on destroying the nation state could also be behind organizing those innocent sounding wishes of the people into something sinister/orange/tangible towards their ends to a means, the weakening of nation states to a point where they can be force-enlisted and dissolved into some supra-national unaccountable structures ?

Or to put it another way : If I were a malicious neighbor /concealed imperial superstructure aspiring to be a superstate/ supernational usurper or hyperpower or whatever : Cui bono ? Me! Weaken the affected nation states while pretending to empower the regions ! Divide and conquer put to work at its finest !


benny_dr's picture

It is an interesting theory. The result for Catalunia coud be that there is no independence, and only more dependence on the EU instead of Spain. However, A seed is planted, and I do not think the idea of independence is dead even after the first failure to be independent. It may give more people the sense that it does matter what they say and do, and that they really are unfairly treated by the authorities, whomever that may be.

And how easy is it for 200 small states to agree upon anything, when at least some democratic principles will need to be followed.

Edit: Well, I may be wrong, fleur de lis has a good point.

TheGardener's picture

you are all allright , no worries.

fleur de lis's picture

I agree -- that is whaat broke up the Ottoman Empire into sqabbling Arab states that are fully controlled by outsiders.

The Rothschild agents goaded them into thinking that they could overthrow centuries of Ottoman rule and run the show themselves. 

What the Western powers wanted was the Hejaz railway and all the petroleum resources of (Saudi) Arabia.

So they played on nationalistic egos.

Got the stupid Arabs to do the dirty work for them.

And what did the NWO give their little pawns as a reward?

Artificial boundaries that cut across entire ethnic groups because the new lines were easier for their new masters.

They got endless conflict by forcing hostile groups to live together, and allowed strongmen to keep them all in line.

They got duped over and over because they were at the table but they always lost because they did not know how to play the game.

Now they are at each other's throat destroying themselves from within.

They were far better under the Sultan.

Same thing here.

The media will cover the Catalonia dispute and egg on the independence movement without any knowledge of what they are doing.

The media will help to destroy Spain -- just like Syria and Ukraine -- and then will keep themselves busy covering the civilian atrocities, property destruction, riots, looting, police responses, etc.

This Catalonian movement did not just crop up or form natually no matter what the stupid Catalonians think.

They are being pimped by the NWO but they are too proud to see it.

Maybe the EU is afraid of a movement in Spain similar to Brexit, so it would rather see Spain destroyed.

The Brits had been talking about Brexit for a long time, then all of a sudden the Scottish referendum came up.

That was settled -- or was it? 

Ethnic hostility is the NWO/CIA/EU ace card.

It works every time.

The EU is doing the same to Spain and if it works look for the same to be repeated in other EU slave states.



TheGardener's picture

Thanks for your sorid but truthful reply. Spain ain`t dead yet, they re-emerged from El-Andalusz to a European nation and a conquering as such at a global level. Maybe sorry tale for the morals to be left behind form christianity to reconquista back to modernity .Time will tell .

My moral tale telling european time clock still has Spain fully on board as they still have almost the same theme in lallabyes and childrens stories that make for a common culture.

Spain will remain.


BritBob's picture

The right to self-determination is given to non-self-governing territories.

Will Spain turn its attention to Gibraltar in order to unite and distract the country?


Spanish king uses the address of the UN demand to Great Britain return Gibraltar(RT 22 Sep, 2016 )

PM  Rajoy- Gibraltar "this is the such territory in Europe and that affects to our own integrity territorial", said the Mr Rajoy, saying that Britain had "ignored the mandate" of the Assembly General of the UN. (Daily Telegraph, 26 September 2013)


Foreign Minister Dastis: « I am for "Gibraltar, Spanish", but you have to be smart. (8 feb, 2017


Gibraltar - Some Relevant International Law:



Ah well, Just a political distraction then.

Jubal Early's picture

Gibraltar already belongs to the same money changers who also own England.  It will become part of Israel all in good time.  Likely along with Cueta and Melilla? to form the jaws munching on goy ships entering the future sea of Judea. 

bombdog's picture

And suddenly BritBob has a relevant article to comment on! Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day ;-)

TheGardener's picture

All the while a kippa wearing Trump voices support to a 6 million times political correct prerogative to rule the world by brute force and deceit only and an only little disguised contempt for all of humanity that has very little resemblance to a religion one should be free to practice as of what this is sold for.

TheGardener's picture

Anonymous downvote who? Go challenge us. And in particular me myself and I.

Seems Legit's picture

British MP has recently declared war on Spain should it try to reclaim Gibraltar.

This approach seemed to shock the Spanish.


fleur de lis's picture


Smaller statelets will be easier to control.

They will be treated like American blacks, hispanics, gays, feminists, etc., and all the other identity tribes.

They will be allowed air time to voice their grievances and get some new benefits passed but they will never be allowed near power.

The Catalonians will be reduced to a noisy tribe of crybabies. 

Then the noisy tribe will subdivide into smaller tribes of crybabies.

They will squabble over diminishing resources.

A coupe of crybaby tribes might align for greater influence.

And all the while this is going on, they will lose money and the land under their foolish feet will be bought by the EU.

So they will be allowed to squabble so long as they pay the ever increasing bills or they will end up squabbling over a park bench.



TheGardener's picture

Laying claim to all current or formerly captured/occupied territories should keep the war machine well greased and up and running

and the populaces kept on their feets or running within the fences or beyond. The least I would want to rely on is the claims of the former

British empire and their perfectly legal entities in the middle of nowhere or harms way. Be it a Spanish rock, Argetninian islands or

Caribean sand dunes comlete with a pirate flag and offshore banking allure.

perkunas's picture

These idiots will break away, and then join the EU, so they be controlled by the same people.

Jubal Early's picture

Like the farce of Scottland and California. First the right wants to break away and are prevented by dirty tricks.  Afterwards, the left wants to break away.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

California in the EU? 

While I know this is not what you said or implied, both groups of people have drunk the same coolaide and are equally insane. 


I could see this happening. 

TheReplacement's picture

I think he was referring to the non-liberal parts who have wanted to break away from California and form Jefferson for quite a long time. The communist part of the state has always blocked them but now the communists want to break away from the US.

Commies are hypocrites. Who knew?

CRM114's picture

Guess how many of these regions are mad keen on importing hordes of gimmigrants?

Sky flyer's picture

Let em leave. Then brexit, Italy leaves, Greece collapses I ts all bullish. Throw in a nuke going off and it's Dow 30,000.

fleur de lis's picture

Yes, it does get rather annoying after a while, doesn't it.

Especially when the perps are obvious and eventual outcomes are all the same.

Except for Crimea -- that was the one that got away.

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

Catalonia could be a nice canton / tax heaven / silicon valley if they do not...


lurker since 2012's picture

Brit Bob should be shouting 'Rock of Gibraltar'. Catalonia has been wanting statehood since 1713 with the treaty of Utrecht, see below,

In addition, under Article X of the treaty Spain ceded Gibraltar and Minorca to Great Britain and agreed to give to the British the Asiento, a monopoly on the oceanic slave trade to the Spanish colonies in America. Great Britain imposed to Spain, under Article XIII, the preservation of the historical rights of Catalonia (given the Catalan support to the Habsburg cause, as well as to British and Dutch military) which were however abolished by the Spanish Bourbon King, one year later when Barcelona was finally occupied by the Franco-Spanish troops, under the Nueva Planta decrees.

East Indian's picture

You can secede from Spain, you can even leave the UK, but you can't break away from Brussels.



Long oligarchy, long burkas.

Or long lampposts and ropes.

Dilluminati's picture

Even if their children are slaughtered in the street, they will get use to it.  The BBC told them to do so.  If their children are raped, they of course get use to it.  No go areas in Europe? no problem they have gotten use to it.  Given an opportunity to vote?  They voted for it!


TheGardener's picture

Plain Hotel California deal. You can check out any time but you can never leave,

Yen Cross's picture

 Just like '07, everyone will hide until the bogey man knocks.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

The stench of mini & micro nationalism is everywhere. Let Catatonia have their independence. All the Catalonian fuckers have is Barcelona. I'm not Spanish, but what really separates those from Barcelona, with their Madrid based brothers? It's the equivalent of Cornwall wishing to break off from the UK.

It's fucking pathetic and will only weaken themselves and the country they are leaving. What the fuck does Catalonia have to trade and sell, apart from being reliant on tourism? Perceived differences?  As for industry? What a fucking joke. Overhyped IT sector, to the point Dreamweaver and web design is obsolete, where my 23 year old daughter with minimal skills designed our family business website by herself using WYSIWYG, Premiere Pro and After Effects.

No doubt the Rothchilds are laughing and have their men in place already. What's the odds the Catalonian government will demand Barcelona FC, plays in the Spanish league. Arseholes!

Ryan Langemeyer's picture

It appears that you do not understand that good folks around the world like to be administered by other folks that are close by, and who understand their issues. large countries are destined to become smaller as people take back their local right to self-determination. 

You better get used to it.

shovelhead's picture


My local City Council violated the Open Meetings Act the very week after they went to a State seminar outlining the boundaries to which they must be in compliance. Certain parties were trying to pull a coup on the others to make a money grab for reseved funds.

One call to the City Atty. with a copy of a tape of the meeting got the ball rolling. They forgot that the City Council room where the meetings are held are automatically taped. Duh.

Their Court date is next month which may result in removal and fines.

Local govt. works if you keep your tar and feathers at hand.

Tactical Joke's picture

The more local the government the better the government assuming a non-apathetic populace: except for those quasi-government HOA asshats, they always suck.

BarkingCat's picture

Not always but probably in most cases.

I set on HOA board for a couple of years. I did it because the management sent out a letter that we only have 1 board member and unless someone else joins, the HOA will go into receivership - be run by a lawyer, whom we would pay lawyer size fees.

The kind of idiotic violations that people had to show up to the board meeting with made me roll my eyes.

These were written up by an inspector that worked for the management company. 

We've pretty much dismissed most of them. 

Others we waved the fines and just asked to have the issue corrected.

...but if the board was run by some old witches, it could make life miserable for people. 

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Do you have a true grasp of the size of some of these European countries? You could easily fit 5 or 6 of them in Texas Alone. Most of them don't have nothing(resources) and every one of them advertises themselves as the next Tech valley/IT hub of innovation, blah, blah, blah. Get Real!

They will be in debt up to their eyeballs within 25 years if the go for independence and will end up selling every state asset they own, because Neo-liberal Keynesian economics demands it.

There is a reason TPTB carve up Africa and the MENA into mini & micro states, because it makes the fuckers easier to pick off. They pulled the same bullshit with the former USSR. I wonder how the break away states are doing unless resource rich? Yeah I thought so.

We sowed the seed of nationalism into the breakaway Soviet Republics and if you speak to some of their citizens, they believe in hindsight it was not such a good idea. TPTB understand the concept of United you stand, divided you fall and they are playing us like fools.

Temple of Truth's picture

Barcelona sucks big time anyway. If I was spanish, I would be quite happy about it.

Not every independence movement is dumb as Catalonia and Scotland however, I'm very much in favor of Veneto.

People there don't want to be part of Itafrica and pay for the less productive south while being invaded.

TheReplacement's picture

How is any independence movement dumb? Just because people might not agree with your outlook or idea on how to live and govern themselves is exactly the point that makes it not stupid at all.

Temple of Truth's picture

Don't get me wrong, I strongly support independence for Catalonia and Scotland.

I just think it's dumb because they want to free themselves only to submit to the EU once again.